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The Greatest Salesman in the World: Part 2 by Og Mandino, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part 2: The End of the Story [Og Mandino] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “The most important book . The Greatest Salesman Part 2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II – The End of the Story By Og Mandino.

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The most important book of our generation A flawless, priceless masterpiece.” —Denis Waitley, author of Seeds of Greatness You. Download Ebook The Greatest Salesman in the World Part 2 The End PDF Download The Swiss Family Robinson Great Illustrated Classics Shipwrecked on a. Book Details Author: Og Mandino Pages: Publisher: Bantam Brand: English ISBN: Publication Date: Release Date: Description What you are today is not important for in this runaway bestseller you will learn how to change your life by applying the.

Rob Ultra The Greatest Salesman in the World By Og Mandino Only principles endure and these I now possess, for the law s that w ill lead me to greatness are contained in the w ords of these scrolls. Principle 1 — Failure w ill never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. Keep it always in mind and you will overcome seemingly impossible obstacles that are certain to confront you as they do everyone with ambition. Never feel shame for trying and failing for he who has never failed is he who has never tried. Principle 2 — I w ill form good habits and become their slave. I f I must be a slave to habit let me be a slave to good habits.

No longer will I look mournfully to the past. It will never return. Instead, I will shape the present because it is mine and I will go forth to meet the mysterious future without fear, without doubt, without despair.

I was formed in the image of God. With Gods help, there is nothing I cannot achieve if I try. No skill is required, nor effort nor pain. Tomorrow I will begin, I told myself day after day. I didnt know, then, that tomorrow is only found in the calendars of fools.

Now I know that the wise man never makes goals of immense proportions. He greets each morning with goals for the day only and he makes certain that all he has planned is completed before he sleeps. Soon the accomplishments of each day are gathered, one atop another, and eventually a castle is erected large enough to house any dream.

The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. I know, now, where I am. I know, also, where I want my goals to take me. To get from here to there, I need not know all the twists and turns of my voyage at this moment.

What is important to know is that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings me one step closer to fulfilling my dreams. I am confident I can deal with any challenge, pride demands that I perform to the best of my ability, and all this will be accomplished because I have rediscovered a special power that has been missing from my life, the power of enthusiasm. Without enthusiasm I am doomed to a life of mediocrity but with it I can accomplish miracles.

Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. Its potential value far surpasses money and power and influence. I have learned a great lesson enthusiasm is my faith in action! What a great exhilaration I feel, knowing that I possess this great power to alter my days and my entire life with my attitude. How sorry I feel for those legions who have no knowledge that they can use this great force, a force already within them, to guide their future.

The secret is so simple that every child understands it and instinctively uses it to his or her benefit. We can influence others by treating them in the same manner we would like them to treat us. To praise, to smile, to show concern for others, is as beneficial to the donor as it is the recipient of such favors. This great power that affects others so strongly will work miracles in my own life as the gratitude of others returns to me in many ways.

A smile remains the most inexpensive gift I can bestow on anyone and yet its power can vanquish kingdoms.

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Life, I know now, is made up of little things in which smiles and kindnesses and small obligations, given whenever and wherever possible, are what win and preserve any heart. I can see that in the interplay of daily life it is through little acts of watchful kindness recurring daily, by words, tones, gestures, and looks, that affection and admiration are won and preserved. I know that I cannot expect to walk through the remainder of my days on mountain peaks. No matter how much I try, how much I persist and excel in my work, there will be days and weeks and months when everything I attempt results in frustration and failure.

There is no better school than adversity. If I resort to mere expedients and tricks.

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The best thing for me is that which keeps my currents flowing. No matter how much I try.

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Those who reach the top are the ones who are not content with doing only what is required of them. When one is asked to go one mile.

If it stops. Never again will I fail to go the extra mile or render less than my pay deserves. The prime secret of happiness is something to do. I recognize another truth.

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What is the best thing for a river? It is to keep moving. During trials I most easily become acquainted with my inner self and it has the wondrous ability of drawing out talents in me which in prosperous circumstances would have likely remained dormant.

But if I turn to God.

And another. Now I can see that adversity has many benefits. Adversity is always the first path to truth and I am prepared to learn whatever I need to know in order to improve the condition of my life.

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Few people realize that their happiness is dependent upon their work. Success will be mine if I determine to render more and better service. They go another mile. Give me love and work. I know that I cannot expect to walk through the remainder of my days on mountain peaks. The gem cannot be polished without friction and I cannot be perfected without trials. I will find just that.

The Greatest Salesman in the World: Part 2 : The End of the Story

I will decide on my goals and keep them forever in my thoughts. Opportunities are also everywhere and so I must always let my hook be hanging. I have been so blind.

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Now I understand that opportunity knocks at no door. No longer do I wail and tear my clothes and curse the world for my lack of the good things in life. Now will I go searching for opportunity as fiercely as the starving lion searches for food. Never once did I recognize opportunity when it presented itself in my life because always it has been disguised as hard work.

The first gets what it wants and the second loses what it has. How could I have lived so many years without perceiving the truth that now is so clear to me? Why is it that so many of us see the golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we recognize nothing but sand? Why do the angels come to visit us and we only know them after they are gone? When I least expect it.

He who scatters his efforts cannot hope to succeed. There is no cure for the first but success and there is no cure at all for the second. There are two kinds of discontented in this world.

She will answer only when I knock. The master of seven trades cannot support himself. The person who is perpetually hesitating between which of two things he or she will do. The bee is not the only insect that visits the rose but it is the only one that carries honey away.

Now I understand why success has eluded me. If I look for nothing particular from life. Look Inside. Mar 01, Pages download. Mar 30, Pages download.

Mar 01, Pages. Mar 30, Pages. A flawless, priceless masterpiece. More than nine million people continue to find solace and hope in The Greatest Salesman in the World, the gripping tale of a little camel boy, Hafid, who becomes the greatest salesman in the world through following the principles in the ten special scrolls of success.

And now, at las, the world will discover what happens to the greatest salesman when he finally emerges from his lonely retirement to commence a new career. At first he finds failure—until he receives a special gift from someone he has not seen in half a century. He then returns triumphantly to his homeland to write his own Ten Vows of Success to be shared with all who seek a better life—including you.