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You can find book baca komik bleach bahasa indonesia lengkap in our library and other format like: baca komik bleach bahasa indonesia lengkap pdf file. Full Text PDF ( kb). HUMANIS Volume No Juni SHINIGAMI DALAM KOMIK BLEACH. Yunix Citra Widara, Ni Putu (Udayana. This research entitles “The Shinigami in Comic Bleach”. PDF. How to Cite. YUNIX CITRA WIDARA, Ni Putu. SHINIGAMI DALAM KOMIK.

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Komik Manga Bleach yang ada disini diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia oleh Mangaku dan PDF-nya dibuat oleh Download Manga Bleach Lengkap Vol - Vol - Download Solidfiles - Type: Manga Bahasa: Indonesia Status: Complete Tahun Rilis. Proper Japanese Title: ブリーチ (Burīchi). Translated into English as Bleach by Viz. Originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, Tite Kubo's second and most.

The purpose of this research are to know the depiction and task of shinigami in comic Bleach. This research are using Descriptive Analysis and Informal Method. The theories used are Structuralism Theory and Semiotics Theory by Marcel Danesi There are various kind of shinigami that can be found as the result of this research, each with different depiction. First, the shinigami who has a military power. Second, the shinigami who use a gigai an artificial body , Third, the shinigami who able to transform into an animal, and the shinigami who has a hollow bad spirits power in their own body. Based on their depictions, their tasks also different.

Acting in haste, Yamamoto loses his Bankai to Yhwach who quickly incinerates him. Yhwach orders his right hand Sternritter "B" Jugram Hashwalth to pull their forces back as Ichigo finally arrived and makes a beeline towards Yhwach.

The Rudiments" Dark of the Moon".


After complete recovery at Tenjiro Kirinji 's place, Ichigo and Renji arrive at the palace of Kirio Hikifune where they replenish their Reiatsu with her special food.

Ichigo learns that each of Royal Guard members have been chosen by the Soul King because of the significant contributions to Soul Society like Kirio creating the ModSouls.

Meanwhile, at the Muken, Kenpachi Zaraki and Unohana enter a dark, cavernous space where they would fight to the death. It would be revealed that Retsu Unohana was originally a blood thirsty sociopath known as Squad 11 Captain Yachiru Unohana, one of the founding members of the Thirteen Court Squads and whose title Kenpachi named himself after. Once Ichigo is gone, Renji admits that he knew Ichigo would fail Nimaiya's test because he is not a true Soul Reaper with Nimaiya believing Ichigo must learn of his roots.

Dark of the Bleeding Moon" The White Noise" The Gravitation" Hole of Reproach" Defenders" June Truth" Prinz von Licht" Years before Ichigo was born, Isshin Shiba was sent to Karakura Town to investigate the presence of a hollow.

Isshin would encounter the hollow, revealed to be creation of Aizen's named White, and that the creature has the same skills as a Soul reaper. The spirit pressure from the fight attracted the attention of Masaki Kurosaki, a pure-blood Quincy, as she comes to Isshin's aid.

Though Masaki helps Isshin destroy White, she ended up being bitten by the hollow. Urahara reveals that Masaki is undergoing hollowfication and that a part of White got transmitted into Masaki's body and is consuming her soul. Though it is impossible to cure her, Urahara explains it can be treated with a vaccination made with an opposing force.

However, Isshin must remain by Masaki's side in a specially made Gigai made from human souls so she can spend the way of her natural life as a human. Knowing he must relinquish being a Soul Reaper and remain trapped in the Gigai, Isshin abruptly accepts. Isshin concludes the story by revealing to Ichigo that he regained his Soul Reaper powers the day Masaki died. As Nimaiya begins to forge, it is revealed that the entity known as "Hollow Ichigo" is both an offshoot of White and the real Zangetsu.

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Furthermore and the spirit known as "Old Man Zangetsu", reminiscent of a younger Yhwach, is actually the personification of Ichigo's Quincy powers. Answering ambiguously, Zangetsu explains he has been honest save his name.

Zangetsu also adds that it was Hollow Ichigo that always came to Ichigo's aid while admitting he initially tried to stop Ichigo from becoming a Soul Reaper to keep him safe from even himself.

Though Zangetsu fades, Ichigo still accepts him as "Zangetsu" alongside his hollow.

