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Level can use them orally first with the whole class or in 5 is for intermediate students. pairwork or groupwork. New Round-Up 5 English Grammar Practice is . English-Grammar-Book-Round-UPpdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Round-UPpdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Round-up 5: Student's Book (Round Up Grammar Practice) DOWNLOAD PDF Round-Up 1 Teachers Book 3rd Edition (Round Up Grammar Practice). Round-Up 5 is aimed at intermediate students of the English language,. The aim of the book is to help students understand and use English grammar structures. Title Slide of Round up 5. English grammar book round-up starter - practice. Aida Ionita-Preda. Round up 1-(new_and_update). Round up.

All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying , recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Publishers. Progress Check It is ideal for learners in the intermediate stages of English language learning. They practise grammar through lively, full-colour illustrations and oral and writing activities. New Round-Up is especially designed for different students studying English in different ways. It can be used:

Hi, Mum It's me! What a lovely surprise!

Pdf 5 round up

Yes I 2. Is everything all right? Everything's fine! Our train 6 leave London at 5: Great See you soon then! New round up starter students book 2. New round up 3 students book 0. New round up 1 students book 1. New round up 3 students book 1. New round up 1 students book 1, 3. New round up 5 teachers book 89 3, 6. New round up 2 students book 1, 3. I hadn'tfailed my test.

E come to the cinema with you. Type 1 C 4 If Mum wasn 't working, we could go to the park. I could understand what he's saying. Type 3 3 "I wish I hadn't argued with my friend yesterday.

Pdf 5 round up

Type 0 4 "I wish I had cleaned my bedroom. I had got up earlier. I had got up earlier, I wouldn 't be late for school. New Round-Up 5 Key I had saved some money. If a talent I hadn't touched the cooker. If I hadn't done such a great job in the I hadn't touched the cooker, I wouldn't have film, I wouldn't have been offered a role in a major motion burnt my finger.

If I hadn't played the role, I wouldn't have become I had studied for the test. However, I wish I had time to see my friends. I also If I had studied for the test, I could answer the wish photographers wouldn't follow me to take pictures. If questions. If I don't find somewhere to hide, the dinosaurs will eat me.

If I try to make the machine work, I might get back 3 If you don't take your medicine, you won't get better. If I get back home, I'll never touch this machine 5 Provided you stay still, the bee won't sting you. Type 1 5 2 can 't 4 of 6 amazed 19 2 C 4 C 6 A 8 A 10 B 3 too scared 5 wouldn't 3 B 5 0 7 B 9 0 6 2 No kidding 4 put an end to 20 2 hadn't taken 6 were sitting 3 behind my back 5 save something for a rainy day 3 had stayed 7 fell 4 wouldn't have knocked 8 am planning 8 Clauses 5 will never believe 1 2 G, had passed 6 C, was sleeping Speaking Activity Suggested Answers 3 H, arrives 7 0, see A: If she hadn't done such a great job in the film, she wouldn't have been offered a role in a major motion 2 2 when 4 if 6 If picture.

If she hadn't played the role, she wouldn't have become famous.

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If she hadn't become famous, she wouldn't be a well- 3 by the time 5 By the time paid actress now. She wishes she had time to see her friends. She wishes photographers wouldn't follow her. She wishes magazines wouldn't print false stories 4 While 7 just as about her. I'm a 6 2 as 4 when famous, well-paid actress now and this was all due to luck.

What's a hammer used for? What are scissors used for? They're used for cutting paper. What's a rubber used for? It's used for removing pencil marks. What's an adding machine used for?

It's used for making calculations. What's a kettle used for? It's used for boiling water. What's a stethoscope used for? It's used for listening to your heart or breathing. What's a rolling pin used for? It's used for rolling out pastry. What's a compass used for? It's used for finding your way. What's a garden rake used for? It's used for collecting leaves. Even though 19 2 B: What an 5 A: What, so 4 while 3 B: How, so B: What a, 6 B: What an, so 11 2 In spite of 4 while 6 Nevertheless B: B Despite getting to travel all over the world, pilots 23 2 whose 4 which 6 whose don't stay in one place for long.

However, they don't spend much time with friends and family. Even though teachers educate others, they are 5 An armchair is a piece of furniture which you sit not well-paid. NO, omitted 8 The boutique which is near my house is having a 25 2 A: NO, omitted 5 B: NO, omitted 7 A: They found a place by the river and put up a England, is very beautiful.

When they finished, they went to look for branches to 10 California, which is on the west coast of America, start a fire. However, it got dark and the boys got lost.

Although they had been delicious. All she could do was cover her 8 It's such a beautiful dress! The tenses do not change because 8 2 He told him to make himself lunch. The tense does 4 He asked him to feed the dog.

