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Dreams of the Red Wizards: Scourge of the Sword Coast (D&D It was released in February as a PDF-only book on DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Scourge of the Sword Coast Book Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products. in Thay ().pdf Apr 5M DotRW - Dead in Thay Apr 13M DotRW - Scourge of the Sword Coast ().pdf Apr .

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Scourge of the Sword Coast Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Season 17 of DnD Encounters. Leati, Tito, Matt Sernett, and Chris Sims. Scourge of the Sword. Coast. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, Wizards of the Coast, Forgotten Realms, the. Product overview. Scourge of the Sword Coast 04 February, Format: PDF (on Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide · Sourcebook for.

C-een Ronin Publishing. Members of the Green Ronin creative ea rn are marked with an asterisk below. Athans, Philip. A Reader's Guide to R. Salvatore's Legend of Drizzt.

Hope that's something that can be done in an update, cheers! Can't wait to play it, look like a solid story that my player will enjoy. The jpeg looks horrible when printed out on the big plotter to make a poster size. The page that just has the map of the region page 1 of Collected Maps; page 10 of the adventure is for DMs only, since it shows a location that players aren't supposed to know about at the start see page 23 if you don't know what I'm talking about.

WotC should really have put that into the maps PDF. Also has 2nd level pre-gens. That's a 5 star rating up from 4 from me now! These maps are fantastic and I am sure Mike has a copy that is untagged. A rea lm of humans living in harmony with their elf scheming, treacherous nobles, monsters out of the Hul-and half-elf neighbors, Aglarond has been a fo e of Thay lack Forest or the Stonelands, or some ancient, hiddenfor centuries, in part due to the temperament of its for- magic.

Cormyr is many things, but dull isn't one of them.

5E Scourge of the Sword Coast

The nations of Damara, Narfell, Sos-tilities with Thay. With the restoration of the Weave, the sal, and Vaasa, known collectively to most Faerunians asongoing cha nges to the political landscape, and calls for the Cold Lands, rest near the Great Glacier in the cold,elven independence within the nation, it is unclear what dry environs of the northeast. Few outside the region have much interest in what goes on here, except for those in the immediately surrounding lands, who fear a resur- gence of the ancient evils of the region- though they ar- en't fearful enough to do more than send an adventuring Now that Netheril and Myth Drannor have fallen ,party or two into the area to investigate.

In Narfell, skilled rid- cities where greater powers jockeyed for influence- nowers and archers hunt, raid, and are gradually reclaiming work to find their own identities before an unchecked ortheir heritage as a great nation of mages who treated malevolent realm swallows them , one by one. The Warlock Knights of Vaasa threaten tobreak the bounds of their nation and invade Damara, This region is also home to the ruins of the Citadel ofthe Moonsea, or both, while some of its members sus- the Raven and Zhentil Keep, former strongholds of thepiciously eye the ominously silent Castle Perilous, per- Zhentarim, which the Black Network shows occasionalhaps planning another excursion to the place.

The tiny interest in restoring. The humans who call the Dalelands a la nd transformed. Its deities manifested fully in thehome want nothing more than lives untroubled by the forms of some of their descendants, and swiftly ralliedconcerns of larger nations. They take great pride in the Mulan to overthrow the Imaskari. Aided by thetheir peaceful coexistence with the elves of Cormanthor, mighty wizard Nezram, known as the World-Walker,and in their ability to remain largely self-sufficient and the Mulhorandi overthrew the rulers of High Imaskar,autonomous even when their homeland was used as a who fl ed into the Plains of Purple Dust or to extraplanarbattlefield by Cormyr, Netheril , S embia, and Myth Dran- safeholds.

Featherdale and Tasseldalehave reasserted their independence since the end of the When the upheaval ended and the Chosen began towar, and rejoined Archendale, Battledale, Daggerdale, disappear, the gods of Mulhorand remained to ruleDeepingdale, Harrowdale, Mistledale, S cardale, and their people, focusing their attention on defending theirShadowdale on the Dales Council.

The High Dale did restored homela nd to keep the war in Unther a nd Ty-the same shortly afterward. For the first time in centuries, the people in Mulhorand are free, with the Dalesfolk are mistrustful of anyone unwilling to sac- gods declaring that slavery shall no longer be practicedrifice for the common good, but those who put in good among the Mulan since their return. A harsh, cold land fill ed with hardy folk, Rashemen is a fiercely traditional nation. Formerly known as the Endless by its Iron Lord, Mangan Uruk, who speaks for theWastes, this land has gained a new name among power behind the throne: the Wychlaran , the societyFaerunians, styled after the vast Tuigan horde that roared of masked witches that determine Rashemen's course.

