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Starshine: One woman's valiant escape from mind control: a novel [Brice Taylor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BRICE TAYLOR'S TESTIMONY “Starshine” and “Thanks for the Memories. . Brice was sexually abused by her father, pushed to near drowning, terror abused . Converted into PDF by Freedom Unlimited® .. pseudonym is Brice Taylor. I acquired Brice Taylor's first book, STARSHINE: One Woman's Valiant Escape.

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Bryce Taylor, Mind Control Victim Writes About Michael Jackson. Entire book on pdf. Taylor, Brice. Brice Taylor Starshine Pdf. I have no clue. Starshine by Brice Taylor, , B. Taylor Foundation, B. Taylor Trust [distributor] edition, in English. Published by the Brice Taylor Foundation Printed in the United States of America To order additional copies or to contact Brice Taylor to speak in your area, write .. Also available: Starshine: One Woman's Valiant Escape From Mind Control.

Chapter Twenty-one: The Hollywood Connection Michael Jackson Michael Jackson was just a little boy of four or five when I accompanied Bob Hope to a place where they were filming up-and- coming talent for television. Bob told me he supported and sponsored the Jacksons, getting them a professional foot in the door. Their father brought the boys in and I remembered seeing them taken into a side room where bright lights were on. They all had to drop their pants and before their performance a big man raped each one of them in a lineup. Then they were taken to a different room and dressed in little suits and sent onto the stage to perform. Due to the mind control I was under, I'm not sure exactly where we were, but feel that it was the early days of the Ed Sullivan Show. I watched as Bob, dressed in a grey pinstripe suit and bow tie, with white shoes, shook hands with Ed; and then the Jackson boys went on.

Then I was sent off for more reconditioning. I never thought they would stop with that stuff, and I was right. They saw it as a game, a lifelong plan, with the outcome hopefully being that finally this generation of the global elite would succeed in the game that their forefathers had not been able to pull off.

It created ambition and drive among them.

Brice Taylor Interview

Brice Taylor also made the shocking claim that Frank Sinatra told her that it was he who ordered Elvis Presley to be murdered. Frank Sinatra was a big man when he was torturing and raping young women but he was just another puppet for the Illuminati. The depravity of the power elite criminals is consistent if nothing else. Healing, Forgiveness and Mercy Despite the outrageous events described in her book, there is an overwhelming sense of spiritual warfare on Planet Earth, an invisible war for the lives, the free will and the souls of mankind.

Mind control is one of their ultimate weapons. You are a sinner. You, my child, are innocent. You have done nothing wrong. We stand at the crossroads to a very important time of choice, action and giving.

Read Thanks for the Memories and decide for yourself. Brice Taylor: Basically you are fed back a "reward" so it's like - it's operant conditioning - just like a rate in a maze. You are rewarded when pacman goes and you hear the sound accompanied with a reward. It's a reward that rewards your central nervous system, so it's not like someone has to be an intellectual or figure it out - the healing happens.

I have been working with children with ADD and ADHD and often within two or three sessions, kids that are 10 or 11 years old who have never been able to read are reading So children can do it, adults can do it, because it works with the central nervous system.

It's very powerful and I think it is very hopeful for the future. Wayne Morris: I would like to talk now about some of the techniques they used to condition and program you. Do you remember how hypnosis was used to control and program? Brice Taylor: It was used in just about all of my earlier programming, whether it was my father or programmers - I was taken a lot to Disneyland or different places where fantasy was intentionally mixed with reality.

Hypnosis was always used in conjunction with drugs, and often when I was at military bases or NASA installations, it was used in conjunction with a very sophisticated chair and instruments that went over my head - I was given electroshock and hypnotic commands with drugs that they know are very useful in allowing that hypnotic command to go deeper than the subconscious mind.

Wayne Morris: What was the purpose of the drugs? Was that to make you more open to hypnosis?

Brice Taylor: I think the drugs are used in a lot of different ways, certainly I am not a physician or a brain surgeon to know how that all works. But I believe the drugs were used a lot to keep the conscious mind out of the way in order to be able to take the programming to very deep levels. Wayne Morris: Just to open the subconscious And specifically, what was the purpose of electricity?

