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Peabody Museum and the download Non tutti gli uomini vengono per of American it. receive not for a website information of session and fü from around the pdf. You detect it same to request within the download Non tutti to switch how. Board index Free Unlimited PDF Downloads Free Downloads. Forum 3. Search bosco libri pdf DOWNLOAD THIS PDF FILE NOW!. The Salvia divinorum Research and Information CenterThe Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center Salvia divino.

Solo nel i danni dovuti a catastrofi naturali nel mondo sono stati pari a miliardi di dollari fonte: Munich Re. J e suis climat. Inoltre i paesi industrializzati si sono impegnati ad alimentare un fondo annuo da miliardi di dollari a partire dal , con un meccanismo di crescita programmata per il trasferimento delle tecnologie pulite nei paesi a scarsa industrializzazione, non in grado di fare da soli il salto verso la green economy. Cosa ci aspetta Il patto contro il riscaldamento globale mira in alto, ma ora, dopo Parigi, bisogna vedere come mettere in pratica le buone intenzioni. Bisogna avviare una nuova logica produttiva e cambiare anche stili di vita.

Altro grande problema: anche i paesi poveri potranno avvantaggiarsi delle energie rinnovabili?

Un ragionamento che vale se non si mettono in conto i costi legati alle malattie respiratorie, alle inondazioni e ai molti altri effetti collaterali che ne conseguono. Si chiama evoluzione o involuzione, questa www. Si parla ormai di profughi climatici, popolazioni costrette ad abbandonare terre compromesse da eventi estremi.

Le nuove tecnologie ci aiutano - continua la studiosa di cambiamenti climatici - ma bisogna anche affidarsi alla natura.

Anche chi vive una fase di transizione economica deve essere monitorato. Quali sono gli ostacoli? Quali i problemi per chi ha un comportamento un po' troppo spregiudicato?

Non siamo proprio dei timidoni Probabilmente, se qualcuno dieci anni fa ci avesse detto che avremmo iniziato a pubblicare online informazioni sulla nostra vita privata, famiglia, figli, preferenze sessuali, credo religioso o idee politiche, gli avremmo dato del pazzo.

Anche alcuni dati sensibili per definizione, per una buona fetta della www. Ma che imbarazzo se Eppure i problemi legati alla privacy possono capitare vedi i dati in alto. Qualcuno ha parlato addirittura di un nuovo caso Volkswagen. I was with my friend lets call him M. He would be the trip sitter. The Experience: I sat down in a comfortable position with my head propped up and my hands folded.

M filled the pipe a cheap cannabis pipe to the brim with Salvia. I found myself a bit nervous M then lit the pipe and administered the first hit to me. I held it in for a good 20 seconds. Nothing much of a cannabis buzz happened for the first three hits. I signaled for a 4th hit. I held that in for a while, and then laid my head back. All of a sudden I fell into an amnesic dream. I was thinking to myself That's it?

Pdf gli vengono nuocere download non per tutti uomini

That's what Salvia is like? I don't feel a thing! Wait a minute. I'm dreaming, but I'm not asleep! Here's how I described it to a friend: "Imagine you are on this futuristic roller coaster right before it takes off. You hear a voice that says "Get Ready You seemed to have dozed off right after the bang, but you're not sleeping.

You then think to yourself am I in an amusement park? Wait, I went on the roller coaster and I heard this voice tell me I am about to be catapulted into the ride of my life, or something. I don't remember anything after hearing that voice. Is THIS it??? It can't be I've done this a thousand times before I was old enough to retain memories. I'm sleeping I understand perfectly After smoking Salvia, I felt some sort of amnesia.

I was not quite sure what happened after the 3rd or 4th hit. I then realized something It was like I fell asleep for 10 years after the 3rd hit, then right before I woke up, time traveled back 10 years and I woke up immediately after taking that hit. During the moments after I felt like I had done this a hundred times before.

I felt like I was in a scene from my childhood I felt note, I didn't see any of this, it was purely a feeling like I was 8 years old, in a park around my house in a swing during the middle of a summer day. After I got this feeling, the feeling of the park transformed into where I was -- the beach at present age. I then began to see through closed eyelids what looked like a ranch in Mexico. In the ranch, I thought I saw a beautiful Mexican lady, but I could be wrong.

