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Project IGI Cheats - A free cheat program for Project IGI Project IGI PC cheat database for free. This is step by step walktrough hint tip cheat of this title. Cheat Codes At the Ma. This page contains Project IGI cheats list for PC version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 6 cheats codes. We hope information that you'll find at.

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For Project IGI: I'm Going In on the PC, GameFAQs has game information and a community message board for game discussion. Project IGI- I'm going in. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips, cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets to get the edge to win. It is much easier to play the game if you make some changes in the ai files. Go to c:\program files\eidos interactive\project IGI\pc\common\ a copy of this.

Find all the folder named "ai" in the game's folder. Then rename them with any other name. Now when you run then game, all the anemies in the game will stood as a model. But be care ful of tanks and other machineguns they are still active. Jaydeep Dave This is the tuffest Game.

Tip from Himanshu I tried all the trickts mentioned here all other portals. I even browsed almost all the links in google, trust me folks Perhaps, these tricks are only for demo version. Cheat from www 7yi 09u0u ui.

Walkthrough from md.

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Cheat from aman pls give me cheat code. Cheat from nizam royal-nizam [at] yahoo [dot] com i want igi2 full cheat codes plzplz. Cheat from shanil pioneerenetrtainment hey guys i am using full version can u plzzz tell me the cheat codes of Project IGI plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Cheat from Fuad nada is fake-made up. Cheat from srijansharma srijansharma74 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in please submit all cheats of project igi.

Cheat from majhar majhar [dot] mulani [at] gmail [dot] com dddddddddddddddddddddddd. Cheat from sai bannugoparaju [at] yahoo [dot] com IGI plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Cheat from shrikrishna shrikrishna [dot] narayankar0 [at] gmail [dot] i m in third stage and need cheats for it the nada cheats are not working pls rply. Cheat from jones Enjoy cheatin boys and gals.

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Dont get busted though: The guards may turn off the fuel pump. After you kill all the gaurds turn on the fuel pump and then wait. Bye, for now! View cinematics with thermal goggles: Just before finishing the last objective in a mission that precedes a cinematic, use your thermal goggles. When the cinematic starts, all the AI characters will appear in thermal images. Cheat: Submitted by :- Aasif Abdullah aasif. II The best cheat in the whole game is described as follows :Create a back up of the 'ai' folder located in the 'common' folder.

Now open the 'ai' folder, there you will see three files namely 'default. Run the game ' Not even one of the enemies except tanks and Copters will be able to see you'. III Don't rename all ai folders to any other name e. Use Map Computer to look for the river and the best way to it. Press "z" twice to crawl and use your way to the river. Do not cross the line but just walk besides it upto the end of the Stage.

Do not bother to kill your enemies if you are using cheats as it will help you to save time and from Tanks. In this way you will be able to reach near the Helicopter. Use Trucks to get perfect shield and shelter. VI If your primary weapon is heavy and you think it as useless, Drop it! VIII In the "Bridge Across the Dnester" stage, the first timed stage which you have to complete the level in just 15 minutes after you come out of the house and get bags of Explosives to blow the bridge, save your game, so that when you walk out and get killed, you will be able to recover immediately by pressing F7.

IX Watch your ammo status and always be ready to reload. The last thing you want is to get stuck reloading during a fight.


Before rushing into a base, make sure you completely scout it out. There are often safer points of entry. Watch out for the security cameras.

After you exit the house and get bags of explosives to blow up the bridge, save the game. If you get killed when you walk out, you will be able to recover immediately by pressing [F7]. Best use of AK47 like Dragunov etc: Submitted by: Anurag While playing the game, even if the enemy is far, use binocular and adjust cursor so that the enemy is in the center of the view. Close the bionocular and using key board left-Control hit once. That will kill the enemy. During the game if alarm goes off, find a place where you can hide but still all the enemies are visible.

Shoot them one by one using a silent gun. Make best use of thermal camera. You can surprise and kill enemies through the wall. Enjoy the game. TO download settings. I have Completed all levels of IGI 2. Give yourself the favorite weapon u like in a mission with max ammo: Submitted by: Utkarsh Dwivedi Well,if u want a huge amount of ammo, or any gun u like, just do d same I'm telling u. Go to program file folder where u'll find a folder 'mission'. Now inside it just pickup the location folder in which u r going to play the mission like location1,location2,location3.

Inside it u'll see the level folders. Now pickup the particular level u r going to play.

