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Read Urdu Books (). 0. Share. 0. Tweet . History of Celebration of the Birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) . The Islamic Concept of Balance and Moderation. Tareekh e Islam Part 1 By Akbar shah khan Najeeb abadi "Tareekh-e-Islam" ( History of Islam) is Written by Maulana Akbar Shah Najeebabadi. An authentic. Picture. Chronology of Islamic History ​ English Download. Picture. Tareekh e Islam by Molana Muhammad Mian Urdu: Download Pdf This is a very brief history .

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Search Ala hazrat science books Comments. Seerat Hazrat Ali Urdu book is in Urdu language and for those people who can read and understand Urdu language. A Full Salato Salam Lyrics Hazrat never allowed himself to be influenced or over-awed by the power and authority of the British Government of the day, and steadfastly refused to yield to the overtures which that government made from time to time to win over his sympathies. Be the first to review acirchayat e ala hazrat urdu by allama zafar ud din bihari pdf book free. A pdf Urdu book, you will learn more about the fourth caliphate Hazrat Ali R. Some of these books have also been translated in many other languages of the world. The block about science says both that Ala Hazrat was a brilliant scientist who disproved geocentrism, AND that he was a poor scientist that simply embarrassed Islam!

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List of Vocabulary in Urdu. News articles for students are not specified on every page. Trolls targeting Shruti Haasan for not condoling K 'Goodachari' movie review highlights: The first half is a heart Sonakshi Sinha reveals family secret.

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History ebook urdu islamic in

He expanded the frontiers of the empire, reaching the edge of Constantinople at one point, though the Byzantines drove him back and he was unable to hold any territory in Anatolia. Sunni Muslims credit him with saving the fledgling Muslim nation from post- civil war anarchy. However, Shia Muslims accuse him of instigating the war, weakening the Muslim nation by dividing the Ummah , fabricating self-aggrandizing heresies [78] slandering the Prophet 's family [79] and even selling his Muslim critics into slavery in the Byzantine empire.

According to Shi'a doctrine, this was a clear violation of the treaty he made with Hasan ibn Ali. Uqba won battles against the Berbers and Byzantines. Uqba and all his men died fighting. The Berbers attacked and drove Muslims from north Africa for a period. Under the rule of Yazid I , some Muslims in Kufa began to think that if Husayn ibn Ali the descendent of Muhammad was their ruler, he would have been more just.

He was invited to Kufa but was later betrayed and killed. Imam Husain's son, Imam Ali ibn Husain , was imprisoned along with Husain's sister and other ladies left in Karbala war.

Due to opposition by public they were later released and allowed to go to their native place Medina. One Imam after another continued in the generation of Imam Husain but they were opposed by the Caliphs of the day as their rivals till Imam Abdullah al-Mahdi Billah came in power as first Caliph of Fatimid in North Africa when Caliphate and Imamate came to same person again after Imam Ali. This would ease in the reign of Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan , a well-educated and capable ruler.

Despite the many political problems that impeded his rule, all important records were translated into Arabic. In his reign, a currency for the Muslim world was minted.

The Byzantines were decisively defeated by the Caliph after the defection of a large contingent of Slavs. The Islamic currency was then made the exclusive currency in the Muslim world.

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Under him the early Islamic empire reached its farthest extent. He reconquered parts of Egypt from the Byzantine Empire and moved on into Carthage and across to the west of North Africa.

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Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf played a crucial role in the organization and selection of military commanders. Al-Walid paid great attention to the expansion of an organized military, building the strongest navy in the Umayyad era.

His reign is considered to be the apex of Islamic power. Sulayman ibn Abd al-Malik was hailed as caliph the day al-Walid died. He appointed Yazid ibn al-Muhallab governor of Mesopotamia. Sulayman ordered the arrest and execution of the family of al-Hajjaj , one of two prominent leaders the other was Qutayba ibn Muslim who had supported the succession of al-Walid's son Yazid, rather than Sulayman.

Al-Hajjaj had predeceased al-Walid, so he posed no threat. Qutaibah renounced allegiance to Sulayman, though his troops rejected his appeal to revolt. They killed him and sent his head to Sulayman. Sulayman did not move to Damascus on becoming Caliph, remaining in Ramla. The intervention of Bulgaria on the Byzantine side proved decisive.

The Muslims sustained heavy losses.

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Sulayman died suddenly in Yazid fought the Kharijites, with whom Umar had been negotiating, and killed the Kharijite leader Shawdhab. In Yazid's reign, civil wars began in different parts of the empire.

Inheriting the caliphate from his brother, Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik ruled an empire with many problems. He was effective in addressing these problems, and in allowing the Umayyad empire to continue as an entity. His long rule was an effective one, and renewed reforms introduced by Umar II. Under Hisham's rule, regular raids against the Byzantines continued. He was also faced with a revolt by Zayd ibn Ali. Hisham suppressed both revolts.

The Abbasids continued to gain power in Khurasan and Iraq. However, they were not strong enough to make a move yet. Some were caught and punished or executed by eastern governors. The Battle of Akroinon , a decisive Byzantine victory, was during the final campaign of the Umayyad dynasty. Al-Walid II saw political intrigue during his reign. Yazid III spoke out against his cousin Walid's "immorality" which included discrimination on behalf of the Banu Qays Arabs against Yemenis and non-Arab Muslims , and Yazid received further support from the Qadariya and Murji'iya believers in human free will.