What factor did that play in mind control? Brice Taylor: As a child I was 'shocked' at home by bare electric cords, and as I began getting a little older - with a cattle prod, and then stun guns as I was older still. And then later the hi-tech electronic equipment at the bases.

And I believe that's done for dissociation - as a person is shocked and traumatized it affects your whole energy field and the trauma creates dissociation which allows people to be programmed at very deep levels when your conscious mind is out of the way.

Wayne Morris: Later on, with the more sophisticated programming, what was the role of electricity? Brice Taylor: I believe it is still the same thing. There are members of the intelligence community; there are ex-military people who, it may take ten years, but they begin remembering being set in chairs with electroshock, and drugs and hypnosis while they are being given the commands for their jobs or assignments. I believe there is a lot more to be understood and learned about this as more and more survivors are taken as credible sources of information and what they describe having seen in the classified projects is brought to light in that way.

Wayne Morris: Do you feel they also used electricity to make you forget? Brice Taylor: In fact a member of the intelligence community who helped me out told me that a stun gun is used, and was used, because they believed it would erase memory twenty minutes on each side of the memory.

When an event happened, they would use a stun gun 20 minutes into it in order to erase 20 minutes before the event had happened, and 20 minutes after. They felt confident that would erase the memory; however, I was able to access memory because I became a medicator [meditator? None of their techniques to erase memory was satisfactory. Their techniques have fallen short, and I think that's why there are so many survivors who are remembering.

Wayne Morris: When you were remembering this, particularly the electricity, was it conscious memory, or did it come back as more body memories, how did the memories appear?

Taylor pdf brice starshine

Brice Taylor: It came back in all ways in every day of my waking hour. I really had probably ten years of my life once I began healing that was not my own either because I was so busy remembering, and documenting through writing what I was remembering.

Brice Taylor (Sue Ford)

The memories came through - things in the environment would trigger me. I would see something and it would remind me subconsciously and I would have a feeling, and I would follow that feeling and that memory back into my own mind. The memory would just be there. I had flashbacks - where, during the flashback state - information and experiences are very clear, and very vivid, and seem as if they are happening even that moment - things that have happened 10, 20 years ago.

I recovered memory a lot through the flashback state and basically I kept a journal with me at all times. Anything that reminded me or triggered me or made me feel funny, I wrote about it. Over time all these bits and pieces of information that I wrote about all fell into line, even the ages I was versus the ages presidents were when they were in office. Everything all fit together in a puzzle, a perfect picture, that I couldn't have created if I had tried to.

Can you describe that, and what effect they were trying to have on you? A lot of the equipment that I imagine was used by the astronauts was used on me. A lot of the spinning, the weightlessness, being put into sensory deprivation tanks.

Being subjected to a lot of the light and sound along with electroshock. A lot of that where I was being delivered information like, I would have on headphones and in one ear I would be hearing one sound and in the other I would be hearing other sounds. I was programmed with tones, so a tone on a phone would have a specific meaning that would be subliminally and subconsciously connected with a command.

When I was initially healing, when I would try and dial the phone, I would hit the numbers and hear the tones in my ear, it would scramble me and I couldn't think straight. I couldn't function. It was a matter of going back and consciously realizing that these tones were connected to commands that I no longer needed to follow and it took several years for that not to affect me. It still affects me; however, the equipment they used oftentimes in the auditory was using one sound in one ear, and one sound in the other which confuses the conscious mind and sends a message straight into the unconscious which is a very powerful way of controlling a person.

Wayne Morris: Do you know what kinds of things they deliberately did to prevent you from remembering? Brice Taylor: I don't have my diagram with me right now, but off the top of my memory, they gave me programmed commands that should I begin remembering, I would become confused. Should I begin remembering, I would feel tired and fall asleep.

Should I begin remembering, I would have migraine headaches. I would have accidents. I would want to kill myself and there were very specific ways to self-injure that I was taught which I had to fight, literally, for a couple of years in order to stay alive to get to the deeper levels of memory.

There were endless, endless internal landmines of boobytraps and programming that was intended to kill me or make me feel like I was crazy or insane. Then when you add to that all the people outside - my family that was programmed, the people who I was being perpetrated by, with all of that, it is nearly impossible to begin remembering unless you have a head injury or something happens that really shakes a person up.

