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The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology is a non-fiction book about artificial intelligence and the future of humanity by inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil. .. PDF; Vinge, Vernor (). "Vernor Vinge on the Singularity". The Singularity Is Near: When Humans. Transcend Biology. Author(s). Raymond Kurzweil. Max More and Ray Kurzweil on the Singularity .. activity when attempting to move their limbs was very close to that observed in non-disabled.

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Singularity Is Near is startling in scope and bravado. "One of our leading AI practitioners, Ray Kurzweil, has once again created a 'must read'. PDF | On Feb 1, , T Modis and others published The singularity is Ray Kurzweil's book The Singularity Is Near dragged me back into a. In his most recent book, The Singularity Is Near, author and inventor Ray Kurzweil provides us with a clue. Imagine that with the help of a small device you could.

Full Text Artificial Intelligence — www. A chain reaction in an atomic bomb is a classic example, where the production of neutrons is proportional to the number of atoms split, which is in turn proportional to the number of neutrons. Of course, a bomb is one of the few cases where the goal is to produce a runaway process. Even in this case, positive feedback has the property that it quickly destroys the conditions that made the positive feedback possible. This is a hallmark of the breed. Take any other example, such as the multiplication of rabbits, whose output—rabbits—is proportional to the number of rabbits. This simple model assumes that food is abundant; the exponentially increasing rabbit population soon violates that assumption.

You are seeing the singularity from your present viewpoint. Since the singularity will have a significant impact on humankind as the whole course of evolution, you are like a bacterium attempting to envision a human. However, you have two advantageous differences with the bacterium: a significantly evolved intelligence and an experiential awareness of development.

Kurzweil Ray. The Singularity Is Near

Think about it. Try to grasp it. And use your intellect to get ready and exploit the coming changes. Reverse Engineering the Brain 2. Nanotechnology — The Next Little Thing 3. Nanotechnology — The Next Little Thing Humankind will use nanotechnology to redesign the body on an atomic level. It will make healing and reconstruction possible. The Turing Test Humans will use robots for most physical tasks and work, but the most important advancement in robotics will be the development of artificial intelligence.

You already use some form of AI, but in the future strong AI will be developed. By strong AI we mean an artificial intelligence that passes the Turing test and exceeds the intelligence of humans. You can expect that strong AI will cause even more significant changes than those that nanotechnology will. Like this summary? Click To Tweet What is the Singularity? There are a few separate claims here, let's break them down: "Computers will disappear in to clothes and eyeglasses.

Computers have become our smart phones though and we're no longer tied to desktops. Prediction: False "Going to a website will mean entering virtual reality. There is a framework to allow developers to make VR websites called A-Frame but it's definitely not in common use yet. Prediction: False "Virtual assistants will be satisfactory sales agents.

The closest we get is a live chat that is a bot, but as soon as the user realises they're not speaking to a real person, and that is pretty much after the very first question, they would usually rather just use a search or browse an FAQ. Prediction: False "Touch interfaces will allow us to touch products and people.

Nope, not even close. Yet another fail for Kurzweil, if we're honest. Prediction: False Page "Computers arriving at the beginning of the next decade will become essentially invisible: woven into our clothing, embedded in our furniture and environment.

They will tap into the worldwide mesh what the World Wide Web will become once all of its linked devices become communicating Web servers, thereby forming vast supercomputers and memory banks of high-speed communications and computational resources.

We'll have very high-bandwidth, wireless communication to the Internet at all times. Displays will be built into our eyeglasses and contact lenses and images projected directly onto our retinas. As above, this one doesn't seem correct even in Prediction: False "A worldwide mesh will link all devices" Many devices do connect to wifi and you can connect to their IP address to access a config page served by their web server, so this seems to be correct.

Prediction: True "forming vast supercomputers and memory banks" In the PDF linked to above, Kurzweil tries to claim he meant the Cloud, but actually I think it's clear from the text that he meant all devices that connect to the Internet will share their resources in terms of memory and processing power.

