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The new features in SSRS and SSRS R2 pushed the technology .. Portable Document Format (PDF): Format used to produce print-ready reports. WHAT IS SQL SERVER REPORTING SERVICES WHY SSRS • You all ready own it! Easily exports to Excel, HTML, XML, PDF, CSV, TIFF and Word. Dec 11, Reporting Services R2 Native mode setup checklist. Installing SQL Server Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft SharePoint roles for reports, download (https://.

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Microsoft Reporting Services is the component of Microsoft SQL Server that online reports into a single report for the purpose of producing a PDF. Apr 4, Reporting Services R2 for Microsoft SharePoint setup checklist. . Installing SQL Server Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft roles for reports, download (https://. Jul 1, A blog from the SQL Server Reporting Services product team at Microsoft. Export reports to PDF with improved support for international text.

I also explain and compare the basic similarities and differences of the two. If you are interested in that topic, there is a very useful MSDN link comparing both features for you, it's here. I originally thought of just revising that article for VS and SQL , but there was too much content to fit in a revision, so I decide to create brand new demos and an article to explain them. Live Demos SSRS installation and configuration are not trivial efforts, so before you dive into the code, check the live demo first: SSRS PDF approach Note: The first click might spin for 15 secs to give you result, after that, it's going to be seconds. Report Viewer Control PDF approach Note: The first click might spin for 15 sec to give you result, after that, it's going to be seconds. Using the Code ReportViewer2Pdf.

On the development machine, you do have to restart Visual Studio after you install the fonts for Visual Studio to pick up on the font. We probably could have just restarted SSRS, but we ended up just restarting the server. For Windows XP and above you can just copy and paste the font files into this directory. For Vista and above, one of the right-click options on the.

I first started developing the report in SSRS , using my custom font and it all looks good. No font embedding occurs for ANSI characters. At this point I want to remind you to restart the server after installing your font, because I forgot my own rule to restart the server after installing fonts and was pulling my hair out at one point. So after you have developed and deployed your report, you export to PDF and want to verify that your Font got embedded.

Address table. Figure 8 shows a stored procedure that captures this information for a specific state as a parameter. I can then drag a map into the layout area, but this time in the map wizard I can specify the SQL Server Spatial Query option for the source of the spatial data.

I lived in Atlanta in the early s. Figure SSRS map with zoom set. Additionally, I populated the address table using a Web Service Listing 1 and a stored procedure Listing 2. Here are the steps I went through: Created two SQL Server database tables to store restaurant name and address information.

This function converts latitude and longitude coordinates to a geography point that I can ultimately use in an SSRS map. Created a report rptMapFavoriteRestaurant with a map that points to the geospatial data from the address table in the first step. To access the report inside a. In the Click event of the command button, I use the code in Listing 3, which sets the URL for the report, creates a ReportParameter parameter list object, populates the three parameters, and then sets the report viewer visible property to true.

The user can now view the report in a web browser again, Figure 10 and Figure The report also contains a dropdown option for showing expanded quarters as a percentage of the year or a percentage of the parent product level. Figure Matrix and drilldown: option to show each quarter spreading element as a percentage of the year.

SQL Server Reporting Services

Figure Matrix and drilldown: option to show each quarter spreading element as a percentage of the row Parent. Also, in the Query designer, I defined the Customer Geography hierarchy in the Dimension Slicer at the top of the dialog window, and checked the Parameters check box to allow the user to make a geography selection at runtime. In the report designer, I dragged in a Matrix control from the toolbox, and then dragged the Internet Sales Amount measure into the Matrix Data section.

I then created row groups for the Product Category, Subcategory, and Product dimension members. I started by creating the Product Category group, and then adding child groups for SubCategory and Product. I implemented column totals for fiscal year and a grand total in the same general way that I implemented row totals. All of the above steps were possible using SSRS However, the next feature implementing a percentage of total for each column group is only possible in SSRS BIDS will open up a new column within the fiscal quarter group , where I can implement a percentage of total calculation.

To actually implement the percentage of total calculation for all row groups, I can take advantage of the SSRS feature to access specific report textbox cells by name using the ReportItems!

Value , ReportItems! Value Note that I need to repeat this for each row group. In this situation, the report generates daily sales for a specific city and product. Figure Cascading parameter. I created the dataset for the report by selecting the date dimension attribute, internet Sales Amount, and then dimension slicer parameters for the Customer City attribute and the product dimension attribute.

Import PDF file into SSRS 2008

This report contains a chart that plots monthly sales, along with a month moving average i. Many analysts will use a chart like Figure 15 to spot any trends where the monthly sales dip below the standard average. Figure Report with MDX moving average.

SSRS can easily plot two measures in a chart using different chart types column bar and line , but I need to provide the calculation for the moving average. However, by default, if you ever go back and modify the first dataset, or modify the new report parameter, Visual Studio will regenerate the MDX dataset code. for Reporting Services (SSRS)

Close the report designer, but keep the overall SSRS project open. SSRS provides new gauge report options that allow developers to create dashboard-style reports to visually render performance, similar to the types of KPI-style reporting found in tools like PerformancePoint Services.

In this book, Lachev shows how to use a bullet graph linear gauge to visualize sales as a percentage of sales quota. Displaying the second indicator in a different color based on the sales percentage. Referencing the percentage of sales in the gauge from the ReportItems!

Create PDF via SQL Server Reporting Service or Report Viewer Control

Textbox collection. Showing two sparkline chart types a line chart with markers and a smoothed curve line. Showing a grand total for the year. Figure 16 shows a report that displays sales and quote information by salesman, along with two major visualizations that are new in SQL Server and R2. The first is the performance gauge new in , and the second is the sparkline new in R2. Figure Report with sparklines and performance gauges.

Server pdf 2008 sql services reporting

The performance gauge is similar to a visual KPI in PerformancePoint Servers or SharePoint, but with the added benefit of visually displaying how close or far away a metric is from a goal. SSRS offers a number of different linear and radial gauges. I chose a linear bullet graph gauge. I then add a button to the sample to test the Parser assembly. Here is the PDFParser assembly. Generic; using System.

Drawing; using System. Linq; using System. Text; using TallComponents.

Reporting pdf server sql services 2008

Rasterizer; using System. Width, int page. FromImage bitmap ; graphics. AntiAlias; page. Draw graphics ; returnVal. Add Image bitmap. Length]; fs.