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Jun 19, In the present scenario, the provisions of the Income Tax Act relating to Tax Deduction at Source “TDS” are of immense importance when. Tax on Salary is computed as per Slab Rates (after exemptions) and TDS on Salary is to be deducted on basis of Avg Rate of Income Tax of taxpayer. FAQ ON TDS ON SALARIES: AN INDIAN INCOME TAX ACT eBook: NAGURVALI SHAIK: Kindle Store.

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Feb 26, Download Free e-book of TDS on Salary. Find your most common questions on free e-book on TDS on salaries. Salary TDS ebook download. Feb 8, TDS is most discussed chapter of the Income Tax act and it is most viewed section on my blog after PAN verification and HRA per. FAQ ON TDS ON SALARIES: AN INDIAN INCOME TAX ACT - Kindle edition by NAGURVALI SHAIK. Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Business & Money.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? TDS on Salaries means, deducting income tax at the very source of generating income i. Employer is responsible to deduct such tax on salary income of employees. This handbook consists of answers to hundred frequently asked questions on TDS on Salaries. The questions have been divided into sections for better understanding of TDS on Salaries. Read more Read less. Enabled Enhanced Typesetting:

Form 16A to Mr. Ramesh reflecting the TDS deduction. Get your financial plan done by a Registered Investment Advisor. Register now. If your tax liability is nil or lower than the Tax Deduction at Source i. On the other hand, if you fall in the higher tax bracket i.

The above table illustrates the Tax Deduction at Source i.

TDS rates applicable for different categories of income. The tax is calculated at the average rate of income tax, as computed based on the rates in force and the deduction is made at the time of the actual payment.

TDS is deducted based on the Income tax slab of the individuals. Once your employer deducts the TDS, you are required to file income tax returns if in case you have any income from other sources such as rent, interest income on bank deposits, etc. In case, the withdrawal amount exceeds Rs.

If you withdraw the EPF amount before five years of service and the amount withdrawn is less than Rs. However, this withdrawal is not tax-free, and you are liable to pay tax on the withdrawal amount. Also read: The threshold limit for TDS has been reduced from earlier Rs. The threshold limit for TDS has been increased from earlier Rs.

Listed below are some other sources of income and the applicable TDS rates on these income:. This source of income falls under Section LBC. This source of income falls under Section C. Income Tax Deductions for tax planning.

Tax Deduction at Source: TDS rates for the FY 2016-17, AY 2017-18

Such payments are defined under Section F. Any interest received or receivable by it from an SPV to its unit holders. Any revenue received from renting or leasing or letting out any real estate asset owned directly by it, to its unit holders.

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The best part is it comes with a lifetime Free plan. There are some additional payments regularly distributed along with the salary to meet the specific requirements of the employees. Below table illustrates a few of them:.

Apart from the allowances mentioned in the table above, some of the allowances which are fully taxable in the hands of the salaried employees include:.

As per the provision under Section of the IT Act , TDS has to be deducted by every employer making any payment in the form of Salary to its employees on the estimated income of the payee. For the deduction of tax, the employer first needs to calculate the net taxable income of the employee and then the tax liability at the average rate of income tax based on the rates in force.

Below are the steps to be followed in the given sequence for the calculation of the tax liability: Then the payments exempted from tax needs to be deducted from the gross salary.


For arriving at the net salary payable, the deduction under section 16 shall be reduced from the amount obtained in Step 2. This step includes the calculation of Gross total income by adding any income chargeable under any other head to the sum obtained in Step 3, as reported by the employee.

Any deductions under Chapter VI-A has to be reduced from the Gross total income to arrive at the net taxable income. After that, based on the rates in force, the tax liability has to be computed on the net taxable income. The tax liability then has to be increased by the surcharge payable if any and the education cess to determine the total tax payable.

Tax Deduction at Source: TDS rates for the FY , AY - Mymoneysage Blog

TDS is deducted at the time of the actual payment. Tables below illustrate the applicable tax rates for individuals under different age group:. Also read: Tax Deduction at Source: The rebate amount is lower of: In case of change of employment in the mid of the year, the details of the salary and TDS from the previous employment can be disclosed to the new employer in Form 12B as per the Rule 26A of the IT Rules.

The information to be furnished in the form includes but not limited to:. The new employer after receiving information from the employee takes into account the salary details and TDS deducted by the previous employer and calculates the tax based on the aggregate salary from all the sources.

Under Subsection 3 of Section , a person deducting the income tax can make adjustments in tax amount, in case of shortfall or excess tax deduction during the previous year, in the subsequent year.

A Guide to understanding your Salary and its Tax Implications

For instance, in the event of advance payments, payment of arrears, salary hike, bonus, etc. In such a scenario, the employer can make adjustments and increase the TDS. Similarly, if there is any rebate required and the employee submits the relevant proof for the reduction of tax liability, then the employer needs to reduce the quantum of TDS.

If the TDS amount is deducted in excess, the deductor can make a claim for the excess amount. The excess amount is refunded based on the procedure laid down for the refund of TDS. The amount to be reimbursed is first adjusted for any existing tax liabilities falling under any Direct Tax Act, and then the remaining amount is being refunded.

On salary of tds ebook

As per the provision under Section of the IT Act , every person responsible for deducting TDS is required to provide a certificate of proof to the income tax payee.

This certificate of proof is commonly known as TDS certificate. Employers deducting tax at source are necessarily required to provide TDS certificates in Form 16 on a yearly basis to their employees latest by May 31st of the assessment year. The assessment year is the year immediately succeeding the financial year for which the income was paid and tax deducted at source.

Tds on of salary ebook

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