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Obviously, making a clear distinction between programmes on the basis of genre or format is difficult, and this is especially true of Italian television, which shows a strong tendency to hybridisation of genres.

All the comedy, reality and documentary programmes identified are Italian made. The reality-based programmes, reality-based entertainment shows and documentary were all presented by women, except one that was presented by a man and a woman. Table 1 shows the 10 most popular programmes on crime, law and justice in November Note that programmes with just one episode a week always have more viewers than the average for the network.

Figure 4: Distribution of programmes by genre Figure 6: More than two-thirds of the TV series are centred on official police forces. These lie along a continuum that runs from the figure of the individual policeman to an entire investigative team. Squadra Antimafia is now in its sixth season, liked by the critics and young viewers. Highly interesting and innovative is the presence of two female characters in the opposing and traditionally male roles of the head of the police team and the powerful Mafia boss.

Also in this category is the TV miniseries Una pallottola nel cuore: A comic representation of the Carabinieri is also provided by the only comedy identified in the month of November, the series Carabinieri. Lastly, we find the documentary Amore Criminale Criminal Love, Rai 3, — , which is dedicated exclusively to the highly topical theme in modern Italy of violence against women.

They include three series, two shown as repeats and one on its first showing, The Good Wife. Un giorno in pretura A Day in Court is currently the only reality courtroom programme on Italian television. It is also one of its most long-lived programmes. The three reality-based entertainment shows, accounting for a daily total of almost five hours, are Forum, its spin-off Lo sportello di Forum Forum Office and Torto o ragione?

Il verdetto finale Right or Wrong? The Final Verdict.

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As shown in Table 1, these programmes enjoy a consistently high number of viewers: This is confirmed by the research, which found no dramas, reality-based programmes or any other genre dedicated to this theme in November. Outside our sample, just two cases may be cited.

Pdf dagosto la vampa

The first is the episode of the investigative programme Report Rai 3, 30 November , focusing on the return of detainees to the world of work. Obviously, this is not to deny that American products continue to enjoy great success and provide models for Italian programmes. Nor is it intended to dismiss the effects of foreign series on domestic legal culture. It is however fundamental to recognise the importance of cultural proximity and the products of local cultural industries in the preferences of national audiences.

The Mafia is everywhere in Italian dramas, and not just in police series. Indeed, by means of this uninterrupted and compelling narrative, Mafia-style criminal organisations are blamed for all the most widespread forms of illegality and injustice in the country, from corruption to drugs, from poor politics to environmental pollution, conversely legitimising and absolving institutions and citizens.

Moreover, and this is also true of cinema, it is possible to see a certain tendency to mythologise Mafia bosses, which in the past was avoided45 but is evident today in series such as Il capo dei capi Boss of Bosses, Canale 5, , Romanzo Criminale and Gomorra. The most successful police and legal dramas of the last few years indicate that a distinctively Italian way of representing the law has now become consolidated.

Whereas Tomeo46 observed that it was not possible to represent the social distance between the legal system and the citizens without recourse to either comedy or heroism, in more recent times this limited choice has become more nuanced, with more flexible and hybrid narrative styles.

Camilleri Il Ladro Di Merendine Pdf

We have also seen the arrival of heroes 43 Nelken , Considering the cop shows, it would be difficult to imitate an absolute hero like Cattani in La Piovra.

However, the public always love a detective, even one who does not wear a uniform, who instead of a gun uses a psychological magnifying glass to read the miseries of the human soul, as in the very popular series Don Matteo Rai 1, —.

There is often a touch of comedy.

The backdrop is usually a tightly-knit provincial community everybody knows each other , where the basic assets of the Italian way of life the family, the beautiful towns and landscape, good food help people to face the troubles of everyday life or to resign themselves to them.

Indeed, the series, especially those of the generalist channels, tend to avoid tackling the social and ethical contradictions of the present, even when they provide the inspiration for their plots. This perpetuates the reassuring and consolatory message of the classic police novel48 and legal television series in general.

As for lawyers, Italians appear to be better served by television than their American colleagues. Indeed, while in the US television and cinema reflect a process of disillusionment with the 47 Buonanno For this reason, Buonanno is right when she says that Perry Mason still inhabits Italian television.

Pdf la vampa dagosto

Almost always the adversary or the martyr of the Mafia, the judge is a lone hero, comforted only by his family, a few friends and his bodyguards, tenaciously searching for the truth in a society that is too often resigned, cynical or corrupt. The authority of television judges is purely fictional: Prison, despite the rare but praiseworthy attempts by authors and television channels to talk about what happens inside prisons, remains a dark and obscure place, in the sense that the social meaning and cultural significance of punishment is never highlighted or questioned.

