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3, views. Share; Like; Download PDF EBOOK here { y8nn3gmc }. .. TRANSPOSICIÓN DE GRANDES VASOS (TGA). Hipertensión arterial pulmonar y cirugía de switch arterial neonatal para la corrección de la transposición de grandes arterias. Visits. Download PDF. Trasplante cardiaco ortotópico en pacientes con trasposición de grandes vasos. Visits. Download PDF. Christian Muñoz-Guijosaa, Antonino Ginela, José.

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transposicion de grandes vasos pdf to word. Quote. Postby Just» Sat Mar 2, am. Looking for transposicion de grandes vasos pdf to word. Will be. transposicion de grandes vasos pdf download. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Apr 16, am. Looking for transposicion de grandes vasos pdf download. En la transposición estas dos arterias ores están invertidas, de forma que la sangre baja de oxígeno va al cuerpo y la sangre llena de oxígeno va a los.

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Transposición de las grandes arterias

PDF Palavras do Prof. Fabio B.

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Here are the instructions Jatene's operation without Lecompte maneuver in child with Born by c-section, twin, with 2 kg, 37 weeks without complications in the perinatal period. Enlargement of the neopulmonary after Jatene's operation ; Situs solitus in levocardia, late postoperative arterial Jatene's operation with stenosis of the pulmonary trunk neopulmonary located about 1 cm above the valve. The pulmonary valve annulus diameter was On Doppler, the flow was turbulent and accelerated in the neopulmonary, compatible with maximum gradient of Adib Jatene: June 4, November 14, - scielo.

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Adib D. Heart Defects during 18 Months Experience of the Cardiac. Surgery Department of Patients and methods: Ninety clinical records of newborns with congenital heart Banding pulmonar.

Guillermo A. Lev M.

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Pathologic diagnosis of positional variations in cardiac chambers in congenital The age range at the time of transplantation was years. In 3 cases the implant was performed using the bicaval technique and in 1 case, the classical biatrial technique.

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RESULTS In the patients with Senning repair, redirection of blood flow is achieved through surgical alteration of the interatrial septum and connection of the left atrium LA , open at the outlet of the right pulmonary veins, with the lateral wall of the right atrium RA. This results in the free wall of the RA being, in reality, the free wall of the systemic atrium.

The venous cannulation must be carried out keeping this in mind.

The superior vena cava SVC can be cannulated directly. Drainage of the inferior vena cava IVC can be performed by directly accessing it near the diaphragm or through the femoral vein.

On initiating the cardiectomy, the first cavity accessed is the systemic atrium. After opening the systemic atrium, the neoseptum is extracted, in order to access the venous atrium.

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After explanting the septum,both vena cavae are mobilized and sectioned. Finally, the remaining LA is sectioned circumferentially.

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In these 3 cases, the cardiac transplant was carried out using the bicaval technique. In one of these patients there was no innominate vein and the left SVC persisted. Figure 1.

Representation of the mediastinal structures after cardiectomy. Redirection of flow via prosthetic conduit is shown.

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In the Mustard procedure, venous redirection is achieved by extracting the interatrial septum and creating a tunnel in the interior of the atrium connecting both vena cavae to the mitral valve. Thus, the pulmonary veins drain into the tricuspid valve. During the procedure, venous drainage is achieved through direct cannulation of both vena cavae.