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for example of Oriental cultures and settings other then Kara-tur to inject into This project is a bit different from my other pdf gaming books. It is not only a. to continue playing in the Kara-Tur of the old Oriental. Adventures (and numerous FORGOTTEN REALMS products), or in. Dragon Fist's empire of Tianguo. OA5 - Mad Monkey vs the Dragon Claws - Free TSR 2nd edition AD&D adventure for the Kara-Tur setting - TSR (mb ZIP of PDF).

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AD&D Setting - Kara ronaldweinland.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms (1e) - This box contains everything AD&D game players and DM's need to establish an Watermarked PDF. The large landmass of Kara-Tur (pronounced: /kɑːrɑːˈtoʊɜːr/ kah-rah- TOUR) lies east of Faerûn on Toril. Between Kara-Tur and Faerûn stretches the.

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According to legend, a wu jen wizard was tasked by the emperor to find a way to keep the Tuigan hordes from raiding Shou Lung's northern provinces. The wu jen stole the Jade Mirror from the sea dragon Pao Hu Jen, whose body was thousands of kilometers long.

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The wu jen led the dragon on a chase along the border, and at a certain point stopped and held up the Jade Mirror to the dragon's eyes, which instantly turned him to stone. After his petrified body fell to the ground, the emperor had his engineers carve fortifications into it so that it could serve them as a defensive wall.

T'u Lung[ edit ] T'u Lung has been a separate state from Shou Lung since breaking away from its northern neighbor nearly three centuries ago.

It used to be the southern part of the Shou Lung Empire. Since the establishment of the Lui Dynasty the Green Dynasty and the founding of the T'u Lung Empire, Shou Lung and T'u Lung have officially been at war, although the conflicts have ebbed and flowed, of course, but the provinces along their borders have become deserted and ruined from the endemic warfare.

There is currently a truce between the two nations. Composed of six provinces T'u Lung is everything Shou Lung could become but is not. The provinces are ruled by hereditary nobles who pay as little attention to the T'u Emperor as they can get away with although the real power rests with Empress Dowager Wai Locunni Eio. Taxes go unpaid, free men are enslaved, and criminals left free. The government is corrupt on all levels, though in some rare districts a local magistrate may be somewhat honest and honorable.

Poverty runs rampant throughout the nation. Unless forced to unite by some outside force in the past this has most often been an invading Shou army the nobles of T'u Lung fight incessantly among themselves. Many of the cities and towns are now in ruins, and even those that have not been abandoned have many ruined buildings.

On the other hand, the nation's corrupt, ineffective government allows neogi, Chainmen, and pirate raids unheard of access. Only the random presence of powerful wu jen or shamans in some of the smaller villages appear as potential dangers to raiders. Wa[ edit ] Jim Bambra felt that the island of Wa "draws its inspiration from the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan and presents a more centralized and less war-torn period".

The Empire of Wa was the first imperial state to be established in Kara-Tur, according to Waan tradition. The island nation of Wa has much in common with Kozakura culturally, despite or perhaps because of the two nations' traditional rivalry, but was mostly inhabited by non-human races such as the Hengeyokai. The Hengeyokai were humanoid spirit-animals who came in many forms such as rats, foxes, dogs and cats.

Like Kozakura, Wa was composed of a series of islands clustered around a large central island, Tsukishima. Wa was particularly cursed by nature, as typhoons and earthquakes were not uncommon, and many of Wa's volcanoes were still active.

Waan government is similar to that of Kozakura as well, as there is an Emperor whose position is largely ceremonial, and the real ruler of the nation is the Shogun, Matasuuri Nagahide. Unlike Kozakura, however, the Shogunate of Wa is strong and vital, and in fact Wa is enjoying the longest period of peace of any nation in Kara-Tur. Peace has led to advancements in education and the arts, as well as a general increase in prosperity.

The official religion of the country is a variation of the Shou Path of Enlightenment. A rigid caste-based social system ensures domestic tranquility, the distinct castes are strictly adhered to, travel is monitored by the Shogunate, and religion is regulated. The nation is rather xenophobic and contact with foreign elements is forbidden. Foreign vessels are only allowed to dock at the port of Akkaido. Those who have adopted foreign customs and ways are oppressed, especially those who follow the recently imported Western deity, Chauntea , the Goddess of Agriculture.

Kara-Tur Box Set Contents And PDF

In fact, most officials will go out of their way to make life hard for foreigners while they stay in Wa. The nation's prosperity is limited to the nobility and the merchants, as the peasantry staggers under a dizzying array of obligations, rules, and taxes. Ironically, Wa had a good trade relationship with Shou Lung, whom the Waans were once at war with, and anyone from Wa was granted Shou citizenship if they could prove that they had Shou ancestry, since many Shou soldiers remained in Wa and intermarried with the locals after the Omi War.

