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English File third edition offers more support for teachers and students. . File third edition Intermediate Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool New Edition. ENGLISH FILE Pre-intermediate Workbook wit h key zyxwvutsrq C l i ve Ox .. T- shirt third world computer bird cardigan prefer b ' __, L i s t e n a n d check. English File third edition: Intermediate: Workbook with key by Jane Hudson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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формат (format): PDF, Mp3, CD-exe, DVD (iso) Отличия нового учебника английского English File 3rd Edition от предыдущей редакции New . English File third edition Pre-intermediate Workbook with key - ISBN: Documents Similar To English file third edition. English file third edition. Student Uploaded by. Vinicius Bolive. New English File. English File Pre-intermediate, third edition CEFR Mapping - Oxford Pre- intermediate Workbook with key English File third edition gives you motivating.

Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation52 A How to G word order in questions What do V common verb phrases, spelling and numbers you do? P vowel sounds, t he alphabet I'm at u n i v e r si ty. Can yo u fi nd at lea t one t hing fro m each section b 1 2 l Li ten a nd repeat the Free Time que tio n wh ich you have in common? Where are you from? What do you do?

To give teachers and students a 21st century learning experience English File third edition comes with brand new digital components: iTools for teachers: a digital teaching tool that brings the classroom to life with interactive course materials — on interactive whiteboard, projectors or screen.

All your digital teaching needs on one disc: complete Student's Book with audio, video answer keys and interactive activities; complete Workbook with audio and answer keys; Teacher's Book photocopiables with answer keys; Grammar PowerPoints, Vocabulary flashcards, interactive Sounds Chart; plus highlight, zoom, spotlight and other built-in tools to make teaching even easier.

With all Student's Book audio, video, grammar and vocabulary exercises in one place, catch-up, revision and home-study have never been easier. Also includes mobile content, downloadable to compatible phones to provide access to practice materials on the go. Please see iTutor tab for further details, features and benefits.

Includes all Workbook audio, self-assessment tests, instant answers and Study Link references to the relevant Grammar Bank pages of the Student's Book. Remember the words and phrases. Then liste n a nd check. I English to youn g child ren. But there are some airports where you can actually enjoy yourself. All goodb In pairs decide if sentences J- 5 are pia ns o r predict io ns airports have excellent facilit ies for business people and children, free Wi-fi, restaurants, cafes, and shops.

But the about the futu re. Write PL pla n o r PR predic tio n. It also has a rooftop swimming pool and beBOinB to a nd practise it. Copy the with no sense of direction - there are 'Airport Ambassadors' in r. The re is also free coffeep Fast speech: What are you going t o do? Switzerland, you can rent day rooms with their own bathroom and kitchen and wake-up call service. What's it like? What c Look at the high lighted wo rds and phra es related to can you do th ere w hile yo u're waiting for a fli ght?

W hich is t he best airpo rt s ifyo u.. A im agine you are at o ne of these airports and yo ur fl ight have a medica l pro blem is delayed fo r three hou rs. B calls yo u o n your mobile. Tell 2 would like to see a film B where yo u a re and what you a re going to do. T hen swap 3 want to do some port or exercise ro le. Do the sa me with o ther airpo rts. Why d o es Lily get in touch w ith Ben? Li ste n a nd check. D Great.

I'm going to book my tickets Lis te n a nd co mplete her flight d eta ils. Flight EZY Date: Why don't you phone me nearer th e Depart Lo ndon Gatw ick at Then we can fix a day and a time to meet. I know a great Going back: No news from you for ages.

Are you still working at Budapest University? I have a conference there next month and I t hought perhaps we could meet. I'd love to see you again! Ben West D It depends on the day. I'm going to Vienna one day that week, but it's not very far - I'm coming back the same day.

I'm sure we can find a time that's good for both of us. What are you doing that week? Are you free any time? Ben West D Lily! Great to hear from you. Yes , I'm still at t he university here and it's going very well - Budapest is a wonderful city to liv e in.

When exactl y is the conference? I can't wait! Then liste n agai n and repeat it verbs in the Facebook messages. Which two sentence by sentence. T ry to copy the s peakers' into nation. What time perio d do the other three refer to?

