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modul belajar bahasa inggris dasar pdf - cetak ekslusive cd belajar bahasa inggris tidak lepas dari tenses download ebook belajar bahasa inggris lengkap . Namun untuk materi Gratis berbentuk pdf yang lengkap masih jarang. Bagi yang suka belajar bahasa inggris akan senang mendapatkan buku. inggris lengkap pdf pengertian, rumus dan contoh kalimat 16 tenses bahasa pembelajaran bahasa inggris berbasis j2me rino pribadi, endah sudarmilah, umi .

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Semua kalimat dalam bahasa Inggris tidak lepas dari tenses karena semua kalimat .. (Saudara saya sudah belajar bahasa Inggris selama tujuh bulan). 2. Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris, khususnya di program S1 FIP UNY, Modul ini memuat ringkasan materi bahasa Inggris dengan didikuti. 5 hari yang lalu Inggris Dengan Mudah Kamus Lengkap [PDF] [EPUB] Anda sudah Bertahun- tahun Frustasi. Belajar Bahasa Inggris dengan Kursus, Les privat.

What have we learnt? Last topic we discussed Negative Contraction dalam Bahasa Inggris. Kali ini kita akan mengetahui daftar lengkap irregular verb beserta artinya dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Untuk bentuk infinitive verb 1: Apa saja contoh irregular verb lainnya? Verb adalah kata kerja, sedangkan irregular verb adalah kata kerja tidak berarturan. Kata kerja tersebut berubah tergantung dari penggunaannya.

The pain was so much to bear that he could hardly even breathe. He knew his grief was too much for him and that he desperately needed God to hold him tight. The verse that some use to support the statement God never gives us more than we can handle is 1 Corinthians , When you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it niv.

But the context of these words is temptation, not suffering. We can choose the way out of temptation that God provides, but we cant choose a way out of suffering. Jesus Himself wanted a way out of His upcoming suffering when He prayed, My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death. O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me Matt.

Yet He willingly went through this for our salvation. When life seems too much to bear, thats when we throw ourselves on Gods mercy, and He holds on to us. Father, I feel vulnerable and weak. I know You are my refuge and strength, my help in trouble. I call upon Your name, Lord.

Hold on to me. She often utters to herself Im fat, stupid, and ugly. Example 2: A man talks to his friends about his terrible job he doesnt brag about his job because he hates his job, but he dominates the conversation with talks of how terrible his job is.

Example 3: A woman talks with her friends. She interjects briefly, but for the most part she listens to what her friends have to say. The real example of humility is of course example number 3. The other two are not really displaying humility. Example number 1 is an example of low self esteem. Low self esteem is not the same as the quality of humility! Example number 2 is really displaying pride! Its difficult to see because hes not saying something positive about himself, but by dominating the conversation with facts about himself he says, My life is very interesting!

Co-operation and integration One key feature of globalization is that nations work together and become more integrated. Try some of these words and phrases 19 Business English C. Please pronounce the verbs below correctly. What is a Gerund?

A gerund often known as an -ing word is a noun formed from a verb by adding -ing. What is the infinitive?

Belajar inggris lengkap bahasa pdf

The most famous infinitive quote has to be, "To be or not to be. That is the question. Unfortunately Ali disliked learn English so this would not be much fun. His friend recommended attend a school close to his house. Ali went to look and from what he could see it seemed be a good school. He didn't delay register for a course. He managed get a good price for the course because they had a special offer on. This was good because he could not afford pay too much.

Studying He had never read much in his life and knew he was weak in this area, so he practiced read as much as he could. He hated write in English too as his grammar was quite weak so he also planned practice writing as many essays as possible. His teachers agreed check these for him. As it turned out, Ali actually really enjoyed study English.

The other students on the course didn't hesitate help Ali and the teachers always offered assist him if he 21 Business English was stuck. He kept up his studying for a number of months because he wouldn't risk sit the exam until he was ready. Listening Task 5 Watch the video about global trade.

Please share your opinions on: 1. Why do countries need the global trade? What is global trade? Is Indonesia ready for the global trade? Writing Task 7 Please compose an analytical exposition text with your teacher. The topics are written as follow; 1. Asean Economic Community can threat many Indonesian businesses.

Do you agree or disagree. Write your answer in paragrahps. As mass communication and transport continue to grow, societies are becoming more and more alike leading to a phenomenon known as globalization. Some people fear that globalization will inevitably lead to the total loss of cultural identity.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Remember about Analytical exposition Paragraph! Thesis position: introduces topic and indicates writer position 2. Warming up activity Look at the pictures below!

What can you see from the pictures? Reading Reading 1 Read the paragraph below! For nearly every type of product there are many similar goods on the market. The unique selling point USPs of a product are the things that make it special and different from other similar products. The marketing department should have a customer profile in mind, that is the sort of person who will download the product.

