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The Manusmṛti (Sanskrit: मनुस्मृति), also spelled as Manusmriti, is an ancient legal text which from later linguistic developments is untenable due to the language of the text which must be dated later .. He wrote that 'To prepare a book of law in the style of Manu means to give a people the right to become master. burning of manusmriti manusmriti in telugu online reading rss manusmriti constitution manusmriti telugu book pdf manusmriti original. T E L U G U B O O K S. IN THE. LIBRARY. ÖIS THE. B R IT IS H M U S F U M. COMPLIED BY. L. D. BARNETT, M.A., LITT.D. # EEPER OF THE DEPARTMENT .

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Manusmriti In Telugu Pdf Free Download > interested in these books, I furnish below the download links: Rugvedam in Telugu Download Yujur . Manusmriti: The Laws of Manu. THE LAWS OF MANU. BC translated by G. Buhler. I. 1. The great sages approached Manu, who was seated. Read Manusmriti book reviews & author details and more at Hardcover; Publisher: Navaratna Book House (); Language: Telugu; ASIN.

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The Laws of Manu Penguin Classics. Kautilya's Arthashastra. Valmiki Ramayanam.

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HH Bhakti Vikasa. Chanakya Neeti. Other Side Of Jesus, the real character of the bible god. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. See all free Kindle reading apps. Tell the Publisher!


I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Product details Hardcover Publisher: Navaratna Book House Language: Telugu ASIN: Be the first to review this item site Bestsellers Rank: Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Manu Dharmam. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Back to top. Manu Smriti is one of the 18 Smritis. It is important to note that laws given by Manu, in Manu Smriti although followed in some form even today, are not considered divine, and may be modified by the society to keep up with the times.

Indeed, it has been speculated that in its current form, Manu Smriti represents laws that have been added or modified throughout the history. Chapter 1[ edit ] 1. The great sages approached Manu, who was seated with a collected mind, and, having duly worshipped him, spoke as follows: 2. He, whose power is measureless, being thus asked by the high-minded great sages, duly honoured them, and answered, 'Listen!

This universe existed in the shape of Darkness, unperceived, destitute of distinctive marks, unattainable by reasoning, unknowable, wholly immersed, as it were, in deep sleep.

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Then the divine Self-existent Svayambhu, himself indiscernible, but making all this, the great elements and the rest, discernible, appeared with irresistible creative power, dispelling the darkness. He who can be perceived by the internal organ alone , who is subtile, indiscernible, and eternal, who contains all created beings and is inconceivable, shone forth of his own will.

He, desiring to produce beings of many kinds from his own body, first with a thought created the waters, and placed his seed in them.

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That seed became a golden egg, in brilliancy equal to the sun; in that egg he himself was born as Brahman, the progenitor of the whole world. The waters are called narah, for the waters are, indeed, the offspring of Nara; as they were his first residence ayana , he thence is named Narayana.

From that first cause, which is indiscernible, eternal, and both real and unreal, was produced that male Purusha , who is famed in this world under the appellation of Brahman. The divine one resided in that egg during a whole year, then he himself by his thought alone divided it into two halves; And out of those two halves he formed heaven and earth, between them the middle sphere, the eight points of the horizon, and the eternal abode of the waters. From himself atmanah he also drew forth the mind, which is both real and unreal, likewise from the mind egoism, which possesses the function of self-consciousness and is lordly; Moreover, the great one, the soul, and all products affected by the three qualities, and, in their order, the five organs which perceive the objects of sensation.

But, joining minute particles even of those six, which possess measureless power, with particles of himself, he created all beings. Because those six kinds of minute particles, which form the creator's frame, enter a-sri these creatures , therefore the wise call his frame sarira, the body.

That the great elements enter, together with their functions and the mind, through its minute parts the framer of all beings, the imperishable one.

But from minute body -framing particles of these seven very powerful Purushas springs this world , the perishable from the imperishable. Among them each succeeding element acquires the quality of the preceding one, and whatever place in the sequence each of them occupies, even so many qualities it is declared to possess. But in the beginning he assigned their several names, actions, and conditions to all created beings , even according to the words of the Veda.

He, the Lord, also created the class of the gods, who are endowed with life, and whose nature is action; and the subtile class of the Sadhyas, and the eternal sacrifice. But from fire, wind, and the sun he drew forth the threefold eternal Veda, called Rik, Yagus, and Saman, for the due performance of the sacrifice.

Time and the divisions of time, the lunar mansions and the planets, the rivers, the oceans, the mountains, plains, and uneven ground. Austerity, speech, pleasure, desire, and anger, this whole creation he likewise produced, as he desired to call these beings into existence. Moreover, in order to distinguish actions, he separated merit from demerit, and he caused the creatures to be affected by the pairs of opposites , such as pain and pleasure.