A Would you like t o go out for dinner? B I'd love to. Ca n you remember B Sorry, I'm going to the cinema. Listen a nd check. A What about Friday? What are you doing then? B Nothing. Friday's fine. Let's go to the new Italian place. B Great. Try to sound friend ly. Lea rn more d Talk to other students. T ry to find days when you are both free a nd suggest doing so mething. Write it in your diary. Try to makeabout the present continuo us for future a n a rra ngement with a d ifferent person for every night.

Would you like t o go to the cinema? Liste n to the conversa tio n. What day do they ar ra nge to meet? Complete Ben' diary for the week.

What are the missing prepositions? What happens when Ben and c Complete the questions with a preposition. T hen ask a nd a nswer w ith a partner.

Lily meet? Write an email about travel arrangements. G defining relative clauses What's a V expressions fo r paraphrasing: It's a place P pronunciation in a dictionary where you can What's the word? Look at the a nd you do n't know a wo rd that you need? Scrabble Letters o n the page. H ow many words of four o r mo re lette rs ca n you ma ke a Look up the translatio n on your phone.

T hen play the game? Write down example kind like opposit e similar the six word somebody something somewhere I U seful e x pre ss io n s for e x pla ining a word tha t you 2 - -- -- don't know: I a DJ It' omebody It's somethi ng peo ple use to speak 2 an art galle r y It's somewhere A 6 c urly It's the opposite Iwa nt to go sho pping. Learn mo re a nd define wo rds fo r your pa rtne r to guess.

Ho w m a ny ways does it m entio n o f Everyone knows the English language is changing. W hat are they? W hat do you thin k One recent update contained new words, new they mea n? Match t he m to the def initio ns be lo w. But where do they all come from? Take the 5 n coffee with hot m ilk word text. Text was always a noun from about , 6 n a pub where yo u can also have ver y good according to the OED , but it is now very common as a verb, to text somebody.

Other new words already existed food but with a different meaning. For example, tweet was the noise that a bird makes, but now we use it more often as ac Can you ex pla in the mea n in g of these o the r wo rds verb or a noun for a message that people put on the social fro m t he text. W hat do t he google information. We also need more general words to abbrevia tio ns m ea n? Wi-fi, ringtone, and smartphone are some recent examples. The difference now is how quickly 4 sth new words and expressions enter the language and how2 ad quickly we start to use and understand them.

How do you pro no unce the words? The stressed syllable is t he one after the symbol. The Sound Bank on p. Practise saying them correctly. Do you know what they mean? Answer the 1 The ew York office is smaller than the questions.

London office. Holly wants to go to t he restaurant because she's hungry. Watch or liste n again. Say w hy the F sentences are false. Yes, please. Can Iget you something No, thank you.

English file third edition. Workbook.pdf

I'd like the to with? And for you, sir? I'll have the steak, please. Would you like that withfries or a baked? Fries, please. How would you like yoursteak? Rare, , or Well done. Nothing for me. And to? Water, please. No problem. I'll it. Excuse me. Yes, sir? Sorry, I asked for my steak 1 What's Rob going to write about? I'm really sorry. I'll it 4 W hat's the problem with the check? Can you phrases. Copy the rhj: Social English phrasese - In pa irs, ro leplay the dia logue.

Holly t ell me, Rob A You are in the restaura nt. Order a steak or t una. B You are the waiterfwa itress. Offer A fries, a baked Rob Well, to w it h You begin with Areyou ready to order? Rob Do you have any? A T here i a problem w ith your order. Rob That would great. B Apologize, and try to solve the problem.

Jenny we have the check bill , please? How do you say them in your language? D order food in a restaurant D explain when there is a problem with your food, the bill, etc. How do you housework, make or do?

Do you have a similar word in your a Look aga in at the highlighted phrases from the text. Which three are connected w ith la nguage ro describe a person of that age? W hat do you think the peo ple a re arguing about? ListenTeenagers have annoying habits - Follow and check. CQSimon FryThey come into my room n and then aresurprised to see things they don't really want to know about.

Of course t ey didn'tc C ompare with a partner. With a partner, say what you think they mean. Which o nes? Li te n a nd check. B No, I haven't. What's that under your new uniform year student enjoy bed? I remember now. I borrowed it. B I've already it. A Really? I've just bought Jane a jumper and a jacket. B I did it on the bus this evening. Have you worn your new uniform yet? B Nearly. Say what's just ha ppe ned. A I need the bathroom now. A Well, hurry up then.