Key Vocabulary: 1. Product 2. USP 3. Advertisement 4. Customer profile 5. Features 6. Benefits Task 1 Work in pairs! Choose 1 product and discuss; 1. What are the features of the product?

(PDF) Modul pembelajaran bahasa inggris bisnis | Y U L I A W I J A Y A -

What type of customer probably downloads this product? Nike Bag Picture 2. Peugeuot Car Picture 3. Asus Laptop Picture 4. Samsung Watch Phone. Reading 2 Definition of Marketing Mix What is marketing? The definition that many marketers learn as they start out in the industry is: Putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time.

There are many ways to price a product, and the price can be different in order to appeal to different segments of the market. This is also known as the channel, distribution channel or intermediary. It is a mechanism trough which goods and services are moved from the company to the consumer. A product is not simply the tangible, physical entity that may be bought or sold — it is also the ideas and emotions associated with the product.

This can be personal selling, direct mail, sponsorship and advertising. People are the most important element of any service or experience. The process is what the customer participates in at different points during their experience with a product or a service.

For example, when you book a flight on the internet, first you visit the website. Then, you enter information about the destination. Then, you book the flight. Lastly, at the airport you check in desk, and get on your flight. This is all part of marketing process. Physical evidence. Physical evidence includes all the thing associated with the product or company; the packaging, internet sites, brochures, logos, building, business cards, etc. Task 2 Work in pairs!


Please choose a product from Task 1 above and describe its marketing mix! Here are several reasons a web-can help a company of any size improve its business. A A website is the most important tool a business has for maintaining contact with customers. The website gives customers a way to know what services or products you sell and how to contact you. By offering an e-newsletter sign-up on your web-site customers can stay informed about events related to your business and your products, and you save on printing costs.

A link to your blog keeps customers up-to-date on what is happening with your business, and keeps them coming back. B A website allows you to expand your customer base beyond your immediate community, and even to other countries.

Anyone in the world can have access to your services and products through your website, at no extra cost. C No matter what the size of your business, it is not hard to afford a website. It is easy to set up, and it does not have to break your budget. There are templates available if you want to create a website yourself.

Or, you can hire a Web designer for a more professional look. Depending on what you need, using the services of a professional does not necessarily cost huge amounts of money.

The hosting fees you pay to keep your website up and running are minimal. D You can save on expenses by keeping your website simple. Even just a few pages can be enough to provide your customers with the necessary information to keep them interested in what your business has to offer.

A large website with lots of pages is not always necessary. The most essential facts to include in any website—your business name and location, your products, and your contact information—can be contained on just one page. You may still do most of your selling at your physical place of business, but the website is another opportunity to sell, and you can reach more customers this way, too.

The text contains five sections, A—E. In which section can information about the following be found? Write the correct letter, A—E, on lines on your answer. You may use any letter more than once. Language Focus Advertisement Advertisement is a promotional tool to increase the selling of the product.

Advertisement may be both argumentative-persuasive this is good because ……. Common Elements of Advertisement a. Image c. Address, phone, fax number d. Body Copy: a copy is the body or the text of an advertisement for persuading,catching and holding the interest of prospective downloaders. It can be about information of a product or the advantages of downloading and using a product, Finally, it consists of a line, two or a single paragraph or quite heavy paragraphs e. Price optional f. Logo optional 31 Business English 2.

Stages There is no stages of an advertisement. It means it is structured variously. Rates exclude 21 percent tax and service charge. Valid for maximum of two adults and two children below 12 years old Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Jl.

Pratama 74, Tanjung Benoa address price www. This luxurious treat is the perfect opportunity over the Easter holiday long weekend and for families. Example of imperative Celebrate this Chinese New Year with the authenticity of a series of our special festive promotions. Do not miss the especially created sweetness, lavishly packed as perfect gifts during these happy and prosperous moments.

Example of word group Regular Rp 1. Writing Task 4 Match the photos to the descriptions! An elegant white leather shoes 2. A durable white and grey shoes 3.

A stylist purple Italian shoes 34 Business English Task 5 Which adjectives give opinions and which gives facts? Stylish 2. Beautiful 3. Black 4. Small 5. Leather 6. Cotton 7. Crazy 8. Innovative 9. Smart Slim 35 Business English Task 6 Work in pairs! Choose two products and write three adjectives to describe each one! Example: A stylist small red bag E. Listening Task 7 Watch the video and write the adjective, comparative and superlative!

The green watch phone is more expensive than the brown watch phone. The grey watch phone is the most expensive watch phone I have ever seen. Speaking Task 9 In groups, make your own new product. Present your product well in front of the class!

