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various RTA transport modes like Dubai's Metro, Buses,. Water Buses, as well as pay for RTA's Paid Parking in. Dubai with single card. Nol Cards are available. Download Map for Dubai Zone · Download Dubai Metro Train timings and landmarks Dubai's RTA to launch nine new bus routes from Sunday. April 7, Offline PDF map of Bus in Dubai / Abu Dhabi with information about the DARB full map, including lines, stations and routes.

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Download a map of the Dubai Metro system in PDF format. Includes both the Red and Green Lines plus all Metro stations. Download and print your very own handy mydubaimetro pocket map to take along with you on Click here to download the My Dubai Metro Pocket Map ( PDF). Facebook: Roads and Transport Authority Dubai - Group to 29 stations across the Red Line. Over CCTVs in trains and stations to monitor.

Within 1 zone or less than 3 zones, crossing 2 zones Tier 2 Starts in 1 zone and ends in neighboring zone Tier 3 Crosses 3 or more zones The Nol Card are used by the passengers to check-in and check-out at the gates in their destination station. The fare will be automatically deducted based on the number of zones traveled. Passengers will be allowed to check-in when their card has more than minimum credit required. Trained wardens accompany passengers to help with emergencies. The new trains have a refreshed interior with better air conditioning, digital maps, improved speed, brakes and doors. The chain was formed by people from 96 countries around the whole world.

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Ok it's only a bunch of shops but it's just so much nicer than anywhere on the Circle Line. The water theme at Khaled Bin Waleed station. You'd almost believe you really were underwater. Dubai Metro history and displays at Union Square station. Dubai Metro Lego model at Rashidiya station.

Dubai Bus Offline Map (PDF)

Looking out the windows at the front or rear of the train there's no pesky driver to get in your way. Dubai Metro lowlights and whines Pedestrian bridges over the Sheikh Zayed Road are closed when the metro trains stop running despite the RTA saying they would stay open. Update [when? The trains don't start operating until 2pm on Fridays.

Who told the timekeepers at the RTA that all Dubai residents slumbered until mid-afternoon? Go meet some bemused tourists at Dubai Metro stations on Friday mornings, and make new friends perhaps that was what the RTA intended. Update: trains start operating at 1pm on Fridays. Last train is at 11pm during the week. And with no sensible explanation from the RTA it's no surprise that many believe the rumour that the early closing was implemented for the benefit of taxi drivers.

Update: operating times extended to midnight on week days, and on weekends. No heavy baggage on the Metro. Not for travellers apparently. Update: As of 05 May it was reported that the RTA is now allowing passengers to take one medium sized bag and one small piece of luggage on the metro. Only 4 sets of ticket gates at Mall of the Emirates station. No wonder it gets so choked up. Even the RTA says it's the busiest station. The music.

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We thought it was something special for the first day. Please, please, please turn it off, we've had enough now. Update April - at last the music has been turned off. Hopefully the RTA has got the message and doesn't replace it with something else.

The long wait before the doors close. Although if it's deliberate as a kind of running in period while people get used to the metro, we can understand that. Update April - waiting times are expected to decrease after new stations are opened.

Passengers can choose seats and print out a boarding pass at least 2 hours before departure time. To use the kiosk, passengers need their reservation code, ticket number, or Skywards membership number.

Dubai Metro Map.pdf

Passengers still need to lug their own bags to the airport though. Those with bags for check-in can go to the Baggage Drop counters, those with hand luggage only can go straight to the immigration desk at the departure terminal. First piece size limitations are 81cm width, 58cm height, 30cm depth. Second piece maximum dimensions are 55cm width, 38cm height 20cm depth.

The RTA Communication Director, Peyman Younes Parham, said "We are thinking about it but it is a complicated process to put just one extra station on the line" 14 Nov An RTA press release announced that the "RTA is all set to phase out the opening of the stations in February ," referring to the remaining 19 Red Line metro stations not yet open, indicating that none of the additional stations would be open before February as previously indicated.

