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The Ovens and Murray Football Netball League (O&MFNL) is an Australian rules football and .. Saints, Benalla Show Grounds, , –, GVFL (–). Border United FC "AFL News, Ladder, Fixture, Scores & Tipping | Real Footy". . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . Adem Yze is a former Australian rules footballer who played for the Melbourne Football Club in Original team(s), Shepparton United Football Club (GVFL) he was an almost permanent fixture with the club throughout his career. . Retrieved 16 August . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Fixture / Results. MPNFL – Chisholm Division One Seniors · View FUll Fixture & Results >. Ladder. View FUll Ladder >. Top Goal Scorer. View FUll List >. Fixture .

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Feb 11, GVFL FIXTURE - Kyabram Football Netball Club - SportsTG, fixtures, results, ladders, statistics, news and GVFL fixture Fixture for GOTAFE GVL Seniors - SportsTG, fixtures, results, ladders, statistics, news and events for the Goulburn Valley League, on SportsTG, the Home. Jul 12, GVFL FIXTURE PDF - GVFL scraps tradition with fixtures Next year's GVFL fixture has been released, with Seymour to kick off its.

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We must not forget that we are still in with a massive chance of playing finals and we have already beaten the top two teams this year. The twos also coped a bit of a reality check just before the break, but again they almost had more injuries than players available. They do however have so many forward options that Jamie O Neil can not even force his way in. Ryan Lia leads a potent attack with a great combination of big and small players; it is hard to imagine they will be held to a score line like that again.

The Sergeant Schultz concedes nothing, while Cuddy Cudmore has blossomed into a star over the past few weeks. The 18s are fighting hard but need to take a big scalp on the way to the finals. A couple of the boys have backed up and played two games in the last two weeks and done pretty well. Maybe there is a chance for a few others to taste some senior action before the end of the year. Just a reminder that The Greatest 30 players in 30 years event is coming along very soon.

By the end of the Ball there were at least 80 blokes who considered themselves a chance of making the list some of whom had never played for the club before ; let s make sure this event is well supported. Finally can some one explain to me why the goal square is called the goal square when it is obviously a rectangle!

As Big Strop reached skywards with the biggest scratchers in the business D Mac, Forters and a electrifying Tommy Frost set the scene for the big boy from Campbells Creek to pounce on the loose ball and set sail for home in the dying seconds to send the Villages and Tractor Park in general into overdrive. Innkeeper Innkeeper more wine for my friends called President Jim and so tonight back at the sheds from 7pm onwards the Peoples President will deliver on his promise after we put the sword to the mob from the Baxter Wetlands.

Yes indeed owing to the vagaries of the draw we find ourselves driving past our friends at the Tavern and turning into the home of cricket on the Peninsula Baxter Park to have another crack at the Harry Rients Cup no doubt the Truck will be there standing in the mud on the hill right near the smallest change rooms known to mankind.

Refreshed from a weekend away and soothed by the smooth sounds of the Cravenitess last Sunday afternoon the word from the Eggman is we can beat them. The Egg is so confident he is even prepared to put the golden locks on the line. On a separate note we congratulate our favourite red headed umpire David Kemp on games, Kempy must have umpired every Bombers v Dales clash in the last 10years and has always taken the constructive criticism both on and off the field in his stride, no doubt the Cat will have some words of wisdom for umpire Kemp today.

Don t forget the website for full footage of the Dales song or just squeeze into those little rooms after the siren for another rendition. Holmes 6, L. House 4, J.

Fixture 2015 pdf gvfl

Lloyd 3, H. Rice 2, A. Kirkwood 1, B. Winters-Kerr 1, G. Wilson 1 C. Ambrose 1, A. Dean 1, L. Morse 1, S. Cain 1; Best Players: S. Smith, A. Kirkwood, A. Dean, G. Wilson, B.

Cain Tyabb Goal Kickers: A. Driscoll 2, C. Doria 1, S. Meyer 1, M. Dimkos 1, C. Conlan 1; Best Players: S. Pickersgill, R. Jones, T. McGrath, J. Rowley, B. Anderson, J.

Clarke 4, B. Davidge 4, G. Bentley 4, B. Schultz 2, D. Giarrusso 2, R. Spooner 1, J. Jarman 1, M. Wells 1; Best Players: B.

