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Supa Strikas is a pan-African association football-themed comic, about the titular football team . He appears in some his comic books as larsh. He is number 8. Supa Strikas» 1 issues. Volume» Published by. Started in. Summary. Short summary describing this volume. No recent wiki edits to this page. No description . Supa Strikas FC - The Official Website New Board, Comic Pictures, Comic Strips,. Visit Home | SupaStrikas Comic Strips, Comic Art, Pinstriping, Comic Books.

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follow the action. Keep up to date. facebook · youtube · twitter. © Strika Entertainment (Pty) Ltd All rights reserved. Website proudly built by Amazee Labs. Watch; Latest Animation; Supa Strikas Season 2 - Bad Altitude Supa. Strikas. Being the best is only the beginning. Home ground. Strikaland . Latest Comic. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a group of kids huddling around a Supa Strikas comic book - pointing furiously, reading.

Supa Strika 2. Description Details Versions. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on The program can be installed on Android 2. Supa Strika version 2. Just click the green Download button above to start. Until now the program was downloaded times.

Description Details Versions. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on The program can be installed on Android 2. Supa Strika version 2. Just click the green Download button above to start. Until now the program was downloaded times.

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We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. Version History Here you can find the changelog of Supa Strika since it was posted on our website on They were actors hired by Coach to teach the players a lesson. Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette : Grimm FC has players that fit this but some of them subvert it by not having the brunette part down.

In one episode it was revealed he has a brother called Attak, who is a forward. Executive Meddling : An in-universe example, Cool Joe is given a record contract but is required to change pretty much everything about his act. Germanic Efficiency : The team Iron Tank is German and evokes all the cliches associated with this trope, along with a certain militaristic mindset.

Go-Karting with Bowser : During an off-season, Supa Strikas and Invincible United inadvertently booked a vacation on the same island and they ended up playing together an island-wide game of football. Upon their return, the reporters asked IU what they did and they replied honestly, which the reporters didn't believe.

Most common is the name of the news channel Futbol Home Field Advantage : There are teams with home fields that are meant to be an inconvenience to the visiting team. It can be as natural as the weather and temperature or artificial like hidden machinery installed to improve their own team's performance or hinder the opposition's.

Multinational Team : The Supa Strikas all hail from different parts of the world, while their opponents tend to all be from one country. It seems to be a subtle promotion of multiculturalism and the idea of people from all walks of life working together to fix problems. Old Master : Ura Giri got the looks down. Sometimes the coach and players are in cahoots but there are times that the players aren't aware usually when a player is on a Friendly Rivalry with a Strika and sometimes when the coach isn't.

A Pirate Years Too Late : El Ariete, the eccentric and reclusive heading coach, wears pirate attire and fires footballs from cannons. Product Placement : The second season was sponsored by Caltex, so the uniforms the team wore had a large Caltex logo put on it. The players reconciled. The only coaching staff is the man only known as Coach. It boasts a shopping mall, hotels and, unfortunately for rival teams, home fans! Supa Strikas and their supporters head to Dubai only to discover there's more to The Goliath than meets the Shakes recommends North Shaw and Blok to learn defensive headers from the Battering Ram, but they arrive only to see that the Pirate Tower is now a tourist attraction, and the Battering Ram's intense training is now used for entertaining children.

Can the two defenders bring back the hardcore Battering Ram, and can they overcome Skarra's sabotage??? Season 5[ edit ] 53 "No Man's Island" Supa Strikas head to a peaceful island for pre-season training to escape irritating media spokespersons when they are surprised to see Invincible United doing the same leading to a cross country football match to decide who deserves to stay in the island.

Invincible United's captain Dooma devises a plan to deport Supa Strikas off the island. Will Supa strikas recognize Dooma's plans before its too late? V Soap as "Catman". Now it is up to Shakes to open Klaus's eye.

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With the stadium stuck on the sea floor, can the rivals work together to raise the stadium before it fills with water El Matador action figures! But it all falls apart when his fans unexpectedly turn against him and his form takes a nose-dive. Banned from doing his signature move, the Twisting Tornado, he feels he is no longer himself.

A Brazilian Capoeira master helps him turn his frown, and his move, upside down - but will it be enough to defeat the flamboyant Palmentieri FC? Armed with state-of-the-art soccer kit, Coach puts the boys through some extreme mountain-top training before the game.

But they're not the only ones doing special preparation. Savich claims he has psychic powers, but Dancing Rasta has another theory He has to race against the clock to get it renewed before the final whistle. Will he make it or will Supa Strikas have to try get through the Tank's new defensive formation, The Iron Curtain, alone? Get ready for the ultimate battle of man versus machine.

