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This e-book, “The Power of Mind Mapping”, and all material herein, is . important to let your brain work the way it wants and help it, instead of forcing it to take a. Today's information environment demands that everyone saves time, improves efficiency and thinks more creatively. Mind Mapping is invaluable in a business. Thorsons, p. ISBN: X. Mind Maps at Work takes a fresh and exuberant look at how Mind Maps can keep you one step ahead of your.

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In Mind Maps for Business, Tony Buzan, the world's leading author on Mind Mapping, together with Chris Griffiths, co-founder and CEO of Buzan Online Ltd, will. Read "Mind Maps for Business 2nd edn Using the ultimate thinking tool to revolutionise how you work" by Tony Buzan available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up. Mind Maps for Business Online gives you access to a vast collection of free resources to revolutionise your business thinking and practice. Aligned with the.

Often referred to as the the Swiss-army knife for the brain, Mind Maps are a ground-breaking, note-taking and mind-organising technique that has already revolutionised the lives of many millions of people around the world and taken the educational world by storm. Now Tony Buzan is sharing the powerful techniques of mind mapping with the business world to help business professionals everywhere revolutionise the way they think and practise. Mind Maps for Business is the very first and only book on mind mapping that has been written by Tony Buzan specifically for a business audience. No matter how big or small the business you work in; no matter if youre an employer or an employee; no matter what your role is, youll find the benefits of using mind maps to help you think, organise, plan and control are vast: Accelerate your productivity to levels you never thought possible. Generate exciting new possibilities for growth and expansion. Make meetings, discussions and forums really productive and useful. Negotiate, talk and consult more constructively and effectively.

You can then export your work as an image file or PDF as required. A handy feature is that the software continually autosaves so it's easy to roll back to an early version. Even better, the software is free to download. It can also be used collaboratively, and your finished mind map can be shared easily, including to online blogs.

There's a free version available for individuals, but you can download a copy to your own company servers if you want to use it for business. Either way, it's free to use. It's a more developed collaborative platform than some of the others, and has both team and management features built in. This means that it is good for more than just mind mapping but also project flows.

Thinking made easy: the best 7 mind-mapping programs, explained

The flexibility built into the program means it has a large corporate following and boasts a number of Fortune companies as clients.

Have a read and let us know what you think. The aim is to inform and provide insight to those interested in building their first real website. Most Popular.

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Your data will remain secure. Website: Lucidchart 5 Bubbl. Features: You can add files and images. Mind maps can be saved as an image or HTML. Easy to create a presentation. Created mind maps can be shared. There will be real-time collaboration. Best For: It is a web-based tool.

You can create, share, and publish mind maps using this tool. It supports to publish mind maps on the social network. With the paid option, you can create and save large maps. You will get more storage space with the paid option. Features: It works fast.

Created mind maps will be stored on the cloud so you can access it anywhere anytime. Supports keyboard shortcuts. Maps can be saved on Google Drive and managed through Google Apps. You can add images and attach files. You can create any number of maps for free of cost. Website: Mindmup 7 Coggle Coggle is an online tool. It can be used for taking notes, planning, workflows, and brainstorming. It is easy to use.

Features: Real-time Collaboration feature will allow you to work in a team.

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You can add any number of images. To add the image you just have to drag and drop it. You can save every change. And if you want you can revert back to the previous version.

It will allow you to add floating text and images. Best For: It is the best tool for flowcharts. A wide range of shapes is available to draw flowcharts. You can create the link and allow few people to edit the mind map.

Website: Coggle 8 XMind 8 This tool is perfect for mind mapping and business charts. It has some predefined useful templates. It has many themes, advanced features, and cross-platform compatible fonts. It can be used on Windows and Mac. Features: It has four pre-defined structures for business charts. It has a Mindmap structure, Org chart, Tree chart, and Logic chart. You can create a presentation. Website: Xmind 8 9 MindGenius MindGenius is a commercial tool and can be used for brainstorming, project management, and mind mapping.

It can be used on Windows systems.

It has task management features. Best For: This tool is best for project and workload management. Website: MindGenius 10 Creately It is a desktop tool to draw diagrams. It can be used on Android and iOS mobiles.

You can work online and offline with this tool.

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It has thousands of templates and many special shapes. It can be integrated with Confluence and Jira. Features: It supports real-time collaboration via email.

In a single click, you can create a shape and a line connecting to it.

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Drag and drop facility for different shapes. You will be able to change arrowheads easily. PDF export facility. Best For: It is easy to use. It works fast.