Pdf gvfl fixture 2015

Davidge, G. Bentley, D. Giarrusso, R. Spooner, J. Clarke, C. Gilmour 2, A.

Lee 1, J. Mold 1, T. Carter 1, D. Mapleston 1, J. Mold 1, B. Rogers 1, M. Boyd 1; Best Players: J. Mold, C. Farmer, A. Gilmour, M. Boyd, B. Hand 4, A. Kiely 4, L. Hewitt 4, K. Pinto 4, A. Pike 2, R. Vandenham 2, A. Jago 1, P. Mawson 1, C.

McVeigh 1; Best Players: P. Rogasch, M. Agnello, K. Pinto, D. Hull, L. Hewitt, C. Hogenbirk 2, W. Jolley 2, L. Rowe 2, C. Cox 2, J. Allsopp 1, L. Stewart 1, N. Brown 1, R. Palmer 1; Best Players: R. Hogenbirk, W. Jolley, J. Sutton, J. Allsopp, R. Palmer, L. Sawers 3, S. Baguley 3, D. Veliades 2, K. Lynch 1, B. Suffern 1, D.

Schwind 1, A. Fiddes 1; Best Players: K. Lynch, B. Suffern, D. Howie, M. Dunn, M. Johnson, D. Schwind Tyabb Goal Kickers: D. Binks 3, B. McLean 3; Best Players: H.

Turner, D. Binks, J. Wall, N. Bradley, B. McLean, B. Grostate 5, A. Mock 4, S. Hickey 3, J. Hitchiner 2, B. Williams 1, M. Shaw 1, B. Martin 1; Best Players: S. Hickey, T. Grostate, A. Mock, N. Shaw, B. Thomson, M. Holmes Rosebud Goal Kickers: J. Wilde 2, C. Wilde 1, H. Thompson 1, R. Woods 1, S. Wells 1, L. Snooks 1, M. Rose 1; Best Players: A. Hardeman, T. Barrand, M. Rose, L. Mew, L. Snooks, J. Hollingsworth 2, B. Watson 2, S. Robb 2, C. Lehmann 1, C. Perrott 1, N. Guest 1; Best Players: L.

Brouwer, T. Glass, A. Vinson, D. Lehmann, C. Lehmann, A. Booth Somerville Goal Kickers: T. Farrelly 4, M.

MPNFL Competitions

Page 1; Best Players: J. Boyes, P. Satur, M. Page, B. Page, M. Tipene 4, J. Johnston 3, M. Harris 3, F. Holt 2, J. Crowe 1, J. Noseda 1, D. Holt-Cooper 1, T. Dunstan 1, Z. Byrns 1; Best Players: J.

Noseda, Z. Byrns, M. Harris, R. Tipene, H. Kingston, M. Brown Tyabb Goal Kickers: M. Moran 1, T. Sonneveld 1, C. Rich 1, S. Waterstone 1; Best Players: S. Waterstone, C.

Ovens & Murray Football League

Rich, B. Hocking, J. Morhun, J. Regan, B. Wood 5, J. Wood 3, C. Rogers 2, M. Skvor 1, W. Tuck 1, D. Neal 1, J. Sloggett 1; Best Players: J. Bateman, C. Wood, D. Neal, J. Mitchell, J. Wood, L. Rositani Rosebud Goal Kickers: R. Bos 3, S. Mathieson 3, K. Takakis 1, J. Fisher 1, D. Clarke 1; Best Players: D. Stephens, B. Garlick, D. Clarke, K. Takakis, J. Hughes 6, J.

Ryan 4, M. Watts 2, L. Burton 1, M. Watson 1, D. Dickinson 1, J. Day 1; Best Players: D. Snow, H. Thompson, M. Hughes, D. Dickinson, M. Watts, D. Ryan Hastings Goal Kickers: S. Robb 3, N. Goodacre 2, K. Pratt 1; Best Players: S. Robb, W. Delahaye, I. Maloney, D. Paarlberg, D. Culnane, J. After several years of planning, persistence and hard work by many the construction of our netball courts has finally been completed and will be used for the first time today.

We urge all players and supporters to get over and support our girls. The Club is particularly indebted to Glenn Schultz for the substantial time and resources he has spent on the construction of the courts and to everyone else who has made significant contributions to this project. Despite injuries to key players and the loss of others to travel and work the form of our senior team in the past month has been the most consistent for the year and it is vital that we sustain this maintain in the coming weeks.