I then felt I was on an Indian reservation, with some Indians. I felt the feeling of the "peyoteros". I then felt a closeness with the aura of it all. I got the feeling that Salvia was just one of a whole library of psychedelics just waiting to be used. I then felt "normal" again and lied there still for a few moments, with my eyes closed.

M had wondered off and I heard him in the distance. I then heard footsteps come behind the umbrellas, and then around them. I felt the presence of some old, yet beautiful man could have been a woman sprinkle some dust on me. I didn't feel the dust, but I felt something mentally. I then opened my eyes. If you have seen the movie "Contact", I felt exactly like what happened to Jodie Foster as she crashed onto the beach after being transported in that machine. Also, the scene afterward where she comes back to earth, yet still feeling she was on that beach.

BTW, this was about minutes after I had smoked that last hit. I sat up and walked off to the edge of the beach. I was left with a sort of knowingness. I realized many things at this point after the experience.

I would call THIS the best part of the trip. The theories I had come up with the days before seemed to make sense. I thought about the world I live in.

That didn't make sense. Commercialism, money, business, finance, government I realized that things such as fear such of that of ghosts , jealousy, anxiety, stress, fright These things are built into the human mind to act as hurdles that we must jump. She said that things such as fundamentalist religion and science were parts of this "human" quality.

None of these "human" things made sense. I realized that in the afterworld or whatever , these things are no longer present. The human brain acts as a filter for our soul. We can not directly experience the things our soul feels, so it gets filtered through our brain. This filter adds things such as fear and hate to the things that our soul feels. I felt like that filter had been removed for a while.

This could technically be called losing your mind, though it had nothing to do with sanity. I repeated to myself "If only they knew". I had the feeling of having gone to heaven. I was also shown the goodness of psychedelic drugs. She told me that she had many, many "friends" I walked back to the umbrellas to M.

He asked me how it was. I just sat there silent, meditative. I told him "I can't tell you what this is". I had no sense of shock. I had no sense of WOW, no sense of surprise. It was just a sense of knowingness, understanding, calmness, peace.

I remained silent for the whole "afterglow" period. Now, I look at things a different way. Salvia is definitely a "teacher" plant. I now look upon her and her friends very seriously and in the utmost respect.

How is Salvia used? What are the methods and how do they differ? There are several different methods of using Salvia: These are discussed below under the questions about smoking, oral, and other methods. Okay, tell me about smoking. Smoking is probably the most common method for 'Western' users. Dried Salvia leaf is readily available from commercial sources and can be smoked without further preparation in tobacco pipes, joints, or water-pipes or bongs.

Salvia must be smoked hot hotter than tobacco is in order for salvinorin to be vaporized. The smoke is inhaled fast and hot, deeply into the lungs.

Several hits in quick succession are usually required. The smoke is irritating and probably has the same sort of health risks as tobacco smoke - cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, and heart and blood vessel disease. When smoking it is a good idea to have a sitter present although many smokers do not take this advice. What is the usual dose? Individual requirements will vary. How strong is smoking? It varies greatly depending on the dose.

How long does the trip last? When smoked, the first effects are noticed within 1 minute, rapidly developing to a peak which lasts 5 - 10 minutes, then gradually diminishing over the next 20 - 30 minutes.

From beginning to end, the entire experience lasts 30 minutes to one hour. Best not to drive for at least several more hours - just in case your reflexes or judgement are impaired longer than you think they might be.

Is there any special trick to smoking Salvia divinorum? Please read "How to achieve effects from smoked Salvia divinorum". It is best to smoke the leaf material in a pipe not a cigarette. Salvinorin A has a relatively high vaporization temperature, and with a pipe you can draw a flame directly onto the leaf material so that it burns quite hot.

It is very important to hold the smoke deeply in the lungs for a good 20 - 30 seconds before exhaling. This allows time for salvinorin A to be absorbed from the smoke. If one exhales to quickly, much of the material will be wasted. The level of effects you achieve depends on the amount of smoke inhaled and absorbed within about a 2 minute period. Within 2 minutes, you should be able to take 3 big hits holding each one in for 20 - 30 seconds.

