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Free download yasin latin arab for all android phones, tablets and other devices. All the best free yasin latin arab you want on your android phone are available to download right now. Surah Yasin | Arabic. MB1,+ yasin latin pdf. SURAH YASIN LATIN PDF | The First Pdf. Surah yasin latin. Fikri Pku; 1 video; No views; Last updated on Jun 1, Play all. Share. Loading Save. Baca surat yasin . س ْو َرة ٰي ۤس ُ SURAH YASEEN (Chapter 36) A detailed commentary (tafseer) .. According to the Latin proverb, "Whom God wishes to destroy; He first makes.

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That is: Are these people so thankless and ungrateful that they do not render thanks to that God Who has provided all this for their survival, but thank others for the blessings and favors done by Him?

Are they so wretched that instead of bowing before Him they bow before the false gods, who have not created even a blade of grass for them? Glory be to Him: He is free from every defect and fault, from every error and weakness, and that another one should be His associate and partner in His work.

The Quran has generally used these words when refuting polytheistic beliefs, because every belief of shirk is, in fact, an imputation of some defect, some weakness and some fault to Allah. When a person says that Allah has an associate, he in fact, thinks that either Allah is incapable of running and ruling His Kingdom alone, or He is under compulsion to make another His associate in His work. Or, God forbid, Allah has the weaknesses of the worldly kings, due to which He is surrounded by an army of ministers, courtiers, flatterers and beloved princes or princesses, and thus many powers of Godhead have become divided among them.

Had there been no such notions of ignorance about Allah in the minds, there could be no question of any idea of shirk in the world. That is why it has been stated again and again in the Quran That Allah is free from and exalted far above those defects and faults and weaknesses which the mushriks ascribe to Him.

This is still another argument for Tauhid. Here again certain realities of daily experience have been mentioned and it is suggested that man observes these day and night but does not ponder over them seriously, whereas they contain signs and pointers to the reality.

Surat yasin bahasa latin pdf ~114~

Procreation among the animals also is due to the combination between the male and the female. Also about vegetation, man knows that the law of sex is working in it. Even among the lifeless substances when different things combine with one another, a variety of compounds come into existence.

Latin pdf yasin surah

The basic composition of matter itself has become possible due to the close affinity between the positive and the negative electric charges. This law of the pairs which is the basis of the existence of the entire universe, contains in itself such complexities and finenesses of wisdom and workmanship, and there exist such harmonies and mutual relationships between the members of each pair that an objective observer can neither regard it as the result of an accident, nor can he believe that many different gods might have created these countless pairs and matched their members, one with the other, with such great wisdom.

The alternation of the night and day also is one of those realities which man does not regard as worthy of much attention only because it is a phenomenon of daily occurrence and experience; whereas if he considers how the day passes and how the night falls, and what is the wisdom in the passing of the day and in the falling of the night, he will himself realize that this is an obvious sign of the existence of an All-Powerful and All-Wise Allah and of His being One and only One.

The day cannot pass and the night cannot fall until the sun hides from the earth. The great regularity which is found in the alternation of the day and night was not possible unless the sun and the earth were bound in one and the same relentless system. Then the deep relationship which exists between the alternation of the day and night and the other creations on the earth clearly points to the fact that this system has been established deliberately by a Being with perfect wisdom.

The existence on the earth, of the men and animals and vegetation, and even of water and air and different minerals, is in fact, the result of placing the earth at a particular distance from the sun, with the arrangement that the different parts of the earth should go on successively coming before the sun and hiding from it at definite intervals. If the distance of the earth from the sun had been a little longer, or a little shorter, or there had been a perpetual night on one side of it and a perpetual day on the other, or the alternation of the day and night had been much faster or much slower, or sometimes the day had appeared suddenly and sometimes the night without any system, no life could be possible on this planet, and even the form and appearance of the inorganic substances would have been much different from what it is now.

If the hearts are not blinded, one can clearly perceive in this system the working of a God, Who willed to bring into being this particular kind of creation on the earth and then established relevance, harmonies and relationships between the earth and the sun precisely in accordance with its needs and requirements.

