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It is a highly successful and widely-used text on pronunciation. it is a very good book for knowing better English like native speakerss!. Better English Pronunciation | A systematic and thorough introduction to the A recording of all the practice material in the book is available on CDs. I hope that my book will continue to serve a useful purpose for both teachers and learners of English in helping them towards a better English pronunciation. x 1.

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Better English Pronunciation (Cambridge English Language Learning) [J. D. O' connor] on A recording of all the practice material in the book is available on CDs. Better English Pronunciation by J.D. O'Connor, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Better English Pronunciation book. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This is the second edition of a highly successful and.

The way a word is spoken depends on factors such as speech and voice disorders, ethnic group, education, social class, and duration of cultural exposure. This book is ideal for non native speakers of the English language as well as for individuals at both the intermediate and advanced levels, to improve their elocution. The book begins with a short introduction to problems that may be experienced during pronunciation. The text then addresses how each sound is produced before combining them to create words. Rhythm patterns of speech and intonation are addressed next.

It is a bit like trying to hit in a nail with a screwdriver. It's just not going to work! Once you use a hammer, your chances of success will dramatically improve.

Here I will outline one effective way you could use to improve your English pronunciation. Of course a real desire to improve is necessary as well. So, without knowing where your "mistakes" are, your chances of improvement are minimal.

Consider learning to cook. You can find a recipe online, sure. But you will only improve on it for your tastes, once you can recognise what needs to change.

Is it too salty, sweet, dry etc. Once you notice that, you can improve the recipe.

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It is exactly the same for pronunciation. Take this idea on board and start to focus more on what you hear and can discern, rather than concerning yourself too much with learning what others are teaching you online, in class or otherwise.

Tuition of course is helpful and does have its place. However, by relying on it too much you can undermine your own powers of noticing and discernment. How much you improve depends upon a number of factors. A key one is to do with how invested you are in the learning.

So anything that can help you get more engaged in what you do will help.

Book better english pronunciation

As you come closer to learning in ways where engagement is the driver, you will massively magnify your chances of improvement. For too long engagement was not seen as an essential element in effective learning so there are many ways of learning out there that end up doing the opposite. Below is an outline of how to improve English pronunciation. This approach works best when you are fully engaged. You may wish to tweak what I suggest to make it more engaging for you.

Find a problem One mistake you can easily fall into, especially if you have been going to language classes is to keep expecting others to correct your "mistakes" and have the belief that "only with their help can I improve". As long as you believe this and rely upon others for your progress, it will surely be slow AND dependent upon others.

What happens once you leave classes or formal instruction? One key to any improvement is to break down what you wish to improve.

So my suggestion here is to find "a problem", or something that you say which sounds different to how "the natives" say it. Maybe you might not even be aware of anything, but you know or suspect your pronunciation could do with some improvement. It is important to learn to pay as close attention to what others say as to what you say. Can you hear any difference between what you say and they say?

English book better pronunciation

If you can't either you are really good! Keep trying. If you get nowhere with it, record a SMALL bit of speech maybe a sentence or two and play it a few times listening carefully. Then, you say it a few times until you are comfortable in saying it. Then, listen to the recording again. Look for differences at the individual sound level, word level or phrase level - keep replaying it until you hear a difference.

If you still get nowhere with this task, I would suggest choosing another sentence, and repeat. If they hear a difference, then you will know you need to keep working at it.

Better English Pronunciation

If they pinpoint it, then you are letting yourself off the hook! Learning to focus your listening at the sound level is key. The more you focus on it and work with it, the more it can improve. You improve your speech by learning to recognise differences.

10 Simple Strategies to Learn Perfect English Pronunciation

The more you work at it, the finer and finer your senses become. It's a bit like becoming a "connoisseur" of food, wine or coffee.

English book better pronunciation

These people learn to distinguish fine variations in tastes, texture, smells and looks after spending a lot of time focussing their senses on what they are doing namely eating or drinking!

Let's say you find something that needs attention. This means you want to be able to say the particular sound by itself without any interference from any other sounds.

Better English Pronunciation

This is a real key. Do not go any further without being able to do this step. The book concludes with a selection of conversational passages that will give readers pronouncing practice, answers to the exercises in the chapters, a set of appendices, and a glossary.

He also served in the Royal Armoured Corps, where he attained the rank of Major. In , he was appointed as a teacher at University College in the Phonetics Department. He passed away in July of Acknowledgements Foreword to the second edition 1.

Problems in pronunciation 2. How the speech organs work in English 3. The consonants of English 4. Consonant sequences 5. The vowel of English 6. Words in company 7. Intonation Conversational passages for practice Answers to exercises Appendices Glossary.

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