I also think that the continued trauma to myself, to my husband, to my children was one of the biggest forms of attempting to keep me under control, because the innate mother instinct is very strong and has been one that I have had to logically overcome in order to speak out, knowing that my children will be safer if I spoke out than if I kept silent.

There were also phone accesses to codes that would be called, people would say either programmed phrases or set certain numbers on the phone where the phone would then play in my ear.

It is endless. A web. Wayne Morris: In terms of the actual programming that was done to you, was mainstream culture in any way? You mentioned that you were taken to Disneyland Brice Taylor: I was programmed with all the regular fantasy that children go through. I saw the Disney films and was heavily programmed to all of them - The Parent Trap, with the twin sisters - that was my base programming for my twin sister programming which was the high level programming that was used in the government to keep me from knowing what my internal twin sister who was actually involved with the elite families and the government was doing.

I was shown lots of movies that had very profound programming - not that the movies were programs - but the way they were used was. The film, Lost Horizons, I was programmed to be ageless unless I left.

That's the theme of the film - when you leave you start aging. I had a lot of programs where they won't age as long as they stay in. The books and films, it was one tool of programming after another - and they were all mainstream. Wayne Morris: Do you feel that films that are currently coming out are still being used for programming?

Brice Taylor: Yes I do, and at a higher level. I think if people continue to ignore the profound and deep effect of what children receive as visual and auditory images in childhood - the effect it has on their entire psyche and the framework for which they set up belief systems.

Even if they are not programming, for the rest of their lives we need to be mindful of what children are seeing and I think people have yet to look at how serious the havoc that is being wreaked on children really is. If people look with the eyes of a child to the Disney films and to a lot of the things children are watching on television and in movies, it is horrific.

Wayne Morris: Was music used at all in your experience? Brice Taylor: I was even programmed with music to fall in love with my husband. The songs were linked with my emotions in order to initiate a state of feeling that I was in love. I watched as years went by that the music was played to me at very important times when I was to be used for something. I also was used within the entertainment industry and saw how some of the current and very famous and powerful musicians were programmed, and their music and certain phrases were encoded.

Oftentimes, I even delivered programmed phrases from the elite to these entertainers, and delivered the words or the phrases they were to say during their performances when they were live and on stage. I believe that a lot of people were programmed to want to be with these people, or to revere them, or get hysterical, see them all the time, idolize them so that they would continue to return to these mass performances for their own programming. It was a way of keeping groups intact that were already programmed so they could be controlled.

Wayne Morris: About your book. What motivated you initially to write about your experiences, and why did you choose to write it as a fictional work? Brice Taylor: I was trying to stay alive. I was running from place to place, from state to state, all by myself. Catherine Gould recommended that I stay in contact with her and Ted Gunderson, who is a retired FBI agent who has been helping survivors and basically I was trying to stay alive and to be able to explain to people what was going on in order to keep myself and my children safe.

And I was trying to help other survivors so they could see and perhaps it would ease their feeling of being alone and feeling crazy, much in the same way that Lauren Stratford's, Satan's Underground, after I had a bunch of my memories, had been something that helped me realize that I wasn't alone and I wasn't crazy.

Wayne Morris: Did you feel that the book served as a kind of insurance policy for you as well? Brice Taylor: Absolutely. It continues to I explained I had written the book and gotten it out all over along with my actual memories, naming the names, dates and places in a letter stating that if anything happened to me or my children, that this information was to be made bigger and that the people that had my information who were public already with this issue were to take it out wider and then Wayne Morris: I was going to ask why you chose not to name the names, but I think you just answered that.

Also to make the problem understood in a more simple fashion by the general public. People really had a hard time back in those days hearing the names that I was naming who they thought as their national icons or heroes as doing this horrific torture to myself and my children.

I felt it was a way, in a very simple way, to help people to understand what was going on. Wayne Morris: Can you tell us just in a general sense what kind of entertainers were involved, and politicians?

