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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Forsyth can tell a suspenseful tale better than anyone.”—Fort Worth Star-Telegram “When it comes to espionage, international . The suicide of an elderly German Jew explodes into revelation after revelation: of a Mafia-like organization called Odessa. The Odessa File is a thriller by Frederick Forsyth, first published in , about the adventures . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth, Published: JJJJJ IIIII Table of Contents Foreword Publisher's Note Author's Note JJJJJ IIIII Foreword THE. forsyth, frederick - odessa file. Home · forsyth, frederick frederick forsyth - the deceiver. Read more Frederick Forsyth - Devil's Alternative. Read more. The Odessa File. Pages · · MB · Downloads ·English. frederick forsyth Download NEW ENGLISH FILE ELEMENTARY - WORKBOOK: WITH.

The Dogs of War The Odessa File is a thriller by Frederick Forsyth , first published in , about the adventures of a young German reporter attempting to discover the location of a former SS concentration-camp commander. Plot[ edit ] In November , shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy , Peter Miller, a German freelance crime reporter, follows an ambulance to the apartment of Salomon Tauber, a Holocaust survivor who has committed suicide. The next day, Miller is given the dead man's diary by a friend in the police. After reading Tauber's life story and learning that Tauber had been in Riga Ghetto commanded by Eduard Roschmann , "The Butcher of Riga", Miller resolves to search for Roschmann whom Tauber recognised a few days earlier, alive and prosperous, in Hamburg. Miller's attention is especially drawn to one diary passage in which Tauber describes having seen Roschmann shoot a German Army Captain who was wearing a distinctive military decoration.

Roschmann attempts to justify his actions to his "fellow Aryan" but is taken aback when Miller bluntly says he has not tracked down Roschmann for being a mass murderer of Jews. Rather, Miller directs him to the passage describing Roschmann's murder of the Army Captain, revealed to have been Erwin Miller, Miller's father. All of Roschmann's arrogance and bravado deserts him, and he is reduced to begging for his life. Instead of killing him, however, Miller handcuffs Roschmann to the fireplace and says he plans to have him arrested and prosecuted.

Miller is caught off guard when Roschmann's bodyguard returns to the house, disarms him and knocks him unconscious. The bodyguard drives to the village in Miller's car to telephone for help, but is killed when he drives over a snow-covered pole, an impact hard enough to trigger the bomb.

Roschmann manages to escape, eventually flying to Argentina. The hitman who has been sent to kill Miller is instead killed by an Israeli agent, 'Josef'. Forsyth is not shy about taking us into the innermost thoughts of the highest figures in the land — the head of Mossad, the Israeli Prime Minister, the head of Odessa. Maybe it is his journalistic background Reuters, BBC which makes him so confident at handling and describing in a straightforward, virile style the conversations, thoughts and actions of such a wide array of real, historical characters.

Also, it is impossible to tell from the text where real events and characters end and the fiction begins. Wikipedia tells me that Roschmann was a real-life figure and that his life on the run — assuming new identities, fleeing then returning to Germany — which Miller slowly pieces together from various sources, is completely true.

Similarly, I knew that Simon Wiesenthal, the Nazi hunter, was a real character. This pilgrimage then takes him to London to meet Lord Russell, former legal advisor to the British Military Government, who remembers dealing with the Roschmann case after the latter was caught by Allied soldiers in December Russell advises him to seek Simon Wiesenthal, the noted Nazi-hunter.

How on earth did Wiesenthal feel about being cast into a novel, about having dialogue invented for him? The Wiesenthal sections consist of pure information, big slabs of backstory, as Wiesenthal fills the naive young reporter in on how tens of thousands of SS men prepared their escape from Germany well before the end of the war, were spirited south to Italy, helped by the German cardinal in Rome and often housed in Catholic monasteries, before being shipped on to South America using blank passports issued by the friendly authorities in Argentina.

Hence the arrest of Adolf Eichmann, one of the main architects of the Holocaust, in Buenos Aires in Wiesenthal advises Miller to try the Jewish Centre in Munich and here his request to the receptionist for information about returnees from the Riga ghetto is overheard by a survivor who introduces Miller to his organisation, a secret group of camp survivors dedicated to tracking down and killing former SS officers.

Miller is blindfolded and taken to a safe house where the leader of the group, Leon, asks him if he is prepared to adopt a false identity and pass himself off as a former SS man in order to penetrate and expose the Odessa.

When Miller agrees he is transported to the house of a repentant and reformed SS officer in Bayreuth where he undergoes intensive training. In this case, however, things go almost immediately wrong. Leon and his group forge letters of recommendation for Miller — now renamed Kolb after a recently deceased SS member whose identity they steal — to the local SS bigwig.

What none of them know is that this man is also the Werwolf, the leader of the Odessa in Germany, who has been given the priority task by the Nazi leadership in South America with keeping Roschmann, in his guise as head of the radio factory, completely secure so he can finish the radio guidance system for the Egyptians.

