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Converting an Older Presentation to PowerPoint .. Exercise: Start the Microsoft Office PowerPoint . Convert the file to a PDF or EXP document. Microsoft. PowerPoint Step by Step offers a comprehensive look at the features of PowerPoint Portable Document Format (PDF), defined, The slide window is where you add content to your slide. Placeholders are areas on the slide where you can insert text as well as other types of content such as.

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Getting Started. There are a variety of ways to start using PowerPoint software. You can click on a shortcut on your desktop or task bar or you. PowerPoint presentations can be saved online, shared, emailed, PowerPoint , like the other Office programs, has the Ribbon across the top of. From the sub-menu choose Microsoft Office then PowerPoint .pdf for a non-editable copy in PDF format;.png,.gif for graphics format; and.

This can prove problematic if you need to share information with someone who does not have this type of program on their computer, or if you need to upload your information to a website that does not accept Powerpoint files. Fortunately the PDF file type is something that can be opened by many different types of programs, including Web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Powerpoint also has the ability to save in the PDF file format, which we will show you how to do with the guide below. This is ideal if you have not intended to use the Powerpoint file as a presentation file, but would rather use it as a means to share information with someone else. PDFs are essentially document files, and have more in common with Word documents than Powerpont presentations. This means that you will lose some features when you make the conversion to a PDF. This includes items such as audio, animation, and transitions.

2013 pdf powerpoint

Click Options to set how the presentation will appear as a PDF. Here are some of the available options:.

Insert PDF file content into a PowerPoint presentation

If you don't want to save slides, but instead only save comments, handouts, or Outline view, under Publish what , select an appropriate option. You can also specify the number of slides to appear in Slides per page dropdown box, and modify the order Horizontal or Vertical.

2013 pdf powerpoint

You can choose to include frame slides, hidden slides, comments, ink, non-printing information such as Document properties or Document structure tags, in your PDF by selecting the appropriate options.

Both methods do the same thing, so you can choose whichever you're more familiar with when you want to create a PDF version of your presentation. Features such as saving notes, saving slides as handouts, including hidden slides in the PDF, or setting the PDF to a smaller file size aren't available. However, in newer versions of PowerPoint for macOS, after version , you can set the print quality of a PDF to a higher or lower standard.

Q. How do I save a PowerPoint file as a 3-slides-per-page PDF file?

By default, the print quality is set to High—which is the optimal choice for printing a PDF. Follow these instructions to set the print quality of the PDF:. In the PowerPoint Preferences dialog box, click General.

2013 pdf powerpoint

The file is converted to PDF, and then a dialog box tells you that it is ready to download. Select Object action , and select Open in the list. Top of Page.

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Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF files - Office Support

How can we improve it? There are a couple of options for PowerPoint for Mac, as well.

Go to the Insert tab or menu and select Object. Select Create from File and click the Browse button. Click OK on the Insert Object dialog box.

Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF files

You can open it by double-clicking the image of the first page while in Normal view. If you want to be able to open the PDF file during a presentation, attach an action to the image.

Open the slide with the PDF object inserted in Normal view.

Pdf powerpoint 2013

Click on the image or icon for the PDF file to select it.