Transliteration of Surah Yaseen in Roman Script with English and Arabic

If a person regards the concept of the existence of God and His Unity as far removed from reason, he should think for himself and see how much farther removed should it be from reason to ascribe this wonderful creation to many gods, or to think that all this has happened automatically under some deaf and blind law of nature. When a person who can accept without question these latter unreasonable explanations, only on the basis of conjecture and speculation, says that the existence of a system and wisdom and purpose is not a sufficient proof of the existence of God, it becomes difficult for us to believe whether such a person really feels the need and necessity of a rational proof, sufficient or insufficient in any degree whatever, for accepting any concept of creed in the world.

The true meaning of this verse can be determined only when man has attained the full and exact knowledge of the realities of the universe. The people of the ancient times on the basis of their observations of the sun believed that it was moving round the earth.

Then after further research and observation the view became that the sun was stationary and all the planets of the solar system were revolving round it.

But this theory also did not last long. The later observations revealed that not only the sun but all the stars are also moving in a particular direction, at speeds of 10 to miles per second.

Latin pdf yasin surah

About the sun the modern astronomers hold the view that it is moving at a speed of 20 kilometers about 12 miles per second along with its whole family of the planets. See Star and Sun in Encyclopedia Britannica. That is, the phases of the moon go on changing throughout the month. It begins as a crescent, then goes on waxing every day till it becomes the full moon on the 14th of the month.

Then it starts waning every day till at last it returns to its original shape of the crescent. The same has been happening for millions of years with perfect regularity, and no change has ever occurred in the phases of the moon. That is why one can always calculate and find out exactly in what phase the moon will be on a particular day. If the movement of the moon had not been bound in a system, estimation of its phases would not have been possible.

This sentence can have two meanings and both are correct. It is not possible that the sun should suddenly appear on the horizon when the moon is shining at night. Nor does this happen either that the night should approach before the appointed period of the day comes to an end, and should start spreading its darkness suddenly during the time when the day is meant to spread its light.

The word falak in Arabic is used for the orbit of the planets, and it gives a different meaning from the word sama sky. These verses are not intended to describe the realities of astronomy, but are meant to make man understand that if he looks around himself, with open eyes, and uses his common sense, he will find countless and limitless proofs of the existence of God and His Unity, and he will not come across a single proof of atheism and shirk.

The vastness of the solar system in which our earth is included is such that its parent body, the sun, is , times bigger than the earth, and its farthest planet Neptune is at least 2, million miles distant from the sun. However, if Pluto is taken as the farthest planet, it revolves 4, million miles away round it. Notwithstanding this vastness, the solar system occupies a very insignificant part of a huge galaxy.

The galaxy which includes our solar system has about 3, million suns in it, and its nearest sun is so distant from our earth that its light takes about four years to reach us. Then this galaxy also is not the whole universe. According to the investigations made so far, it has been estimated that it is one of about 2,, spiral nebulae, and the nearest nebula is about a million light years away from the earth.

As for the farthest celestial bodies which are visible through the modern instruments, their light reaches the earth in about million years.

surah al waqiah dan terjemahan pdf,

Even now it cannot be claimed that man has seen the whole universe. It is a small part of the Kingdom of God which man has yet been able to observe. It cannot be predicted how far and deep man will yet be able to see with greater and more efficient means of observation at his disposal.

All the information that has been gathered so far about the universe proves that this whole world is made up of the same substance of which our tiny earthly world is made, and the same law is working in the universe which is working in the world of our earth; otherwise it was not at all possible, that man should have made observations of the very distant worlds from the earth, measured their distances and estimated their movements.

Is it not a clear proof of the fact that this whole universe is the creation of One God and the Kingdom of One Ruler? Then from the order and the wisdom and the excellence of workmanship and the deep relationships which are found in the hundreds of thousands of the galaxies and in the millions and billions of the stars and planets revolving in them no sensible person can imagine that all this has come about automatically.