The tenses do not change because 7 He told him to answer the phone. She said that she was 4 He asked what time they would arrive in Cairo. Suddenly, several car if he found out. Then he had felt the 7 He told her that she shouldn't drive so fast.

B She accused him of breaking her CD player. Jane asked her why she had had doubts about it. She went on to say that she had got used to it shouted at me. Then Fatima wondered ; Jane liked 9 threaten - He threatened to tell my parents if I didn't her course. Jane said that the course was all right though behave.

Fatima suggested that she should pressed the green button. Jane exclaimed that that was a really good idea and she 12 complain - He complained to me of feeling tired all added that they could help each other with their work.

She reminded him to go to the post office. That's a good idea, " Barry said. After the event, we got the chance to speak with some of them. When asked why they had decided to help clean the park, one of the students said that the park was too dirty 3 2 If these aliens didn 't speak so strangely, I would to play sports in and that they wanted to help change that. Type 2 Then we asked whose idea it ha J been to organise such an 3 If I had brought my camera, I could take some event.

Another student said that their class had come up pictures. Type 1 exactly the students had done. Type 2 while others had painted the park benches. When asked 6 If I get home one day, no one will believe this what message they would like to give to residents in the story. Type 1 area, another student advised residents to take part in a neighbourhood clean-up programme and not to throw their 4 2 B 3 A 4 B 5 A 6 A litter on the ground but to use bins instead.

The, an, the B: The, the 5 are 9 is 13 is B: I went with my family. We had a great time together. How did you travel there? We travelled by plane from Madrid.

Pdf 5 round up

I was so excited! What did you do there? We visited many famous attractions such as the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and the Coliseum. Gladiators fought 8 2 jar 5 bottles 8 cup there many years ago. Next, we went to see a museum 3 carton 6 packets called the Keats-Shelley Memorial House. It has many 4 tins 7 bag of the famous poets' letters and paintings.

After that, we climbed the Spanish Steps and ate ice cream! Did you enjoy your holiday? Oh, I loved it. Rome is so beautiful. I want to visit Italy again someday. My family and I just came back from B: We could walk to all the famous attractions and we 3 the 6 the 9 a had an amazing view from our balcony, too! We visited the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and the Coliseum, where 12 2 the 3 the, a, the 4 the, a 5 the, an gladiators used to fight. My favourite place was the Keats- Shelley Memorial House, which is a museum.

It displays 13 1 the, - 4 the, the 7 the 10 the, the some of the famous poets' possessions. The house was near 2 The, the 5 , 8 - to the beautiful Spanish Steps. We climbed all steps. The 3 the 6 -, the 9 -, the best part was when Mum bought ice creams for everyone at the top.

It was the best ice cream I have ever tasted. I hope to visit Italy again someday! Where did you go for the holidays? In picture A Julie is going to have her front gate 1 2 did, made 4 do 6 does 8 made repaired. In picture AJulie is having a fountain put in. In picture AJulie is having her roof fixed. In picture a Julie has had her roof fixed. In picture AJulie hasn't had her house repainted yet. In picture AJulie hasn't had her grass cut yet.

I'm writing to tell you about the house. It done looks amazing now! Well, most of the work has already 1 2 I'm having my car mended. In the garden, I have had roses planted and a 3 I've had new windows put in. I had the grass cut yesterday.

I have also 4 I'll have a swimming pool built next year. I haven't had the house cleaned yet but I'll have 6 I have my car washed once a week. You must come and visit me. It's really 7 I'm having a new shower installed next month. I'm so happy with it! Did you enjoy your holidays? Write back to me soon. Julie 3 I will get a front door camera installed by them. English in Use 11 5 I will get my suits cleaned there.

How often Adverbs Adverbs 8 Laura has been very busy all day. I passed my exams. I have enough money. The big house is the farthest from the town but it is 5 more popular - A more quiet than the other two places, which are noisier. The small house is in a less noisy area than the flat. The flat is the most modern but smaller than the other two places.

The big house is not as old as the small house and 3 worse and worse it's in a more beautiful area, too. Writing Activity Suggested Answer Dear Simon, I have found three places which you may be interested in The flat is the It's the most modern and only 2 years old.

It is also the oldest 4 less comfortable than 6 as excited as place. Finally, the big house is the most expensive and is the 23 Suggested Answers farthest from the town. Whistler Blackcomb. There isn't any bread. There is some milk. There isn't any cheese. There are some apples. Someone 5 2 adventure 4 Daily 6 February 3 1, 5 novels B: Nowhere 3 A: I, They 3 B: I, He, me, you 14 3 A: How much cheese have we got?

He, him, They B: We've got a little. I, her 4 A: How many potatoes have we got? We 've got a lot. How many lemons have we got?

Round Up 5 (Teacher's guide) - [PDF Document]

There 4 B: We've got a few. How much cake have we got? They all failed the exam. I am enjoying myself at 3 up 5 over school and I like my teachers and my lessons.