In conclusion, it can be argued that the Italian dramas and shows provide a rather poor representation of the procedures and principles underpinning law and justice. Despite the wide- ranging and diversified nature of the programming, very little space is reserved for law in a formal 52 Leonard ; Sherwin ; Rafter There is little attempt to tackle the complexity of the relations between the legal system and the social system, while the reading of social reality and crime that is offered to the public by means of the people, institutions and rituals of the law as represented on television is excessively black-and-white.

This is not new: That is, by exalting the individual over the procedure, do they not devalue those institutions? Do the foreign examples channelled by compelling and spectacular TV series not seem to be more just and effective than those of the Italian legal tradition, fuelling a widespread but unthinking demand for imitation?

Tracce e Immagini di un Privilegio, , Roma: Il commissario Montalbano. Immagini di Donne in TV, , Milano: The Critical View, , Oxford: Stories from the Soil, Stories from the Sea, , Bristol: Experiences and Theories, , Bristol: Rivista annuale di cinema italiano Cassese, S, Governare gli Italiani: Storia dello Stato, , Bologna: Da finestra sul Mondo a Panopticon, , Roma: In Ricordo di Vincenzo Tomeo, , Milano: An Introduction, , Oxford: Anatomia del Processo Cusani, , Bologna: Globalization and Contemporary Italian Media, , Lanham: Grasso, A ed , Enciclopedia della Televisione, , Milano: Affermazioni e Trasformazioni di un Eroe Mediatico, , Roma: La Televisione tra Politica e Telecomunicazioni, , Bologna: Marsilio Monteleone, F, La chiamavamo Radiotelevisione: Carocci Morcellini, M ed , Mafia a Dispense: Stili della Rappresentazione Televisiva, , Roma: Selected readings, , Harmondsworth: Televisione e Cultura in Italia, , Milano: Public Television and Politics in Italy, , Lanham: In ricordo di Vincenzo Tomeo, , Milano: A Companion to the Mystery Fiction, , Jefferson: From Global to Local, , London: TV mini-series whose main character is a crime journalist nearing retirement who, having rediscovered the ethical duty of telling the truth, takes up a cold case and manages to solve it with intuition and enthusiasm.

The lawyer Tasca, the most successful Italian variant of the much-imitated Perry Mason, discovers the terrible truth beneath the surface of cases and gets a confession from the culprits, re-establishing the values of justice and solidarity in an increasingly greedy and cynical society.

A day in Court Un giorno in pretura, Rai 3, Currently the only reality courtroom program on Italian television. Recordings of real trials are selected and broadcast without comment, showing the actual functioning of the law courts.


An Unleashed Dog Un cane sciolto, Rai 1, He struggles with the difficulties of implementing justice, but in the end he succeeds in defending the rights of individuals and the community. Anti-Mafia Squad Squadra antimafia, Canale 5, It innovatively features two women as the main characters: Beautiful Inside Belli dentro, Canale 5, This sitcom, one of the few in Italy, was the first Italian production to represent everyday life in prison by means of comedy.

The programme, starring well-known television comedians, was conceived by real-life detainees in San Vittore prison in Milan. Today, its name is Rai 1. To simplify, I used the channels' current names in both the chapter and the glossary. This series dropped the reference to famous trials but not the procedure, which it used to structure the comparison between opposing ideas and positions on cases of contemporary relevance.

Borsellino - The 57 days Borsellino — I 57 giorni, Rai 1, During this time Borsellino, a friend and colleague of Falcone, realizes his destiny and comes to terms with his life and affections. He is a man devoted to both his family and to his duty and tries feverishly to complete his investigations against the Mafia before he is killed.

The drama was broadcast on 22 May to mark the twentieth anniversary of the murder of Judge Falcone.

Pdf la vampa dagosto

Crime drama in minute episodes based on the novel by the Italian judge Giancarlo De Cataldo. This successful series focuses on the true story of the Magliana Gang, an Italian criminal organization based in Rome, active from the late s until the early s.

Criminal Love Amore Criminale, Rai 3, Dedicated exclusively to the highly topical theme in Italy of violence against women, the programme reconstructs the stories in the style of a docu- drama, accompanied by statements from family members, lawyers and police officers. Since the season, it has included statements from the victims themselves, with the aim of raising awareness among women who are potential targets of domestic violence.

