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GM's Aid VII: Condition Cards - Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition is the latest product in the GM's Aid line from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. This latest version. Condition Cards –. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Edition by. 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming design and layout by Connie J. Thomson and Robert W. Thomson. Items 1 - 50 of Hottest Cards, Props, & Visual Aids, Pathfinder-OGL, PDF .. folded) that does not have HP or Condition tabs, but also includes Languages.

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Each of these handy cards contains all the basic information you need about some of the most common conditions in the. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. PRONE. Condition Cards is presented under the Open Game and Pathfinder Roleplaying Pathfinder is a registered trademark of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and the. I love the idea of Paizo's Condition Cards, but couldn't bring myself to shell out $15 I used his card template, and some open source icons over at else not on Exhibit B) for Pathfinder Compatible products released under.

After casting around in search of the right solution for battlemat condition markers, I gave up on finding anything out there that was both immediately legible and completely unobtrusive. I like the Litko markers, but I don't like that the text of them is hidden by the mini. I like the Dark Platypus magnetic flags, but it seems like a lot of rigmarole, and it puts more clutter on the map. So I fired up Photoshop and made my own, for printing on cardstock. I wanted something that could be used either as a flat cardstock tag to slide under a mini, or -- in the case of close melee -- in such a way as to show the condition without it being hidden under the bases of surrounding minis.

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Creatures, born of fire and flame, like the fire whale yes, literally, a whale swimming in fire , the rifti protean and the efreeti genie. The CR 16 fire whale is a titanic native of the Plane of Fire.

Their innards refine this fodder into metals and gems. Deceased fire whales can be refitted and used as frames for Small starships. The module begins with the opening of a sun portal and the emergence of a fire whale and ends with a daring rescue and a military coup. Aside from 64 pages of detailed content, Fire Starters also contains countless color illustrations that help to bring this stellar world to life.

What at first seems almost too outlandish and far-fetched to be enjoyable, quickly settles in to become an intriguing and engaging experience.

Assuming these are all valid class spells, the last page will be padded with spell blanks. A page of spell blanks will be printed. Optional: Include spell blanks, color-coded by level. Enter a list of spell levels space separated : Optional: customize the color scheme by providing your own CSS. Custom color theme Spell Level Colors For spell levels, enter your custom colors in the form level color where level is the spell level use 'metamagic' for metamagic cards nad 'blank' for generic spell blanks and color is an HTML-style hex code, e.

You can customize all the spell levels or just some of them. If printing custom spell cards, you can use arbitrary names for level, but note that most special characters are stripped out.

Printers, and especially laser printers, have a narrower color gamut than monitors, and pure RGB blues skew towards violet when printed. Always make a test print of your color choices before printing your spell cards. You can leave the color or URL field blank if you don't need to specify both e. Image URLs must be to publically accessible files.

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Invalid characters are stripped out. Moreover, as many conditions in Pathfinder RPG have a more severe but related form of the condition, the cards intuitively mirrors the same progression of condition effects.

So, for example, on one side of a card is a summary of the fatigued condition and on the reverse is a summary of the exhausted condition. This intuitive combination on a single card is repeated for each of the following 26 conditions covered by the Deck wherever possible: Other related conditions appear on the following cards in a mostly intuitive manner: Using the 52 condition cards in the deck, the GM has four complete sets summarizing the 26 most common conditions to pass out during play.

I agree with almost all of the conditions that Paizo has chosen to portray on the cards as the ones being the most commonly encountered during play.

GM's Aid VII: Condition Cards (Pathfinder RPG) PDF

Six of the eight conditions not depicted on the Condition Cards Deck: Broken, Dead, Disabled, Energy Drained, Petrified , and Stable are generally not encountered during play or at least do not affect the player characters directly. A good argument can be made that the two remaining unrepresented conditions, Cowering and Panicked, would have been more useful to include in the deck instead of Incorporeal and Unconscious , but apart from a substitution of those two conditions for Cowering and Panicked instead, I think Paizo made the right choices.

After all, how often does a player gain the Incorporeal condition? I wager even my grandmother would get that one right. This new spell has the effect of lessening all of the effects of the following conditions to a condition of lesser severity on the target at the same time: Condition Cards Deck: The Verdict I have been using the Condition Cards Deck during my weekly Pathfinder Society game sessions and I have been extremely satisfied with their utility at the table.

As many Pathfinder Society players are relatively new players to the game, the utility of the Condition Cards Deck for use during PFS sessions is difficult to overstate. For those engaged in home play, the GameMastery Condition Cards Deck is still useful for all of the same reasons, but many experienced players and GMs may find it to be of somewhat lesser utility for a plethora of reasons more time to play, more space for books on the table, more experienced players, etc.

Must Have Accessory: Pathfinder Society GMs should download this card deck immediately and bring it to every game session.

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It is simply an ideal product for use during PFS play. Very Useful Accessory: All Pathfinder GMs.

Attached Files. We've been playing a narrative game, sans minis, this time around, but when one of the players picked up the Chase card deck, we wanted to try them out. We had to fudge things a little because it wasn't quite the terrain in play at the time and we weren't using the PF system, but it resolved things rather swiftly and with some interesting results. We'll probably try them again in the future though I can see how a PF game would benefit from having them on hand in a lot of situations.

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I think the reason we have unconscious and not panicked was because similar conditions are on the same card. If you're dazzled and it gets worse you flip the card.

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Since we have staggered it pairs nicely with unconcious while panicked would be illogical. And we already had shaken paired with frightened.


We use the Condition Deck in every single game we play. It is a fantastic resource and I recommend it for Pathfinder players. As useful as it is to have the card tell you what you need to know about a condition and have it serve as a reminder you are penalized it makes perfect sense to have similar cards to remind a player to make their Poison save each round. I do love the Condition Card for their sheer usefulness and of course the Goblin artwork!

Pdf pathfinder condition cards

I'm not sure I'd use these cards but I do like some of the item card sets and the faces set. Cancel Changes. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Quick Reply.

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