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ambedkar samvidhan Download Constitution Of India In Hindi. अनुक्रमणिक [Index]. Bhartiya Samvidhan (Hindi) Paperback – 9 Oct by Sheelwant Singh ( Author) . Bharat ka Samvidhan:The Constitution of India: Hindi. Dr.B.R. Ambedkar. Click the above button & simply download the constitution of india in hindi. This is the original copy of bhartiya samvidhan in hindi, Below is.

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शीर्षक, अनुलग्नक फ़ाइल. Constitution of India - in English, PDF icon Download. Constitution of India - in Hindi, PDF icon Download. Constitution of India. Constitution of india (भारतीय संविधान / bhartiya samvidhan) is crucial for every aware citizen. The constitution of india app covers every area of indian law . Bharat Ka Samvidhan by Subhash Kashyap is a book which deals with the Constitution of India. How world's biggest democracy is ruled and.

Constitution of India is the result of many sacrifices and struggle, the first struggle of the Indian Constitution is considered to be the war of Plassey. After that, there were slogans of war or there were ongoing struggles, and there were protests taking place, many sacrifices, many suicides, and consequent results of many Indians became Indian constitution. Here, we will study the gradual development of the formation of Indian Constitution with deepness. Discuss all the facts related to Indian Constitution which are very important in terms of government examination. The literal meaning of the Constitution — the constitution is made up of two words:

The then Prime Minister of England presiding over the Conference. While discussing the fate of the Depressed Classes in independent India, in the light of able advocacy of Dr. Ambedkar to the effect that they be granted the separate electorates in independent India, which meant that they would elect their own representatives in the elected bodies.

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The Prime Minister had declined the request of the Mahatma on the ground that since it was an arbitration award delivered on the joint request of all the delegates representing various interest. Interestingly, no minority leaders had supported Dr. Ambedkar in the matter saying that it was an internal problem of the Hindus. The Prime Minister had however suggested the way out that in view of the demand put forwarded by Dr.

Ambedkar only, it was possible to accept the agreed modification, on a settlement between him on behalf of Hindus and Dr. Ambedkar on the concerned question. Accordingly, the Mahatma had gone on indefinite hunger strike till his death if Dr.

Ambedkar did not agree to a suggested settlement. Ambedkar had put under all round pressure from all sides tyo save the life of the Mahatma. One possible threat that was seen nationally that the Mahtma died, the lives of Ambedkar and all the Depressed Classes would also be brought to an end.

Ambedkar had to see a better advantage in agreeing to the change from separate electorates to joint electorates. Accordingly, the change was incorporated in a settlement which came to be known as Poona Pact. The Depressed Classes or modern Dalits had been suffering that injustice up to the independence day, since the settlement was also incorporated into Government of India Pact The s aid Act was replaced by Constitution of India, whose main architect Dr.

Ambedkar had become strangely on the suggestion of the same Mahatma Gandhi. While making the constitution there was a chance to put an end to the said in justice. It is not clearly known to us particular efforts were made to change the position which had been imposed on such classes under duress in I had suggested to that legal luminaries of India ought to deliberated on the issue and suggest as t how the said injustice can be removed b from the masses, since the representatives from such classes going to Parliament had been alleged by Dr.

Ambedkar to open their mouths only when they had to yawn. The elected represented could be saved from such charges only by suitably amending the Constitution, I had said.

As per my analysis of Manusmriti, the aim of this Varnaashrma Dharma, which is ancient name of modern Hinduism, is the all-round exploitation of the Shudras who are modern common masses, by the Dvijas, namely, Brahmana, Kshatriya and Vaisyas in all possible ways. Therefore, it is useless to expect anything sensible from them. Dvijas is not a group of equal persons. Brahmana is the creators of their own life style which must be free from all sorts of bodily discomfort.

He has created a group of Kshtriyas for his own protection and that of Vaisyas for storing the unearned wealth. Such mindless actions are sure to cause more shortages and therefore more worries and troubles for common masses.

भारत का संविधान – सुभाष कश्यप | Bharat Ka Samvidhan by Subhash Kashyap Hindi Book PDF Free Download

If so the cause of their dharma must be served. Imotionally aap use samjha sakti ho ki bete humne ye sab is budape me kanoono karvahi ke pachde se bachne ke liye kiya hai. Par hum tuje apne man se walise hi chahte hain jaise pahle…Har baat ka samadhan baatcheet se hota hai. BAki aap khud samajhdaar hain. Dr ambedkar ka new INDIA ka yahi to concept hai ki antarjati vivah hooon aur sabka saman avsar mile …pr brahminical supremacy banaye rakhne ki khatir aap log jati ko khatam nahin karna chahte,…..

Jab tak jti rahegi hindu ek nahin hoga….

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Marrige is institution of trust and cooperation. If you get it go for it, In india marriges are caste based so there is social pressure to marry in caste.

Constitution of India|विधान विभाग | कानून और न्याय मंत्रालय | भारत सरकार

It is generally seen that out of caste marriges are successful in case of RICH but fails in case of poor. It is not general rule, Individual to individual case is different. I am a Rly employee and want to clean cortuption from our system but the process for giving information abt corruption to the relevent authority is not so clear, because by doing this we have to face lot of pressure from every side so i need any medium by which i can easily approach.

This is a very usefull concept for all indian and students. We should know about our country. Mera sval ye h ki mere ghar ki aarthik sthati achi nhi h aur me apni life me kuch karna chahta hu plz aap muje graduate lone lane ke bare me jankari de please give me advice. Haan haan tu hi toh pm banaega…abe duffer pm se pehle ek acche nagrik bano.. Plz kisiko b galat advice mat do khass tor se teens…. Jab dahej dena or lena dono jurm hai… to sarkar ies par kardi kadam kyou nahi uathati…..

Aged him kisi bank main some rupeeya jams kiya 5year ke leye for hum time pura hone me baad him rupee lens me liye gaye to bank bala manager rupee nahi deta hai to him kya kre. Baudh Dhamm ko janne ka prayas karen ye gaye hi nahin sabhi jeev jantuon insaano ke bhale ke liye hai…. Sbse palhe to jeev hatya pap h or jb aapke maa baap bude ho jate h kisi kam k layk nhi rhte to kya aap unhe bhi mar doge unse apna pet bharoge.

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