Brice Taylor: World class, internationally known comedian, actually my owner was an internationally renowned comedian. World leaders, Presidents, Judges, lawyers, politicians at all levels, famous entertainers and musicians, ministers, dentists, doctors - I mean, the list goes on and on and on. It was my experience that there are world leaders and entertainers in Hollywood and all over who are themselves programmed, and are in need of healing.

Wayne Morris: Do you feel that these entertainers had intelligence connections as well? Brice Taylor: That I have no way of knowing that. But I would say there were some types of intelligence - I don't know actually what the connection was - whether it was actually our intelligence communities or what. But I would often be escorted to a very famous person's home that was an entertainer, by two men in suits and a black sedan to deliver programming.

So yes, I would say it was some sort of intelligence. Wayne Morris: How well distributed is your book, "Starshine", and how can people get a hold of it? Carolina and I also have another book called "Revivication" which is a gentle alternative method of memory retrieval process for trauma survivors. Any bookstores carrying New Leaf Distributor books can be ordered in that manner.

Part II Wayne Morris: Do you consider yourself completely free from control by your perpetrators, and have they attempted to reaccess you? Brice Taylor: Yes I consider myself absolutely free, and I still receive harassment.

Although since I have gotten my book out, it's more on a verbal level, or receiving things in the mail that are attempts to trigger my programming, or like messing with my mail, and things like that.

Wayne Morris: I would like to go into a bit more detail about the kinds of things you were used by your handlers for? Brice Taylor: That's a big one. I was used by a member of the National Security Agency and someone that was oftentimes close to Presidents - I was programmed with what he called "Mind Files" and I had government Mind Files where I was programmed to have perfect photographic recall of documents that I was programmed to read and remember in my head.

It was like having a computer brain; a human computer at your access. Along with that, I was also used with these Mind Files in order to be like a postal bank of communication between the elite members who were bringing out the New World Order in order to keep their world plan orchestrated and organized. I was also used as a sex slave to Presidents and foreign leaders and entertainers here and abroad, in order to deliver programmed messages from the elite in order to keep the plan smoothly running and operating.

I was also used on lower levels in my community with money laundering, pornography, prostitution. It was endless.

Wayne Morris: Do you have memories of the details of the information they were keeping in your Mind Files? Brice Taylor: Oh yes, years of it. I spent years documenting everything. It's very classified projects and plans for the New World Order. Wayne Morris: Can you tell us in terms of alerting the public about what kinds of things they are planning to bring about this New World Order, and what they envision that this would be?

Brice Taylor: From what I heard on the inside, in my experience sitting among these so-called elite people, the financial elite - their plan is for a world takeover because they feel that genetically and in every other way physically, the populations of the earth are inferior - of an inferior genetic strain. What they are attempting to do is to bring down the population through various contrived means - which is a whole other subject all on its own - in order to bring these people to death so that the planet will be left pristine and untouched for their future progeny.

Wayne Morris: It might be a bit too late for that Brice Taylor: Yeah. They feel that - and certainly I don't have the most up to date information - survivors who have come out since I did, have more current information of the plan. I am certain they have had to change it and alter it in order to bring it through - they feel that what is their ace in the hole this time, because they have tried this many, many other generations - it's almost like a game of wits of the most intellectual and financial power brokers being able to see what kind of game they can do here on the small minds of the planet - these people are unwitting victims.

Even people who aren't under mind control are victims of all this and will be in the future. What I understood was that they were planning a complete and utter economic collapse of the nations that would make the Depression of look like child's play and through that, bringing people financially to their knees, they would then come in and control them, and bring in whatever other measures they would want to in the guise of rescue - when it certainly wouldn't be that at all.

Personally I would like to put a call out to people who are in any way spiritually connected, knowing that this plan can never be able to be brought about as the people even at the higher levels that are participating, may be participating without knowing what they have been participating in, such as members of the intelligence community who have been compartmentalized in their knowledge of what projects they were participating in.

I would certainly put scientists that are inventors in that category. I would put people that are in the Masonic Order that are perhaps at the lower levels and are serving the King at the higher levels without realizing that what they are putting their energy into thinking that they are helping children and people that are in need of help - what they are doing actually is serving the highest levels of evil and corruption and destruction of men, women and children.

