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DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Viking Warrior Conditioning (1) Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by site. just wondering if anyone knows where i can (if possible) get the viking warrior conditioning in PDF format? i kind of want to get this on PDF. Get the book, Viking Warrior Conditioning by Kenneth Jay, Master RKC. Learn proper VO2max training by ordering this book now at Dragon Door.

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Download Viking Warrior Conditioning (1) DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Viking Warrior Conditioning (1) - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Based on painstaking, original research on subjects ranging from untrained folks to members of the Danish Olympic team, Viking Warrior Conditioning is a.

Steve W. Click to expand Honestly, I think "haven't read" are the key words here. VWC is a strength-endurance program that has several different protocols to address different apects of strenth-endurance, including the different contributing energy systems. The protocol that everyone generally starts with is very aerobic in focus. You use a light bell and work up to a sustained effort over a period of 40 minutes. I have also dabbled with the protocol, but have not tried any of the others.

HardStyle Abs. Advanced Bridging.

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The warrior diet? Can you do just the Viking Warrior Conditioning system and gain lean muscle and drop some fat? Share Share this post on Digg Del. I don't believe there is a PDF available. It is HIIT program and not a muscle building program.

Pdf viking warrior conditioning

You will be doing a lot of snatching on it pretty much. For losing fat diet is key, of course. Warrior Diet could work sure thing, provided you don't eat more energy than you actually use up over the day. Precision Nutrition would also be a good direction to go in and you get the opportunity to learn a lot about nutrition at the same time.

By being competitive currently, people have do something to make these people survives, being in the middle of the actual crowded place and notice by simply surrounding.

One thing that sometimes many people have underestimated the idea for a while is reading. Yep, by reading a publication your ability to survive improve then having chance to endure than other is high. For you personally who want to start reading a new book, we give you this kind of Viking Warrior Conditioning: The Scientific Approach to Forging a heart of Elastic Steel book as starter and daily reading book.

Why, because this book is more than just a book. Shea Cross: A lot of people said that they feel uninterested when they reading a e-book.

Conditioning pdf warrior viking

They are directly felt this when they get a half elements of the book. Your current skill of reading proficiency is developing when you including reading. Try to choose straightforward book to make you enjoy to see it and mingle the idea about book and examining especially. VO 2max , the time for which V.

VO 2max can be maintained T max , the running speed at LT v LT and m running time mTT were determined before and following three different training programmes performed for 10 weeks. VO 2max , 4. VO 2max.

VO 2max each week. In G 1 , significant improvements p HIT programmes in moderately trained runners, but that changes in performance and physiological variables may be more profound using prolonged HIT at intensities of V.

It's also cool to note that the above study is based on "moderately" trained runners - so not super jocks. And since this is the level - moderately trained - of where most folks will begin with the VO2max protocol, then there's good reason to use the optimal protocol for this approach in the vo2max effort.

The other Protocols. Indeed lactic acid is in the title of the three post protocols, and its one concept that Viking Warrior Conditioning does not directly explicate. So i asked Kenneth if he could talk about that focus a bit more here. Here's what he said: Basically production and tolerence of lactic acid is a great indicator of how well your anaerobic system is conditioned. A high production rate means that ATP is synthesized very quickly and a high tolerence rate means that just that- you can continue to work in a very acidic environment.


For a quick overview of ATP, what it is, and why it's important, take a look at the middle-ish of this post on fat-as-fuel. Likewise, what about going over VO2max? First we have more than one energy system we can draw on, each being categorized as aerobic using oxygen and anaerobic not using oxygen. When the aerobic capacity gets tapped out - or we hold our breath for an intense effort - we're drawing on those anaerobic energy levels. Think about it is way: Ever seen the movie "the Fast and the Furious"?

The guys in the film fine tune their cars to the limit.

Viking Warrior Conditioning (1)

Of course that is a very simplified way of looking at it but it gets the idea through. So the two effects are strongly related. How Long to Do Them All? Kenneth Jay's protocols, informed by recent research on best-tapping of energy production and tolerances for optimal work.

If a person has the stamina to move through each protocol in succession, it will take approximately 30 weeks - in other words the better part of a year. Of course, these protocols are the crown jewels of the book, but as a good coach, Kenneth doesn't simply say here's a bunch of nifty protocols; he provides a few contexts in how they can be applied.

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Thus the next sections of Viking Warrior Conditioning present how to put these strategies to work. This also includes KJ's own prefered approach. But the part of the book that is a particular asset is the case study that follows.

Warrior conditioning pdf viking

Here we see charted out exactly how one "moderately trained" 35 year old male, Throlof, did following the first four of the five Viking Warrior Conditioning protocols. We see the calculations for percentage over VO2max worked out to go with particular protocols. The only thing we do not see is Thorlof hooked up to a cart to validate that the calculated VO2max percentatges are validated in practice. Given that these calculations however are based on a lot of research that has been tested, and since we can see Thorlof's progress we can be pretty confident there is a strong progressive effect.

Kenneth Jay also stated in our exchanges that yes Thorolf really exists and yes these are his numbers. Active Rest.

Pdf conditioning viking warrior

Something also keen to note in the case study are the back off weeks in the program. Either Thorolf has great instincts or a great coach, but he kept himself sane by backing off for a bit and coming back stronger than before for a persistent, consistent linear progression of results over time.

Viking Warrior Conditioning + S&S/PM?

Intervals vs other CV conditioning. Kenneth rounds off the Thorolf section with a nice discussion of the benefit of interval training vs. The section also touches on why intervals like these have other benefits than steady state - and that may be the key thing, more than how many calories are burned or not. What we know from increasing amounts of data is that, at a certain intensity of effort, things start happening at the DNA level of our responses to demands for fuel that have effects not just on our hearts but on our muscels, too.