Though Hitsugaya defeats Cang, he collapses from his injuries before he could reach Rangiku. During the fight, Komamura reveals that he used his werewolf clan's "Humanization Technique" to fight as a powerful immortal man and avenge Yamamoto at the cost of his heart. Dying from her injuries Bambietta finds herself at the mercy of her fellow female Sternritters under Giselle Gewelle.

Here 2" Mask manages to overwhelm both Kensei and Rose and before he could deal a final blow, Renji arrives to take over the fight while Rukia gets the captains to safety. Though overpowered by Mask's attacks, revealing his fan James to be an extension of his Quincy power, Renji reveals the true form of his Bankai: With his new power, Renji quickly defeats Mask.

But Byakuya arrives and gives Rukia the confidence to finish the fight by using her new Bankai "Hakka no Togame". Elsewhere, Isane attempts to heal Kensei and Rose, as Yachiru returns with supplies she managed to scavenge. However, they are found by proclaimed Sternritter "V" Guenael Lee , who has the ability to erase his presence from his opponents' senses and memories. Gremmy proceeds to overwhelm Yahiru before facing Kenpachi in a battle. At one point of the battle, Gremmy summons a meteorite over the Soul Society, but Zaraki uses his Shikai "Nozarashi" to destroy it.

Pdf komik bleach

Seeing that he can't defeat him, Gremmy decides to imagine himself powerful as Zaraki but ends up being killed by his own imagination. Ichigo arrives to the battlefield and saves Kenpachi from the female Quincy team before Bazz-B and three other Sternritters arrive to face him.

To make matters worse, Ichigo learns his arrival has allowed Yhwach to take save passage as the Sternritters keep him from going after Yhwach. But Mayuri manages to call in his resurrected Arrancar, and face the zombified trio with ease. And later injects two of them with his modified blood to free them from Giselle's control, and make them his own.

Pdf komik bleach

As she is defeated. But Byakuya is quickly saved by Mayuri as he has Kensei defeat Pepe who finds himself eaten by a vengeful Liltotto. After that, Yhwach reveals his elite guard: At the same time, Yhwach pierces the Spirit King with his sword, while revealing that he is the Spirit King's son. The remaining captains and lieutenants join Urahara and his group with the purpose of being transported to the Spirit King Palace.

Meanwhile, Ichigo and his friends arrive at the palace and confront Yhwach, but Ichigo's Quincy blood forces him to unwillingly kill the Spirit King, starting the destruction of the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the real world. The overflow of power creates a mass of black monstrosities which descend upon the Seireitei.

The Shinigami fight the creatures until they are joined by Aizen, who destroys all of the creatures with his new tremendous power. Who, with Liltotto and Giselle, want to get revenge on their emperor by helping the Shinigami. Meanwhile, Ichigo's group is joined by Grimmjow and Nel while Yhwach begins to build a new world from the ruins of the Soul Society. The group is also unexpectedly accompanied by the Fullbringers Yukio and Riruka as well. Having arrived at the new palace, the Shinigami forces splits into three groups: Grimmjow finds engages Askin but is defeated and seemingly killed by him.

Bazz-B arrives at the main building and confronts Haschwalth, recalling their shared childhood. After Bazz-B and Haschwalth finish recalling their shared past lives as children, in the present, Bazz-B fails at killing Haschwalth, with his final attack being avoided by Haschwalth at the last minute and have him sever his right shoulder and damage his left abdomen. Bazz-B recalls his past once again before slowly dying of his wounds. And at the same time, Giselle and Liltotto also get defeated by Yhwach.

Meanwhile, Mayuri and his group encounter Pernida, only for Kenpachi to attack the Quincy and have his arm mangled by it. After incapacitating Kenpachi, Pernida tries to kill him, but Mayuri intervenes, saving Kenpachi and hurting Pernida. Furious, Pernida bursts out of its cloak, revealing its true nature. Much to Mayuri's surprise, Pernida is revealed to be the Soul King's animate left hand and arm.

Mayuri engages Pernida in a long battle and due to Pernida having the upper hand for most of the fight, Nemu intervenes against Mayuri's orders. While fighting Pernida, Nemu recalls her past. Pernida eventually kills Nemu but by devouring her body, it explodes and dies due to the presence of lethal materials in the corpse. Mayuri retrieves Nemu's brain and heals himself with Kenpachi.

