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18 दिसंबर List of 25 Best Motivational Books in Hindi. 1. भगवद गीता - Bhagavad . You can download this book as Paperback or Ebook from site. in. views · Answer. A brilliant collection of Motivational / Business and other free e-books that you can. Read it . The guide is available in PDF, ePub, and (Kindle) formats. Jeet Aapki Shiv Khera Hindi Books Pdf Shiv Khera, Shiva, Cuttings, Girlfriends, Inspirational Poems, Motivational Thoughts, Positive Quotes, Motivational Quotes , Kaise Sochen (कैसे सोचें) by Maaprajna Acharya Hindi ebook pdf.

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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . books based on votes: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Finding Hope in nice colltion i found one more colltion Download our best Motivational Books for free today. PDF, ePub and Kindle formats for all devices. Enjoy!.

All free of course. Please refer anyone you believe could also benefit from these great titles directly to this page so they too may download these for free. Together we can change lives. To your success! Your Free-eBooks.

As a reader when you take up this book, you will identify a place for yourself to fit in your dreams in sync with their action plan. The quote mentioned above holds great relevance in the contemporary era. There are a lot of break-through technological inventions which come and go.

But you always hold a first mover advantage because you are playing in a field where there is no player. Inspiration Quotient: Remember that when it comes to chasing inspiration to achieve your dreams, follow your heart and never be complacent with what you have, push yourself farther.

The book has a lot in store for people who want to weave the digital threads of India to make Indian progressive with the other nations of the world. The quote mentioned below is a vivid example of his indomitable spirit that is unbeatable and the living example is the growth of digital economy of India in the current scenario. Inspiration Quote: While being centric to the theme of the digital world, the book still embraces all the bars of impediments and obstacles which come in the way of success of everyone.

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Tiya: A Parrot's Journey Home — Samarpan How would you feel if you are asked to leave you home without any intimation and you have no other option but to leave without questioning? Tiya, a parrot and many more similar birds face this challenge in their everyday life when they find it hard to leave their home i. But what happens to them after that? Do they stop living or do they still linger on the hope to live a better life.

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This book opens up on the journey of a bird that experiences the numerous shades of life and teaches us a lot about living life on easy terms. The experiences of Tiya are an eye opener for many of us because the bird questions the rationale behind our existence on earth. These questions may remain unanswered but if you introspect, you will get inspired by the voice of your soul. Inspiration Quotient: Listening to your own conscience is the best reward that you can give to yourself.

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Because we forget to live for ourselves while serving others and running after a hazy goal in life. The God of small things is an inspiring encounter with two twin sisters who go through a series of unfortunate events in life.

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Will these events bog them down or make them stronger to evolve as a Lotus in the stale pond? For those who need a big booster of inspiration, this work of Arundhati Roy is a must read as it will help you boost your self-morale, self-esteem and inspire you embark upon a new beginning.

The book will make you realize that need for change and the futility to becoming rigid in life.

Inspiration Quotient: Change is the inevitable truth and acceptance of it is another unavoidable fact. The better to learn the more early you become successful.

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To Sum Up Inspiration is not a substitute of food or fodder that can fulfil out hunger, but it is a vitamin which when absent in the meal can lead to deficiency disease. We need a constant supply of inspiration but books are the best means that can enrich as well as inspire us in our leisure time to fill the empty blocks of life.

So conditioned are we by the Mind that we are used to seeing things in a certain way; do things the way we have always done.

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However, when we learn to control our mind and master our thinking, it is only then we have the power and freedom to change our lives profoundly. Ever since the video 'How to Control your Mind' by Sandeep Maheshwari went live on YouTube, countless people reported significant transformation in their lives.

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The requests started pouring in and the video was translated into this E-Book for more and more to benefit from it. This book is the crux of a dialogue between Sandeep Maheshwari and the audience.

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The dialogue mainly points out the differences between the dual levels of existence. The Mind and the Intellect. It outlines how the Intellect can be used to direct the Mind in the right direction. While giving you a complete demonstration punctuated with real life relatable examples of how to control the Mind, the narrator also spotlights the true level of existence and unveils the infinite amidst the finite world.

Have you ever observed the pure joy on a child's face? The innocence?