With their next match scheduled with the Orion FC, Coach Black moves the match date coinciding it with a date when the asteroid has a flyby. Coach Black says it signifies as a tribute to the asteroid by playing the match on that date, but has other plans using the asteroid. Will Shakes and Cool Joe realise the real reason behind it? Coach soon becomes concerned that El Matador is being distracted by the big city lights, and moves the team into a cheap motel on the outskirts of town.

Horrified, El Matador does a disappearing act on the eve of the big match. But in Las Vegas But when Shakes uses it to battle the soccer legends, Skarra sabotages the machine, and Shakes it trapped in the virtual reality world. The only way to escape is by defeating the legends. Can Shakes and his team win, or will they be trapped in the virtual reality world forever?

Big Bo suspects foul play and Supa Strikas' long-retired mascot, Lenny The Lightning bolt, rides into town to help solve the mystery. But will it be enough for Supa Strikas to succeed in hostile territory?! Can Cool Joe's musical education save Blok from the spell? It has everything you could want for a long-haul flight including golden, diamond-encrusted toilets but when Supa Strikas are repeatedly reminded to fasten their seatbelts, Shakes becomes suspicious of the Sheik's flight trajectory But the flamboyant striker's thunder is soon stolen by Cosmos' Ninja, who launches his own show ahead of the teams' next fixture.

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Is glamourous Las Vegas a big enough stage for these superstar's escalating duel for ratings, and who will suffer the most as they scramble for fame? To escape the mindnumbing boredom, Shakes sneaks out and discovers an amazing sport - half footie, half volleyball Shakes can't shake his worry over Cognito's coach In-Yo and her masterful mindgames, but the rest of the guys won't let Shakes' tiny apartment ruin another game.

At their insistence, he decides to get a new house, one that has way more features than he bargained for. Will his new stylish pad be a gamechanger, or will In-Yo's mindgames get the better of everyone?

Supa Strikas the online soccer comic!

Another madcap game of monstrous proportions at The Hub - one that will test Dancing Rasta's leadership, and Supa Strika's teamwork. It's on everyone's lips and minds, most of all Shakes, who is trying to keep away from the fanfare and focus on the game - but Ura Giri has other ideas for Shakes. Is there any chances to Coach and his players find any conclude for Shakes to focus on the match with Nakama F.

C in the fortres stadium this weekend. But when they are choosing room to share, they had met 3 guys: Uber, Skaara and Tony Vern. When all teammates were sleeping, they saw El Matador is being poinsoned by his food. Klaus, who is call 'Von Spectre' , has asked the 3 guys and the butler but no evidence show up. Will Klaus can find any other solution to make the team beat Iron Tank?

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So when the time comes for the Strikas to nominate their ultimate fan, the choice is easy. Then, a kid who told himself is Supa Strikas's fan and his football gave it to her.

But Super Fran didn't known this kid is really Invincible United's fan and Skaara, Dingaan is behind to sign him for retrieval uncharacteristic for the disnominace plan with Vince.

Are there any solution to protect Super Fran and her favorite team beat this discipled team, Invincible United? On the way they realise that El Matador's live stream, Klaus's constant bathroom breaks, and a creepy Grimm FC gift shop are the least of their worries, as the forests of Feratuvia hold something much more terrifying Teams[ edit ] These are the teams which represents each country from each continent in the Supa Strikas series.

Teams which includes: Supa Strikas: The main team which represents South Africa , though the team's player roster line-up is becoming more and more international. They are currently called the "Best Team in the World".

Invincible United: The main antagonists, the team also represents South Africa and is of Italian origins which can be seen from the stadium designed like Colosseum in Rome. They are Supa Strikas rivals. They are the meanest, also of the best, strongest and the most dishonest team in the Super League. Their coach is Vince and their lead striker and captain is Skarra who was once Shakes' best friend until Shakes qualified for Supa Strikas team while Skarra didn't.

In season 5 and season 3 episode 39 Skarra is replaced by Dooma as the captain. Other named players of the team are Automatic who is known for his powerful throw-ins and also Dingaan.

Supa Strikas Football Comic

Sa Ming United: The team representing China. They have a small appearance in some of the episodes and often considers to be among the weak teams. Their lead striker is Sa Ma Wee. Sultans: The team representing the UAE.

Their former lead striker's and star players were the 'Amal 3. Their current lead striker and captain is Zoom Zahir. Their coach is Sheikh Ali Zaman. The team is also known for often tricking people into unfair games and competition, though not common. Colossus: The team representing Greece. Their coach is Nick Kickalopolous. One of their star players is Percy.

Orion: The team representing France. Their lead striker is Andre Meda. The team's specialty is airborne play. Their coach, Professor Black, is crazy about space observation and exploration. Hydra: The team which also represents France. Their stadium floats in the middle of the sea. Their coach is Coach Del Aqua.