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Major Events in Indian History: BC. Mauryan Empire is founded by. Chandragupta. Maurya in Magadha after he defeats the. Nanda dynasty and. Indian History Chronology: Chronologically, Indian History can be classified into ClearIAS study materials are available for download as PDF for FREE on the. Get History and GK Notes in PDF. Download complete list of Indian Freedom Struggle Important Events & Timeline for SSC, SBI PO, SBI Clerk etc.

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Today we are sharing an e-book which consists of short summarized Timeline of Indian History. This PDF is very useful for various upcoming. Click Here to download Indian History - Events and Timeline Pdf. Click Here to Like our Facebook page for latest updates and free ebooks. BC: Civilization at Gulf of Khambar. BC: Indus Valley Civilisation. Aryans arrive from central Asia. The Early Vedic Age.

The Indus Valley Civilization collapses. The Vedic period begins. The oldest sacred scriptures of Hinduism are written. He expands the empire greatly. He implements many reforms in the government. Southern India is controlled by the Satavahana Empire.


The Lenape people lived along the Delaware River along the east coast of America. During the eighteenth century they were disposed of lands in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and by , Indiana.

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Miamis living in Indiana cede land under provisions of the Treaty of St. A portion of the tribe removed to southwest Arkansas Territory. The Delaware remove from Indiana. Fort Gibson and Fort Towson were established in Indian Territory to provide protection for tribes moving from the East.

Timeline of Indian History PDF: Download Indian History Timeline Chart

This removal began a protracted war with the Osages, as the Cherokee were encroaching on Osage lands. Several tribes in Ohio signed treaties requiring removal from the state, including the Senecas, Shawnees, and Ottawas.

It would take almost twenty years and 15 million dollars to force the tribe from their lands. Andrew Jackson was reelected president. The following tribes concluded various treaties with the United States and are forced to give up lands: The Sauk and Fox ceded lands east of the Mississippi River for land in Kansas.

The Shawnees and Delawares ceded lands in Missouri for land in Kansas. The Kaskaskias and Peorias ceded lands in Illinois and Missouri.

These tribes in particular relocated in the northeast corner of Indian Territory. The Piankeshaws and Weas in Illinois and Missouri ceded lands. The Illinois Kickapoos removed to Kansas.

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The Ottawas of Ohio concluded a treaty that ceded land and requires removal. They are virtually left landless, ultimately migrating into the Republic of Texas.

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The Muscogee Creek tribe began removal. The Seminoles of Florida began removal. Thereafter many Mughal rulers ruled India.

They took over the Mughal sultanate of Madura. Babur invades India in and establishes in India. His son takes over the kingdom after his death in Later Akbar becomes the king and is supposed to have had a very prosperous kingdom till his death and is considered as one of the greatest rulers of medieval India.

His son Jahangir takes over in It has been stated, during the AD, many foreign rulers came to India including the East India Company to trade and established their empire here. But in AD Aurangzeb seizes power and takes over from his father and sends him to exile. Aurangzeb died in thus ending the Mughul era.

Timeline modern India In AD, Britain becomes the most powerful colonial power in India and defeats Siraj-ud-daulah and seizes power of the northern parts of India. Marathas had control over most parts of northern and central parts of India during the AD. By this time the British had become very powerful and control over most of the southern parts as well.

It is also known that the railway, telegraph and the postal services were introduced in India in AD.

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This saw India become a modern country and started developing at a faster speed. By then the freedom struggle was spread all over the country and people were now against the British rule.