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You can directly download from the below URL Think-And-Grow-Rich_ pdf. Think and Grow Rich () by Napoleon Hill, one of the greatest, and one of the best seller, self-help books ever produced in the last century. Think and Grow Rich is now available in pdf and audio-book formats! you that your mind is powerful enough to unlock your full potential if only you will allow it.

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full significance of what he had said to me. . This has been answered in full detail. . greater, he has proved that one really may “Think and Grow Rich.”. Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich (pdf) and book changed my life. But was he One of the first books I read was Think and Grow Rich, a book by Napoleon Hill. .. There is a lot of fake news out there and many haters full of jealously. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By Napoleon Hill. This is one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. Written during the Great Depression, it incorporate.

Does it seem like your desires are just out of your reach? Sometimes it may seem like nothing we try works! Think and Grow Rich is now available in pdf and audio-book formats! The book aims to make you rich in all aspects of your life. Obviously, you will learn how to make and manage money but there is so much more to it than that!

If we choose not to control our thoughts, they end up controlling us. Our thoughts determine whether we succeed or fail in work and life. If we fill our minds with thoughts of success become success-conscious or money-conscious , we can achieve riches. If we allow ourselves to become failure-conscious instead, failure is what we will get.

The prescription for turning positive thoughts into riches, which is repeated in many ways throughout the book, is this: Focus on a single, clearly defined purpose as your overriding life goal. Make achieving this goal your all-consuming desire. Pursue it with persistence and faith. Other principles or qualities that come into play are: Decisiveness: Make decisions quickly and stick with them.

Imagination: Cultivate your imagination as a source of ideas and inspiration.

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Planning: Create a specific plan to achieve success. Master Mind group. Create a group of people committed to helping you achieve your goal. Full Summary of Think and Grow Rich Caveats Think and Grow Rich, first published in , is an action plan for getting rich, but its principles of positive thinking are applicable to any other important goals you have. The book was a bestseller for decades and remains popular today.

Nonetheless, Think and Grow Rich is a product of its time — reflecting the prejudices of its era, apocryphal stories, and assertions based on a limited understanding of science.


For instance, in explaining how positive thinking brings positive results, Hill asserts that our thoughts create vibrations that attract corresponding vibrations from the ether of the universe, creating the reality we desire. For instance, if you obsess over an idea, then your mind filters all of the information you receive through this idea. Does it help me further my idea?

There are multiple versions of the book available, some with added material or edited sections. The Napoleon Hill Foundation endorses only the original version.

The original book meanders, with each idea being repeated multiple times and the concepts blending into each other. Introduction Think and Grow Rich, originally published in in the aftermath of the Great Depression, offers a formula and step-by-step instructions for getting rich, which author Napoleon Hill asserts are accessible to everyone regardless of their circumstances.

The book was well-received by depression-weary citizens and remained a bestseller for decades. It is still popular today. You must control your thoughts if you want to control your destiny. If your dominant thoughts are about riches which can mean wealth, happiness, success in business, successful relationships etc.

The best way to control your mind is to keep it occupied by having a single, specific goal a definite purpose , making it your all-consuming desire, and pursuing it with persistence and faith that you can achieve it. Hill identifies 13 principles for changing your mindset and achieving your goal through positive thinking. He gleaned these principles from interviews with more than wealthy and successful people, including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Charles Schwab.

Hill says his interview project began with a conversation with steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, who challenged him to spend 20 years interviewing millionaires to capture in writing a philosophy of success that could be replicated by anyone willing to learn and apply the principles.

Like this summary? Have too much to read? You'll love my new book summary product Shortform. Even better, it helps you remember what you read, so you can make your life better. What's special about Shortform: The world's highest quality book summaries - comprehensive, concise, and everything you need to know Interactive exercises that teach you to apply what you've learned Discussion communities - get the best advice from other readers Get the world's best book summaries now Principle 1: Think Success by Default Thoughts are powerful: What you think becomes your reality.

If you harness this power, you can become wealthy, or achieve what you seek. The way to achieve riches is to become success-conscious, rather than failure-conscious: Start by focusing your mind on a single, clearly defined purpose, not multiple purposes that would dilute your focus. Choose one overriding life goal. Make achieving this goal your all-consuming desire, to the point that you think of little else and you devote all your time and energy to achieving it. Finally, be persistent in pursuing your one goal or purpose.

