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Download at => Exam MTA Database Administration Fundamentals (Microsoft. MTA: Database Fundamentals. Passing any one Pass a set of four IT Infrastructure exams to validate breadth of skills needed for a DBA career. COURSE. Database Administration Fundamentals provides students with fundamental Students are encouraged to register at in order access .

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Certifica. ECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATE (MTA. UDY GUIDE FOR DEVELOPERS for MTA Certification. A). S. Database Administration. Fundamentals. Database Administration Fundamentals. Target Audience. Candidates for this exam are seeking to prove introductory knowledge of and skills with databases. Database Administration Fundamentals: MTA Exam () Download PDF This three-day MTA Training course helps you prepare for Microsoft.

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Getting certified is no problem with the help of Greatexam. The fact is that we have put much effort to satisfy our customers. You are assigned the task of creating a data model of an enterprise based on a specific data model.

The model to be created should be independent of a particular DBMS. Which of the following database designs will help you accomplish the task? Logical database design B. Conceptual database design C. Physical database design D. Gathering information B. Identifying the relationship between objects C. Identify the objects D. Identifying the type of information for each objects E. Consider the case of a fruit juice company.

The company manufactures fruit juices and supplies them to wholesalers. The Database Designer creates a table named Production.

The code is given below: 1. Quantity Int 3 Which of the above-mentioned lines has an error? Line 3 B. Line 2 C. Line 1 D. John wants to insert records in a table where the database is structured in a fixed format. Which of the following data models will he use to accomplish the task?

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Object relational data model B. Entity-Relationship Model C. Network data model D. You want to create an index to speed up these types of queries at the same time, ensuring the index is as small as possible.

What type of index should you use? Non-clustered B. Filtered C. Clustered D. Lock B. Encryption C. Constraint D. One of the databases will contain highly sensitive data for which high level of security will be required. Although high processing speed is one of the prime requirements of the customer, for this database, security of the data will take priority over the processing speed.

It needs to be ensured that even if unauthorized access to the database is obtained, the rogue user is unable to read the data. Which of the following protection techniques will you suggest for this database? Authentication B. Native auditing D. Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three. Top-down approach B. Bottom-up approach C. Middle approach D. You plan to create a well-designed database for the company. You implement normalization rules for designing the database.

Few days back, your server crashed. Now, it is up and online. You need to check the integrity of various tables used in the database. For which of the following tables will this command work? Choose two. Choose all that apply. Data Pump B. They can have constraints or triggers. They cannot be written to with DML commands. They can have indexes. They cannot be used in joins, views, and subqueries. You have developed the conceptual design of the database of an organization.

Following is the ER-diagram, which you have designed. Now you have to convert the following diagram to a logical model. Which of the following steps will you take to accomplish the task? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Now migrate the Start Date attribute of "works on" relationship to the Project table. Create two tables, Employee and Project. Create a primary key for both the tables. Migrate the primary key of the Employee table to the Project table to maintain referential integrity between the two tables.

Create three tables, Employee, Project, and Manager. Management instructs him to provide an additional security layer to the database to prevent unauthorized viewing of data with the help of an algorithm called cipher. Which of the following will help him to accomplish the task? Native auditing B. Authentication C. Encryption D. Application Design B. Object Modeling C. Database Design D. Concurrency B. She is assigned the task of decomposing the components of a database, but she has to ensure that all the components are decomposed to only some extent.

Which of the following approaches will she use to accomplish the task? Mixed approach B. Inside-out approach C.

Top-down approach D. The university has many regional centers across the country. Each regional center has a head known as regional manager. Each regional center has allotted more than one study center in its region.

Each regional center has a region code, which is unique and specifies a region. Each study center also has a study center code, which is also unique. What is the relationship between regional center and study center? One-to-one B. One-to-many C. There is no relationship. All servers on the www. The www. The network's regular users make use of stored procedures for the data values that need insertion into the tables.

The stored procedures used in the network of the company are designed to access SQL variant type parameters and then use the values to build and execute ad hoc query statements that are the part of the SQL statements. During a routine network check, you discover that there are several odd occurrences in the database.

The odd occurrences include data deleted from tables and other unauthorized activity. You suspect a user is executing the unauthorized statements through the stored procedures. You are required to stop the unauthorized changes while having least impact on the stored procedures that are in use.

Your explanation must use the least administrative effort. What should you do? The input parameters should be parsed to watch for and block any input including single quotes. The stored procedures used for the table should be replaced with ad hoc queries. The stored procedure should be customized to use type-specific and length-restricted parameters.

All data handling activity on the table should be audited and recorded. Management instructs you to remove an object from the relational database management system. Which of the following statements will you use to accomplish the task? DROP B. Abstraction B. Database security C. The company has a database and they want you to create a design for a database that will support the enterprise's operations and objectives.