The report didn't say if the trains would be pushed by workers or operate under its own steam. Follow up reports in other press then said the first trip would be 9pm on from MOTE to Rashidiya, updated to pm according to reports on 08 September The remainder will open at different times between September and February according to the RTA. The Dubai Metro Red Line will have 29 stations when fully operational. However, the expected number of Dubai Metro stations opening on 09 September opening date is 9, 10, 17, 22, or 29 depending on whether you believe RTA statements, unnamed sources reported in the media, or anonymous blogs.

As the opening date approached, it was clear to anyone driving past the Dubai Metro stations under construction that either the RTA had a good deal more optimism than most people or they had found a way to increase the number of hours in the day to 40 or Jun - "There would be no point in opening a station where there are no buildings finished," - Mattar Al Tayer, the head of the RTA, according to various reports in response to implications that some stations might not open on time, after the announcement of Dubai Metro fares.

The My City, My Metro campaign was launched in June and will consist of 3 phases lasting 1 year. First seen in KT report 17 Jan Higher resolution image not provided. First date of public operation 09 September Total of 29 stations. Total of 18 stations. Planned completion by October information.

Transportation map & tourist map of Dubaï (United Arab Emirates)

Update August under review due to economic and financial crisis. Dubai Airport has reportedly proposed an alternative to the purple line of a central rail terminal with lines branching out to airports and other destinations. In planning stages October information.

Metro map pdf dubai

Description based on route map, not confirmed. Timeline unknown, might not be until or later. Most of the route is deserted or very sparsely populated at the time it was announced. Different from the previously reported or announced Yellow Line. A similar route was first reported as the Yellow Line in Name of route not confirmed as the "Magenta Line", route description and information based on Dubai Metro map, and color of route marked.

Metro map pdf dubai

The RTA apparently knew nothing about it. According to the report, an anonymous source said "Some people call it the new Pink Line, others simply call it the newest Metro line. Or the Yellow Line might refer to the Jumeirah Palm monorail. Dubai Metro operating information Dubai Metro hours of operation 5am to am daily see table at top of page.

Some sources said operating times would be 6am to midnight. Information applies to Red and Green lines, other lines might be faster - up to kph for the Purple Line for example.

Wifi wireless internet access expected to be available en route and in metro stations. Less than half price for registered students and senior citizens monthly passholders, double price for Gold Class tickets for those who want to sit at the front. Discounted tickets if bought in advance, or for one day. Separate carriage available for women and children with extra space for bags and prams, and for VIP Gold Class travellers.

Each train is 5 cars or cabins, of which one is divided in two - half for women and children, the other half for Gold Class travellers. Regular class costs AED 4. For seniors and students, it costs AED 2. For Gold class, it costs AED 8. Tier 3 exceeds two zones.

Map pdf metro dubai

Regular ticket is available for AED 5. Seniors and Students can avail it for AED 2. For Gold class, it costs AED However, there are only 2 stations in total that can accommodate more than 2, cars at a time. The Rashidiya station and the Etisalat station, on the red and green lines respectively.

Metro map pdf dubai

The metro provides for an exclusive compartment only for women and children to give them a sense of safety while travelling. In case of damage or loss of a ticket, a fine needs to be paid.

The management team has around trained medical professionals to take care of any medical emergency that arises. Free Line: Currently, the Dubai metro serves two lines spanning over a length of 70 km. The first two lines serve 49 stations, including nine underground stations. The purple line and blue line are proposed lines.

Each metro line has its own distinct color. The trains operate between Al Rashidiya and Jebel Ali. The length of the route is It takes around 70 minutes to travel the full line.

All About Dubai Metro — Fares, Stations, Timings, Maps, Apps & How To Use

It takes 39 minutes to travel between the terminals. The line is planning to serve 8 stations and the train is going to operate between the Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport. The original proposed completion date of purple line was in The line is planning to serve 18 stations and the train is going to operate between the Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport.

The original proposed completion date of blue line was in The red line is further getting extended to The green line too has expansions plan which will see it get extended by 11km from Al Jaddaf to International city. Dubai Metro 4. Report an Error. Have any questions? Let us know: Cancel reply. Pin It on Pinterest. Share This Share this post with your friends!

Standard adult ticket price.