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The Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine book is the hospitalist's definitive guide to the knowledge necessary to practice Hospital Medicine. download a cheap copy of ACP Medicine, Edition (Two Volume book by David C. Dale. Univ. of Washington Medical Center, Seattle. An update for hospital medicine was essential, said Dr. McKean, the book's chief editor. “This edition exemplifies how the specialty of hospital medicine has.

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David C. Dale (Author) Training Suture Pad Skin Model Practice with Curved Base, Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers, 3 Layers,. Publisher: BC Decker Inc.; 3rd edition (April 12, ). ACP Medicine (2 Volume Set) [David C. Dale] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by David C. Dale. Internal medicine books and textbooks from ACP. Order these must-have resources now. ACP eBooks can also be accessed through the iPad app.

This collection includes the following 7 titles: Theory and Practice of Teaching Medicine includes practical applications of learning theories to better meet learners' needs, characteristics of successful medical teachers, approaches to developing faculty and improving clinical teaching. Teaching in Your Office Office-based teaching occurs in a fast-paced, complicated environment where the teacher and student are concerned with both educational outcomes and patient care. Teaching in the Hospital This book provides hospital-based educators with tools and techniques for establishing and communicating expectations and responsibilities. Methods for Teaching Medicine explores not only the traditional methods of teaching medicine but also those that are more cutting edge and identifies the criteria teachers can use to decide which method to use.

Part one, the specialty of hospital medicine and systems of care, addresses value-based medicine, critical decision making at the point of care, transitions of care, patient safety, and quality improvement.

This part emphasizes hospital processes, such as the multidisciplinary approach, teamwork, prevention of hospital-acquired complications, and patient-centered communication.

Medicine book acp

Part two, medical consultation, explains what you really need to know about surgical patients in your role as a consultant. Part three, rehabilitation and skilled nursing care, is a new addition written primarily by experts in rehabilitation medicine.

Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine Book | ACP

Safely transitioning patients to other facilities requires an understanding of what kind of services they provide, appreciation of discharge timing, and bi-directional communication of critical information. In addition, this part may be a useful resource for hospitalists employed in rehabilitation facilities.

Part four, the approach to the patient at the bedside, includes common problems that may arise during hospitalization. This part focuses on vital signs, the physical examination, and initial laboratory tests that might help guide further diagnostic testing and specialty consultation. Approach to the patient at the bedside may be especially useful for nocturnists admitting patients overnight.

Part five, diagnostic testing and procedures, reviews the interpretation of tests usually obtained at the time of hospital admission.

Textbook edition reflects evolution of hospital medicine

The procedure section highlights indications of procedures commonly performed by some hospitalists, the initial assessment, and prevention of complications. Part six, clinical conditions in the inpatient setting, differs from textbooks that review major disciplines in internal medicine, such as cardiology, gastroenterology, and infectious disease, in that the focus is entirely on clinical conditions that require, or arise during, hospitalization.

In addition, there are sections that have a particular relevance to the specialty of hospital medicine e. Who should read this book?

Is it intended for both practicing hospitalists and trainees? Yes, and for other clinicians who attend on the wards, such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners. In addition, this textbook may be a useful resource for nonhospitalist attendings who care for inpatients, such as teaching attendings and medical subspecialists, and for physicians studying for recertification in the boards of internal medicine.

Book acp medicine

Some primary care physicians may find this book useful when they refer patients to the hospital for admission. Traditional, fee-for-service internal medicine doesn't factor in cost or the value of a procedure. Incumbent on all people practicing in the hospital is a consideration of risk versus benefit of each approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Does this test or procedure change management by adding value to the person? To answer this question, the clinician must consider the care plan in the context of the prognosis for the patient, communicate this information to the patient, and understand the patient's values and preferences. The first edition covered high-value care, but not as explicitly as in the second edition e.

Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine

Has anything from the prior edition been deleted or otherwise changed drastically? We eliminated several chapters and combined others into existing chapters for less redundancy. We also tried to shorten each chapter, even if we didn't delete it. This edition is about pages shorter despite adding some new content.

Medicine book acp

Five chapters [in an electronic feature separate from the textbook] are exclusively on AccessMedicine. These chapters provide an overview of global health, the economics of hospital care, principles of medical ethics, the core competencies of hospital medicine, and bioterrorism.

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Looking for a specific publication? Browse the full catalog of internal medicine books in the ACP Store. Order Now. The 4th volume of On Being a Doctor contains the finest selections of prose and poetry from Annals of Internal Medicine from to This new 2nd edition of The Fenway Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health reflects clinical and social changes since the publication of the first edition.

Book acp medicine

Essential reading for those engaged in scientific research. A unique volume, Osler's Bedside Library underscores that now, as in Osler's own time, selections from the humanities deserve a place on the physician's list of "required reading.

Teaching in the Hospital offers a unique perspective and practical advice for hospitalists and attendings who teach on the wards.