The Reserves were very undermanned and couldn t match it with the Hillmen - thanks again to Snooksy and Whale for pulling on the boots, unfortunately the spirit was willing but the hammys were weak! The Under 18s gave Red Hill a 3 goal head start and were never able to make up the lost ground and it will now take something very special to make the finals. Last week we finished the day at Red Hill with a successful sportsman s night and auction with Dougy Hawkins and Fev sharing some insights to their football careers.

Thanks also to other Committee members and supporters who assisted with the successful running of the evening. It was a good opportunity to cement a place in the finals. However, with such ordinary numbers at training it was bound to bring us unstuck. It was mentioned after the game how much more blokes need to put it in. We can t afford to leave it to the likes of Jordo, Batesy and the Page boys every week!

While the Seniors didn t record the result they wanted, their effort in the first half was pleasing. The way the ball was moved out of the back line and into the forward line was fantastic. Some of our young players really took the game on, taking risks and giving the handball and the first option, which allowed us to keep up with Hastings at half time.

With a big rev up from Stewy, the boys came out after the break with a strong belief that we could win. However, Hastings proved too strong in the end. The ten goal margin doesn t really reflect the effort the boys put in and it seemed much closer than that.

This weekend, we head down to Rosebud. We re certainly looking forward to the challenge, and let s hope for three wins down there. Congratulations to all the people involved in the Ladies Lunch.

Special thanks to Miranda Brown and Rachelle Jacgung for organising the day. Both of you were outstanding in all games you played, and a tremendous effort also for Justin, in being picked in the forward pocket for the All Australian side. Great win by the Seniors last week against Tyabb, a team that has troubled us in the past at their home ground. Great to see Smithy again dominating, Kirka s as always, setting up the game, Andrew Dean had the wing to himself, Willo and Housey stepped up in the absence of the Skipper, Boota, Moresy and Ben Cain again fantastic.

Not a bad player a great team effort.

More of the same today against Sorrento would be very nice indeed. Past Players and Club day today as well, so let s give the boys on the balcony something to cheer about.

GVFL FIXTURE - Kyabram Football Netball Club - SportsTG

The Reserves took a half to get going then it all clicked to run out 7 goal winners. Big game today boys against a side you beat some 6 weeks ago bring that attitude and desire today and the result should look after itself.

The Under 18 s played against an undermanned Tyabb and had a big win. It s all about working hard towards the finals now boys and doing everything in your power to improve. Let s make sure we keeping working hard at training and on game day. To those few in the under 18 s who need to work on their discipline, make sure it starts from today, as undisciplined acts will not be tolerated. See any Committee person for a ticket. Big function on tonight in the rooms from 7. It was a celebration with the past players and officials in attendance for what was Guy Stringers record breaking day.

The unders got the day off to a flyer over a team that has had the wood on us in recent times. It was a great result that was soured by a serious injury to Nick Mills. The whole clubs best wishes go out to Nick and we wish him a speedy recovery. Nick s a new player to the club this year and he s impressed everyone with his tenacity at the ball. Keep your chin up mate, you ll bounce back.

The Scoobs had their best win for the year knocking off the previously undefeated Frankston. It was the sort of performance we ve been waiting for and it came at a good time. Another huge challenge today in a game that could help define our season. Let s embrace the challenge and leave nothing in the tank.

The seniors had a big day and made it a day to remember for Ding. In a poetic finish Ding went forward late and slotted a long bomb to put the icing on the cake. The weeks rest won t have hurt us as we gear up for a big month and then the finals.

It begins today against our neighbours so there s no excuse not to be ready from the first bounce. Thought of the week: Where do National park rangers go on their holidays to get away from it all!!!

There will be NO replays. No Alcohol is permitted to be brought into Finals Venues. Dogs: No Dogs are permitted to be brought into Finals Venues. They dismantled the Dolphins from start to finish that day in what Buchan calls an eye-opening experience.

I just couldn t believe how good Port Melbourne were and how quick the game was, he said. Despite the defeats, that two-game interlude was a welcome break in a year where he nearly gave up football. Revenue grew 6. This allowed us to be business contributed The year should go further in consolidating these gains and ensure the further The prefab business retained its star performer position with development of SINTEX NP. Other businesses namely water storage tanks, sandwich panels and sub-ground structures logged in strong business volumes to make a meaningful contribution to the business segment growth.

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