Is it possible that there should be no administrator behind this order and system, no sage behind this wisdom, no designer behind this design and work of art, and no planner behind this planning? As to boarding of the progeny of man in it, it means that although apparently a few companions of the Prophet Noah peace be upon him had boarded it, in reality all human beings who are to be born till Resurrection were boarding it; all the rest of mankind had been drowned in the flood, all later human beings are the children of those who were rescued in the Ark.

This indicates that the first vessel ever to be made in the world was the one made by the Prophet Noah peace be upon him. Before that time man did not know any method of crossing the rivers and the seas.

Latin surah pdf yasin

This method was first of all taught by Allah to the Prophet Noah peace be upon him , and when some servants, of Allah were rescued in it from the flood, their future generations started making boats and ships for their sea journeys.

The signs until now were mentioned as arguments for Tauhid. This sign has been mentioned to make man realize that whatever powers he has been given over the forces of nature, have been given him by Allah and are not of his own acquirement.

And whatever methods he has discovered of exploiting these forces; have been discovered also through the guidance of Allah and not solely by himself. Man did not have the power and strength to have subdued these great forces by his own power, nor the capability to have discovered the secrets of nature himself and known the methods of taking service from them.

Then he can use and employ the forces over which he has been given control by Allah only till the time that Allah wills them to remain subdued to him. For when Allah wills otherwise the same forces which were serving man turn against him suddenly and he finds himself utterly helpless before them.

Latin surah pdf yasin

The whole human race would have perished in the flood had Allah not taught the method of making the vessel to the Prophet Noah peace be upon him and had his followers not boarded it. Then the scattering of the human race over the whole earth became possible only because the people learned the principles of building vessels from Allah and became able to cross the rivers and oceans.

But from that humble beginning till today in spite of making great strides in the art of building huge ships and attaining every possible perfection in the science of navigation, man cannot claim that he has brought the rivers and the oceans fully under his control and power.

This means to show that disbelief has not only blinded their intellect but has destroyed their moral sense, too. They neither have the right thought about Allah nor do they adopt the right attitude towards the people.

They react adversely to every admonition, follow a perverse philosophy in respite of every deviation and immorality and have a ready-made pretense for escape from every good.

After Tauhid the other question about which a dispute was raging between the Prophet peace be upon him and the disbelievers was the question of the Hereafter. Rational arguments about this have been given in the end of the discourse.

Here, before giving the arguments, the Hereafter has been depicted with all its horrors so that the people should know that what they are refusing to believe in cannot be averted by their denial, but they have to meet and experience it one day inevitably. The question did not mean that they wanted to know the exact date of the coming of the Hereafter, and if, for instance, they were told that it would take place on such and such a date in such and such a month and year, their doubts would have been removed and they would have believed in it.

Such questions, in fact, were put as a challenge only for the sake of argument. What they meant to say was that there would be no Resurrection whatever, as if to say: You are threatening us with Resurrection without rhyme or reason. That is why in reply it has not been said that Resurrection will take place on such and such a day, but that it shall come and shall be accompanied by such and such horrors.

That is, the Resurrection will not take place piecemeal so that the people may leisurely watch its coming, but it will come all of a sudden when the people will be engaged in their daily business and they will have no idea whatever that the end of the world had approached.

There will be a terrible blast and everyone will fall dead at the spot. Abdullah bin Amr and Abu Hurairah have related a Hadith from the Prophet peace be upon him saying: The people will be walking on the roads as usual, will be buying and selling in the markets, will be disputing matters in their assemblies, when suddenly the Trumpet shall be sounded.

Thereupon the one who was buying cloth would collapse and he would not have the time to put down the cloth from his hand; the one who was filling a cistern to water his animals would not have the time to water; and the one who was going to eat, would not have the time to lift the morsel to his mouth and Resurrection will take place.

For the explanation of the blowing of the Trumpet, see E. As for the length of the interval between the first blowing of the Trumpet and its second blowing, we have no information. The interval may be of hundreds and thousands of years. Abu Hurairah has related that the Prophet peace be upon him said: Israfil has put the Trumpet to his mouth and is looking up to the divine Throne, awaiting orders for blowing it.

