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Women on Top looks at a new generation of women and asks: what are women's sexual fantasies today? How have they responded to the. Women on Top by Nancy Friday - In a post Shades of Grey world, a new audience is ready for Nancy Friday's groundbreaking work on female sexual fantasies. In this update of My Secret Garden, her ground-breaking exploration of women's sexual fantasies, Friday demonstrates that while women of the '60s and .

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In Women on Top, Nancy Friday returns to the subject that made her famous, examining the erotic fantasy lives of more than one hundred and fifty modern. Start by marking “Women on Top” as Want to Read: Like Shere Hite, Nancy Friday is one of those interviewers of women who are expert at getting them to spill. Women's sexual fantasies circa women on top (how real life has changed women's sexual fantasies). Pages· · MB·5, Downloads. no. Today women's magazines, films, books.

Thank you! Only the Water Pik shower massage gets more kudos from Friday's respondents in this sequel to My Secret Garden --though dogs come in for considerable praise. Friday's role as commentator on the fantasies may prompt irreverent associations with the impassive, analytical doctors once used to introduce porn films and lend them an air of legitimacy. Her conclusions are: Some of Friday's sweeping generalizations may cause controversy, such as her analysis that feminists hate porn not because it victimizes women but because they can't accept that other women actually enjoy flaunting their power so flagrantly.


Given that My Secret Garden was essentially a list of sexual fantasies and Forbidden Flowers explored the topic as well, it seems odd that Women On Top was banned as late as However it is a simple fact that people will never fail to be shocked by sex; and especially not when a former Catholic nun tells all about her naughty fantasies involving a priest really. Friday has been constantly challenged for her very open and honest attitude to sex and its psychologies, and Women On Top was another opportunity for the critics to get their teeth stuck in.

Our immediate feminist reaction is that the press and public simply disapproved of such graphic and candid discussions about female sex.

This must be at least partly true — the detail is minute — but there was more to it than that. Relating sexual fantasies to real life suggested that sex was a vital part of our psyche, part of our personality and what made us who we were.

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It was not just something that had to happen to procreate or express love — it was also a base instinct that was part of the make up of human life. Even after Freud and Kinsey, people were still afraid to bring the issue of sex and its fantasies to the forefront of society. The women who contributed their fantasies obviously thought there was no harm in it.

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A lot of them are religious or had a religious upbringing; are married or in a long term relationship; and some of them are very young. Either way most of them have felt, at some point in their lives, that men are supposed to be the ones in control; but no more.

Friday has made them realise that they have sexual needs and desires that are sometimes completely unrelated to the men in their lives.

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Nothing here is traditional, conventional or co-dependent. These are independent women. Have you read Nancy Friday?

Women on Top

One thing is for sure: Women have made no progress, judging from these accounts, in finding an erotic language of their own but are relying on the same old blunt, aggressive, consonant- constricted terms of men's porn.

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