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Matt Granger is a portrait photographer and photography educator based in Sydney, Australia. Matt is a passionate people person, and is. Private Bodies Ebook pre orders being delivered this week - and it can now be purchased for instant download at: Private Bodies book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. We are born naked. We are made nude. Matt Granger's book Private Bodies is.

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Thank you for pre-ordering a copy of Private Bodies. Expected delivery for E- Books is November & Hard Copy books is December Thanks! Matt. Private Bodies is an art photography project that documents people from all walks of life, naked in their own homes. The books are complete, are currently. Public Bodies ENHANCED ebook (including 50 audio and video files) $45 If you purchase along with Private Bodies, or the ebook, we have an extra discount.

For example I was twice kicked off Facebook for sharing a non-erotic image that showed partial and blurred nipples. At the same time I saw videos hosted on the site of graphic violence, brutal murders, drug abuse etc I felt it was time to move the Private project into the Public. The subjects of the book are a cross section of society — there were no conditions or requirements to participate other than being committed to the concept. Subjects include people totally comfortable with their bodies, up and coming models, and people who had never posed for a photo shoot — let alone nude. The one thing they all share is the belief that nudity in art should not be considered private or offensive. This project is a labour of love — and I am committed to getting this work out there to honour all of the individuals who participated.

I felt it was time to move the Private project into the Public. The subjects of the book are a cross section of society — there were no conditions or requirements to participate other than being committed to the concept. Subjects include people totally comfortable with their bodies, up and coming models, and people who had never posed for a photo shoot — let alone nude.

The one thing they all share is the belief that nudity in art should not be considered private or offensive. This project is a labour of love — and I am committed to getting this work out there to honour all of the individuals who participated.

More info on the project below.

I have created all the usual rewards including copies of the book and electronic downloads as well as some unique rewards. I have selected images to be offered as fine art prints - shown on this page, and you have the option to choose your own print from any image included in the book.

Additionally I have offered opportunities for personal tuition and 1 on 1 training for those passionate about intimate portraiture. While Public Bodies was born from some deep questions I had about nudity, trust and the role of photographers — this is not an academic piece.

It is a celebration of beauty and simply moves the art nude photography into public spaces. It is not censored, it is not gratuitous and it is not exploitational. Whilst this project is about normalising nudity and our view that it should not be something offensive, we still shot in a discrete way. For most shoots I arranged a time and place in advance with the subject, and scoped out particular shots. We then did a full practice run clothed, running through the poses, lighting options and timing it all out.

Then we shot quickly, got dressed and left - in most cases without anyone noticing we were there. The images are intended to be printed and displayed as large photographs, with the environment and subject working together to form the overall piece.

Matt Granger - Private Bodies book

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