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Open XML standard for storing and managing fiction books - homepage. Breef XML course, standart description and comments. Links to XML libraryes and. FictionBook is an open XML-based e-book format which originated and gained popularity in Russia. FictionBook files have ronaldweinland.info2 filename extension. FictionBook 2. Contribute to gribuser/fb2 development by creating an account on GitHub.

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edited with XML Spy v U ( by GribUser (Moscow) --> fictionbook/". Since the adoption of hyperlinks in FictionBook version , XML namespaces are now mandatory for all FictionBook documents. The main FictionBook. Provides a few utilities to simplify handling FB2 documents. The FictionBook Tools package provides a few utilities to simplify handling FB2 documents on a desktop PC: These utilities are integrated with Explorer and add items to the context menu ronaldweinland.info2 files and directories.

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Book-title is the book? Annotation contains a free form short description of the book.

Book 2.0 fiction

Keywords field lists any relevant keywords that can be used by the search engines. Date element specifies a free format date the book was written at, the optional value attribute must have the date in computer readable format if present.

Skin 2.0: A Cyberpunk Science Fiction Novella

Src-lang and lang elements have the original language and the document? Translator elements have exactly the same structure as the author element above, and are used to list the translators of the book if this is a translation.

Information about this particular document is gathered in the document-info element, that contains author, program-used, date, src-url, src-ocr, version, and history elements. Author and date elements have the same type as in the title-info group. Version has the free format version of the document, and should be incremented when the document is changed.

2.0 fiction book

Publish-info block is used when the document is created from a hardcopy edition, and has a few bibliographical fields like book-name, publisher, city, year and isbn. Custom-info records should be used to store information that does not fit into any of the above fields.

Cyberpunk Fiction and Contemporary, Communication Philosophy Humanities

These must always have the required info-type attribute. The next major part of FictionBook document is body that contains the actual book? The first body element is always the main subdocument in the book. Subsequent bodies can be used to store footnotes, comments and other stuff that does not belong to the normal text flow in the book. Each body element can contain an optional title, optional epigraph and at least one section.

There are two distinct kinds of sections. One contains other subsections only, and the other contains actual text paragraphs.

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It is not possible to mix subsections and paragraphs inside the same container in the current version of FictionBook standard. Each section can have a number of optional header fields: After these, there must be at least one paragraph-type element for text sections or at least one subsection for others.

The FictionBook provides a few elements for hyperlinking, an essential feature for electronic documents in our modern times.

Currently only simple links from the XLink are included in FictionBook. First is the a element, that can be included in any paragraph-type element.

It has two required attributes: For link destinations within the same document, a simple form of XPointer expression can be used: The optional type attribute can be used to further specify the meaning of the link. At this time only one possible value for this attribute is defined,? The second hyperlinking element is image that has the same mandatory XLink attributes, and is used for inserting inline images into the text flow.

Link destinations are marked with the id attribute that can occur on all paragraph-type elements, on most high-level containers, and on the binary elements. To illustrate the description there is a short FictionBook example, first few paragraphs from? A study in scarlet? Sexual violence, like any form of abuse, is very much about power and privilege.

And thus, it is ultimately about inequality. If I were a six-foot-tall white man hiking on my own, I would not have been raped that day by a year-old boy. But inequality cuts across our experience in different ways. That same social and cultural capital gave me helpful resources towards recovery i.

It also gave me the resources to examine this issue professionally and intellectually in my current work. And so, reading and writing have been a fundamental part of my own journey towards reframing the way we think about sexual violence.

Book 2.0 fiction

Here are six books that were important stepping stones for me, listed in the order in which I read them. After all, our reading is embedded within our experience of life — to separate the two would be to ignore the multilayered ways in which we absorb and understand the world. Both laugh-out-loud funny and heartbreaking, her memoir depicts her childhood as a poor black girl in the segregated American South.

When she disclosed her abuse, he was jailed for only one day, then later murdered by her uncles. Disgrace by J.

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Coetzee Find this book: I first read this Booker Prize-winning novel in two years before my rape. Set in post-apartheid South Africa, it narrates the experience of a disgraced, white university professor and philanderer, whose grown daughter is later gang-raped in a raid on her farm by black men. Thus, it raises complex questions about responses to violence, while also implying that misogyny and an unwillingness to consider others equally can span the breadth of our society.

After Silence: Rape and My Journey Back by Nancy Venable Raine Find this book: I was a mess for a whole year after my rape, and one of my saving graces was stumbling upon this memoir in the library of a small New England town. For me, it remains the most powerful of rape memoirs, as Raine starts the narrative with her own rape by a stranger, who broke into her home when she was