Prepare your slides and include; a. The background of making the product b. The description of the product c. The procedure of making the product d. The price and place to get the product e. The promotion of the product show the advertisements! Warming Up Activities. Source: istockphoto. Choose the correct answers 1,2, or 3 to fill in the gap A-H We will learn several vocabularies related to trip for business.

Going away on business? Both 2. Even 3.

Simple present tense is used to express a stative meaning. Please see the following examples: The Verb Be Be is used as an auxiliary verb in the passive 1. Borobudur is located in Magelang, sentence Central Java province. Semarang is popular with its Lunpia.

A sentence with be as the main verb has three 3. There are many beautiful beaches in basic patterns in the examples: Indonesia. Reading describe a particular person, Descriptive Text. It has an identification and a description Task 3 Look at the following website of tourism promotion and answer the questions!

Answer the following questions: 1. What can Central Java province offer? Where is Central Java province located? What information can be found in the website? Discuss with your friends if the website provides enough information for tourists? Give explanations! What does Bali island offer? Where is Bali island located?

What information can be find in the website? Do you think the website provides enough information for the tourists? Please discuss with your friends and give explanation. Can you compare the promotion website of Central Java and Bali? What is the difference? These comments reveal readers' weaknesses as well as their strengths as comprehenders and allow the teacher to assess their needs in order to plan more effective instruction 2.

Using of Think Aloud How to use this strategy a. Explain that reading is a complex process that involves thinking and sense-making; the skilled reader's mind is alive with questions she asks herself in order to understand what she reads.

Select a passage to read aloud that contains points that students might find difficult, unknown vocabulary terms, or ambiguous wording. Develop questions you can ask yourself that will show what you think as you confront these problems while reading.

While students read this passage silently, read it aloud. As you read, verbalize your thoughts, the questions you develop, and the process you use to solve comprehension problems.

It is helpful if you alter the tone of your voice, so students know when you are reading and at what points you begin and end thinking aloud. Coping strategies you can model include: I know I've heard that term before. I learned it last year when we studied nutrition.

Maybe if I reread that section, I'll get the meaning from the other sentences around it: I know I can't skip it because it's in bold-faced print, so it must be important.

If I still don't understand, I know I can ask the teacher for help," e. Have students work with partners to practice "think-aloud" when reading short passages of text. Periodically revisit this strategy or have students complete the assessment that follows so these metacomprehension skills become second nature. Furthermore, Gloria Lado Reading in the foreign language consists of grasping meaning in the written language. In this case, reading foreign language is the grasping of full linguistics meaning of what is to read in subject within the common experience of the culture of which the language is a central part.

He further maintains that linguistics means to include the denotation conveyed by language to all speakers of it is as opposed to meaning that are receptive only by those have specific background information not known by the other speakers in general. In other word, there are some purposes of reading such as reading for specific items of information, for general and detail information in a given field, etc.

Learning to read a new language, the pupils must read carefully, some aloud; moreover some questions are also important of the passages, as in the following statement by Berry There must be question on the text, this essential. It means that the questions on the passage are able to facilitate the pupils understanding of the passage; the children are playing hide and seek in the playground, and the question are 1 who is playing hide and seek in the playground? Psychologists and the reading experts have been conducting extensive research in the nature of reading and the sequential development of language skill.

Among discoveries of the researchers, as stated by Lewis and Sisk in Gerry Concept of Reading Although, on the world wide level, the format of teaching reading skill may differ according to local circumstances, the English GBPP Stresses the implementation of teaching reading skill in an integrated skill unit. It means that reading is thought integrated with the other language skill.

Such as, teaching vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and the way construct sentences, paragraphs and texts. The development of reading skills mostly occurs in this stage. To be effective reader, the pupils should be able to 1 scan; 2 skim; 3 read between the lines; 4 read intensively; and 5 deduce meaning from the context. Reading Process In very real sense, reading process is a progress report.

It means that a major reason for the lack of forward motion in attempts to develop more effective reading in striation was a common failure to examine and articulate a clear view of the reading process it self. Knowledge is non-cumulative in improving reading instruction largely because either ignore the reading process and focus on the manipulation of teacher or pupils behaviors of because they related reading as an unknowable mystery.

Both views are non-productive at best and the worst seriously impede progress. Furthermore, the effort has been to create a model of the reading process powerful enough to explain and predicate reading behavior and sound enough to be a base on which to build and examine the effectiveness of reading instruction. This model has been developed using the concepts, scientific methodology, and terminology of psycholinguistics, the interdisciplinary science that is concerned with how thought and language are interrelated.