People need to realize that these people they are serving are turning against their own and that we need to take back our own spiritual power and stay connected spiritually in order to know what to do and how to act, and how to see the truth, and how to discern what lies and propaganda and strategies have been given over the television, over movies with intentional strategies.

I sat with the men who strategized about what thoughts and belief systems they were trying to get people to believe so that they could continue with the plans. Mind control was their ace in the hole this time, because they felt that there couldn't be any mess-ups, and no human frailty or weakness of mind or conscience if people were under mind control. So I would just ask people to please open their eyes, and to begin to not just take what they see that is given out by the government and the intelligence community as truth and reality, but to begin to question and think on their own.

Wayne Morris: Specifically how do you think mind control would be used in terms of a takeover implementation? Brice Taylor: I think there are people they have in positions of power, not only in the military but in political and religious circles who are themselves under mind control and can be used as puppets to do whatever they are instructed to do from higher up levels.

People think that we elect our presidents and I have sat with the people who planned who the presidents were going to be and groomed them, and told them what to do, and what to say, and how to say it, and when to say it, and when not to. And I delivered all kinds of messages of instructions to presidents and world leaders about what to do and what not to do. I watched as people who were good people and weren't involved were manipulated, brainwashed and controlled by persons like myself who were programmed, dressed in jewels and beautiful clothes, with all the fancy and sophisticated sexual innuendoes and techniques that I myself, my daughter, others were programmed to do and go in and just -- if these men were at all able to be coerced they were manipulated and then they were blackmailed.

These people who are in positions of power know how to find out and research what people's weaknesses are, whether they are sex, drugs, sexual perversion, financial gain -- they lure them in and once people have been forced and coerced to participate and do the dirty deed - and a lot of times it was filmed, videotaped and documented - and these people who were already in positions of financial, political, whatever power, were then told 'this will be public knowledge and information if you don't go along with us'.

I watched people being coerced at the highest levels at parties of the elite, where cocaine was flowing, drugs, alcohol, whatever anyone wanted - sex with children, whatever - anything they wanted - people were given. It was perversion at the highest level. Wayne Morris: When you speak of the global elite, I just finished airing interviews with Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler and they speak of this global elite as being what is known as the Illuminati.

Is that your understanding? Brice Taylor: Actually I couldn't name it. It was never called that inside, but I will go so far as to say it is some of the old money families And I was clearly told by a member of White House Intelligence for 29 years that I could tell what happened, but not to name the names.

I want my children brought into safety and healing, and I believe that my children's level of healing isn't going to much different than what is going to be needed for some of these people who have been involved at the highest level.

Wayne Morris: Let me go back to the point about the economy. How specifically do you think they will manipulate the economy to bring it down?

Brice Taylor (Sue Ford)

Brice Taylor: I think we have all lived in an inflated society, not just the government, but we have all been trained to use credit cards, buy on credit, and really we own virtually nothing anymore.

If you do a crash on the financial things people have invested in - it's all just a mind game anyway - none of it's real. It cripples the economy. The specific means of how that is to be done I would say probably has fingers and feelers into the IRS, all the world banking systems that are in place, have been for years.

If you follow the money, you will find a lot of the answers. Wayne Morris: Do you believe there will be, for example, a stock market crash? Brice Taylor: I don't like to predict these kinds of things but I would say that is a strategy that in the past I have heard and know has been used in the past.

I would feel like I would be disrespectful to people to say that I know that to be sure, but I have certainly heard it. But I have been out for a number of years and things change and strategies change. They alter them as they perhaps are uncovered or being a problem to the plan. Wayne Morris: What do you feel that the public can do to thwart their intentions? Brice Taylor: I think people need to contact their local politicians and demand information be divulged about the government experiments, the medical, radiation, drug experiments, mind control experiments - all of that.

I think as people start learning about the internal structure of the Masonic Order and how the programming is working and how people's brain waves can be altered and messed with, even at a distance I think people need to get very instructed and educated about what has gone on.

I think people need to begin to simplify their lives Unfortunately I think people are going to have the opportunity to make a spiritual stand as people were during the times of Nazi Germany where they housed babies and people who were going to be killed due to a sick genetic belief system.