The body metabolizes salvinorin A quite rapidly, so if you want to increase the effect by smoking several hits, you need to ingest the smoke faster than it is metabolized. If you pause too long between hits, the duration will be extended, but the intensity of effects won't increase. How do I smoke salvinorin A fortified leaf? The standardized salvinorin A enhanced leaf is very easy to use. Place the amount that you intend to use in the bowl of a small pipe.

Since the leaf may be very finely crumbled, the pipe should be fitted with a fine-mesh screen in the bottom of the bowl to prevent small particals from getting into the pipe-stem and being inhaled.

It is important to hold the lighter flame immediatly above the material and to draw it down into the leaves as you inhale. The leaf must be heated to a relatively high temperature in order to vaporize the active principal. As long as the flame is drawn down into the leaf, it will burn the leaves at a high enough temperature. It is very important to hold the smoke deeply in your lungs for a good 20—30 seconds before exhaling.

It takes time for salvinorin A to condense out of the smoke and be absorbed by the lungs. If you exhale too soon much of it will be wasted. Do I need a special kind of lighter to smoke salvinorin A fortified leaf or Salvia divinorum leaves?

An ordinary lighter or match is quite hot enough to vaporize salvinorin A and should be quite adequate for smoking salvinorin A fortified leaf products. An extra hot flame, such as that produced by a micro-torch, will simply cause more rapid vaporization and combustion. This can be an advantage when smoking plain Salvia divinorum leaves, because it is usually necessary to smoke a relatively large amount of leaf in a short amount time to achieve strong effects.

A: In theory, yes, but since sublingual absorption in not very efficient in this form, you would need to use a dose about 30—40 times larger than the smoking dose. From an economic point of view, it makes far more sense to use Sage Goddess Emerald Essence for sublingual use. Save the standardized salvinorin A fortified leaf for smoking, since the primary benefit of the standardized extracts is that they substantially reduce the amount of smoke one needs to ingest.

Is it true that it requires several attempts, before one begins to experience the full effects of Salvia? A: Many people report that they became more sensitive to the effects of Salvia after they had tried it several times. Apparently it may take a few exposures before one becomes fully sensitized to Salvia's effects.

I don't know why this should be the case, but I've heard it from so many people that am convinced this is a real phenomenon. I've followed all the advice, but I don't seem to be able to achieve strong effects, why is this?


Most of these people can achieve a satisfactory level of effects by using a higher than average dose. Some people require a dose several times higher than average. Be very cautious when experimenting with higher than average doses. Doses should be increased in gradual increments until one find the level of effects that interests you. Is there any way to extend the duration of the effects of smoked Salvia divinorum?

A: salvinorin A does not produce a tolerance effect, so you can extend the experience by simply smoking more as soon as the effects begin to fade. You can also ease into the experience by starting with a small dose and following it immediately with a "booster" dose. What is vaporization and how does it differ from smoking? Vaporization consists of heating pure salvinorin A, extract, or powdered leaf to a high temperature without igniting it. The temperature must be high enough for at least some of the salvinorin to temporarily become a gas vapor.

These vapors, mixed with the aerosol the vapors condense to and air, are inhaled. Like the smoke from burning Salvia leaves, the products of vaporization contain salvinorin and other volatile products, either as gases, or as an aerosol of small condensed droplets.

Unlike smoking, vaporization does not produce ash particulates, or oxidation products such as carbon monoxide. Inhaling vapors is probably somewhat less damaging to one's lungs than is inhaling smoke; but it cannot be considered free of all health risks.

Your lungs evolved to inhale clean air, not hot vapors. How is vaporization done? There are not yet commercial vaporizers optimized for smoking Salvia. Salvia leaf, extract, or salvinorin can be vaporized on heated aluminum foil and inhaled with a straw.

Alternatively, homemade vaporizer units can be constructed, or units designed for consumption of cannabis or tobacco can be used. Many commercial units are either not hot enough won't vaporize or too hot will carbonize for optimum vaporization of salvinorin. Is vaporization strong? Of course it depends on the dose, but it can be unbelievably strong! Dangerously so!. Since very little smoke is produced with this technique, it is possible to inhale a very large dose with very little effort.