Reading as a Language Skill From the four integrated skills listening, speaking, reading and writing skill , the writer is interested to come up with a more elaborate description about reading skill as what Tarigan cited from Huda calls that reading skill as the third skill that the children have gained after speaking and before writing.

Lengkap inggris belajar pdf bahasa

To the same extent reading should be stimulated when the students need to create the sense condition. In other words, the students will be guided to find the real answers of question they have in mind.

Purposeful reading is encouraged by creating an interest in content, by trying in the new experience with personal background of the learning, by systematically extending the reading vocabulary Betts. Meanwhile Godman says reading is a psycholinguistic guessing game, consisting of cycle of sampling, predicting, testing and confirming.

H e is satisfied with a meaning which makes sense of the context. In this type of reading, control from a teacher is compulsory and it will provide a basis for elucidation of difficulties of structure, and for the extension of vocabulary.

In this extent, the activity is not completely controlled by the teacher. Structures in the test will be already familiar to him and new vocabulary will be introduced slowly in such a way that its meaning can be deduced from the context.

Skimming techniques will enable them to select the worth reading. In short, skimming is the skill that helps the students read quickly and selectively in order to obtain a general idea of the material. The procedures for scanning are as follows. First, specific information must be located. Next the clues which will help to find the required information have to be decided, then, find the clues. Finally, read the section containing the clues to get information needed.

In this technique, the students are trained to think of clues to help them find the specific information. These clues may be a word or words, punctuation, alphabetical order, numbers, etc. From linguistics point of views, reading is recording and decoding process.

Not like speaking which just involves an encoding process reading applies decoding process by which a reader must grasp and guess the meaning of written words used in writing scripts, reading the symbols to the oral language meaning Anderson in Tarigan and Suhirman It is true by reading people get to know the other people scientific achievement, or some happening in other region of the country.

Through reading we can improve our skill and enlarge our human development achievement. Because the written passage upon which the questions are based presents a sustained discussion of a particular topic. There are six types of reading comprehension questions. These types focus on these aspects.

Lengkap bahasa inggris pdf belajar

Comprehension Skill According to Hilerachi most of the reading professional list three categories of reading comprehension. The Role of Background Knowledge in Comprehension Ommagio writes that cognitive psychologist in the late s place great emphasis on the importance of meaningfulness and organization of background knowledge in the learning process.

In the second language comprehension process, at least three types of background knowledge are potentially activated: Efficient readers do not need to perceive precisely or identify all elements of the text. Rather, they select the fewest, most productive cues necessary to produce guesses about the meaning of the passage and verify the hypothesis as the process discourse further In Ommagio, He describes reading as a sampling process in which readers predict structures.

Clearly, Ommagio included as in the comprehension process all three types of background knowledge: In line with the above statement, as Ommagio cited from Kolers also maintains that reading is only incidently visual.

Thus, the reader then contributes more information by the print on the page. Knowledge of the language. Ability to predict or guess in order to make correct choice. Ability to remember the previous cues, and 4. Ability to make the necessary associations between the different cues selected.

Through the use this strategy they could interact and construct meaning from the texts at once when they developed the reading tasks. Second, it is important to highlight that the role of the teacher as a guide was crucial in think-alouds because he could assist and foster students to use reading strategies such as predicting, visualizing, and prior knowledge in order to comprehend the reading texts.

Third, another positive impact of the think-aloud strategy, is that students constantly mentioned that they had an enhancement in some specific aspects of English language such as: Theoretical Frame Work Based n the theoretical description and result of the relevant studies, the writer arrives at theoretical framework of this study.

In teaching and learning process, especially in English, many problems and activities face by the students and also the teachers. But, mostly the success of the students in learning the English should be determined by themselves.

Beside the students study the English at the school, they should hard at home, that is by repeating again what they are getting at the school from the teacher to recognize or memorize the materials. In English language teaching in Indonesian, reading is placed in high priority, we can see it from the curriculums. Senior high school curriculums, junior high school curriculum, even at elementary school emphasize the English language teaching on the reading comprehension ability.

Therefore, reading is the most important language skills for students t study hard, by reading the knowledge of the pupils will gradually increase, beside developing their ability in other language skills. But reading without comprehension is means nothing because reading comprehension is an active process to get the information from the text. By teaching four language skill in interactively, that is involves reading, listening, speaking and writing. In this case is limited for the reading skills itself to involve the pupils in learning activities i.

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So that in this case, the ability of the pupils will be increased by using textbook with are published by Depdikbud Government and Yudistira Private Publishing Company.

According to hadi The instructional activity was designed only to teach reading skill students by using Think aloud strategy as a techniques toward the experimental group, the group of sample would have test to measure the effect that students get after treatment. The result of the test would be analyzed and compare using statistical computation.

Therefore, the design is called a pre-test and post-test control group design.