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Index terms: Journal Impact Factor (JIF); Eugene Garfield; Journal Citation The report would provide at scale what had required painstakingly manual analyses .. () found that the mean number of citations of the paper published in the. See Thomson Reuters' Citation Impact Center for further information eg Journal impact factors are found in Journal Citation Reports (JCR). Research Council in Australia moved away from using impact factors in [Factors in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) Edition of Thomson Reuters]. ➢ Impact Factor (2 years): ➢ Total Cites:

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8. Journal Citation Reports, Science Edition Electrical & Electronics Engineering Category, Ranked by Impact Factor. 1 . The impact factor (IF) measures the average numbers of citations of articles published in The impact factor for a journal is calculated based on a three-year period and can be Y= Articles published over the years 'Index Copernicus' (IC) is a web-based research infrastructure since , which provides. Figure 1: Impact factors () of journal in the WoS Category . the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) which have been available (in print) since the .. Institutions Rankings (at ) and.

News archive Impact Factor: 4. In other words: how to write scientific papers for different forums journals, proceedings, thesis manuscripts, etc. Visit the website at www. In other words, how to write scientific papers for different forums journals, proceedings, thesis manuscripts, etc. The direct purpose was to teach new PhD Students how to express their scientific results through correct and efficient science writing and how to write scientific papers for different forums journals, proceedings, thesis manuscripts, etc.

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For example, the Journal Citation Reports, based on data, was released on June 14, [5]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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International Microbiology. Journal Citation Reports. Thomson Reuters. Archived from the original on For example, if a journal has an IF of 3 in , then its papers published in and received three citations each on an average in JIF is calculated only after all of the publications have been processed by the indexing agency.

Hence, a new journal will not get its IF until it has been indexed for at least 3 years. Since the 2-year citation window is often too short a period for adequate citation, the JCR also includes a 5-year IF.

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The IF is highly discipline-dependent and hence one cannot compare journals across disciplines on the basis of their relative IFs. One straight forward way to increase JIF is by publishing more of review articles which are generally cited more than research reports.

Editor may force an author to add spurious self-citations to an article before the journal will agree to publish it. Journals may also attempt to decline publication of articles which are unlikely to be cited, such as case reports in medical journals. Another tactic is that a journal may publish the papers expected to be highly cited, early in the calendar year.

This gives those papers more time to gather citations.

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There are instances whereby a single article, the IF of a journal rose from just 2. Articles that address controversial issues also get high citation, even though they contribute little or nothing to scientific progress. An alternate measure to evaluate credibility of individual researcher was suggested by Jorge E. Thus, the h-index reflects both the number of publications and the number of citations per publication. One drawback of this index is that it can be used to compare among those of similar years of standing in the same field.

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Cites per Doc. It is computed using the same formula used for JIF.

The site also quotes the H-index ranking of a Journal and the number of articles published per annum. Table 1 compares the published values of JIF and Cites per doc 2 year for a few well-known journals related to medical physics, for the year They may be interneurons, or anaxonic, unipolar, bipolar or multipolar neurons.

All neurons except for anaxonic ones have an axon that carries an impulse away from the cell body Cited by 17 , Cite , Save , More Which impact factor is that? Furthermore there are now some additional players in the field.

Pdf impact citation journal factor 2010 reports

They caution that the data used in the calculation may not be exhaustive. Crossref has a Cited-by Linking service which counts citations and is built on top of the DOI digital object identifier infrastructure see for example the APESM website for the citation counts for articles published in this journal.

As data collected via the DOI is so reliable, I predict that this will happen in the near future.

Open access publishing trend analysis: statistics beyond the perception

This is particularly so given that now it is being used by some universities for disparate and inappropriate purposes. The impact factor is being used in attempts to alter publication behaviour We expect specialists and experts in their field to recognise good work wherever it is published and to read it. We do not expect the worth of an individual article to be discounted because it has been published in a journal with a statistic that is lower than that of another journal. Discounting an article because of where it is published without reading it is not a rational way to assess the quality of a scientific work.

But this is just what is happening. Administrators are using the impact factor to alter the publication behaviour of scholars who publish their research. A monetary reward is granted for publishing in Q1 journals. Following feedback from Research Evaluation Committees that they relied on their own expert knowledge of the quality of research outlets relevant to their discipline, ranked journal profiles were removed as an indicator for the ERA evaluation.

The ranked journal list is no longer available from the ARC website.