Big mistake. Parallel storylines At a stroke Werwolf realises Kolb is a fake and is overcome with chagrin. And to think he had the man Miller in his front room for three hours masquerading as one of the Kameraden! Werwolf rings Mackensen and tells him Miller is in Stuttgart, downtown with Bayer, a jolly fellow who has taken Miller into town to dinner and is getting drunk with him. Close your fist and grip as tightly as you can. The first thing they look for is the scar.

Exactly as I did it. Why do I have to learn this so precisely? Kolb hasn't been in the SS for over years! He's a baker now, not a soldier. Pick up that gun. He's a -year-old man recovering from a tumour. This is crazy! I'm finished with this. I'm tired. What I am trying to teach you may save your life. I need two more weeks. So now, here's some money. Driving licence and the watch you asked for. This is a letter written by your employer Eberhardt He's away on holiday for three weeks and they can't contact him.

So, that's what you've got. Three weeks. You know your contact in Munich, but Ackermann is shrewd. Remember the Iron Cross and don't forget to pick up the dagger. I'm interested in an Iron Cross, Second Class. An original. For a souvenir? For my collection. Second Class. There's no swastika in the centre. They are the only ones we are allowed to sell. Except to friends, Herr Ackermann.

I was asked to give you this. One moment, please.

American tourists download them for paper knives. I think perhaps I can help you. Would you come in? My name is Kolb. Please, come in. Describe your uniform, Kolb. Grey-green tunic and breeches. Yes, sir. Remain at attention, Kolb. This letter says you have been in hospital. I had a stomach tumour, sir. Go on. I was having tests and this ward orderly kept staring at me.

I knew his face. He was one of the Jews we'd instructed to burn the bodies of Admiral Canaris and the others You were one of those who executed Canaris?

The Odessa File

I commanded the firing squad, sir. Then the orderly saw this, my SS blood group letter. I've since had it burnt off. Let me see. I didn't take any precaution about it because I didn't think Now they're talking about Canaris and the others At which hospital were you? Bremen General, sir. Princess Louise. This orderly, what was his name?

I knew it quite well. I don't remember you, sir. You seem nervous. Are you nervous? I've been worried these past weeks. Then what happened? I was transferred to a convalescent home. Which one? Arcadia Clinic at Delmenhorst. Then I received an anonymous phone call He came to visit me at the nursing home.

When I told him what had happened he offered to help. Maybe he didn't want to use the phone in a matter like this. He was going away on his annual holiday. Yes, we checked. A cruise to the West Indies is very pleasant this time of year.

I want these telephone numbers. Put your jacket on. Bad luck, wasn't it? I'm sorry, sir? Only survived. You have to be spotted by one of them. It was bad luck. Did you receive your dagger?

From Major Max Koegel. There is an inscription on the blade. Two barracks, a gymnasium, a garrison shop, a whorehouse Which everyone shared? No, sir. Officers had their own. When you looked up from anywhere in the camp, what did you see? The sky. Don't be stupid! When we looked up? You mean the ruined castle on top of the hill, where we kept the dogs? Come and sit down.

Bremen General? Princess Louise ward, please. I want to confirm that you have a ward orderly Yes, we have a Jacob Hartstein.

Would you please transfer me to the Registrar's office? Yes, Rolf Gunther Kolb. His tumour responded to treatment. He was transferred to a convalescent clinic. Could you tell me which one?

Arcadia Clinic in Delmenhorst. Arcadia Clinic. Oh, yes, one moment, please. Hello, this is Dr. Reitlinger here. Can I help you? I am inquiring about a patient called Gunther Kolb. Is he still with you?

He discharged himself last week.

The Odessa File

He was very much better. It was a pleasure. Your tumour seems to have improved. I don't have much pain now, sir. You'll need a new identity. And a new passport. I'm sending you to one of our people in Bayreuth. His name is Klaus Wenzer. He's a specialist at this kind of thing. Probably the best. After he's fixed you up with documents Take Herr Kolb to the station and see he gets the train to Bayreuth. Don't worry, Kolb.

One day we'll ask you to help us. The Bayreuth train leaves in half an hour from platform three. I can manage. One moment, I'll get her. Sigi, it's Peter on the phone. Of course it's me.

Where are you? It's a terrible connection. I'm fine.

Odessa file pdf frederick forsyth

It's wonderful to hear your voice. Who was that girl? Listen, I was attacked in the Elbe tunnel and I went to the police. I can't hear you. I'm angry and frightened and I want you to come home. I've a few more things to do, but it won't take long. What are you doing at Munich Station? Sigi, I love you. Are you certain this girl got it right? From Munich Station an hour ago? That's very helpful. This is Werner. We have a problem and I need your help.

We are looking for someone called Miller, Peter Miller.

Odessa pdf file forsyth frederick

He was at Munich Station about an hour ago Just a moment. Yes, sir? You said Herr Kolb made a telephone call from the station? Yes, Herr Bayer, just before he got on the train. Rolf Gunther Kolb. Yes, I've been expecting you, Herr Kolb.