You must come to visit soon. I can take you to see all the Speaking Activity sights. Please write to me and tell me you are coming! Ss ' own answers Yours Sam 6 2 in a few minutes 6 in the eighteenth century 3 on a hot day 7 on Friday morning English in Use 13 on May3rd 4 8 in 1 2 down 4 up 6 off 8 after 5 in September 3 out 5 off 7 away 7 2 on 4 in 6 At 8 from 10 into 2 2 by 4 at 6 by 8 for 3 at 5 in 7 off 9 to 3 for 5 by 7 for 8 2 since 3 for 4 since 3 2 upwards 5 forward 3 suddenly 6 eastward s 9 2 ago 3 ago 4 before 4 luckily 10 2 already 3 still 4 yet 5 already 4 2 They both have the flu.

What 5 A: Who 3 I'm afraid not 6 It seems not B: My favourite film B: My best friend, 4 I suppose so is 'Wall-e '.

Vicky, sits next to 3 A: How me in class.


I walk to school. Which B: I've got about 50 B: I prefer Maths. What is his favourite subject? What is his favourite sport? What does he like to do in his free time? He tlikes to play computer games and surf the 4 What does he do at the weekend?

I went to a restaurant was weeks ago. We sometimes go to the cinema together.

5 round pdf up

Nancy's best friend is Robert. He is 15 years old. His favourite subject is Art and his favourite sport is football.

In 5 1 yet 5 before 9 always his free time he likes to play computer games and surf the 2 ago 6 still 10 At the moment Net. At the weekend, they sometimes go to the cinema 3 every week 7 ago 11 since together. If it wasn't 3 0 8 B 13 C 18 0 I snowing, I wouldn 't feel cold. If I hadn't 2 1 behind 3 up 5 after 7 off been careless, I wouldn't have lost my torch. If my mobile phone had a signal here, I could phone for 3 1 for 3 by 5 on 7 on 9 in help.

If I had told someone where I was going, 4 He 2 What time did the robbery happen? Units NAME.. Choose the correct item. A have left C are leaving A had played C has been playing B had left o have been leaving B plays o was playing 2 you. Please be more careful. B always dropped A ran C was running C have always dropped B has run o had run o had always dropped 9 Claire works in a theatre. What are they? A have gone to C have gone in A were booking C had been booking B have been to 0 have been in B have booked 0 had booked 5 Kayla Fill in the correct particle.

I'll put you through to 5 My school breaks Fill in the correct preposition. Don't be afraid Sparky; he doesn't 4 Did you borrow that scarf You should 2 They congratulated Lee He won 't let that no one can tell one from the other. Rephrase the follo""ing sentences. How long The last time I've never We haven't It's the first He hasn't Underline the correct item.

Complete the email with the appropriate tense form. Dear Isabel, How Thank you for inviting me to your brother's surprise graduation party! Of course I My language course Italy is wonderful but I can't wait to get back home.

Who else Helen Well, that's all for now.

I can't wait to see you. Love, Victoria Points: CHoose the correct item. B is playing o has been playing A to worry C worrying 3 you He'll be back on A don't have to C aren't Monday. A will return C has returned Please clean up. Rephrase the following sentences using the words in bold. Rephrase the following using the appropriate modal verb. You are not allowed to park your car here.

Put the verbs in brackets into the infinitive or -ing form. Melissa Roberts is a talented figure skater. In the meanwhile, she is training hard because she's going to participate in the World Figure Skating Championships. Rewrite the following passage in the passive.

While they Do you think you B say D said could help me? B so a D so A are C were 5 We left the house early I'll put you Rick's leg got better. Robert 2 We can rely Bob to get the job done Pattinson. If you don't leave now, you 'll be late. Use Jerry's thoughts to write wishes and conditionals. I can't ask I'm very worried. I can't phone my family.

P' I hope someone finds my I lost it. Then I can go home. Rewrite the following in reported speech using an appropriate introductory verb. A like C so. Turn the following sentences into the causative form. A carpenter put in new windows for Ted yesterday.

Fill in the where necessary. Honduras is the second largest country in Central America and a fascinating holiday destination. Here tourists can either spend days on There is plenty to see; at National Park of La Tigra hundreds of In addition, -the archaeological site of Copan is full of magnificent Mayan ruins.

Whatever your plans, try to spend a few days at Tegucigalpa, the country's capital. Here you will be amazed by the numerous attractions such as Metropolitan Cathedral and Villa Roy Museum. Rewrite the sentences putting the words in the correct order. Complete the email using comparisons. Dear Julia, The new house is great! My bedroom is Thorpe is a much Although there isn't much to do here, people seem I guess it's because life is I've already made a friend.