You will encounter setbacks but have faith in your goal and ability to achieve it — and never give up on it. Example 1: Partnering with Edison Edwin C. Barnes had an overriding goal his definite purpose of working with the inventor Thomas Edison.

Partnering with Edison became his all-consuming desire. Despite never having met Edison, Barnes went to see and told him his goal. Edison recognized his determination but gave him a lesser job. While this might seem like a defeat, Barnes agreed to work for Edison, but persisted in focusing on his specific goal of a partnership.

Barnes said he could sell it and was given the opportunity. He sold it so successfully that Edison gave him a contract to distribute and market the machine. Thus, Barnes thought his way into a partnership with Edison.

Continuing to believe he could be successful allowed him to persist, which allowed him to seize the opportunity when it surfaced. Example 2: Striking Gold A man had a specific purpose and desire to find gold.

He discovered a small amount of gold, staked a claim, and raised money for the machinery and labor to extract more. But after much work, the effort came up empty. Before reselling the machinery as junk, the junk man hired an engineer, who advised that the gold lay just three feet from where the manhad stopped drilling.

Similarly, the wealthy men interviewed by Hill told him their greatest successes came when they persisted in going one step beyond a failure or setback. Thomas Edison reportedly tried and failed 10, times before inventing a successful electric lightbulb. Temporary defeats are common in most endeavors, and they often seem to come when success is within reach.

Unlike Edison, though, many people quit too soon.

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Developing a Success-Consciousness People who become rich do so because they have a success-consciousness — they spend their time thinking about success rather than about things that can go wrong. However, there are several hurdles to success-consciousness. He advises readers to also remove it from their thinking. Another hurdle to success-consciousness is the tendency to measure everything by our personal experience and beliefs, rather than realizing things can be better or different.

The key to change is taking control of your mind by occupying it with a defined purpose, burning desire, and persistence. As an example of success-consciousness, Henry Ford wanted his engineers to design an eight-cylinder engine in one piece his specific goal , but the engineers told him it was impossible. He persisted in his demand and kept sending his engineers back to the drawing board, and eventually, after a year, the engineers designed it.

When we exercise our ability and power to control our thoughts, we embody the sentiment of the English poet W. I am the captain of my soul. With these general principles in place, Hill spends the rest of the book describing the 13 Steps to Riches.

Many of the ideas overlap with each other, but they all relate to creating the positive mental energy necessary to inspire success. Exercise: Control Your Thoughts People who achieve success do so because they have a success-consciousness — they spend their time thinking about success rather than doubting themselves or thinking about things that can go wrong.

Where are these thoughts leading you? What was the result? How can you invert these to develop successful thoughts? You have to want something badly in order to achieve it. Your hunger to reach your goal must be so strong that you stake everything on achieving it, and you burn your bridges, leaving yourself with no way to retreat. Your goal has to be overriding — you can only devote your full energy to a single goal at the same time. Examples of strong desires laying the foundation for success: Example 1: Edwin C.

To start with, his goal was specific: He wanted to partner with Edison, not work for him. It became the consuming obsession of his life, and when he was ready to act on it, he left behind his past life and devoted everything to reaching his goal.

Example 2: Department store founder Marshall Field After the Great Chicago Fire of , many merchants who lost their businesses chose to leave the city in defeat rather than to rebuild. However, one merchant, Marshall Field, refused to give up. He came up with a unique idea for literally getting in the door. He took a Universal Studios Tour, then sneaked away and hid on the lot until after the tram had left. As he left at the end of the day, he made a point of speaking to the guard.

Because the guard then recognized him, he was able to return daily for three months. He always wore a suit and carried a briefcase, giving the impression he was a student with a summer job there. He spoke often to directors, writers, and editors. He found a vacant office and moved in, and he added his name to the directory. Spielberg eventually got to know the head of production for the television department, who became his mentor and gave him opportunities to produce films.

His desire seemed all-consuming, and he was willing to do anything to achieve it. Set a Specific Goal Beyond having a desire, you need to set a clear, specific goal.

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Define your goal as clearly as you possibly can. Visualize it happening in vivid detail. He offers six steps to turn your desire for riches into reality. Define the exact amount of money you want.

Decide you are willing to sacrifice to get the money like how many years of work, where you will live. Nothing comes without a price. Create a specific plan for getting the money, and start on it right away.