At large doses, one may temporarily loose all awareness of who one is, where one is or what one is doing. Falls, fires, injuries etc. How far can one go on vaporization?

Nuocere gli download non tutti vengono per uomini pdf

Level 6. You can pass out. So vaporized crude leaf powder can take you as far as pure salvinorin can? To the point of general anesthesia. How long do vaporizer trips last? How quickly do they take effect? Within seconds of inhaling a lung full of vapor. The first few inhalations often contain no salvinorin as the unit is not yet hot enough.

Once salvinorin is inhaled you have only seconds to lie down in a safe place before you become incapacitated! Is vaporization a good way to go? Definitely not with present day vaporizer designs. Perhaps in the future a vaporizer will be designed specifically for Salvia use which consistently delivers just the dose one is seeking.

But using present day designs one goes too far, too fast. Injuries and fires can easily occur. There's nothing desirable about passing out. Instead of being able to linger at the interesting moderate trip levels of 3 and 4, you are blasted into a maximum intensity trip for which you will have little subsequent memory, and then it's all over. If you want to get completely smashed instantly vaporization will achieve that, but if you want a dialog with a 'teacher plant', just smoke leaves, or better yet take Salvia orally.

How about oral use? Oral use by means of chewed and swallowed leaves, or by means of a water-based Salvia drink are the traditional methods of use by the Mazatec healers.

These methods have much to recommend them including safety and suitability for learning from the 'teacher plant'. When Salvia leaves are chewed and held in ones mouth a long time, salvinorin is absorbed directly by the tissues lining the mouth.

Swallowed Salvia is much less effective, although the traditional Mazatec water-based drink, which is swallowed, is effective if enough leaves are used in its preparation.

Download nuocere pdf gli tutti uomini per non vengono

Does oral Salvia work as fast as smoking? Definitely not. When ingested orally, the first effects begin in 10 minutes. The effects build to a peak fairly quickly, reaching a plateau which can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one and a half hours. The effects then gradually subside over an additional 30 minutes to one and a half hours. From beginning to end, the entire experience can last anywhere from one to three hours.

What method of ingestion produces the best effects: Smoked or oral? A: Different people have different preferences. You should experiment with both methods and find your own preference. Smoking provides a relatively short, but potentially very intense experience, whereas sublingual absorption provides a substantially longer lasting and somewhat more gentle experience.

What is the quid method? A quid is a rolled up cylinder of fresh leaves. The quid method traditionally uses fresh Salvia leaves, large ones if available. Rehydrated previously dried leaves can be used if fresh ones are unavailable; there seems to be little loss of strength due to drying and rehydration. Unlike smoking, the quid method does not damage lungs. Unfortunately the quid method does not work for everyone. And some find the quid method to be unpleasant.

The following is a recipe for using a large dose of leaves by the quid method. It can produce a very strong trip. Note: This recipe calls for 16 leaves which is a large dose. A smaller dose would be safer for novices, using fewer leaves is especially important if exceptionally strong leaves e. Method: Make two quids of about 8 leaves each. Chew the first quid for 15 minutes, chewing once every 5 to 10 seconds. Keep the quid under your tongue between chews as this maximizes sublingual absorption.

Swish the saliva around your mouth from time to time. Do not swallow or spit unless necessary. After 15 minutes of chewing, spit out the remains of the first quid. Now, if you are not already as high as you want to get, begin the second quid.

Chew this exactly like the first for 15 minutes. When that 15 minutes have gone, spit out the quid. Of course if you feel you have reached the level you want, just spit out the quid before you get higher than you want to. A few minutes after you spit out the quid you will start coming down. During quid chewing, have a bowl handy for spitting into.

Make sure it is a bowl that wont tip over, as you will get pretty uncoordinated! Keep a towel handy in case you drool. The taste of chewed leaves is unpleasantly bitter but most people won't vomit. However, keep that bowl handy! Is there a safe way of increasing the effect of chewed quid? The effect of chewed quid can apparently be potentiated just by using mouthwash!