His name is Tom and he's very athletic. Anyway, he's a great guy and I can't wait for you to meet him. I hope you will visit me here soon. Love, Jerry Total: Rephrase the following sentences.

A professional photographer is taking our graduation pictures. He isn't Turn the following into reported speech using appropriate introductory verbs.

Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition. The Morris family are having a picnic Tom is diving Rover, their dog, is lying Mrs Morris.

Write questions to which the words in bold are the answers. Test 3 Test 2 5 She advised me to go on a diet. If I don't find my 2 1 round 3 off 5 on passport soon, they won't let me on the plane.

If I hadn't been careless, I wouldn 't have lost it. If I had a calling card, I 2 Have you ever been abroad before? If he is innocent. Joan is very nice. I was ten. George at school. They're dirty! She's never C wears late. Matthew for a long time. I 19 As I was leaving the house, Jane C had called A studied B had been studying 20 John was dirty. C was studying A was working B had worked 25 You missed Peter; he has just C had been working A left B leave C had left Paints: C Shall you A will finish B will be finishing 11 He C will have finished A are going to B will C shall 3 I C are going A will cook B will be cooking 5 Next week, I C will have cooked A am skiing B will be skiing 15 I'll call you as soon as I.

C will ski A will arrive B arrive C arrives 6 What B is teaching A will call B is calling C will have been teaching C is going to call points: I'd love C to opening A downloading B download C to download 11 Fred enjoys.

The house A dance B to dance C dancing looks spotless! C cleaning A annoyed B annoy C annoying 5 My family goes. She told it A cut B cutting C to cut to everyone. He didn't pass A telling B to tell C have told the exam.

A to give B to be given C give A to be invited 20 Carl claims. C to invite A to be playing 24 Fred postponed. I C to have played A travelling B to travel 21 Tammy is excited C having travelled A to visit B visiting C visit 25 They sat for hours. It's not allowed. I use your phone, Mr Thompson? She is A could B was allowed to upset.

C might A ought to B shouldn't C mustn't 12 We Tomorrow is Saturday. He has to C didn't need work. A mustn't B needn't C can 't A don't have to She isn't A must B had better C should answering the phone. C What about A mustn't B can 't C shouldn't 9 you.. I have lots 17 Paula. I have a glass of water, please?

The baby was covered. A by B with C for A is believed 2 Breakfast. C is believed A gives B was gave C was given 4 The trees were planted. A with B by C of A was opened 5 The robbers. C are caught A with B from C by 6 The children. Julie invited to the party? C have been invited A awarded 7 The film Avatar. B was awarded A directed C had awarded B was directed 17 The film must. C had been directed A develop B developed 8 My purse.

C be developed A stole B was stolen C was stole 18 A package Paul, he wouldn't have overslept. C went A could B had C would Saturday's match if they can't go out to play.

Jane said she. I liked his car. I 9 Steve C apologised A don't B not to C did not 10 Maggie said she. C has spoken A is freezing B had frozen C freezes Points: A the B a C - Points: C more reliably A loud B loudly 18 This is.. A very B too C a bit A small, nice, porcelain 21 Daniel isn't. Please call me. It isn't good for A sometime B every time you. C anytime A very many B too many C too much 2 I'm meeting some friends of. A me B mine C myself lately. Colin and Greg play football.

We bought it yesterday. Jeff likes coffee. Unit Friday night? Wellington Street. I last year. C At the end Points: Ipod is this?

C I'd like to A does live B live C lives C How much A Do you know what Dad, I need help deciding what I'm going to do Narrator: There are seven questions in this part. For for my birthday. Do you think the cinema is a each question there are three pictures and good idea? For each question, Father: Well, that all depends on which film you want choose the correct answer A, B or C.

It's hard to please Before we start, here is an example. What about going bowling or out What did the boy have for lunch? May I take your order, please? My friends often go out to eat, so that won't Boy: Yes, thank you.

Do you have anything without be anything special. I think it would be fun to meat in it? I Well, today's special is spaghetti and expensive. Perhaps it's best to just go to the meatballs, but you could have a cheese cinema. All right then. Let's see what's on in the Boy: No, thanks. I'd like to have something warm. Could I just have the spaghetti without the meatballs? Now listen again. I'm afraid they're already mixed together. How 4 Which subject did the girl do well at?

How did you do in your Maths test? I'm so Boy: That sounds good, yes. Thank you. Well, I wasn't so lucky. I have to take it again. I Narrator: The answer is C.

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Look at the three pictures did well in my French test, though! Can you help me with French? I'm not so good at languages. What about Science? That's my favourite Radio Announcer: Good morning. As you all know, we subject. I always get A's. I need your help with that, too!

Let's hope the weather gets better by then. Now, the weather Narrator: We can expect clear skies and plenty of sun on Saturday 5 How are they travelling to Manchester?