Write down on paper the above: how much money you intend to get, what you will give to get it, the date when you will have it, and your plan for acquiring it. Read your statement out loud twice a day, morning and evening. See, feel, and believe that you already have the money. You must dream, desire it to the point of obsession, and plan. The Importance of Being a Dreamer People who are driven by a strong desire and definite purpose typically are dreamers.

They know that each failure is a stepping stone to success. Marconi, an Italian inventor and physicist, was intrigued by the recent discovery of electromagnetic waves, and dreamed of putting them to use.

His work in long distance radio transmission in the early s enabled the transmission of news, information and entertainment around the world. Radio, TV and cell phones ultimately grew out of his work.

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Similarly, Henry Ford also dreamed big, even though he was poor and lacked a formal education. He envisioned the automobile and went to work on it with the tools he had at hand. Vehicles now are an integral part of life on earth because Ford went after his dream. Other examples of dreamers who acted on big dreams and changed the world in the process include Columbus, Copernicus, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, and the Wright brothers.

Exercise: Build an All-Consuming Desire The first step to riches is having an all-consuming desire to achieve your specific goal. You should also specifically picture the goal that your desire will lead you to. What are you willing to do to get it?

Be specific for both questions. Exactly what do you want to achieve? By what date? What specifically do you need to do? Faith or belief is one of the most important keys to converting our thoughts into reality. Faith works on a subconscious level and helps move you toward your goal. If you have faith in yourself and your plans to achieve wealth, it will prompt ideas and associations that lead you to success. It will block out positive thoughts and desires that could help you overcome your circumstances, and you will fail to improve your current state.

You can develop faith through affirmation and visualization which the author calls autosuggestion — that is, by constantly telling yourself you can succeed and by envisioning yourself succeeding more on autosuggestion later. You eventually come to believe the things you repeat to yourself. You can go a step beyond envisioning yourself succeeding by acting as though you already have the thing you want.

Your mind takes on the nature of the thoughts that dominate it. If you lack self-confidence, or faith in yourself, you can change that, and increase your chances of success, by doing and repeating the following: I know I have the ability to achieve my specific goal. I will concentrate my thoughts for 30 minutes a day on the person I intend to become. I will spend 10 minutes a day demanding self-confidence from myself. My goal demands that I develop self-confidence to achieve it.

I will cultivate positive thoughts toward myself and others. I have faith that I will change my thoughts and become self-reliant and successful. How Faith Leads to Success Here are two examples of how unwavering faith in an idea led to incredible success and systemic changes. Example 1: The creation of U.

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Steel Corporation Charles M. Schwab, who worked for Andrew Carnegie, had a vision for restructuring of the steel industry. But it was counterintuitive.

The standard practice at the time was to create monopolies, then increase prices to reap profits, which restricts demand. Schwab, however, wanted to do the opposite — make steel cheaper, and create a huge and expanding market to create larger profits.

To do that, he needed the cooperation of J. Others had tried and failed to interest Morgan in organizing a steel trust. He introduced it in a speech at an industry dinner, and later personally lobbied Morgan and Carnegie. Schwab sold the others on the idea and together they merged their business interests to create the U.

Steel Corporation. He became its president. Schwab combined an idea, plus faith and persistence, to convert his idea to reality. But his faith in the idea put it in motion.

Although the movement drew violent resistance, which cost King his life, his faith that his dream of equality would be realized inspired others to take up the cause and created a sea change in American society that continues to have effects today.

Autosuggestion Autosuggestion is the act of constantly telling yourself you can succeed and by envisioning yourself succeeding. By consciously visualizing your success, you trigger your subconscious imagination to deliver you the plans that get you to your goal. Faith and autosuggestion affirmation work hand in hand. And you can use faith to strengthen the thoughts and desires you are planting in your subconscious mind. Autosuggestion takes practice and intense concentration. Focus on it until you can see it.

Believe that you are already in possession of the goal. Visualizing the money makes it seem real and will subconsciously encourage you to act in ways that help you reach your goal, rather than in self-defeating ways.

Exercise: Visualize Your Success Visualizing the thing or condition you want to achieve makes it seem real and will subconsciously encourage you to act in ways that help you achieve it.

Describe it in as much detail as you can. Write down these details. Do you feel that your goal is closer after visualizing your success? I demand self-confidence from myself.