But with the minute perishable particles of the five elements which have been mentioned, this whole world is framed in due order.

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But to whatever course of action the Lord at first appointed each kind of beings , that alone it has spontaneously adopted in each succeeding creation.

Whatever he assigned to each at the first creation, noxiousness or harmlessness, gentleness or ferocity, virtue or sin, truth or falsehood, that clung afterwards spontaneously to it. As at the change of the seasons each season of its own accord assumes its distinctive marks, even so corporeal beings resume in new births their appointed course of action.

But for the sake of the prosperity of the worlds he caused the Brahmana, the Kshatriya, the Vaisya, and the Sudra to proceed from his mouth, his arms, his thighs, and his feet. Dividing his own body, the Lord became half male and half female; with that female he produced Virag. But know me, O most holy among the twice-born, to be the creator of this whole world , whom that male, Virag, himself produced, having performed austerities.

Then I, desiring to produce created beings, performed very difficult austerities, and thereby called into existence ten great sages, lords of created beings, They created seven other Manus possessing great brilliancy, gods and classes of gods and great sages of measureless power, Yakshas the servants of Kubera, the demons called Rakshasas and Pisakas, Gandharvas or musicians of the gods , Apsarases the dancers of the gods , Asuras, the snake-deities called Nagas and Sarpas, the bird-deities called Suparnas and the several classes of the manes, Lightnings, thunderbolts and clouds, imperfect rohita and perfect rainbows, falling meteors, supernatural noises, comets, and heavenly lights of many kinds, 39 Horse-faced Kinnaras, monkeys, fishes, birds of many kinds, cattle, deer, men, and carnivorous beasts with two rows of teeth, Small and large worms and beetles, moths, lice, flies, bugs, all stinging and biting insects and the several kinds of immovable things.

Thus was this whole creation , both the immovable and the movable, produced by those high-minded ones by means of austerities and at my command, each being according to the results of its actions. But whatever act is stated to belong to each of those creatures here below, that I will truly declare to you, as well as their order in respect to birth. Cattle, deer, carnivorous beasts with two rows of teeth, Rakshasas, Pisakas, and men are born from the womb.

From eggs are born birds, snakes, crocodiles, fishes, tortoises, as well as similar terrestrial and aquatic animals. From hot moisture spring stinging and biting insects, lice, flies, bugs, and all other creatures of that kind which are produced by heat.

All plants, propagated by seed or by slips, grow from shoots; annual plants are those which, bearing many flowers and fruits, perish after the ripening of their fruit; Those trees which bear fruit without flowers are called vanaspati lords of the forest ; but those which bear both flowers and fruit are called vriksha.

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But the various plants with many stalks, growing from one or several roots, the different kinds of grasses, the climbing plants and the creepers spring all from seed or from slips. These plants which are surrounded by multiform Darkness, the result of their acts in former existences , possess internal consciousness and experience pleasure and pain.

The various conditions in this always terrible and constantly changing circle of births and deaths to which created beings are subject, are stated to begin with that of Brahman, and to end with that of these just mentioned immovable creatures.

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When he whose power is incomprehensible, had thus produced the universe and men, he disappeared in himself, repeatedly suppressing one period by means of the other. When that divine one wakes, then this world stirs; when he slumbers tranquilly, then the universe sinks to sleep. But when he reposes in calm sleep, the corporeal beings whose nature is action, desist from their actions and mind becomes inert.

When they are absorbed all at once in that great soul, then he who is the soul of all beings sweetly slumbers, free from all care and occupation. When this soul has entered darkness, it remains for a long time united with the organs of sensation , but performs not its functions; it then leaves the corporeal frame.

When, being clothed with minute particles only , it enters into vegetable or animal seed, it then assumes, united with the fine body , a new corporeal frame.

Thus he, the imperishable one, by alternately waking and slumbering, incessantly revivifies and destroys this whole movable and immovable creation.

But he having composed these Institutes of the sacred law , himself taught them, according to the rule, to me alone in the beginning; next I taught them to Mariki and the other sages.

Bhrigu, here, will fully recite to you these Institutes; for that sage learned the whole in its entirety from me. Then that great sage Bhrigu, being thus addressed by Manu, spoke, pleased in his heart, to all the sages, 'Listen! Six other high-minded, very powerful Manus, who belong to the race of this Manu, the descendant of the Self-existent Svayambhu , and who have severally produced created beings, These seven very glorious Manus, the first among whom is Svayambhuva, produced and protected this whole movable and immovable creation , each during the period allotted to him.