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Cormyr. the Tearing of the Weave - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Forgotten Realms - D&D - Grand History of the Realms (OCR). Forgotten Realms - Map of ronaldweinland.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File TSR - Volo's Guide to ronaldweinland.info Forgotten Realms - Maps D&D The adventure begins in Cormyr, but the characters must also travel to the Dungeons & Dragons ( Edition) Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.).

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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, DUNGEON MASTER, FORGOTTEN REALMS, d20, d20 SYSTEM, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Cormyr: The Tearing of the. a reputation of goodly rule, sometimes Cormyr has had to make dif- shadowy netheril and gluttonous Sembia, though Cormyr also borders the hazard-. Until recently, Cormyr did not have a single temple to the. Mother of All Magic. That changed six months ago when a. Mystran priestess named Lady of Mystery .

Profane acts within the temple hearken to a mounting threat in the Vast Swamp. Adventurers must cross into the Plane of Shadow to unlock the truth about this growing darkness in time to thwart an attack against Cormyr and the goddess of magic herself. It can be played as a stand-alone adventure or as the first adventure in a three-part series. Each encounter contains special tactical information for the Dungeon Master and expanded map features for ease of play. Summary Edit A new temple to Mystra has been built in the town of Wheloon. A traveling cleric of the Lady of Mysteries is overjoyed that his faith finally has a temple in Cormyr but when he goes to visit it he barely escapes with his life. He hires the players to investigate.

It seems mounted parade of people dressed in the Boldovar Obarskyr, who reigned briefly best armor their shops make who gallop some centuries ago, was a wildbeard, or 6 Hiring fairs are different from trade fairs. Trade fairs are held in smaller communities as a way of attracting merchants who otherwise wouldnt bother to travel to them thus never giving local folk the chance to buy their goods. A locksmith, for example, wouldnt normally bother to come to Hillmarch, but the folk there would occa- sionally like to buy reasonably priced locks from a selection, not make do with a peddlers single, vastly overpriced lock.

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So, trade fairs are held. Although he was usually of barking dogs, running boys, and jeering calm and normal temperament, hed journeymen. Several criminals have so won ving his blade through his favorite con- their freedom in recent years.

The crimi- sort, who was trying to soothe him and nal must agree to play the king, but the stop one of these rampages. Her falling lord chamberlain chooses who is asked.

He was impaled on an array of each month throughout the year.

Cormyr pdf 3.5

Each is upright lances bundled for transport on an excuse for parades, drunken revelry, a cart standing below. The day after tunate king is represented by a criminal each festival all businesses except restau- already condemned to death. This mis- rants are closed.

Most folk spend it visiting creant is given a blunt sword, encased in family and friends and dining out. Then hes let into the A Look streets and not allowed out of the city until sundown. Some men have shed Across the City their armor and swum the harbor or The northern part of Suzail is all tall, nar- crawled through the sewers to get out of row, grand houses that are comple- Suzail earlier.

The spectacular ing king, who cant run with any bulk of the Palace of the Purple Dragon weapon but the one he was given and and the Royal Court rise out of this. But can do anything on his run without fear what lies outside the wide arc of the of reprisal.

The king is allowed to seize Promenade? Well, the bad part of town weapons raised against him and use stretches to the west, near the harbor them on their wielders. One fleeing around the open market. Some gentle- king set several streets ablaze, which folk never venture there. To the east kept a lot of folk too busy to harm him, stands the Market Hall, into which farm- but he tried to hide in the smoke and ers from outside the city stream at dawn died. Townsfolk usually dont have to to sell their fresh produce to sleepy-eyed worry about being struck down by sur- servants.

Hes usu- rison the Citadel of the Purple Dragons ally at the center of a whirlwind of and the city jail the Lock-Up. These tend to be more expensive and taller Landmarks nearer the Palace of the Purple Dragon and cheaper, noisier, and more run- Although Suzail is a busy port with shops down as one nears the docks. The oldest and eateries of sophistication and noble families almost all dwell north of repute, its most important building is the the Promenade.

Royal Court. The Palace of the Purple The docks are a whirlwind of activity Dragon, of course, is more magnificent, apt to be dangerous to the bystander. The as needed.

Cormyr pdf 3.5

The turrets in one place may harbor is a place of few entertainments. Except for the ever- and is undeniably impressive. The popular pastime of watching ships from Courts several thousand chambers are far-off ports arrive and leave, and seeing connected by arches, servants passages their exotic crews and the lady escorts of concealed discreetly behind tapestries, Suzail who come to meet or bid good-bye cross-galleries, balconies, and sweeping to them, there isnt much to do.

The Court has its own deep wells, The city has a wealth of shops, inns, its own streets in the cellars , and even and taverns, and boasts some truly splen- enclosed glass-roofed courtyards where did restaurants.

Eating out is a citywide fountains gurgle softly and harpists are pleasure and tradition. A fast-growing wont to play.

Cormyr pdf 3.5

These radiances also Royal Court8 to the rooms of Anzser, Lord illuminate major cross streets at each Chamberlain of Suzail and Master of City intersection, but appear less frequently Revels, who oversees the issuance of all than on the Promenade. They make permits, licenses, city ordinances, and tax Suzail less smoky than some cities, as writs.

The position began as the overseer of refuse carts leaving the city and fresh food and water carts entering Suzail. During plague times thieves were claiming folk had plague and slaying them, seizing all their valu- ables, and then burning their homes in order to return to the cooled ashes later and look for cached coins.

Volo's Guide to Cormyr.pdf

The cre- ation of the position of lord chamberlain took away such thieves ability to perform such vigilante acts and claim that they were acting legally. This the heart of power mazes, fountains, and flower beds of the and intriguein Cormyr. Royal Gardens stretch out all around, The Court even has its very own fish- down to the glimmering waters of Lake pond where salmon, trout, and silverfin Azoun, where in warm months pleasure swim until theyre caught with dip nets sculls await and swans glide.

At one end of for use in meals at the Court and Palace. Many tales of magic, messages, maps, Guests at court are usually housed in and inscriptions hidden behind the pan- apartments in the Royal Court.

Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave

Only eling of the Courts rooms make the rarely, since assassination attempts have rounds in Cormyr, and most are true. Visitors are warned! Expanding the Realms. Cormyr is one of Ed Greenwood's most detailed areas of the Forgotten Realms. That's because one of his longtime adventuring companies was located there while others were found in Waterdeep and in the Dalelands.

Starting in , Greenwood also used the Cormyrean town of Eveningstar as a launching point for "mini-campaigns" run in local public libraries.

Cormyr. the Tearing of the Weave

Greenwood brought Cormyr to the attention of the wider world in Dragon 69 January In "More Pages from the Mages," he offered the following details concerning the kingdom: The third [passage of note within a book] is a detailed inventory of the dowries of the princesses Elmyra and Hlassela of Cormyr, which Thorstag took part in guarding on an overland journey from Suzail, the capital of Cormyr, to Arabel, a city some distance to the north and east.

The journey was safe, the princesses married, and set out forthwith eastward with their royal, but not identified by Thorstag husbands. Neither Thorstag nor this writer the sage Elminster has heard of their fate, but in some eastern tomb or treasury the greater part of these dowries must now lie.

Cormyr frequently appeared in Realms publications in the early '80s, but most of it was pretty scattered info; unlike Waterdeep and the Dalelands, Cormyr wasn't developed into a full adventure setting. Nonetheless, it got a few pages of description in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Cormyr only started to come together as an adventure setting in the 90s, primarily thanks to the direct intervention of Ed Greenwood.

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This attention on Cormyr became even more focused and coherent in , thanks to Eric W.