Cursed Tales Storie maledette, Rai 3, Common criminals convicted of high-profile crimes speak from inside prison and give their side of the story, which often contrasts with the version established at trial. Dedicated to a Prosecutor Dedicato a un pretore, Rai 1, Through the figure of a young woman magistrate, this drama tackled a significant dual shift in the Italian judiciary: Diary of a Judge Diario di un giudice, Rai 1, The drama was centred on the unsuccessful struggle of a magistrate against an intensely hierarchical judiciary that is indifferent to social problems and against a law seen as the tool of injustice and inequality.

Because of this book, Troisi underwent disciplinary proceedings for having undermined the prestige of the Judiciary.

Don Matteo Rai 1, A very successful series which features a Catholic parish priest in the beautiful medieval town of Gubbio who brilliantly solves mysteries and crimes that the local police struggle to understand. This is due to his prodigious intuition but also because, being a clergyman, he is free from the formal constraints imposed by the law.

Flying Squad Here Qui squadra mobile, Rai 1, and It had a political objective, which was to help overcome the mistrust of citizens towards the forces of law and order. Forum Canale 5, The cases are based on small-scale civil litigation effectively a small claims court.

The tone of the disputes among participants is often heated, the presenter always a woman controls the pace of the proceedings. The studio audience expresses its verdict, but the final decision falls to the judge, who is a real magistrate. Fourth Degree Quarto Grado, Rete 4, Giovanni Falcone Rai 1, A miniseries about Judge Giovanni Falcone, murdered along with his police escort by the Mafia in It describes Falcone's investigation of the links between organised crime and politics, and his constant search for the truth.

Inspector Montalbano is an engaging hero honest, decent and loyal. He has his own way of doing things, and his superiors regard him as something of a loose cannon. One of the strengths of the novels is Montalbanos ability to navigate through a murky world, a world of shady connections and favours owed and owing, without compromising himself beyond what he can live with. There is a great deal of humour in his character, such as his unconditional love for silence while enjoying a good meal, but the primary subtext is hard criticism of the social and political situation of both the Sicilian and Italian contexts.

In fact, Camilleri has said that social commentary. In many crime novels, the events seem completely detached from the economic, political and social context in which they occur. In my books, I deliberately decided to smuggle into a detective novel a critical commentary on my times. This also allowed me to show the progression and evolution in the character of Montalbano.

As the head of the Vigta police precinct, Montalbano is balancing between the demands of his superiors and the realities of local crime and life in general. In fact, a determining factor of his success as a Sicilian policeman seems to be his ability to bridge between different cultures. There is the northern force, coming from Milan that attempts to standardize regulations and increase transparency.

On the opposite side is the particularistic southern culture with complex webs of relationships that affect the way things are done. Montalbano excels at balancing between these two, while being true to his principles. LocationeditInspector Montalbano lives and works in the fictional town of Vigta, in the similarly fictional district of Montelusa. Camilleri based Vigta on his home town of Porto Empedocle, on Sicilys south west coast, while Montelusa, the district headquarters, is based on Agrigento.

TV serieseditSince 1. RAI has been producing a television series based on the novels, called in Italian, Il commissario Montalbano. Montalbano is played by Luca Zingaretti. The series is shot almost entirely in the Sicilian city of Ragusa and surrounding towns. The seaside and harbour locations were at Punta Secca and Licata. ReceptioneditCamilleris writings have enjoyed, and still enjoy, a huge popular success in Italy.

Montalbano personifies Camilleris writing style and is therefore at the core of this success, so much so that the evident resemblance between Porto Empedocle and Vigta has prompted the city of Porto Empedocle to rename itself Porto Empedocle Vigta since 2.

Program Facturi more.

The Shape of Water La forma dellacqua is the first episode in the series and was published in 1. English in 2. Stephen Sartarelli. BibliographyeditThe Shape of Water 2. La forma dellacqua 1. The Terracotta Dog 2. Il cane di terracotta 1. The Snack Thief 2. Il ladro di merendine 1. The Voice of the Violin 2.

La voce del violino 1. Excursion to Tindari 2. La gita a Tindari 2. The Scent of the Night 2. Lodore della notte 2. Rounding the Mark 2. Il giro di boa 2. The Patience of the Spider 2. La pazienza del ragno 2. The Paper Moon 2. La luna di carta 2.

August Heat 2. La vampa dagosto 2. The Wings of the Sphinx 2. Le ali della sfinge 2. The Track of Sand 2. La pista di sabbia 2. The Potters Field 2. Il campo del vasaio 2.

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The Age of Doubt 2. Let del dubbio 2. The Dance Of The Seagull 2. La danza del gabbiano 2.