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manual Iaido, kenjutsu, battojutsu, bikenjutsu, iaijutsu en pdf. PROGRAM OF KENJUTSU and “GEKKEN”, JAPANESE FENCING. S Y L L A B U S Understanding the principles of kenjutsu. A) ETIQUETTE Kata 1, Jûmonji. the Samurai practiced using real swords or wooden ones in prearranged forms called Kata. Consequently injuries were high. These difficulties were overcome.

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objectives as Kata from a number of traditional Japanese Jujutsu submitted the draft of Kata consisted of 20 techniques, 8 Idori and - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. lent throughout Kendo but especially so in the Nihon Kendo no Kata. .. the classical bujutsu. Although the Japanese arts, such as kenjutsu, iaijutsu, and jojutsu.

Bo, and thirteen Kata of Tachi vs. Reiho and basic Kamae When carrying both swords, they are held together in the left hand, the daito is held most left by the pinkie and the shoto with the other fingers in such a way that the shoto tsuka points up more than the daito tsuka. The left arm is held straight down, the swords are brought to the hip only when something happens, like a bow for example or when you're about to draw the sword. When the shoto is inserted in the belt which it is before starting the nito set , the daito tsuka is higher. To draw, the right hand grasps the daito, the left hand takes the shoto from below and both are drawn together so as not to cut a hand off. After finishing practice, the shoto is placed on the right of the daito in the right hand, the two are then transferred to the left as in the start. There are no chiburi or noto movements in this ryu.

The sword is picked up, chudan, then both take a neutral kamae, which is gedan for shidachi, and tate zen for uchidachi. Take 5 small steps back, left first.

This is an old style bow, and usually a more simple form is used, that looks exactly like kendo no kata but with the feet together and flat on the floor: in chudan, take sonkyo and stand up again. Tate zen is a kamae where the sword is held pointing up, one fist in front of the belly, ha to the left, somewhat tilted to the right so as not to obscure the vision.

The name compares it to the stick that is used in zen meditation. Gedan is with the sword in the right hand, the tip is in front of the right knee, ha turned somewhat to the outside, tip aims in front of the foot, not the center. Left hand is on the hip in kodachi gedan. Feet are together in both kamae, the right foot half a cm more forward. Sometimes the swords will be ready on the floor at the start, sometimes there is no bow. The ceremony at the end must be the same as at the start though.

There are 12 daito techniques, uchidachi always starts in hasso: from tate zen the sword is brought to chudan, then to hasso. Hasso is 30 degrees up, with the left index at the corner of the mouth and the right index at the tip of the ear, elbows sticking out horizontally. Shidachi starts in different kamae, mostly gedan, sometimes hasso or waki.

Wakigamae with the daito is taken as follows; from chudan, the sword is raised in jodan and the left foot is put forward. Then the right foot is drawn backwards and the sword is lowered to waki, the stance is very deep, with the knees pointing in the same direction as the feet.

Kenjutsu - Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Techniques

The right foot points to the right, not to the front, weight is evenly distributed over both feet. Shidachi strikes the sword down again to the left. The mune must be on the palm of the hand. Shidachi remains in position in moji gamae. Uchidachi strikes again while stepping back with the left foot. In this case the step back may be shortened. Uchidachi cuts men on the third step.

Kenjutsu - Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Techniques | Gendai Budo | Japanese Martial Arts

When uchidachi tries to move back. When Uchidachi strikes at the kote. When Uchidachi retreats to hasso. The hips should remain on the same height. If there is a bow with the swords on the floor. Shidachi's left wrist is the obvious target 'offered' to Uchidachi. Push the sword low enough to unbalance uchidachi. The feet are changed almost in a jump. Uchidachi starts to move back to hasso. Only one bow is made.

Kata pdf kenjutsu

Shidachi quickly steps back. Kodachi seiho. Because this is the last kata. Shidachi moves in with the right foot and strikes a 2-handed men. Then thrust to the throat from hip level while placing the feet together. Shidachi starts from gedan with the right foot.

The 3rd step is sideways to the left while shidachi lowers the shoto to avoid a strike to the wrist. The right foot is placed next to the left. The left arm is extended backwards. Uchidachi takes 4 steps and strikes shomen on the 5th after shidachi has slightly lowered the shoto. It's a real snap from the cut to the block. Uchidachi moves back to hasso. Shidachi blocks with the hi and strikes away the sword to the right. The blade is vertical at the left shoulder.

Shidachi brings the feet together and strikes down the sword to the left. The feet come together if necessary to make up the distance. Shidachi steps forward with the left foot. This is similar to kazuki. Shidachi pushes the sword to his left and cuts to the neck. The tip of the shoto is somewhat pointing back.

Shidachi grabs the arm and as soon as uchidachi tries to move back.

Kata pdf kenjutsu

It truly is a "throw your life away" kata. Uchidachi should overcommit a bit in his strikes for shidachi to be able to do these things. Shidachi starts with the right foot. Shidachi returns to shizentai gedan. The people in the pictures are practicing. Nito seiho. The right foot is forward during the stab. The mune is up. Timing is everything. Uchidachi attacks again. This is a truly terrifying kata from shidachi's side of things.

You MUST have the will to take a hit to the head to do this one. From gedan the right hand is held slightly higher so both tips are on the same height. Both take 3 steps forward. When uchidachi strikes on the 3rd step. Shidachi evades as before and quickly raises both swords ha pointing in direction of movement crosses them over his head shoto is on top.

Pdf kenjutsu kata

Haruna sensei was showing us the natural walking pattern this year so left foot passes the right. Uchidachi moves back and raises the sword again to hasso.

Daito goes up first. Back on all but the final strike where you step forward to attack. In this kata.

The shoto is used to block this strike. The daito points upward. There are two ways of moving. Second strike down is to the swords again. Shoto moves fast. Right foot forward.

Shidachi followed a bit in chudan. Uchidachi moves back to hasso and attacks again. The shoto. During the blocks the feet are together. Uchidachi strikes to the shoto. Uchidachi steps back with the right foot.

Kenjutsu - Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Techniques

Repeat as uchidachi moves back a bit and strikes again. This is like nuki tsuke. The hips should move with the daito strike. Just two attacks from uchidachi's side. Shidachi steps forward.

The 2nd attack is then pushed down to the left while the daito cuts kesa upwards. So uchidachi moves back to hasso at the moment of the double cut. Do this on one knee rather than sticking your butt in the air. Uchidachi doesn't move back now. Shidachi now stands in shizentai gedan.

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To switching from itto to kodachi. This can be really weak unless shidachi is fully committed to thrusting through the throat and then cutting the wrists. Uchidachi comes over to strike down the shoto. You have to make uchidachi pull the wrists back. To switch uchidachi-shidachi roles you could simply meet in the centre.

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