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RBEditor is a roadbook editor that will let you create and edit roadbooks with ease and minimum of effort. It is suited for rallies and competitions. Get Started - Make a Rally Roadbook - Click Here Use drawing tools by dragging a desired road segment into Waypoint editor and then dragging the. Roadbook Navigation powered by Google Map. Create. Print. Ride.

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The roadbook editor is similar in its function to the previous version of QV2/3/4, but it has been modernised and expanded very much in its. With the Rabbit Roadbook Designer you can create route books for printing [ Video] Rabbit - Stretch EditorDecember 20, In "Videos". Roadbook Designer - It is a specific APP to draw easily, quickly and accurately route books. With the Rabbit RoadBook Designer you can create route books for .

The Organizer can also request custom formats! The APP has a library with more than tulips with the most common drawings in rallys crosses, tickets … and external references houses, trees etc. All drawings galleries can be customized by the organizers, which can also draw by hand to add specific aspects or create your own picture galleries. At the end of the tour, the organizer already has the route book ready to distribute to competitors, with all the tulips, distances, speed changes, external references and times perfectly indicated and calculated automatically! For Organizers , Videos. March 24, at

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Is my roabook public and published on internet? No, your roadbook is absolutely private and it doesn't appear on search engines. Only you know the link, and you should keep it private if you prepare an event. Your roadbook can't be found with tests on the URL, there are possibilities.

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Why doesn't my GPX file work? Only GPX files with the version 1. GPX with tracks are not supported. So it is easy, for example to print a calculated road route fast, appealing and clearly to take away. Please select a preferred track in the QV-Xplorer and then Copy in roadbook from the popup menue.

In comparison to routes for tracks it will be created a picture only to those track points, which have a text in the information field. In every case the kilometerage will be identified with the distances between the track points.

With track records in short intervalls you will get usually the exact distance.

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Documentation English. Introduction d. Hi Serge, Yes, when you convert the roadbook you receive some files, one of these files has a RBK extension to open on our free app for competitors called Rabbit Rally 2.

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Route books creation with Rabbit Roadbook Designer has many advantages: Corrections in the route book are easily transmitted to competitors. Our APP can be used either by a group of friends making a route or a professional rally with hundreds of cars.

To see how to edit tulips, sections and measures, see the video below. Share this: Rabbit Rally Author archive.

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