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more about iReal Pro. Download iReal Pro and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Music Book & Backing Tracks. Technimo LLC It simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice. The app also lets. Our app simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice , and also lets you collect chord charts from your favorite songs for reference. I've got about 20 real books in PDF format but the indexes aren't you used a New Real Book the search in iBooks is able to recognize the text.

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I'm wondering what the best way is to get the real book (with melodies) on iPad/tablet. I have that real book 5th edition pdf, but I find it kind of annoying to read since it's scanned so badly and much prefer the hal leonard 6th edition. Is there any way of getting either a 6th. The Real Books are the best-selling jazz books of all time. When you view the book on an iPad in landscape mode, you can see two pages at a time, but there. Download iGigBook Sheet Music Manager 6 and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iGigBook manages all of your PDF sheet music resources; real books, fake I don't feel bad about using them, because I did by the actual book years ago!.

All of it at your fingertips, in real time, on any gig. Over 1, chord charts of your favorite Jazz Standards that you can transpose to any key. Use them to expand your existing sheet music library or get your music library started. Need a Hands Free page turner? Designed by gigging musicians for gigging musicians, iGigBook features a powerful search engine that provides indexes of popular fake books and real books to help you to instantly find the one song that you need among the thousands contained in your sheet music library. Start typing in the name of a song and search results from over 70 books appear so that you can choose the best arrangement that you have available. With iGigBook on your iPad, you can show up to any gig, confident, that when the tune is called, you can have it up and ready to play while others are still flipping through physical or electronic pages.

I like that the feature lists seems to be expanding. If I could hope for new features, I would request two.

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The ability to create indexes for books the don't have them. Greater capability to edit the provided indexes would prove useful as well. You can create indexes for books that don't have them, we have a How To at http: We don't allow stock indexes to be edited but we also have How To's for resolving issues with indexes that don't match a PDF you might have. When I enter a repeat it just keeps repeating over and over again.

I also entered where the end repeat it is, but that has no effect. If only there was someone I could talk ask about this. Extremely frustrating. Strongly discourage anyone from downloading iGigBook unless they have hours to experiment with it.

The How To with regards to score navigation is pretty clear. The repeat feature is designed to repeat over and over because it's used in situations where you have a multi page chart that you need to play all of the pages over and over.

A two, three or four page chart that you need to play from end to end is a good example of this. We always respond to email and posts on the forum within 24 hours. It doesn't take hours to experiment with the app, there's help built into the app, and extensive How To section at http: App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Say goodbye to multiple 3 ring binders, suitcases full of books, and time wasted trying to find that song that you need.

May 29, Version 6.

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Fix for connectivity issues with iOS 9. In-App downloads See All. Transposable Jazz Chord Charts. Over 1, standards. Harmony in all keys. Transposable Pop Chord Charts. Over pop songs. Size I don't know if there's a way to get those into other apps. It knows the difference between the music pages and the PDF pages.

The Real Book - Volume I

It can display 1 page or 2 page's. As a reading musician that I what I need. I hav app 60 Fakebooks in it. I have the irealbook. It's a good cord reading and transposing program.

But it doesn't is play the lead sheets. I use the irealbook for playing behind singers. I also have the IGigbook. The igigbook does everything that the Irealbook does, a little better. It will show the lead sheets But it uses a indexing system that is very hi and miss. It will either work or not work. So in frustration I started checking and found the Goodreader.

The only thing it doesn't do is set lists, I can live with that. I use the Goodreader's bookmarks as a so so set list. I've never been able to find a good description of what exactly it is. Printable docs I could make PDFs out of? Some proprietary thing that only works in a specific program? Are you the Phil that developed iGigBook? If so, you should be up front about that here.

We don't mind manufacturers talking about their products as long as they follow the rules see the sticky threads about that at the top of the forum, don't start threads about your products, etc. Second, nice app. I had been using another app on my iPad which I liked but had to do it all myself to get those real books to be useful, and was slowly making my way through them.

Now, I've just found out about the Pager app, which is cool too. Joe Muscara. If anything that I posted wasn't cool or against board policy I'm sure a moderator would have brought this to my attention. Personally I don't want to remind people that I'm the developer of this app every time I post, but I'm not going to argue about the additional exposure. Is good. This is what I use on my phone. Can dl it at Google Playstore.

Works good in a pinch. Previous Topic Index Next Topic.

Hop to: Dave Bryce , Stephen Fortner. Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Powered by UBB. You are not logged in. Topic Options. Cadmann Senior Member Registered: KC Island. What's the best way to get fake books on your iPad?

Cadmann ]. Heaven, Hell, or Houston. Joe Muscara ]. San Francisco, CA. Mizu Senior Member Registered: Hoboken, NJ. Mizu ].

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Notts, UK. Edmonton, Alberta. Mr T, Sweden ]. I just saw it, too. But when I read the user reviews in the app store, several complained that AvidScorch didn't support creating set lists. If that's true, it's a major boner on their part. I also read up on forScore, which looks great and seems to have all the functions. But I didn't see references to having a forum where you can browse around for sheet music or entire fake books.

Same with unrealBook. Not percent sure, though, because all the apps are starting to blur together. BTW, does anybody know where to download fake books in PDF or other digital format, which can be exported into one of these reader apps?

Stburch Member Registered: Stburch ]. Stburch I have the irealbook. The app has comprehensive set list features that allow you to create, combine, and share set lists with other musicians including the sheet music from the set list.

The Real Book…on your iPhone?

Phil-E-Phil ]. Atlanta, Georgia. JCRoswell ]. Very high quality scans, unfortunately each PDF is named with a numeric code. They do provide an HTML file to use as an index.