While Hitsugaya and Rangiku, cured of their zombications, join the battlefield. Shortly after that, the captain and the lieutenant return to face Lille. This severely injures the Quincy and sends him falling down to the Seireitei, where he is attacked by Izuru Kira.

Manga Bleach Bahasa Indonesia [TAMAT] [Volume 01-74] [Chapter 001-686]

Meanwhile, Gerard is being defeated by the combined might of several Soul Reapers. However, Gerard activates the power of his Schrift, "The Miracle", which converts all the damage he has taken into power, turning him into an unstoppable giant who defeats nearly all of the remaining Soul Reapers until attacked by the remaining Visored and partially frozen by Hitsugaya.

Askin, who has defeated Ichigo, mentions that Gerard is believed to be the heart of the Soul King. Orihime and Chad try to help Ichigo, but Askin defeats them as well until Yoruichi intervenes and attacks him, allowing Orihime to heal Ichigo and for the three humans to continue to the palace.

Together with Grimmjow's help, Urahara manages to mortally wound Askin. Though the Quincy reveals that by doing so, they activates his strongest technique, which he doubts they'll be able to survive.

However, having watched the fight from a safe distance, Nel moves in to save her two allies. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya's fight against Gerard continues until a recovered Kenpachi intervenes. While Kenpachi initially seems to have the upper hand, Gerard uses "The Miracle" to reflect Kenpachi's attacks back at him, severely injuring the Shinigami. As Kenpachi lies defeated, an apparation of Yachiru implied to be Nozarashi itself appears before him and unleashes Kenpachi's Bankai.

Before Kenpachi can continue the fight, he is forced to deactivate his Bankai as it is starting to overwhelm his body.

Left with no other choice, Hitsugaya unleashes the full potential of his Bankai, and together with Byakuya and Kenpachi, they manage to seemingly kill Gerard until the latter regenerates into an even stronger form. At the same time, Ichigo and Orihime have arrived at Yhwach's throne room and Hashwalth and Yhwach switch back to their respective powers.

As Ichigo begins to take in all the damage from Yhwach's relentless dark energy attacks, he then takes on a new bankai form: One with a fusion of his Hollow and Quincy powers. Ichigo is then defeated by Yhwach. Who drains him of all his Quincy-Hollow powers completely, as well as taking back his Quincy powers from both Haschwalth and Gerard Valkyrie, killing the two Quincy's.

He then proceeds back to the Soul Society where he is confronted by Aizen, who is still strapped in his chair. His father along with Kurosaki Isshin give him a silver arrowhead, called, the Still Silver Arrowhead. Which is said to be able to temporarily seal a Quincy's powers. A despondent Ichigo is left feeling hopeless after now being made completely powerless is given one last pep talk by Renji who tells him not to give up.

Ichigo and Renji then decide to head through a portal made by Yhwach that leads to the Soul Society. Aizen, having been freed by Yhwach, decides to face him in battle. As he refuses to be ruled by anyone other than himself. Ichigo and Renji then arrive to help, but are still overwhelmed by Yhwach's power. Ichigo and Renji then arrive to help, but are still overwhelmed by Yhwach's power. Yhwach lands a deadly attack on Ichigo, only for him to realize that it was an illusion created by Aizen, and in turn received an attack from Ichigo that cuts him in half.

Which stops his powers long enough for Ichigo to land a final decicive blow that ends the battle for good. Cutting the overpowered latter in half again once more. The scene is then cut to 10 years later, the Summer of Rukia is revealed to have married Renji for years now; while at the same time a promotion ceremony is being held for Rukia who has now been made the new captain of Squad Elsewhere, Mayuri Kurotsuchi is investigating remnants of Yhwach's energy that are still lingering in Soul Society.

Ichigo and his friends are hosting a party to watch a boxing match on television featuring Sado Yasutora. Meanwhile Ichigo has married Orihime and they now have a son named Kazui; soon Kazui notices a strange ball of energy in his room, and when he grabs it, he inadvertently snuffs out Yhwach in the past during Ichigo's final battle, with the latter stating that his goal of ending all suffering in the universe has now been stopped.

Afterwards, the daughter of Rukia and Renji, Ichika, appear's in the room.