My goal demands that I develop the self-confidence to achieve it. There are two types of knowledge: general and specialized. Colleges provide general knowledge, but often this knowledge lacks practical application. To make progress toward your goal, figure out what sort of specialized knowledge you need, and why you need it. Then figure out how to get it.

There are various ways to gain this specialized knowledge, including training programs, books, research and experimentation, and personal experience. Never stop gaining specialized knowledge related to your goal. Combining a hunger for knowledge with imagination will help you adapt to changing times.

Instead, you need a Master Mind group — a group of associates who have the knowledge, advice and expertise to help you achieve your goal. No one has enough experience, education, and ability to accumulate a fortune single-handedly. Why would he clutter his mind with useless general knowledge when he had people around him who could supply any knowledge he demanded?

No matter how much knowledge he contains himself, anyone who knows where to get knowledge when needed is an educated individual. Through his Master Mind group, Henry Ford had all the specialized knowledge he needed to start an automobile revolution. The same was true of Andrew Carnegie. Together, you and your Master Mind can achieve something greater than any individual could achieve alone.

Ford and Thomas Edison had little formal schooling but were hugely successful in their chosen fields because they knew where and how to get the knowledge they needed. Roosevelt had a group called his Brain Trust. He brought the best minds in the country to Washington to solve economic problems. Although he was discouraged against going out on his own, he assembled a small team of dedicated experts who shared his goal and helped create the company.

Here are the steps to forming your own Master Mind group: Make a list of people who have the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to create and carry out the plan that will achieve your goal.

Decide what you have to offer to people you want in your Master Mind group. No one will join your effort without some kind of benefit or compensation, which can be money or something else. Meet with the members of your group twice or more a week, until you come up with a plan or plans for achieving your goal. Make it a priority to maintain harmony in the group. Be specific. What specialized knowledge does each person have that complements you?

What does each person contribute? What would excite them to work toward your goal, with the other Master Mind members? What's special about Shortform: The world's highest quality book summaries - comprehensive, concise, and everything you need to know Interactive exercises that teach you to apply what you've learned Discussion communities - get the best advice from other readers Get the world's best book summaries now Principle 7: Imagination Your imagination is a crucial tool for converting your thoughts into riches.

You can create anything you can imagine. Your imagination can spark both ideas and plans for achieving them. Keep thinking about big, ambitious ideas. There are two types of imagination — synthetic and creative — and both can play a role in the transformation process.

The synthetic imagination rearranges existing ideas and concepts in new ways. The creative imagination, which works in the subsconscious, generates new ideas, and through hunches and inspiration, it produces the plan you need to follow to achieve your goal. Great fortunes start with ideas generated by imagination. The drugstore clerk, Asa Candler, applied imagination to come up with an innovative promotion and marketing campaign that transformed the beverage into a household name, Coca-Cola.

But great ideas can take on a momentum of their own, spurring you to act and persist until they transform into reality. Knowledge only becomes actual power if it can be put to use as part of an organized plan. In fact, keep replacing failed plans until you come up with one that works. Many people who fail do so because they lack the persistence to keep working to come up with a better plan when an earlier one fails.

Thomas Edison met with temporary defeat 10, times before inventing a successful lightbulb. Also, be sure to select as members for your Master Mind group people who will not be stymied by defeat. Important note: Ideas must be nursed from birth, if they are to survive and succeed. When you have an idea, you must activate it with a definite plan and immediate action. The Benefits of Capitalism The book takes a tangent to talk about the importance of capitalism as a practical system for achieving goals.

We have the ability to make plans for accumulating riches and put them into action because we live in a capitalist society. By contrast, individual freedoms in many other societies are sharply limited. They include: Basic freedoms: Freedom of thought; freedom to act; freedom of choice, religion, politics, travel; freedom to choose where to live, whom to marry, and what to eat; equal opportunity.

Wealth-related freedoms: Freedom to aspire to a higher station in life; freedom to own all the property you can get; freedom to choose your business, profession, and occupation; freedom to provide useful service in return for riches. Capitalism consists of more than money. It also encompasses groups of organized, intelligent people who come up with new ways to use money that create profits and serve the public. These people include scientists, inventors, educators, analysts, and people with the specialized knowledge to envision and produce new products, services, and inventions.

