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Tell me, what do you covet the most? Zane was not only the perfected boy, but a dazzling up and coming writer as well. Lost in the thoughts of what Zane might do to her, Alexa mouthed off to the wrong man while waiting to check in to the hotel.

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This chance encounter would shape the convention, indeed the rest of her life, in ways she never thought possible. Although she immediately detests the successful and pompous Thomas Moore she is thrust into sinful adventure, one that drags her into the darker side of sex. Attending this convention was sure to spark further interest and propel his burgeoning career to a new level.

Zane Reynolds planned on not only making the most of the opportunities afford him as an author, but also the opportunity to dominate and devour the sinful Alexa Strong. This powerful and dogmatic woman needed to feel the sting of his hand, to be controlled, and to be forced to submit. But considerable sections of the people have never risen to the appreciation of history proper, and have remained in the stage of the saga, or in what in modern times is analogous to saga.

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Thus we find among the civilised peoples of antiquity two distinct kinds of historical records side by side: history proper and popular tradition, the latter treating in naive poetical fashion partly the same subjects as the former, and partly the events of older, prehistoric times.

And it is not to be forgotten that historical memories may be preserved even in such traditions, although clothed in poetic garb. Even so did history originate in Israel.

In the period from which the Book of Genesis is transmitted to us the art of history had been long established and highly developed according to ancient standards, having for themes, here as everywhere, the deeds of kings and especially wars.

A monument of this history is found in the narratives of the Second Book of Samuel. But in a people with such a highly developed poetical faculty as Israel there must have been a place for saga too. But legends are not lies; on the contrary, they are a particular form of poetry.