Ronin and out of work bushi caused many problems in Wa since the Shogun's administrative reforms reduced the numbers of the nobility and soldiery to more reasonable levels. The Shogun had been considering setting up a colony on the planet Garden in Realmspace for the express purpose of reducing the number of troublemakers in his realm. Like Kozakura, the main criminal organization was the Yakuza.

Kozakura[ edit ] Jim Bambra likened Kozakura to a fantasy version of feudal Japan, stating that it closely resembles "the war-torn period of Japanese history between the Kamakura and Sengoku periods, when rival daimyos engaged in bloody struggles for power". The land of Kozakura was inhabited by the humans and Korobokuru a Far Eastern analog to the Dwarves and full of beautiful mountains, thick forests and sparkling seas.

The majority of the inhabitants live on the main island of Shinkoku, but there are nearly a thousand islands surrounding it. Because Korobokkuru living in the Empire were often treated as lower class citizens while the memories of subjugation from the humans during the formation of the Empire was still fresh in the Korobokkuru's memories, many of the Korobokuru lived along the coasts, and in the inaccessible central mountains far from human settlements.

Powerful samurai ruled the land, and in theory their power devolved from the Kozakuran Emperor of the Jade Throne. For many years the position of Emperor had been a purely ceremonial office, however, and the real political power rested in the hands of the Shogun, the military commander and dictator of the nation.

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The nation is currently in the midst of a Byzantine civil war between various feudal factions and has not had much contact with outsiders. The official Kozakuran state religion is known as the faith of the Eight Million Gods an analog for Japanese Shinto , which involved worship of a host of animistic nature deities and spirits including a sun goddess and the Emperor of Kozakura himself, who was believed to have descended from a divine ancestry related to the sun goddess. There was also another popular religion called the Way of Enlightenment, which was a variation of the Shou Path of Enlightenment that was brought to Kozakura by Shou missionaries.

The Kozakuran variation of this faith's name also serves as an insult to the other rival Shou religion to the Path of Enlightenment, which is known colloquially in Shou Lung as "The Way".

The main criminal organization are called the Yakuza. Many monks, temples and religious orders of the Way were persecuted in Shou Lung and they fled to the mountains.

Each of these is broken up into many sub-sections, no two lists the same. And there are some weird omissions. The Plain of Horses has a 'Military' section, but Shou Lung - which seems to be the single largest nation on Toril - doesn't? The next page is filled with a black-and-white drawing of a fierce-looking Asianesque dude with a topknot, headband, and short beard, wearing padded armour, cutting a chain with a polearm with a tassled blade, while a giant panther head looms behind him.

The whole thing is somewhat stylistically reminiscent of the interior art for the original Fighting Fantasy book Deathtrap Dungeon which is set in Fantasy Thailand , although the composition is less coherent than any of that. The next page is titled 'Shou Lung', and begins with an in-universe introduction of the fictional character who's going to be describing this bit of the setting. This is weird to me.

There's no 'What this box is about' section. There's no quasi-factual scene-setting to tell us that Shou Lung is an empire and not a side of ham. But instead of immediately getting down to details, there's a paragraph that's all about our guide he's a celestial dragon , and then he starts talking and there's another paragraph where he says basically the same thing again, including four lines of genealogy, and one mention of Elminster. That's a lot of filler in a book with no introduction.

The word 'Empire' finally gets mentioned in paragraph four, after a quoted gnomic saying about how 'Shou, like the Dragon, is Eternal'. Zia M December 20, 4: The original came with four double-sided poster maps.

They are represented here in a separate 8 page pdf file. Sean V December 26, Trampas W October 18, 2: Kara-Tur was at one point supposed to be part of Greyhawk, but those plans changed. Shannon A October 18, 5: Sort of. Dragon claims that's the case in its product listing for the book.

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However, it was probably out of date info, because there's no indication that was the case when Zeb Cook took over and created Kara-Tur itself. There's some discussion in the Oriental Adventures history: Kenneth J. I wanted to start by saying that when I first started playing Dungeons and Dragons, I would often collect out of print supplements and books and I rarely had a problem finding them. This particular box set was my "holy grail" so to speak.

Aft [ Benjamin T. Great set of documents - we're using it for our current OA campaign and its coming in handy for names and places.

Kara-Tur and Oriental Adventures | Yawning Portal

Comes with all the maps in color! Lots o [ Simon B. Virtually unobtainable on the European side of the Atlantic. Packed with information. Giovanni A. One of my favourite settings, second only to Grayhawk, and by all means one of the best ever made. For everyone out there that likes the "oriental way of life".

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