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“'Pigeon English is a book to fall in love with: a funny book, a true book, a shattering book If you loved Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the. Pigeon English [Stephen Kelman] on Pigeon English and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view . Editorial Reviews. Review. Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. "This boy's love letter to the "Pigeon English is a book to fall in love with: a funny book, a true book, a shattering book If you loved Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the.

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Pigeon English book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Lying in front of Harrison Opoku is a body, the body of one of hi. Knife Crime in Pidgin English is the debut novel by English author Stephen Kelman. It is told It went on to be shortlisted for ten awards, including the Guardian First Book Award, Desmond Elliott Prize, and Galaxy National Book Award. The story of Stephen Kelman's debut novel Pigeon English is the unlikeliest of fairytales. Not, however, for its protagonist, Harri Opoku.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Review A warm debut novel about living and surviving on a South London housing estate. Harrison Harri Opoku is the second best runner in the whole of Year 7 and similarly, he blitzes through situations and confusions about his new life in England with his warm and honest manner. Having only just moved from Ghana with his Mum and older sister, Harri is learning about life on an estate, which in itself has enough politics and dangers to keep him busy. When a young boy is killed, Harri and his friend, Dean, decide to investigate the murder. Fuelled by what they've seen on CSI, the two of them soon find their investigation touches everyone around them, including their friends, Harri's own sister, and the notorious Dell Farm Crew, who terrorise Harri's school and estate.

I wish the book was about them. He also has a pigeon. He rescued it, and then he sees it all the time. Sometimes the pigeon talks to him. The letters are all slanted on these bits.

Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman – review | Books | The Guardian

We learned at school they are called 'italics'. I think maybe they come from Italy. These bits are stupid. Everyone agrees.

English book pigeon

It's like the pigeon is a guardian angel, or a messenger from God. Asweh, it's the craziest thing you ever saw! The rest of the book is Harri talking. Except the name on the cover is Stephen Kelman, not Harrison Opuku.

So I think it might be fake. Or maybe he's using a different name to hide from the killers.

They do that on detective shows. Sometimes, it doesn't work. The killers find them anyway, and kill them. There's a dead boy in this story. Harri and his friend Dean are trying to find out who killed him.

English book pigeon

They do proper detective work and everything. Anyway, not much goes on in this book. The cover letters say it's about important things, but it's not. It's just kind of the story of Harri's life. Then on the last page something hutious happens.

But then it's the last page. Until then it's just about this boy.

Book pigeon english

It's strange. It's actually kind of like a film I saw once. There was this kid, and he also lived in the tower blocks. But it was in Brazil.

And he was a good kid, but he knew all the killers. Just like Harri.

Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman – review

Only he was older. It was called 'City Of God' or something. So if you liked that, read this book. The writing is also weird.

Pigeon English – Suitable for Teenagers?

It's all jumbled, and the sentences are short. Regardless, Pigeon English is a book not to be forgotten. He, his mother, and older sister Lydia have been in London for only two months at the start of Pigeon English, and Harri is quickly adjusting to life in the UK—not just English customs but its language as well.

The Opoku family now lives on the ninth floor of Copenhagen House, one of three council towers the others being Luxembourg House and Stockholm House , given deceptively colorful names by the government—as if all it takes is a pretty moniker to disguise the learned helplessness and hopelessness to be found underneath.

Harri is the man of the house until his father, baby sister Agnes, and grandmother Ama can afford to make the trip to join them. Harri takes his job seriously and will do anything to keep the evil away from his family—even if it means facing evil himself.


Harri looks up to his father, and when they have a chance to talk on the phone it means a lot. I love it when his voice is smiling, it means you did good. The victim was stabbed outside a fast-food joint for what looks like no apparent reason. The police are stumped and seeking witnesses, but no one dares to come forward. Harri has two best friends. Together with his friend Dean, who is the expert because he watches all the crime shows, they become their own CSI team.

Pigeon English shows how kids, even sensitive ones like Harri, process heavy subjects like death, violence, sex, and gangs. Harri is a friendly, sensitive, inquisitive young boy. Just stay the way you are.

English book pigeon

That danger is peer pressure.