Which of the following will you use to accomplish the task? Application design B. Database design C. Database planning D. You are designing a table named Info. This E-mail Login and Password is used by each employee to access his account on the company's Web site. The value of both the attributes should be unique and cannot be NULL. You design an artificial key EmpID in the Info table to serve as a primary key.

Which of the following factors lead you to define an artificial key for use as a primary key in the Info table? The value of the primary key cannot be NULL. The value of the primary key must be persistent. The natural key contains highly sensitive data. The value of the primary key must be unique.

Which of these files store updates that have been made after the backup was made? Binary log files B. Prototyping B. Conceptual database design D.

The network contains new and old pre You configure another database server on the network. You allow the network clients to connect to the new server. Some users complain that when they try to connect to the server, they receive the following error: ERROR The client does not support authentication protocol requested by the server; consider upgrading MySQL client. You do not want to upgrade any client or server right now, and want to enable all clients to connect to the new server successfully.

Which of the following steps will you take to resolve the issue? Run the server with the --secure-auth option. Run the server with the --old-password option.

Run the server with the --allow-old option. Run the server with the --enable-old option. Identifying the relationships between objects B. Gathering information C. Object identification D. He wants to create a table named Product. An attribute declared as a primary key cannot contain NULL values. Each attribute should be defined as a primary key separately. A table cannot have two primary keys. ProductName is declared as Varchar without specifying the width of the column. A foreign key constraint works in conjunction with a primary key constraint to enforce referential integrity among related entities.

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A foreign key ties attribute s of an entity to the primary key of another entity, for the purpose of creating a dependency. There is no relationship between a primary key and a foreign key. A foreign key and a primary key create a link between two entities. Management instructs him to ensure that no inconsistent data is entered in the database.

Referential integrity B. Abstraction C. Authentication E. If not, then which normal form NF is violated?

The table is in normal form, as each cell contains only one value. The company has a database named www. The database includes a table named Employees, which contains the details of the employees. The EmployeeChanges table includes columns to record what the change was, who made the change, and when they made the change. What should you create to meet this need?

A DDL trigger that queries the updated table B. A DML trigger that queries the inserted table C. A DDL trigger that queries the inserted table D. To recover a tablespace that contains rollback segments. To recover a table that has become logically corrupted. To recover a DML statement that has affected only a subset of the database. To recover a tablespace on a very large database.

She has been given an assignment to design the database of a publishing company. Royalty and LiteraryAgent are the other attributes. LiteraryAgent is functionally dependent on AuthorID. Which of the following is true about this table? It violates 4NF. It violates 2NF. It violates 1NF. There is no violation. Database planning B. Identifying information for objects C. You notice that the DML statement has not executed.

Pdf fundamentals database mta administration

What will you do to resolve the issue? Clean up all the uncommitted transactions on the Sales table. Add more space to the tablespace and increase the users quota on the tablespace. Provide redundant network paths from the client computer to the server along with additional listener connections on the Oracle server and redundant network cards on the Oracle server. Provide an appropriate privilege or create views on the Sales table, and grant privileges on the view. You are designing a database to record information about potential customers.

You create a table named ProductInquiry for the database. The table is given below: You want to uniquely identify the product in which a customer is interested. QUESTION 42 Which of the following is the process of extracting trails on a regular basis so that they can be transferred to a designated security system where the database administrators do not have access?

Database security D. The Sales database contains a table named OrderDetails, which is a heavily transacted table with frequent inserts. Indexes in the table often become fragmented due to excessive page splitting.

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You want to minimize the amount of fragmentation due to page splits. Update the statistics on the indexes. Change the fillfactor for the indexes to Change the fillfactor for the indexes to 0. All clients are local clients.

For security, you want to disable connections from the remote clients. Start the server with the --disable-networking option.

Start the server with the --shared-memory option. Start the server with the --skip-networking option. Start the server with the --secure-auth option. Each department has a department head known as senior manager. Several employees are working in a department under the senior manager. Identify the most appropriate ER-diagram that represents the relationship between department and employees.

It checks that no component of a primary key can have a null value and no duplicate entries can exist. It checks that the value of a primary key must be consistent throughout the life of an instance. It distinguishes between null values and zero entries. It checks that no record in a child table can exist if its corresponding record is not available in the parent table. The management instructs him to plan a database where identifying the key objects or entities for database management is important.

Which of the following database planning steps will help him to accomplish the task? Object identification B. Identifying the relationships between objects D. Recently, several customers were deleted from the Customers database.

To ensure this is not repeated in future, you have decided to create a DML trigger to prevent it.