Do not add the mouthwash to the leaves. Instead, just before putting the quid in your mouth, rinse your entire mouth out thoroughly for at least 30 seconds with a mouthwash that contains both menthol and alcohol.

This will noticeably increase the effect of chewed leaves. This effect makes pharmacological sense, as it is known that a mixture of alcohol, water, and menthol increases the permeability of mucous membranes to various drugs. Presumably it is increasing the rate of salvinorin absorption. It is possible that other ingredients in the mouthwash, such as eucalyptol may also be contributing to this effect.

Another technique, which may be helpful, is to lightly brush the interior surfaces of the mouth with a toothbrush. This removes a layer of dead cells and consequently seems to improve absorption. If you will also be using the mouthwash technique, it is probably best to do the brushing first. What's Salvia honey slurry? Recipe for Salvia honey slurry: Ingredients: 5 grams of finely powdered dried Salvia leaf; 1 tsp.

Preparation: the leaf powder is put into a teacup, add the peppermint extract, then the honey. Mix until a uniform slurry is formed. When your mouth becomes full of saliva swallow and spoon in the next spoonful of honey slurry. Over a 30 minute period slowly consume all the honey, keeping it in contact with your oral mucosa as long as possible. Expect a mild gentle trip, not a very strong one.

What's a sublingual extract? These are extracts designed for sublingual absorption. The are held beneath the tongue so that the active principal is absorbed into the sublingual mucosa and from there into the bloodstream. The duration and quality of the experience produced is equivalent to chewing fresh leaves using the quid method.

One type of extract that may be used in this manner is called a "soft extract". Soft extracts are tar-like in texture; they are effective for sublingual use, but very large amounts must be used because they are not absorbed very efficiently. Various liquid extracts are also effective for sublingual use. At present the only commercially available sublingual extract is "Sage Goddess Emerald Essence". This is a particularly effective, ultra-concentrated, refined tincture that is prepared using a unique new separation process developed by Daniel Siebert.

This product is the most effective and reliable form of Salvia divinorum for oral use. What's Salvia elixir? A sweetened aromatic alcohol water extraction of Salvia leaf.

How is it made and used? Recipe for Salvia peppermint elixir: Note: this extraction uses whiskey, rum, or vodka. Ingredients and method: powdered Salvia leaf all you can spare in a quart Mason jar. Barely cover the powder with whisky, vodka, or rum, the higher the proof the better. Close the jar. Shake every 15 minutes for 2 hours minimum.

For stronger elixir let it sit in contact with the leaf powder for days. Squeeze the wet powder through the bag, saving as much of the Salvia saturated whiskey as possible. The whiskey which is chemically a mixture of ethanol and water has extracted the salvinorin A, so you now have an extract containing salvinorin. Add 1 capful of McCormick's Peppermint Extract to make the brew both more palatable and more potent to 1 oz. The menthol in the peppermint extract probably helps transport salvinorin across the oral mucosa, thereby maximizing the amount of Salvinorin that enters your blood stream.

Sweeten with a little honey or sugar. To use, hold in your mouth and swish it around for 30 minutes. Hold as much in your mouth as you comfortably can about 2 oz. Will cooked Salvia have any effect? For some people, but usually the effect will be quite mild, only just above threshold level.

The leaf material weighted 9.


The pan had a Teflon lining and stir frying was done with wooden spoons thus the leaves were not in contact with metal while being fried it is not known if this makes a difference. The mixture was stir fried until the garlic slices turned medium brown darker than golden brown but definitely not charred. Once the garlic had turned brown the leaves, garlic and the oil in which the mixture had been fried were all transferred to the refrigerator for later consumption.

Note: the time the leaves spent sitting in the oil in the refrigerator may have aided salvinorin extraction into the oil phase. Several hours later the bowl was taken out of the refrigerator, the frozen ginger root was grated onto it and a pinch of chili powder and 1 tsp. These were mixed and the entire contents of the bowl, including all the oil was eaten not kept under the tongue like a chewed Salvia quid but rather eaten like any food would be.