After these tribesfolk were defeated, some its magic and guard against evil fey and vengeful spirits.

Some Ones, create magic items a nd weave arcane rituals forothers cling to the old ways, mastering the sword and the the witches. Rashemi witches revere the Three, a trium-bow and riding across the steppes on their short-legged virate of goddesses they call Bhalla the Den Mother ,horses. With the rising of the waters of the S ea ofFallen S tars, some of Impiltur's wealth and influence is The nation's warriors are a fierce, stoic lot, famed forreturning, leading to whis pers a mong the populace that their strength , endurance, and stubbornness in battle.

Little pleases a Rashemi wa rrior more than the chance Impiltur is a nation of huma ns with pockets of to strike down a Red Wizard in battle. Where oncea long royal line sat its throne and ruled over a unified Sembia. Following a period of subjugation at thekingdom, now a Grand Council sits around a table and hands of Netheril, S embia is already on its way tostruggles to combat the presence of demons, and demon becoming the economic power it was in prior years.

Although relations are cool with the Da les and Cormyr followin g the most recent war, S embian merchants are The Moonsea. The shores of the Moonsea have long quick to dismiss previous conflicts as the work of thebeen home to cities that rise swiftly, relying on vigor- Netherese, and remind their former trading partners ofous trade and gathering powerful mercenaries to their the long and mutually profitable relationships they previ-banners, only to overextend themselves and fall- some- ous ly enjoyed.

Nearly every major power of FaerOn has its own currency: Before Netheril claimed Sembia as a vassal state, mer- coins minted within its borders that represent both its in-cenary work and adventuring were popular livelihoods fluence.

Most coins of pure composi-among Sembians who didn't have local families to feed. A few of Sembia's less scrupulousformer soldiers have taken to banditry, which offers other Some of the most commonly found, and widely accept-Sembians more opportunities for guard work. Each grouping is arranged in order of value: copper, silver, Thay. For centuries one of the greatest concentrations electrum, gold, and when present platinum.

Most peopleof magical might in Faerfin, Thay is ruled by the ancient across FaerOn refer to co ins by whatever name the issuinglich, Szass Tam , and the nation's Council of Zulkirs in government uses, regardless of origin, except for Zhentila ruthless magocracy.

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The council's will is enacted by Keep-for some reason, all Zhent coins have unflatteringregional tharchions and bureaucrats, leaving the ruling epithets associated with them. Red Wizards to focus on magical study and more im-portant arcane matters.

Arnn: fander, taran, centaur, danter, roldon Cormyr: thumb, falcon, blue eye, golden lion, tricrown For a time, living mages couldn't hope to advance to Sembia: steel pence an iron coin , hawk, blue eye, nobleprominence in Thay: Szass Tam promoted undeath as Silverymoon: glint, shield, sword, dragon, unicorna means of existence with boundless possibilities, and Waterdeep: nib, shard, sambar, dragon, sunheld back those who didn't agree with this philosophy.

Silverymoon also mints two special coins: the moon and the eclipsed moon. The moon is a crescent-shaped, shin- Thesk. Reminders of the century-old war with the ing blue coin of electrum, valued at 2 unicorns in Silvery-Tuigan horde remain throughout Thesk, in the many moon and nearby settlements, and 1 unicorn everywhereand varied features of its present-day inhabitants, partic- else.

The eclipsed moon stamps an electrum moon with aularly the half-ore descendants of the mercenaries who darker si lver wedge to comp lete a round coin. It is worth 5fought in that great conflict. Thesk is known to many as the Gateway to the East Waterdeep has its own coins. The taol is a square piecebecause it is the western terminus of the Golden Way, of brass, worth 2 dragons in the city-and virtual ly worth-which runs through the Hordelands and into Kara-Tur.

Most tradersBecause their city is a crossroads of sorts between exchange their taols for standard coins before traveling. Its name comes from its common useor behavior. The people of Thesk trade readily with any in downloading large amounts of cargo. Both taols and harborfolk, even nearby ores and goblins that are willing to moons are pierced to enable the bearer to string multipletreat with them peacefully.

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They aren't fools, however, coins together. Baidu r's Gate sets the standard for minting trade bars-ingots of metal usually silver of an accepted size Turmish.

On the southern shore of the Sea of Fallen and weight used in lieu of great piles of coins or gems forStars, Turmish is a nation of mercantile cities ruled larger transactions. The most common such trade bar is aby its Assembly of Stars, representatives of each of its 5-pound bar 6 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 1 inch thick,cities in a parliamentary democracy.