Oops- too late. Answer the questions. I What reputation do teenagers have? Are they abo ut. What do you thin k programme. In what way a re the two tee nage rs unus ua l? Do they feel positive they mean? Lea rn mo re c Liste n again a nd answer w ith about the present perfect and practise it. What do they do? G present perfect or past simple? Complete the ga ps with A- F. W hat nationality B I really understand how women wa nt to feel.

Do they desig n m o re fo r men o r C My boyfriend at that time was very lucky. What kind o f thi ngs does their D My feet were killing me! E The only things Ienjoyed there were art and sewing. F They are so chic, and their sense of colour is so natural to them. Do you like the clo thes? She makes very exclusiveclothes for women. She has made clothes for many celebrities includingmembers of the British royal family, for example Kate Middleton and SarahFerguson, whose wedding dress she designed, and actresses like Helen Mirren.

Yes, I have. Being a fema le desig ner ha s many. I desig ned my fir 1: Put them in the right row. Answer with account auct ion cinema city click a partner. Liste nb o- p. How is it pronounced in these word? What did theydownload? Write 1- 4 in the boxes. There is one item you don't need. What was the problem with the clothes?

Write in the boxes. This person Did you pay o r get they ar rived. W hat was it? What did you do? What was it about? Were you successful? What did you take? W hat happened? With a partner, say what trying them on? D id they fit? Wh at d id you do? Where did you lose it? Did you get it back? Try to find somebody who says Yes, I have. Then ask them5 Well, I bought it from a website that has cheap the past simple questio ns. D o the same for ques tions G something, anything, nothing, etc.

No, nothing. DI obody knows whe re he goes. D4 I've done noth ing since Sunday. D6 There's nowhere to go except home. Practise saying the sente nces. Wh at is the best sum ma ry?

english-file-pre-intermediate-third-edition-pdf Pages 1 - 50 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

W it h a pa rtne r, choose a, b, or c. I Use something, anythin[J, and nothing 4 Social netwo rking sites make people Learn more about som. Pla n your answers. Answer them truthfully, but in vent one answ er tO ma ke yourThe next time a friend or colleague tells you about weekend sound more exciting. T ry to guess wh ich answe r yo ur partner invented.

When they adject ives ending -ed and -ing are asked, 'Did you have a good weekend? So they invent the details. The most common a nd tirin[J in li ne Which one descr ibes how you lie that people told was 'I went out on Saturday night', when feel? W hich one describe th in gs and situatio ns? How do you ay the adjectives?

In fact. Io the weekend. Psychologist Corinne Sweet says that people 4 W hy do yo u think the news is often depressed I often don't tell the truth about their weekend 'because we don't want to feel that everyone else is having a better time depressi11B?

English File third edition: Intermediate: Workbook with key

She also 5 W hat activity do you find most relaxed I relaxin[J? Why not? G ive more information if you ca n. I a go b am going c going go 3 Where are the cha nging rooms? They're too sma ll. B No, I'm going to do it now. B No, but she's on her way. Let's change channels. B No, never. He lost his job. B Last week. It's too sm a ll. Canyou go and o pen it please? I'm not hun gry. What were thieves stealing in a Sweden b Denmark? Answer the questio ns below.

W here did the first robbery take place? G uess their m eaning from the co ntext. C heck w ith a hates b doe n't mi nd c likes your teacher o r w ith a dictio na ry. But recently c were a beauti ful colo ur real-life Swedi h police were completely pu11 lcd by a mysterio us crime. Staff at a hoe sho p saw two men stealing at their bo utique. Do the tasks w ith a partne r. T ick. Can you? Also many stores have cut the number of experiences using ever.

Answer yo ur partner 's.. But this won't work. G comparative adjectives and adverbs, as One pa ragraph paragraph. Ca n you remem beriving faster, t he info rmatio n in th e text? Singapore, a world business centre, is top of the list give mo re info r matio n.

These are shorter versions of traditional stories, especially Do people tell you that you talk toowritten for busy parents who need to save time. If the lift takes more mealtimes? I'll it back to you tomorrow. B Doesn't it? I'll it back, then. N u m b e r the sentences i n the right order. H e was wearing a suit and he looked C I w o n ' t let anyone i n another t i m e.

French accent, but he said he was a banker f r o m M o n t r e a l i n the French-speaking part of Canada.