Project IGI- I'm going in Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips

Well, now u'll get a file "objects. Open the file weapon. In the mission"get priboi" , dont stay near the barracks. They are programmed to come unlimitedly.

Project IGI 2 Cheats Codes

They will never finish. Its only a waste of ammos. Thanks for bearing me! Tanuj Pandey This cheat is used to save some of the time.

Project IGI: I'm Going In – Cheats

Whenever you want to climb down from the ladder use action key twice 1st to take the action and when you press the action key 2nd time you will swing down from the ladder. Kill the enemy safely: Now kill enemy soldier by fire bullets on his body. When you are back of soldier there is no problem to run or walk towards him. Ground Safe: If you run directly towards building and not combat the 6 soldiers near truck, they trouble you from ground when you position on 2nd story near the window.

Re-Supply Hint: U will see some big green containers placed near the wall. Get on top of one of it with the help of the wooden box kept in between. When u r on top, try to jump above the wall with ur mouse pointer a little up. Try it a few times and u will be able to jump above the wall and get outside. Ur first objective will be complete without going in the building and not even killing anyone.

Deactivate Enemies: Go to c: Make a copy of this folder "ai" Then copy the civilian. Early Kill: Conversion of ak47 to colt anaconda: Start game from any Level: Komal Brar Email: Four files will appear.

Now start the game, you will directly be in fifth level. Similarly you can start the game from any other level by changing its name and 4 file names. You can also reorder the game levels by changing all folder names and 4 files in each subfolder.

Civilian Brainwashing: Standy to uninstall the game and cleanse the directory or you'll be in trouble. Open the original ai folder and locate file civilian. List the file names of the other qvm files and move those files into another directory. If you backed up the original ai folder, you can delete them.

Copy the civilian. When you start a game with these modified behaviour files, the enemies in the game act and behave like civilians. Unlimited Ammo: Now play border crossing this cheat will help you destroy the gunship heading your way. But you wont be able to kill only a bit bad guys because you should destroy the gunship. You will get a knife where you will get the medipack the second time so try this cheat today itself bye: Kumarzmohit in the mission re-supply it is easier to complete 1st objective if u kill one guy on the watch tower then run straight to green container get on them with the help of wooden box and get out side.

Open this file in your favorite Hex Editor and search for a string named cheatbook provdes a Hex Editor: Now open the "M2HB" folder and here also you will have a file weapon. But the bad thing is that your enemy will get the same gun too Extra guns hidden in first level: You will not get medipack in any mission If an error will occur when you start the game so do like this: Ray, the cool guy Email: Project IGI is one of the best games in the world.

I hope you also like this game. During game play are getting trouble because of the cameras. Do not get worry, I have a hint about it. But sorry, because I have only for 1 level. Let's go. Friends, If I will have more hints, then I will tell you. And If you like this you can sent me a message with subject "cheat help" on the e-mail mentioned above.

Enemy will not shoot you: Anurag tiwari Email: Riju Email: Have a shortcut of the file "IGI" which starts the game on the desktop. Under the tab "shortcut" there is a category "target". Type the following code as given below: Don't worry if the alarms raise. Enter the building, go up by the elevator. Clear the upper floor. Move out of the elevator, turn left. You will find a door to a balcony. Now move left and you will be out of the base. In this way u will have more guns.

You will need some tries to do that. There is also a funny way. Now go to the machine gun, crouch down and hold the machine gun. As soon as u will leave the machine gun, u will fall underground. Now u can easily move out of the base. The second one causes great loss of health. Arjun Rockzz Email: Open weapons folder in the game directory 2. Now open RPG18 folder open weapon. Save both 7.

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Hidden weapons in 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th and 14th levels. Sunny, the baba 5th level See in your Mapcomputer where is small warehouse, go to the warehouse and open its door. Go straight without changing the direction of Jones to the front wall, after reaching there, see on the floor. You'll get Proximitymine. Get out of the warehouse and again enter the warehouse and turn left, you'll see Minimi, its ammo, Hand Grenade and FlashBang.

Now, go to Guard HQ using the lift go to the ground floor. Here, you'll see two rooms, in the first room you'll find Medipack and in the second room you'll find Desert Eagle.

Do you know this gun is so powerful that it takes only 3 shots to put Jones down. In first area where game starts , there are two Shelters see your Mapcomputer. Search in the first shelter, you'll find Grenades lying on a crate.