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This book will guide to those who wish to learn sewing technology to design their garments. There are very few books in Hindi so i am sure this book will be. specific history - The history of how the art of cutting and tailoring evolved over the ages cutting & tailoring-az Indian Garment Design Course Book - Usha. Tailor Course in Hindi - * App Features -App Content in Hindi -no Nedd Internet Connection -share App Content with friend -user interface.

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sewing go together, and that is why this site includes both. diagonals, because they require pattern matching - a skill not covered in this book. and Author "Complete Sewing Instructions—The Russell Way' ISSUING the new Russell Text Book of Complete Sewing Instruc- tions, it is with the hope that . - download Sewing Technology(Theory) (Hindi Medium) book online at best prices in India on Read Sewing Technology(Theory) (Hindi.

Origins[ edit ] Seated woman sewing a kimono , Utagawa K uniyoshi , early 19th century. Different cultures have developed diverse sewing techniques, from methods of cutting fabric to types of stitches. Sewing has an ancient history estimated to begin during the Paleolithic Era. The Inuit , for example, used sinew from caribou for thread and needles made of bone; [5] the indigenous peoples of the American Plains and Canadian Prairies used sophisticated sewing methods to assemble tipi shelters. The vital importance of sewing was indicated by the honorific position of "Lord Sewer" at many European coronations from the Middle Ages.

American tailor and manufacturer Ebenezer Butterick met the demand with paper patterns that could be traced and used by home sewers. The patterns, sold in small packets, became wildly popular. Several pattern companies soon established themselves. Women's magazines also carried sewing patterns, and continued to do so for much of the 20th century.

Book in hindi sewing

This practice declined during the later decades of the 20th century, when ready-made clothing became a necessity as women joined the paid workforce in larger numbers, leaving them with less time to sew, if indeed they had an interest.

The spread of sewing machine technology to industrialized economies around the world meant the spread of Western-style sewing methods and clothing styles as well. In Japan, traditional clothing was sewn together with running stitch that could be removed so that the clothing could be taken apart and the assorted pieces laundered separately.

The tight-locked stitches made by home sewing machines, and the use of Western clothing patterns, led to a movement towards wearing Western-style clothing during the early 20th century.

Indigenous cultures, such as the Zulu and Tswana , were indoctrinated in the Western way of dress as a sign of conversion to Christianity. However, a recent examination of new online learning methods demonstrated that technology can be adapted to share knowledge of a culture's traditional sewing methods. Using self-paced online tutorials, a Malay sewing class learned how to tailor and sew a traditional men's Baju Kurung garment in 3 days, whereas a traditional Malay sewing class would have taken 5 days to teach the same information.

Textile industries in Western countries have declined sharply as textile companies compete for cheaper labour in other parts of the world. According to the U. Department of Labor "employment of sewers and tailors is expected to experience little or no change, growing 1 percent from to ".

Small-scale sewing is also an economic standby in many developing countries, where many people, both male and female, are self-employed sewers. A tailor fitting a suit in Hong Kong. Patterns and fitting[ edit ] Garment construction is usually guided by a pattern. A pattern can be quite simple; some patterns are nothing more than a mathematical formula that the sewer calculates based on the intended wearer's measurements.

In hindi book sewing

Once calculated, the sewer has the measurements needed to cut the cloth and sew the garment together. At the other end of the spectrum are haute couture fashion designs. When a couture garment is made of unusual material, or has extreme proportions, the design may challenge the sewer's engineering knowledge.


Complex designs are drafted and refitted dozens of times, may take around 40 hours to develop a final pattern, and require 60 hours of cutting and sewing. It is important for a pattern to be created well because the way a completed piece fits is the reason it will either be worn or not. She is also a principal teacher in the school of sewing. Certified downloader , Panipat. Explore Plus. Sale Starts in: Lifestyle, Hobby and Sport Books. Other Lifestyle Books.

In hindi book sewing

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Book in hindi sewing

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