This knowledge benefits hospitals, colleges and schools; pays for government services for everyone; and builds transportation systems. Organized capital is responsible for delivering the basic necessities of life — food, shelter, heat, electricity, plumbing — at a relatively modest cost.

Capitalism rallies the land, machinery, factories, ships, automobiles, and people to deliver your standard of life. Capitalists are the people who use labor, ingenuity, and people organization to drive progress in society. They have a desire to build new things and provide useful services, and in return earn profits and become rich.

You have abundant opportunity freedom to do the same. But if you want to enjoy riches, you must contribute something to society in return — namely, products or services of value. The riches you receive will be in proportion to the value of what you produce.

Principle 9: Decisiveness A common reason for failing to become wealthy is the inability to make and stick with a decision. This makes it impossible to move consistently toward a goal. Henry Ford had a reputation for acting decisively and standing firm on decisions.

For example, he held firm on his decision to continue making the Model T, long after advisors and customers had urged him to change it.

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As a result, he continued to make money for a while, and was able to put off expending resources to develop another model. While some considered him obstinate, that quality is preferable to being indecisive. Procrastination, the opposite of decisiveness, is a common obstacle that you must overcome. They lack desire of their own and are thus easily influenced by the opinions of others, in effect allowing others to do their thinking for them.

You have a mind of your own, which you must use to make decisions if you want to succeed. The most important and influential decisions are those that require the most courage to make — those with the highest stakes.

Without their decision to band together for one purpose, no Declaration of Independence would have been created. The signing of that document by 56 men also was a courageous decision, because it too could have led to execution for treason. Because of these decisions a nation was born — a desire became a reality.

Great changes like this often take root with a definitive decision in the minds of only a few people. Gather the facts and information you need quietly. Keep your mouth shut, and your eyes and ears open. People who know little talk the most to impress others. When you talk rather than listen, you miss the chance to learn something useful.

And you give people outside your Master Mind group the chance to shoot down your ideas. Show the world what you plan to do by doing it rather than talking about it. If you know what you want and have a plan to achieve it, be decisive and undeterred. While most people give up at the first sign of difficulty, successful people persist with unstoppable willpower and desire.

Those who carry on with single-minded determination despite opposition may be seen as cold-blooded or ruthless, but what they are doing is simply exerting the will to achieve their desire. But Schultz never gave up. He believed strongly that his plans for building a chain of coffee shops were solid, and the company would soon be profitable. The challenge of following the principles outlined in this book for achieving riches is itself a test of your persistence.

Four requirements for developing persistence are: A specific goal or purpose, and an all-consuming desire to achieve it. A specific plan that you pursue non-stop. A mind that blocks out negativity and discouragement. A Master Mind group whose members encourage you. Your payoff for following these four steps is the ability to write your own ticket in life. Your desire is weak because you lack a motive that drives you to act. You lack ambition to be wealthy, to act so that you become wealthy, and to own wealth.

Work Habits You procrastinate, using excuses and alibis to justify not making plans or acting. You have no interest in obtaining specialized knowledge necessary to succeed. You worry about what others think, and so fail to act for fear of social rejection. Reflect on each of these signs to see if they apply to you.

Napoleon Hill wrote it more than 80 years ago, in Regardless of age, people in those days were just as set on living a fulfilling and happy life as we are now. Rather than teaching you how to succeed in any career, the book provides you with a number of powerful self-improvement and developmental tips that you can accomplish all by yourself!

You can also read it online whenever you want. This book has already helped so many people and now that it is online, it can literally help the entire world! His views will not only teach you to gain monetary wealth but will also teach you how to improve your life and health.

What Can You Get out of it? Obviously, as the book is quite old, there are a few sections which are a tad outdated and may not quite click with all of us. The basic premise of the book is to show you that your mind is powerful enough to unlock your full potential if only you will allow it.

The steps are very easy to follow and so long as you remain open-minded and determined to succeed you can achieve what Napoleon suggests. Once successful, you will be able to convert all negative thoughts and emotions into constructive determination which can then be redirected at your goals, whatever they may be. This change in mindset will allow you to remain focused on your goals and will improve your daily life due to your newfound positivity. If you are able to master the teachings of this book, you will find that you reach your goals and your happiness and fulfillment will last a lifetime!

Where should I start? This book literally has the key to success and happiness in it.