The Trumpet will be blown thrice. On the first blowing, called nafakhat al-faza, everything in the earth and heavens will be struck with terror. On the second blowing, called nafakhat as-Saaq, everyone will fall down dead. Then, when none shall remain except Allah, the One, the Everlasting, the earth will be changed altogether and will be spread flat and smooth without a crease or wrinkle on it. Then Allah will administer a rebuke to His Creation, whereupon everyone will rise at the spot where he had fallen dead, on the changed earth, and this will happen on the third blowing of the Trumpet called nafakhat al qiyam li-Rabbil-Alamin.

This is supported by several allusions in the Quran also. Ns thereof. That is, at that time they will not realize that they had been dead and had been raised back to life after a long period, but they will be thinking that they had fallen asleep, and had been woken up suddenly by some terrible catastrophe, and were running away from it.

Here, it is not clear as to who will give this answer. It may be that they themselves would realize after some time to their horror that it was the same thing of which the Messengers of God used to inform them and they used to belie them. It may also be that the believers will remove their misunderstanding and tell them that it was not waking up from sleep but the second life after death.

And it may also be that they will understand this from the general conditions prevailing on the Day of Resurrection and the angels might tell them this.

This is what Allah will tell the disbelievers and the polytheists, the sinners and the culprits, when they will be presented before Him. To understand this one should remember that the righteous believers will not be withheld in the Plain of Resurrection, but in the very beginning they will be sent to Paradise without accountability, or after a mild reckoning, because their record will be clean. There will be no need to keep them waiting during the hearing by the Court.

Therefore, Allah will tell the culprits, who will be required to render their accounts, in the Plain of Resurrection: Look! This can have two meanings: 1 Get you apart from the righteous believer; for in the world even if you belonged to the same community and the same clan and the same brotherhood, here you have no connection and relationship left with them.

All your parties have been disbanded.

All your relations and connections have been severed. Now each of you will be held answerable in your personal capacity for your actions and deeds. Here again Allah has used ibadat worship in the sense of itaat obedience. In this connection, the fine explanation given of it by Imam Razi in his Tafsir Kabir is also noteworthy.

He writes: Do not worship Satan means: Do not obey him, the reason being that only falling prostrate before him is not forbidden, but following him and obeying his commands also is forbidden; therefore, itaat obedience is ibadat worship.

After this, the Imam raises the question: If ibadat means itaat, then have the Muslims been commanded to worship the Prophet and the rulers in the verse: Atiullaha wa ati-ur-rasula wa ulil-amri min-kum? This was nothing but worship of Allah.

Obedience of the rulers will be their worship only in cases where they are obeyed in matters in which Allah has not given leave to obey them. Then he writes: If a person comes to you and commands you to do something, you should see whether his command is in accordance with the command of Allah or not. If it is not, Satan is with him; and if you obeyed him in this, you worshiped him and his Satan.

Likewise, if your self urges you to do something, you should see whether it is permissible to do it according to the Sahariah or not. If it is not permissible, your self is Satan itself, or Satan is with it. If you obeyed him, you in fact became guilty of worshiping him. Further on, he writes: But there are different degrees of the worship of Satan.

Sometimes it so happens that a man does a work and his limbs and his tongue also join him in this, and his heart also cooperates. Maka Terangkanlah kepadaku tentang api yang kamu nyalakan dengan menggosok-gosokkan kayu.

Kami jadikan api itu untuk peringatan dan bahan yang berguna bagi musafir di padang pasir. Maka bertasbihlah dengan menyebut nama Rabbmu yang Maha besar. Maka aku bersumpah dengan masa turunnya bagian-bagian Al-Quran. Sesungguhnya sumpah itu adalah sumpah yang besar kalau kamu mengetahui. Maka Apakah kamu menganggap remeh saja Al-Quran ini?

Maka mengapa jika kamu tidak dikuasai oleh Allah? Judul buku nama lengkap. File type ebook pdf produk yang kami kerjakan lengkap dengan berbagai pilihan isi dan model diantaranya buku yasin dan majmu syarif dengan cover lux.

Surat Yasin Latin

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