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Old NCERT books PDF available for download. Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Download free PDF Without watermark. History, Geography, Science. Category: Uncategorized Tags: geography old ncert, gs paper 1, ncert, old ncert class 6 to 12, geography ias, geography upsc, old ncert, old ncert geography. Old NCERT vs New NCERT debate: As a UPSC aspirant, should you read old NCERT books OR should you just focus on the new NCERTs?.

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Old books are available in English and Hindi medium. One click PDF Download. Old NCERT Geography Books PDF Download. To download Old Geography NCERT Books in your computer or mobile please use the following link. Where you get the NCERT old. NCERT E-books PDF are available in English Medium and Hindi Medium for FREE! (Download) Old NCERT PDF: Principles of Geography Class-XI(M.H.

If you cover Class 6 to Class 12 of all humanities subjects, you will develop a clear understanding of almost all basic concepts. You should also cover relevant chapters of Science books. You can check it from the below links. Yes, this is what the school students study now! If you prefer to read the hard-copies, there is an NCERT bookstore in site , from where you can easily download the titles you need. Just use this link. As these books are not currently published by NCERT, these books may not be available in any academic bookshops now.

The NCERT textbooks on sociology will give deep insights into how our society is continuously evolving and provides explanations to the varied perspectives, conflicts, and other social issues related to women, caste, children and the deprived sections of the society.


We know that NCERT forms the basis of preparation for your dream job and the most prestigious career. You can start with whatever suits you the best. You can either start with subject wise preparation by taking one subject at a time or you can start preparing for all subjects together.

If you are studying online, you can use a marker option. When you are in your second reading, make sure that you learn and memorize the underlined things. Now moving on towards your final reading, make notes of your underlined things. Now forget the books and totally focus on your notes.

Revise your notes every fortnightly. After iterations you will automatically reach the desired level of competency.


Always remember that finishing a book does not declare the things done until and unless you remember everything and are able to recall them in your mains and prelims. Your hard work is the ultimate key towards your success.

You need to study them till you feel that all your concepts have been cleared and you have started to memorize the concepts and dates. But being an average student, you will be completed in months time.

Download NCERT Class 6 to 12 Old/New Pdf Books in Hindi

The new NCERT is helpful for students in getting in-depth knowledge and improve their logical and analytical skills. Many other competitive exams also follow NCERT books as it not only solidifies your base but also makes you score well in these exams.

The first option is to go offline i. Finding these books is a daunting task as these books are limited but the numbers of students are more. You have to go to every shop and ask for the books. It is a time-consuming task, and the results are uncertain. The second option is the most recommended one, which is downloading these books online. These books will be available over numerous websites in PDF, pub or zip files. But you cannot trust every website blindly.

Download NCERT Class 6 to 12 Old/New Pdf Books in Hindi

There is always a risk of getting hacked and virus attack. There are many websites which redirect the user to some other download location and just makes money by the click count. Most of the users end up in downloading either a Trojan or virus. Flavido — February 2, Yes, please mail us the books needed and your pincode of delivery on support flavido. Tania — May 29, Moderator Flavido — May 30, Your email address will not be published.

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