Kurzweil singularity ray pdf the is near

While this probably will happen fairly soon in my opinion and I run the " Folding Home " software which donates spare processor time to scientists who are trying to solve cancer and Alzheimer's, and can run on a mobile device, this isn't in common use yet in Prediction: False [Update ] Rather than a single standard for devices to share their computing resources, it might be that blockchain technology allows these resources to be shared safely and anonymously in return for a reward such as cash, cryptocurrency or the use of other resources.

Some technologies now exist that share processing such as Golem and storage such as Sia. If these became ubiquitous and ran on the majority of devices, the amount of computing power available would probably be many orders of magnitude greater than even the most powerful supercomputers in existence today.

Indeed we do, and we use it so much that it's hard to remember that in , we didn't have this. Prediction: True "Displays will be built into our eyeglasses and contact lenses and images projected directly onto our retinas.

Prediction: False Still talking about "The Scenario", Kurzweil continues on page "These resources will provide high-resolution, full-immersion visual-auditory virtual reality at any time.

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Is ray pdf kurzweil near the singularity

Peter H. Read more. Product details Paperback: Penguin Books September 26, Language: English ISBN Start reading The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology on your Kindle in under a minute.

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The Singularity is Near: How Kurzweil's Predictions Are Faring

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Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. I remember several years ago telling people I had just subjected myself to the scariest book of my life after reading one about the supposedly inevitable nuclear implosion of Pakistan.

Well, now I've found something that tops it, even though author Ray Kurzweil seems to imagine his book as a bolt of optimism. Anyone who has ever played around with the arithmetic of compounding and exponential growth knows how crazy the numbers get as growth feeds on itself. The phenomenon is quite real in the world, and it describes everything from viral epidemics to Warren Buffet's fortune.

Kurzweil applies the exponential growth paradigm to the future of technology.

The Singularity is Near

He sees not only change itself accelerating, but the rate of change too, if you can go back to your high school calculus and wrap your mind around that stomach-churning concept. The math starts quickly approaching infinity, which is why it's so weird. Kurzweil co-opts the term for his own purpose here to mean the point in time where artificial intelligence starts exceeding human intelligence. Thereafter, it takes over its own programming and, being so powerful, does a better and better job of it.

Because things are already moving so fast today, the accelerating rate of change means that Kurzweil's Singularity is closer than even optimists might imagine - hence the book's title. He projects it to occur somewhere in the middle of this century. Afterwards, nothing will ever again be the same. In physics, unimaginable things start happening at singularity points, like energy explosions within black holes.

Following Kurzweil's Singularity, the most garish science fiction fantasies start becoming commonplace.

The Singularity is Near: How Kurzweil's Predictions Are Faring

The combination of genetics, nanotechnology and robotics - which he refers to collectively as GNR - will transform all aspects of human existence.

In other words, robotic copies of human beings - body, mind, memories, and one presumes soul - can be made that will appear indistinguishable from the originals. And for that matter, those originals themselves can be re-shaped at will, giving us all the opportunity to become brilliant, strong, happy, and beautiful. Kurzweil tells us that artificial circuits replicating themselves at a molecular level will merge with the biological circuits that constitute our nervous systems, giving rise an "enhanced" human super-intelligence.

Once this starts happening, what we now call the Internet will in effect become telepathic, giving these enhanced humans instantaneous access to all available knowledge and information as they fashion their brave new world. You see how explosive this gets?

And it's just the beginning. Once the process gets underway, the evolving super-intelligence keeps expanding until it permeates the entire planet and, still accelerating, eventually the universe. Kurzweil suggests that movement though time-space "wormholes" should one day facilitate rapid travel beyond our own galaxy, taking the process literally everywhere. I realize that my amateur's survey of Kurzweil's thinking here makes him sound like a crank.