She used the w r o n g number three times, so the machine kept her card. T h e n we went to a cash machine and I gave h i m the money. Were his wife and children really i n the cafe, and d i d they even exist? But I was tired and in a foreign country, and I felt like I had to help h i m. I n o w k n o w to be very careful w h o I talk to when I arrive somewhere new! U s e contractions where possible.

I'm going to go to bed early, go 2 A What time. It's 5 o'clock in the morning! People argued for many years about this guestion and scientists B I can't sleep so I.

One of 7 A you well these scientists is a psychologist who work at last night? They tomorrow? She B I'm. When Eva analyzed their diaries, she discover that the younger people usually dreamt in colour, whereas the older group often 9 have black and white dreams. Eva thinks that this is because the older group see programmes in black and white when they were young. She believes that something happened to their brains while t h e y 11 watch TV at that time.

Y o u can't escape. You are lost. W e hope you again soon. H e needs first, go a job. I have pasta, but I need 6 I ' m sorry I shouted at y o u. H o w nice to meet you. It was from you. Charlie was really hoping to get the job, so he was It's w i t h your family. H e 7 to drive to the interview, but Her parents were very him. Unfortunately, it rang while he was in the interview, 1 He gave t h e m some chocolates to say t h a n k you 2 They're g o i n g to evening classes Chinese.

However when his boss called later 3 We called the restaurant a table he 9 to act ill. The next morning, his boss said, 4 He t o l d us a joke.

But h e 11 an important lesson: D o they about them, mothers-in-law are usually less popular with their agree i n t h e end? A recent study of o r J Jane. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, there is 4 makes a joke. A mother-in-law has already brought up a family of her own, so she feels that she has a 5 t h i n k s that the jokes don't show respect for parents. However, when a daughter-in-law is a 7 quotes a historical joke.

She often interprets her mother-in-law's advice as criticism, which can cause a conflict. Secondly, there is the case of the husband. On the one hand, he is the mother-in-law's son and she L e a r n these words and phrases.

On the other hand, he is the wife's partner, and she wants him to support her. I f i n d i t really depressing. What makes you feel good? And of course, 3 their faces when they 5 We ended the evening by LJ read it. I feel completely free. There's nothing better. It's the best moment of the day. I love it! Today, a lot of us have decided bike 2 use e-readers, and so we've stopped 3 download t r a d i t i o n a l books. E-readers have a n u m b e r of advantages.

T h e y are v e r y JSt 3 practise finish service surprise fish easy 4 carry , so they are ideal for people who l i k e 5 travel. I f you're abroad, a n d y o u don't have a n y t h i n g 6 read , y o u don't need 4 arrive engine invite online 7 look for a bookshop that has books i n bike y o u r language - y o u can d o w n l o a d it as a digital book.

They wear formal clothes, but they look tidy. Some B No. We pass a special test, but w e. Reading B No. W r i t e sentences w i t h must o r mustn't. C o p y t h e rhythm 1 You mustn't take photOS. Y o u don't have to pay. Y o u swim init. Y o u clean i t every day. O n w h a t all over the world for their ideas. Josef, Czech Republic I think it's really hard t o learn a language if you don't have anyone t o talk to. I've joined a social networking site where I can chat in English t o lots of L i s t e n again a n d a n s w e r t h e questions.

I'm more interested in using English t o communicate 1 H o w many languages exist i n the than anything else, so I don't mind if my grammar isn't perfect. Paolo, Port uga l Nearly 6. Every week, I download H o w many m e m b e r s o f the Cherokee a few of these onto my phone, so t h a t I can listen t o the class when I'm tribe could speak C h e r o k e e w h e n the going t o and f r o m work. I find the words and phrases t h a t I have t o listen t o plan started?

H o w many Cherokees were there? I've downloaded a new app t h a t puts the lyrics on the screen and translates the song for you at the same time. I really enjoy learning English like this, and it's very good for my pronunciation, too.

I have to watch a short video, and then learn the grammar and vocabulary in it. I'm really enjoying the course, and I've learnt a lot f r o m it. My journey t o university is guite long, so I usually read books on my e-reader.

You can click on difficult words and get a translation, which is very helpful. There are classes for many levels of English, whether you're a beginner or you've been learning for a long time. It's good to do your homework too! I have a LCDO. Keep out of reach 6 Kate smokes too m u c h. How can I help I'm not feeling v e r y 2 What are y o u r 3 I have a bad cough.