After being much valued at 25 gp. Turmish is the birthplace of the Emerald En-clave, which has proudly taken credit for the rebirth ofTurmishan agriculture, the cessation of the great rainsthat plagued the region a few years ago, and the resto-ration of the god Lathander.

In decades past, the land of the drag-onborn claimed as its territory part of what had beenthe vanished nation of Unther. Then Unther suddenlyreturned to Faerfin a few years ago and promptly wentto war against Tymanther.

The realm has since beenreduced to small tracts mainly along the coast of the Alamber Sea and Ash Lake. The dragonborn that have ZAKHARAwithdrawn to those areas have lost none of their militarytradition , and their ability to hold this sma ller amount of Fa r to the south of FaerGn, beyond Calimshan a nd evente rritory ma kes it unlikely that Unther will pus h farther the jungles of Chult, are the La nds of Fate.

S urroundedany time soon- particularly since the Untherite navy by waters thick with pirates a nd corsai rs, Zakha ra ishas been unable to overcome the great beast that guards a place less hospitable than most, but still braved bythe harbor of Djerad Kethendi and the nearby waters of travelers who hope to profit from its exotic goods andthe Ala mber.

It is thought of as a vast desert, Some of Tyma nther's dragonborn have spread across sprinkled with glittering cities like scattered gems. Ro-FaerGn and ga ined reputations as competent, highly ma ntic tales abound of scimitar-wielding rogues ridings ought-after mercenaries.

Their mages, called sha'ir, practice their magic with the Unther. Trapped in another world , the people of aid of genies and, it is said, might carry the lineage ofUnther had succumbed to domination by others.

Dreams of the Red Wizards: Scourge of the Sword Coast PDF Now Available!

Then these elemental beings in their blood. On the eve of Fa rther to the west, past even Evermeet, are untold , un-a great battle, the people of Unther were miraculously known lands beyond the Trackless Sea.

Many explorersreturned to their home, and Gilgeam wasted no time in have visited s uch lands, a nd some have even returned,leading them against the dragonborn occupying their bea ring rales that change fro m generation to generation about exotic locales, from isla nd cha ins that a re theancestral la nds. This achievement will require ut- Although a number of means exist for marki ng the daysterly destroying Tymanther, of course, and eventual war and the passage of time during a yea r, nearly all folk inwith Mulhorand to reclaim la nds lost centuries ago, but FaerGn have adopted the Calendar of Harptos.

Even theas every Untherite knows, the great God-King is patient, cultures a nd races that don't favo r this method of mark-for he is eternal. The dismal city of Westgate isn't a romanticplace, but someone s eeking employment for shady work, A year on Tori!

In the Calen-or looking to hire someone for th e sa me, will find few dar of Harptos, the yea r is divided into twelve monthsplaces better s uited in a ll of FaerGn. A month is made up of th ree ten- Westgate is considered by some FaerGnia ns as a har- days, als o known as rides. Five annual holidays, fa llingbinger of the eventual fate of places like Arnn and S em- between the months, complete the day calendar.

Thecity's proximity to Cormyr makes it a breeding ground Individual days of a tenday have no s pecial na mes. Daysdoesn't exist. The gods that humans worship in FaerGn are unknown Every nation, fa ith, a nd culture across FaerGn has itsthere, as are common peoples s uch as gnomes a nd ores.

And its mages practice form s the stars, or some other event. In addition, the Calendarof magic mysterious even to a rchwizards of FaerGn. Month Name Common Name Midwinter. The' first festival day of the year is known lgenerally as Midwinter, though some people name it H ammer Deep w interdifferently.

The coast of pdf sword scourge

Nobles a nd monarchs of the Heartlands look 2to the High Festival of Winter as a day to commemo- 3 Annual Holiday: Midwinterrate or renew alliances. Commoners in the North , the 4Moonsea, a nd other, colder climes celebrate Deadwinter Alturiak The Claw of WinterDay as a marking of the midpoint of the cold season, 5with hard times still ahead, but some of the worst 6 Ches The Claw of Sunsetsdays now past.

The traditional beginning of spring, 8Greengrass is celebrated by the dis play of freshly cut 9 Annual Holiday: Greengrassflowers grown in special hothouses wherever the cli-mate doesn't permit flowers so early that are given as 10 Mirtul The Meltinggifts to the gods or s pread among the fi elds in hopes of a 11bountiful a nd s peedy growing season.

Kythorn The Time of Flowers 12 Midsummer. The midpoint of summer is a day of Flamerule Summertidefeasting, carousing, betrothals , and basking in thepleasant weather.

Pdf the coast scourge sword of

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