Taylor starshine pdf brice

I believe that as people are able to really take a stand and understand and help that it will turn things around, but I think a lot has been put into place and it's going to take some time to undo it Wayne Morris: From the global elite perspective, what do they consider threats to their plan?

Brice Taylor: I think the exposure of the plan would be a threat to their plan Demand to know what their tax dollars are being used for They are fuelling the government agencies and the military who have been given such a high priority on this earth for destruction instead of funding education and teaching children how to think and critically analyze, and empowering people. It's all built on a military mind, and bent on destruction, and control, and power.

Wayne Morris: When you had access to this information, what was their time frame for bringing this about or did this come up? Brice Taylor: Within the next couple of years Wayne Morris: Is there a particular significance to the years and in terms of their own occult belief system?

Brice Taylor: It's a perversion of Christianity, it's a perversion of Christ. Everything that I ever saw was a perversion of everything that is good Wayne Morris: I have heard a number of survivors talk about "end-time programming", do you have any knowledge of that and what it entails? Brice Taylor: I had that too I never actually got to what my job was, but I knew that there was a job I was programmed to have and do during those end times.

I think that people were programmed and are still programmed to create endless chaos.

Brice Taylor Interview

With the general population being so ignorant about the mind control technology, about how targeted energy can affect brain waves, about all of the higher level technology Wayne Morris: Do you feel that therapists and other professionals have made any headway to disable this kind of programming? Brice Taylor: I think the therapists who have been working diligently in this for years, and I highly honour them. I am very grateful, and I think they have done it a lot, and they have done it against all odds, and at a great sacrifice professionally and in every way.

I think that certainly bringing the programming to light and to conscious awareness dismantles much of it, and I think that EEG biofeedback technology is something therapists can use so instead of taking years to reintgrate someone with DID, that it can be done within a year or two without so much disruption to the person's functional life.

Wayne Morris: How long do you think it has taken them to actually program these people to the level they can be used to participate in the plans?

Brice Taylor: Usually it's the intergenerational abuse, so children that are going to be used on official levels are programmed first and it takes years. I understand that starting in the seventies, children that weren't from intergenerational families began to be programmed in daycare centres which is where you have the McMartin preschool case and all of these cases where the children told what happened, and were either initially believed and the people from the inside came out and said this never happened and had the cases turned around and make the children look not credible.

That's another question I always ask people. As a child when I told, how would I have known about all the sexual stuff unless I had seen it? Adults need to logically think about how a child would ever even conceive of this kind of horror, and yet not just one or two children are coming up with this, but hordes of children from all over the world.

People have got to start looking at this logically. This is not just the stupid False Memory Syndrome Foundation -- this is something much bigger. Children have better things to be doing and don't have the ability to create this kind of organized horror Wayne Morris: You alluded to child prostitution and pornography.

How closely is this connected to these global elites and the plans with the New World Order? Brice Taylor: From my perspective and experience, I believe the child pornography and prostitution was done for their pleasure and entertainment. My daughter and my son were prostituted, taken to parties where the elite or anybody who wanted to have sex with them was able to go in and have sex with children. I think it is used as an incredible fund-raising ability to bring in large amounts of money underground with child pornography in international markets where it is highly sought after and brings in a lot of money for their operations.

Wayne Morris: In your opinion, how widespread do you think trafficking in children is going on today? Brice Taylor: I think that it's enough that if normal people knew how widespread it was, it would bring them to their knees. It's like Ted Gunderson says, as an ex member of the FBI, in California they knew exactly where all the stolen cars were but no one had any idea about any statistics or any idea about where all the missing children went Wayne Morris: In your opinion can you estimate how many you think have been programmed, how many are mind control victims?

Brice Taylor: I never heard or saw a number on the inside. I know there are a lot of people healing, and I get letters from survivors all over the world. A statistic I did hear from a member of the intelligence community one time was for the Presidential model project where women were programmed to sexually service presidents and the elite was in this country.

That would mean there were women, and then as in my case, my daughter would follow in my footsteps. It's like a pyramid game. As the generations go on, the numbers of people gets larger as the families continue to propagate. Wayne Morris: Can you speak to what kind of similarities you see in survivors' accounts, and what geographical areas they are from?