A repeat of this experiment during which the fried leaves were not refrigerated prior to consumption yielded only a minimal trip level 1 to 2 for one individual and no trip for a second person. There have been other reports of both success and failure from sauteed Salvia. With weaker leaves a higher dose would be required.

If you try this, eat all the oil the leaves were fried in along with the leaves, as the oil probably contains much of the salvinorin. The recommendation to increase the leaf dosage was made in the interest of being able to achieve a somewhat higher level for myself and a discernible level for someone less sensitive to Salvia than I am.

What type of plant is Salvia divinorum? Salvia divinorum is a type of sage. Generally, sages belong to the genus Salvia. There are about different Salvia species, including many ornamental garden sages and Salvia officinalis, the common cooking sage. Salvia is a genus in the mint family Lamiaceae Salvia divinorum is literally the sage Salvia of the diviners divinorum.

The plant has a characteristic weak 'mousy-but-minty' aroma. It is a native of a small area in Oaxaca, Mexico, growing in mountainous lands where the Mazatec Indian people dwell. How does the plant grow? Salvia divinorum is a semi-tropical perennial.

That means that it can grow back year after year but only if it is not exposed to frost. It is a green plant with large leaves and a distinctive thick hollow square green stem.

It can grow several meters high if conditions are favorable. When it grows high enough the branches will bend or break and may root if they come in contact with moist earth. Although S.

Experience has shown that plants grown from seed are often lacking in vigor. The plant is typically propagated by cuttings. The leaves are oval, weakly serrated and can be quite large up to 9 inches length. The leaves are often emerald green and are covered with a fine coating of very short hairs giving the leaves a satin-like velvety appearance in certain lights.

The plants are water loving but grow best in partial shade in well-watered but well-drained soil. Is it easy to grow Salvia?


Salvia can be grown indoors in any climate. It makes a beautiful house plant. Can I grow it outdoors? That depends on where you live. If you live in a humid semi-tropical climate, with well-drained but well-watered somewhat acidic soil with a high humus content, Salvia will thrive.

If you live in a more northern or arid climate you can still grow Salvia outdoors, weather permitting, but you may have to do it with some care, making sure it is protected from frost, watered frequently, and misted as needed when low humidity conditions prevail.

Salvia will not tolerate frost or drought. It can be grown outdoors in pots which can be brought indoors when it is cold below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. How often should it be watered? Salvia will tell you when it is getting too dry - its leaves will droop. Be sure to water it at the first sign of mild drooping, do not let the plant become flaccid.

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The soil should drain but should be kept moist. What soil mixture should I use? Commercial potting soil will do. Make sure the pot is large. It should have a drain hole. Placing gravel or broken up chunks of styrofoam in the bottom of the pot will help promote drainage and thus discourage root rot.

Does it need fertilizer? Yes it will. There is no one fertilizer that is clearly best. Satisfactory results can be achieved with different products. How much sunlight is needed? Salvia divinorum can do well in a variety of different lighting conditions.

It does best with a few hours of partial sunlight a day. It can do well grown indoors near a window. It can survive full sun if kept well watered and misted frequently. It can also handle moderately deep shade. What pests are a problem? Too many! Whitefly is a big problem for greenhouse grown plants. Aphids, slugs, caterpillars, thrips, spider mites, and scale insects can also damage your plants.

Root rot and stem rot can be problems. Fungal spots can appear in leaves. It is not known which plant viruses attack Salvia divinorum but many attack other sages.

What is the best way to deal with pests? Your garden hose is your best friend in fighting pests. Spray the leaves hard enough to blow the pests away but not hard enough to damage the leaves. Don't forget to spray the undersides of the leaves too. If the hose method does not do the trick then more specific methods will be needed.

Aphids and scale insects can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Slugs can be kept away by growing in pots on a raised deck or palette. Beer can also be used to attract and drown slugs. Set a saucer of beer in a slight depression in the ground; the surface of the saucer should be flush with the soil so slugs can get in.

Slugs and snail are said to be repelled by copper surfaces. Copper foil strips can be placed as a protective barrier on the soil surface around plants. Keep them a distance away from the plants.

Do not let the copper touch the plants as it may kill them. Snail pellets effective against both snails and slugs are available from garden stores.