Take this cough medicine. It'll make you feel E How much do I have t o 7 Ten m l 8. Every six hours. Take twice a day OK, thanks. A That was a I meal. B I'mgl. B There isn't any more. A I think I sh go now.

B Shall I take you home? A No, I'll walk. I'm s I'll be fine. O 6 She c arry heav y bag s. Q 7 Yo u her and inv ite her to d inner. I feel v ery stu p i d and I really w an t to see her ag ain. In fact, y o u look like a b u sinessm an!

Prac tise say i n g th e sentenc es. It 's my bag. It 's mine 2 W hose books are those? They're your books. They're calm dream lazy quiet serious slow 3 It's his lapt op. It 's 1 Please w al k m o re slowly. Yo u're 4 They're her keys. They're g o ing to o fast! It 's 2 So rry? Yo u're 6 They're your coat s. They're sp eaking v e ry.

File pdf edition english workbook third intermediate

She takes thing s really. Yours said. Are t hey? B Yes, t hey're. It isn't re mem ber 8 prom ise B I've seen it in t he neighbours' garden. B No, it 's my sist er's.

She starte d her career as a haird resser at 16, b u t b L i s te n ag ai n. I would drive it to work. If you were swimming at the edge of the water in Southern Florida, USA , and you saw a crocodile coming tow ards you, w hat would you do?

Yd make a lo ud no ise. If it comes tow ards you on land, experts say you should turn around and run away as f ast as possib le. Our final ad vice? I am not afraid of death, I just don't w ant to be t here w hen it happens. She alw ay s cro sses the ro ad i f she sees o ne. She nev er A ce le brity's life zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihg go es to the c o u n try. Kristen has lived in Los A ng eles 5 she 5 M y g ran has ag o rap ho b ia. She hasn't lef t the ho use w as bo rn. She is no w one o f the best-p aid actresses in Ho llyw o o d.

She has had this p ro blem 7 mo st o f her life, but her fans have only kno w n abo ut i t 8 , w hen she was filming w ith ho rses. Kristen explained that she has been scared o f them 9 she w as nine years o ld , w hen she had a terrible fall d uring a ho rse-rid ing accident. In films the director is God; in documentaries God is the director. B Since I was lit t le.

I started learning it at school. B Yes, t hey are. A When t hey married? B Last year. B Yes, he is. B Only for t w o months. I it in ,1 t hink, download A When.

Sandra her boyfriend? A How long. Then listen again and repeat the w o rd s. Since then, b o th o f his so ns have beco me musicians.

Julian Lenno n has made six albums and Sean Lenno n has sung and p lay ed bass g uitar w ith a num ber o f d if f erent band s. So far, ho w ev er, neither o f them have been as successful as their father.

His p arents sep arated w hen he w as fiv e, so he w ent to live w ith an aunt and uncle. Ho w ev er, he stay ed in c o ntac t w ith his mo ther, w ho p lay ed him Elvis Presley reco rd s and tau g h t him ho w to play the banjo. Japanese artist, Yo ko Ono , and he d iv o rc ed his f irst w if e.

John stay ed at ho me to lo o k af ter him. He f o rm ed his f irst band called The Q uarry m en w hile he w as still at scho o l. The band released their f irst single 'Lo v e Me Do ' in 8 had three c h i l d re n. Octo ber, They started to u ring th e c o u ntry. Jo hn m arried his f irst w if e, Cynthia, in secret, and his f irst so n, Julian, w as bo rn w hile they w ere aw ay.

Ringo Starr rep laced their o rig inal d rummer, Pete Best, in The hotel is called The ting's Head and it's on the r 8. How do I get t o SoHo on t he subway? See you lat er. And t hen? How many st ops is t h at? Could you say t h at again? Where is it? A 1 How do I get to SoHo on the subway? B Go t o t he subw ay st at ion at Grand Cent ral - 42nd St reet. Get o f f at Spring St reet.

JFK OK. It is located in Come out of t he subway on Spring St reet. Go st raight on for about Southeast Queens, about 15 miles 24km from M anhattan. Travel time to Manhattan by car during rush hour can be over A an hour; at other times it's about t hirt y to fort y minutes. If you don't mind carrying your own luggage, t his is probably your best option. A I'm: I missed t he bus. Taxis will take up t o four passengers and there is no B But you're alw ays lat e.

