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This paper assesses the Sherlock Holmes Collection of Mary Shore Cameron held in. Wilson Library's The Hound of the Baskervilles, Another Adventure of. "The Hounds of Baskerville" is the second episode of the second series of the BBC crime drama series Sherlock, which follows the modern-day adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. através do romance O Cão dos Baskervilles () de Sir Arthur. Conan Doyle e . Conan Doyle first created the characters Sherlock Holmes and John>. Scholes, Robert and Robert Kellogg. The Nature of Narrative. New.

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Mr. Sherlock Holmes, who was usually very late in the mornings, save upon those not .. “This family paper was committed to my care by Sir Charles Baskerville. Hunden fra Baskerville: En ny fortælling om Sherlock Holmes [Translated by O cão dos Baskervilles [Translated by Ligia Junqueira] São Paulo: Edições. Title: The Hound of the Baskervilles - Another Adventure of Sherlock Holmes Contributors: Sir Arthur .. Title: O Cao Dos Baskervilles Contributors: ARTHUR.

Casting[ edit ] Russell Tovey appeared in the episode as Henry Knight. In June , it was announced that Russell Tovey would appear in Sherlock series two in its second episode. The actor also explained that during his scenes, "We did about two and a half weeks of night shoots in Cardiff and I felt like I had jetlag. Gatiss also made Henry display signs of survivor guilt. Tovey's nephew auditioned for the part of a younger Henry, but another child actor was cast for the role as the nephew was considered too young. But what didn't feel right was making it a haunted house story.

Sherlock Holmes - O Cão Dos Baskerville

Gatiss observed that Conan Doyle's weariness with the character is demonstrated by Holmes' absence for half of The Hound of the Baskervilles, in which Doctor Watson's role is foregrounded.

Here, the producers wanted Sherlock, an arch-rationalist, to confront something that seemed impossible, especially since their Sherlock is still a young character who has not experienced fear yet. In one scene, Henry has an hallucination in his home, wherein the hound sets off the bright security lights in his back garden.

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That scene is apparently based on the experience of co-creator Steven Moffat and his executive producer and wife Sue Vertue , who also have bright security lights and are frequently startled whenever the lights turn on at night.

Henry Knight was based on Sir Henry Baskerville, but the character Barrymore, a butler in the book, became an Army major.


Another character, Fletcher, was original to the episode; the character was based on Bertram Fletcher Robinson , the journalist who assisted Doyle with the novel. In another scene, John notices what appears to be Morse code, but it is unrelated to the case. Moffat named it the funniest instance where the producers take an element from Doyle's works and "do something cheeky with it". The Baskerville base was based on Porton Down military science research centre.

While conducting research for the episode, Gatiss learned that artists and scientists made a luminous rabbit , using the green fluorescent protein of a jellyfish , which formed the basis for a side story involving a "glow-in-the-dark" rabbit created at Baskerville by Dr. Stapleton, the mother of the child who wrote to Sherlock at the beginning of the episode requesting that he help her find her missing rabbit.

In the episode, it is specified that the spliced-in "GFP gene" that had allowed the rabbit to glow had come from a jellyfish of the species Aequorea victoria.

The Hounds of Baskerville

Also, Gatiss suggested the concept of a "mind palace", a memory technique originating in Ancient Greece; the idea came from a book by illusionist Derren Brown. This technique would lead Sherlock to the revelation of the secret H. Writers also posited that Henry's father's murder involved revenge after he had an affair, but the producers and Gatiss found it easier to mention he died because he learned of Franklin's experiments with the hallucinogenic gas.

The ending also changed; the final scene had originally involved Moriarty entering the Tower of London but that was held back for the following episode. Additional scenes were shot later in July and August.

Filming on location mostly took place across South Wales , with parts of the episode being shot on location in Dartmoor, even though the producers did not originally intend to do so.

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The first day took place at a cemetery. The producers were looking for a village in South Wales that was "very English-looking.

The Hounds of Baskerville

In filming the scene, Cumberbatch has to recall multiple pages of monologue in front of camera, and had to talk faster than he was used to. The exterior was filmed at the gas works by Baverstocks near Llwydcoed in Mid Glamorgan. The switch between two locations meant that the crew had to transport a lift set. The scenes in Dewer's Hollow, where the hound was sighted, was filmed near Castell Coch.

The reveal scenes in the hollow took two nights to film. At some point filming the scenes were delayed due to rain.

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The scenes shot in Dartmoor took place in areas such as Haytor and Hound Tor , the latter of which was said to be where the original story was set. As a result, Gatiss added mention that Lestrade went on holiday in the script. In the original episode, John was to hallucinate the hound at a meat storage locker.

However, after visiting such a locker in Bristol , the producers came to realise that it would be too expensive, and cold for Freeman, forcing them to change the setting to the Baskerville labs. In one scene, Sherlock is driving a Land Rover with John as a passenger after their arrival at Dartmoor; John was originally going to be the one driving the car, however Freeman cannot drive. Phoenix Published: Parks, Publisher: Kalyani Navyug Media Published: HarperPress Published: Hound Of The Baskervilles Contributors: The Hound of Baskervilles Contributors: Akasha Classics Published: Gyles Brandreth, Published: Doubleday Books Published: Arthur Conan Doyle Sir , Published: Chris Mould, Published: Penguin Published: Dramatist's Play Service Published: Amereon Limited Published: Parragon Book Service Limited, Published: Penguin Longman Published: Stacey International Published: Tim J.

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