They just telephoned me to tell me you were coming. But I didn't expect you to be here quite so soon. The letter. Come into the office. Do you have a driving licence? I'm sorry, I should offer you a cigarette, but I don't smoke. I think smoking is very bad for the health No, no, of course not. I shall have to keep this. Excuse me, please. Please, make yourself at home. It's my mother. She's very ill.

She should be in the hospital, but you know what they're like. We've always been very close, Mother and I. How long will it take for the documents? It depends. First of all I need photographs. Yes, naturally. But there are also various technical preparations. No, you must stay at the hotel until Monday.

The Excelsior, it's not very far from here. It's nothing much, but it is comfortable and you will be safe there. On Monday morning at :. Perhaps we could meet over the weekend. It's very difficult with Mother.

I'm sure you understand. It's just metres down the road to your left. Until Monday, :. He's gone. One of these days, they will do to you It wasn't them, Mother. They killed him when he was no longer any use to them. They killed him. You know too much. Just like him. Do you still do what I told you? Yes, Mother. And I wouldn't hesitate to make use of it if there was any trouble.

So do stop worrying. This is Wenzer. I've managed to get hold of the photographer. He can be here in an hour and take your picture tonight.

After all, you said it was urgent and I've gone to a lot of trouble. We are lucky, he is not leaving until tomorrow morning.

He's on his way here now. I really think you should come. All right, I'll be there. Then I'll see you in an hour. What happens now? I don't want you here when he comes. I'm very good with the sick. There might be a little blood. What if something should happen to her while I'm away?

Don't argue, Wenzer. I'll just go up and see her to tell her not to worry. You've got minutes. Excuse me? I'd like to make a phone call.

May I have the phone book, please? Turn out the light. Leave the door open. Blessed art thou among women Father, a Mass must be said for my boy. They killed Viktor and now they're going to kill my Klaus. I know it, Father.

File odessa pdf forsyth frederick

Who is going to kill Klaus? The Odessa. Hiding from them. He will come back. If they threaten him, he will use the file. What file? In the safe. I told him, for protection. Klaus needs protection. What's the number to the safe? Tell me. I'll get the file. The safe. Last four numbers telephone I want you to do something for me.

Something very important. But you mustn't tell anybody, do you understand? Not Mother, not anyone. Yes, I understand. Yes, I shall look forward to it. We'll have a lovely day together. You should have let me answer. Who was it? Only Peter's mother. She's coming up to see us next Thursday. Sigi, what do you think you're doing? Open this door! This is one of fifty. Wenzer didn't trust his comrades. He kept the file for protection, to use if they ever turned against him.

Yes, and where's the rest of the file? I have it safe somewhere. If I gave it to you now, you wouldn't need me anymore It was our agreement that I would deal with Roschmann on my own. Yes, and if you fail? That's taken care of. If anything happens to me, you'll get the file.

But if you are not going to give it to us now, why have you come here? I want my car, my own clothes, marks for expenses. And I want Tauber's diary back. Who's there? It's me, Sigi. Is there anyone with you?

Only the porter. Open the door. Perhaps you had better unpack your things. Yes, I'll do that.

The Odessa File PDF ( Pages)

Well, now you know everything. Everything, I promise. Why couldn't you have told me in the first place? Why couldn't you have trusted me? I wish I had. What time is it? It's late. I have to go now.

So soon? The official opening of the Kiefel Electric Trade Fair Just listen carefully. If I'm not back by tomorrow morning I want you to take a train to Munich. Here's a key to one of the lockers at the station. There's a number on it. In the locker you'll find the file. I want you to go straight to Vienna and give it to Simon Wiesenthal. Here's a letter for him. The address is on the envelope. Also there's some money.

Don't look so anxious. It's just a precaution. First we are proud to welcome our distinguished guests of honour Raimond, if Herr Deilman arrives, send him up immediately. Very well. Put the phone down! Step away from the desk!

Yes, the police are outside, but don't try to call them. I have no intention of calling them. What do you want? My name is Peter Miller, and yours is Eduard Roschmann. Close the curtains. Now the others. You got that limp escaping from the British in didn't you, Roschmann? When you jumped from the train. I don't really know what you're talking about. I am Hans Josef Kiefel, and who was the man Riga, I'm talking about Riga Do you mind if I smoke?

Please, don't make the mistake of not taking me seriously, Roschmann. I do take you seriously. There were never disposed of at Riga. Not even. Does it really matter how many you killed? Move away from there. That's just the point. It doesn't matter. Not now. Not then. Look, young man, I don't know why you've come after me, but I can guess. Someone has been filling your head That's all nonsense, absolute nonsense. How old are you? Have you done your military service? You must have. You know what the army's like?

A soldier is given orders. He obeys those orders. He doesn't ask if they are right or wrong. All I did was to obey my orders.

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