A I m sorry. I'm really hungry. I don't w ant t o here any more. One free child A OK. Why don't w e go for a w alk? I can get a burger or som et hing. You can choose t o get off B I don't 5 like a w alk. A List en. I'll t ake you home now. I suppose t h at way you can't be lat e! Necessit y is the mother of invention. Cassette reco rd ers 8 Th e c risp s w ere f irst called 'Sarato g a p o tato es'. The beautiful thing about learning is t hat no one can t ake it aw ay from you.

At boarding school, I was an outsider and I was 2 A m y c an re m e m b e r o ne lang uag e m o re th an the o thers really, truly unhappy there. Yes, I did. My brother and I both went to the same school and sometimes, we used to break the rules.

Both of us were caned on several occasions. Luckily for me, I was really good at sport and that's the only reason they accepted me at Wellingt on. One day, when I was 14 or 15,1 had to read in class.

After the class, he said to me, 'The way you read suggests you might enjoy act ing. Would you consider playing M acbeth in the school play? The first st ep to get t ing w hat you w ant out of life is this: Decide w hat you w ant.

Verb Noun be eat go have inv ite make rain take 1 choose cho ice 'We feel like d o ing so m ething special next w eekend , b u t co nfuse 2 confusion w e haven't d ecid ed w hat to d o y et. I t 1 might be sunny. W e 3 ed ucate 5 lunch in a restaurant, o r w e 4 so me sand w iches w ith us. In th at case, w e 8 info rm atio n 6 so me friend s f o r d inner o n Saturd ay. I lo v ed u niv ersity. Res earch done th at d o n ' t. The scientists d iv id e d the 4 w here w ere p articip ants in to tw o g ro up s.

In the id eal c ity T h e n referee refa'ri: Can you write it down? Sleep at t h e sam e t i m es zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcbaZYXW 9 I keep a no te b o o k by the sid e o f m y b ed. Have a ho t b ath. Cig arettes can cause a num ber o f sleep p ro b lem s. You know , t h at TV series about I are sisters, because w e' re v e ry celebrit ies w ho f ind o ut about t heir fam ilies? Sue's f r o m the same B Yes, I do.

But I didn't see it last night. I w asn't at home. But I usually w at ch i t every w eek. She d o esn't like sho rt int er est ing. I'd love t o f ind o ut about my fam ily.

I'm t hinking about w earing 7 looking f or some inf or m at ion on t he int er net. So am I. In that case, he arg ues, Re ad th e sentenc es. Luckily, m o st o f Ko d inhi's tw in s are b o rn healthy.

B This is Oliver. I'm returning your call. B I'm s , you have t h e wr number. How can I help you? B Good morning. Mr Clarke, please. A merican English B Can you t el l him Fiona called? I'll c If y o u'v e learnt British English and y o u're trav elling in th e States, b lat er. A n o b v io u s d if f erenc e is B Hello, can I speak t o Alison, please? But so m etim es the w o rd is c o m p letely d i f f e re n t in British and 1 A Does your girlfriend know you're here?

For t rut h is alw ays st range; stranger than fiction. A f te r we had bought some souvenirs, we went back to the hotel 1 Th e streets w ere w h i te because i t. She s ai d: I th at the f i l m started at eig ht o 'clo ck.

It has a ho le. Don't ask me! See if you can match the ten most common questions with their answers below. If there w eren't time zones, some people would have midday t ow el goat t hr ow in the middle of the night! C The Earth weighs 6,,,,,,,,,kg. D Because of their chemistry, some liquids can be absorbed by solid things.

If it reflects the sun's bike rays, we can see it, even during the day. It all depends on its angle towards the Earth. F Multiply the single numbers and the tens separately, then add them together. G Sunlight arrives on Earth in every colour, but it hits particles in our air that 'shine' blue.

This pushing action is stronger than ow l gravity, and so the plane goes up in the air. I Sunlight going through water drops in the air 'separates' into all the colours. Sp eaker 2 B W h o p ain te d Sunflowers? Jenny W h at shall w e d o this afterno o n, M att? S and ra Yes, it is. Presenter O h. W hy 's that? Here it is..

Paol o Because she d id n't really love me. Jenny W ho 's that? M att That's m y g rand father. Paol o It w as in the new spaper.

