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There were 20 student-respondents who voluntarily shared their statements to answer the specified questions of the study. Respondents would need help and good advice in creating useful and accessible websites. In addition, all respondents shared their suggestions to resolve the problem in creating a website as a competency-based content in Grade 11 Empowerment Technologies. They would want the reporter to provide concrete procedures in designing the web pages with proper demonstrations. Therefore, it was recommended for that DepEd Cebu Province would approve the proposed training-workshop for teachers in building the classroom website for teaching and learning as the primary output of the study. European and American students have utilized the technologies to create their personal websites that can be used in learning the subjects. Now, the virtual developments are linked in the Worldwide Web that would enhance opportunities to help learners understand from a diverse environment.

And expectedly, respondents would undergo the training-workshop in the creation of website using Weebly. A popular one is Weebly, although there are plenty of others too. The great thing is that joining Weebly to create a basic website, quite sufficient for most needs, is free. Then, findings, conclusions, and recommendations would be presented to the school administration and to DepEd offices for planning.

They believed that by having access to information, an individual has access to opportunity, thereby making the Internet an essential tool for teaching and learning. They believed that in recent estimate suggests that one billion individuals, or one-sixth of the world's population, are now online. They also stated that the rate of this growth is staggering, and most of it has occurred during the past few years.

Conditionally, they believed that if the current rate of access is sustained, half of the world's population will be online in another five years, as it was also cited by Global Reach, They believed that the use of ICTs calls for fundamental change in the ways we teach as it was also cited by Leu, The above statements are very much necessary to motivate teachers of Empowerment Technologies to share their ideas in developing simple websites to students.

The respondents of the study were the Dalaguete National High School Grade 11 who had taken the above mentioned subject but 11 were not able to develop their personal website.

The respondents answered the following questions: 1. What are your suggestions so that you can create a web page using Weebly? Significance of the Study This study would benefit the following: Department of Education. The result of the study would be their basis in planning reliable trainings of students in the development of personal websites.

The DepEd office would have to approve the action research and would have the responsibility for planning and considered as one of the beneficiaries of this action research. The community would be given a chance to uplift their status of living by producing knowledgeable and skillful community members. School Administrator. The parents of students, teachers, principals, district supervisors, DepEd personnel, superintendent, and other concerned entities and individuals.

As the direct beneficiaries of the study, students could be the active recipients of building their personal websites as an applied competency in Empowerment Technologies.

Respondents admitted that they enrolled in Empowerment Technologies but they were not able to develop their personal website as a required competency based from the Curriculum Guide CG.

Book s weebly pdf

The implication for this - is that the students are required to create their personal websites and maintain their webpages in accordance with the curriculum guide of DepEd. Herring stated that learning and teaching is the main basis for activities in schools and developing information literate students to be effective web users depends on schools having a clear focus on what students learn, how they learn, and what teaching strategies will be most effective.

The findings of the study would serve its purpose to emphasize more on website building with the help of a knowledgeable person the students could precisely experience the web page creation as a good implication in achieving the academic objectives in the teaching and learning process.

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When adding a color variant, say I added blue, a little blue box would come up which was so satisfying. Does Weebly eCommerce sound like the right builder for you?

Try its free plan, or sign up to one of its eCommerce paid plans to start selling sooner!

Best Free Ecommerce Platforms — looking for a cheap way to build your online store? Check out our list Product, Storefront and Category Pages A Product Pages One of the key things that make Weebly eCommerce stand out is their ability to allow you to create standalone, dedicated Product Pages for each of your products.

When you hover your mouse cursor over the main image, it will show you a zoomed-in version of the image, allowing your prospective customers to see your product in detail.

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The overall experience of this feature is very smooth and functions very well. You can customize this in Weebly Editor and add multiple product options for your customers to select. For instance, a common example is the ability for someone to download a large, green, collared shirt.

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This Weebly eCommerce feature gives you a lot of flexibility to run your online store.

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You can also add your own custom product description in your Product Page, and you have the ability to do some basic styling such as bold, underline, italicize, and insert numerical or bullet points. Crafting an attractive product description can really help you sell more products. Weebly has also enabled social sharing buttons for each Product Page, making it very painless and easy for your shoppers to share your products with their friends and family through their social network accounts.

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This is a very powerful way to broaden your product reach, and this feature is free with Weebly eCommerce. This enables you to add more details to your products, or even display product videos which are very powerful ways to engage your shoppers in convincing them to download. I was hoping there would be someone in the community with an author website, online magazine, or catalog, using such an app. Needs to be easy to embed on a page So readers don't have to be redirected and leave the page.

For something like that, you may need something custom coded. Our Community here can likely point you in the right direction. Well if anyone stumbles on to this thread looking for a suggestion about flip books I finally settled on a flip book mob called Yumpu. I am using their free service and am pretty happy with it considering the price.

Also their customer support did not answer and questions and their billing system for anything beyond free is problematic-particularly when you canel their pay versions. Any updates on this?

Double checked our App Center, but I'm not finding what you are looking for. I believe there were a couple of suggestions posted below, though. Have you had a chance to check them out? Weebly Community: Give Feedback:

Book s weebly pdf