There w as an article abo ut g rand m o ther behind h i m o n the rig ht. She's the one Be n Me? It w as just after they got m arried , S an d ra A student? W h at univ ersity d o y o u then left w i th all their mo ney. A n d there w as a p ho to o f but befo re they had any child ren.

M y aunt to ld me all go to? Ben Manchester. I go to M anchester Univ ersity. I' m in Presenter O h , I' m so rry to hear that, Pao lo. A n d I' m Jenny So, w here are they? Join me next M att W ell, as y o u kno w my dad is Spanish. If yo u're i n M att W ell, there's a festival there called 'La Paloma'. It like it? H o ckney exhib itio n called Fresh Flowers. A s the name still happens no w. There are lo ts o f stalls selling fo o d Be n W h at kind o f music d o v o u listen to?

S an d ra I like ro ck music. I really like M use. I d id n't. Be n Yes, it w as excellent. I' m so rry y o u missed it. H e w as g rand father. S an d ra Yes, I play tennis. I play rugby. I' m i n the univ ersity team. N o w , he sends his friend s a d ifferent M att The m an o n the stall. The p ho to w as includ ed in S and ra A re you?

Third english edition pdf workbook file intermediate

They love it! Yo u had three chances to hit the target and Ben Yes, l a m. But I play tennis, to o. Perhaps w e can play Fresh Flowers is o n at the Fo nd atio n Pierre Berge, y o u go t the p ho to fo r free. Yves Saint Laurent in Paris u n ti l January 30th. The Jenny It's a lo vely p ho to. Ben Yo ur bo y friend? The g allery M att That's w hat everyo ne says! S and ra Yes, here he is. W ay ne, this is Ben.

Ben, W ay ne. Presenter H ello , and w elco me to the p ro g ram m e. U m , bye Sand ra. To day, w e're lo o king at lucky escapes, and N ic k S an d ra Bye. N ick? M y parents rented a N i ck H i G lo ria. To day, lo vely ho use o n the beach, and the w eather w as great. M aureen Evason w as w alking w e'd like y o u, the listeners, to call i n and tell us abo ut W e w ent fo r a d elicio us meal fo r m y birthd ay , but I w as at the to p o f the Teide v o lcano in Tenerife, w hen she y o ur experiences o f o nline relatio nship s.

She fell 27 metres u n til she hit a tree, - that's quick! The rescue A l an H i , m y name's A lan. S p eak er 2 A few years ago, I w ent to v isit an o ld scho o l o p eratio n to o k nearly four ho urs, and after that Presenter H ello , A lan.

A t scho o l M aureen spent tw o m o nths i n ho sp ital befo re she experience o f internet d ating? I' m quite shy, y o u see, and I'm no t child ren so she d id n't w ant to go o ut. I spent a v ery Presenter Lucky M aureen! N i ck Joseph Rabad ue had a lucky escape w hen he w as at Presenter A n d w hat happened? In fact, after fo ur m o nths, try to go o n v acatio n w here it's co o l. Five minutes w e bo ug ht a house to gether.

A n d no w w e've go t a bo o ked a v acatio n i n Sw ed en, but w e arriv ed i n the later, a lo rry crashed into their liv ing ro o m , and threw beautiful little bo y called Sam. It w as aw f u l because there w as the f am ily telev isio n into the air. The T V then land ed Presenter Co ng ratulatio ns. Thanks fo r calling. W e just sat i n cafes and o n the exact spo t w here Joseph had been o n the flo o r N o w , I think w e have ano ther caller.

D o yo u have any more? Presenter H ello , Kate. One Saturday o nline? The m an fired , and the bullet hit Barry in Presenter So w hat happened? S p eak er 5 Three years ago, I bro ke up w i th m y jacket at the tim e, and the D V D sto pped the bullet.

Presenter W ho 's Craig? K ate W ell, no w , he's my husband. Unfo rtunately , the trav el Presenter A bso lutely! So, no w it's tim e fo r y o u, to gether. Ev eryw here I lo o ked , experiences. A n d here's o ur first caller. Paol o Paolo. W e're starting i n Venice, then S p eak er 5 W e have a cleaning lady w ho comes in every D ialogue 1 w e're g o ing to Vero na, and then M i l an.

W e're sto p p ing day and she does all o ur ho usew o rk. She makes the beds, W oman John! C h ri s W hat abo ut sleeping arrangements? That's the im p o rtant thing!

W oman Yo u, to o. W e have a tw o -bed sleeping co m p artm ent.