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Else, you can downoad the ITR V or ITR Form via Income Tax efiling To open the PDF, please enter your PAN in lower case and date of birth. The Income tax and TDS Site also contain many documents which require different type of Passwords to open the PDF downloaded/received. On e filing of income tax return, an acknowledgement is generated by the This ITR V is issued in pdf format and remains password protected.

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The password for the ITR is combination of PAN (in lower case) and to open the document, please contact Efiling Income Tax Administrator at. The password to open ITR-V (acknowledgement) is combination of PAN (in You can complete filing your Income-tax return in just 15 minutes. Please note that the PDF document is password protected to ensure to Income Tax Department's Administrator at [email protected]

Or maybe you want to remove password so that the file can be accessed quickly as it is irritating to key in the password everytime you want to open them. Apart from that, if you are looking to secure PDF files containing confidential information then the best way to go forward is to lock them with a password. I will mention two methods by which you can password protect PDF files. Like in my example, I had to submit my payslips to apply for a credit card. You can easily make use of your favorite Chrome browser.

You can easily make use of your favorite Chrome browser. Open the desired password protected PDF file with Chrome browser. If you have any issues whatsoever in opening the file then follow open PDF files in Chrome. The document will load. There will be options to download, rotate and Print the file. Click on Print icon at the top right corner.

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On the next screen, you should see a left sidebar which has a Destination option. We need to set it to Save as PDF.

If it is already Save as PDF for you then you can skip to the next step. Also Read: On selecting type as PDF, Options… button will appear on the same dialog box. Click on it. Set the desired password for the PDF file and click on Ok. Next time you open the PDF file it will ask for a password and can only be opened after entering the password you set above.

A copy of the file will start downloading, with a difference that it will be password protected with the passcode you set above. So, these were the two methods you can use to set passwords to existing PDF files without Adobe Reader and without spending a dime.

Also please advise on the tax treatment under DTC after April for your recomendation to invest in commercial property. Ans: You can save the capital gain tax by investing only the amount of capital gain after indexation benefit in new house. In other words it is not necessary to invest the entire proceeds from sale of house to save capital gain.

However, if you need money for buying house than you can invest entire sale proceeds. This is applicable as per present law and there is no change proposed in DTC for vacant house. So ensure the occupancy more than days for rented property. Any income from a property can be charged to income tax under house property only when: None of the portions of the property is used for the purpose of carrying on business and profession. The property must consist of land and buildings. You should be the owner of such a house property.

No, you may not be the owner of the land on which the building is built. For example, you may own any one shop in a mall, but not own the land on which the mall has been built. Q: I have a property which could not be occupied by me due to the fact that I was employed out of that place where my property is situated. Can I consider this property as self occupied? Ans: Yes, a property that could not be occupied by you due to being employed out of the place where the property is situated will be considered as self occupied property provided you stay in a rented house at your place of work.

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No, the Annual Value cannot exceed the standard rent. Expected rent cannot exceed standard rent, but it can be lower than standard rent.

Yes, the owner of freehold, leasehold rights or deemed owner can be the actual owner of the property. Q: What is the treatment of the house, if I have multiple house properties and one of them is occupied by me for self residence and others are given to my parents?

Ans: If you have more than one property, only one of them can be treated as self-occupied and others shall be treated as deemed to be let out. A property shall be treated as self occupied only if no consideration is received from your parents for their stay in the house. No, house property does not include vacant land. Municipal tax is levied upon the owner.

Q: If it is my business to let out property or rooms in the house or if the property is kept as stock in trade, will my income be charged under Business or Profession or under House property? Ans: Your income will be charged under House property even if it is your business to let out property.

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Any income is not charged under house property if the property is used for carrying on business or profession the profits of which are chargeable under Income from business or profession. Yes, even if the property is mortgaged and no benefit is derived from it; such a property will be charged to tax. Gross Annual Value will be calculated treating it as a self occupied property if such property is used for the purpose of your own residence.

Q: Can rent received from letting of some part of building which is used for business be charged to tax under House Property? Ans: Yes, if a part of building is let out, rent received shall be taxed under house property even if the other part of building is used for carrying on business which is taxed under income from business.

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Q: If I transfer some cash to my spouse or my child and some property is acquired out of that cash, can I be taxed for any income from such acquired property? Ans: No, as you are neither the owner nor the deemed owner of the property you shall not be charged to tax for any income from that property. Q: Can income of any property which is acquired under money lending business be charged to tax under House Property?

Ans: Yes, income of a property acquired under money lending business can be taxed under house property.

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Q: If I receive rent from furnished or paying guest accommodation, will this be charged to tax under House Property? Ans: No, if you receive composite rent and if the rent for additional services cannot be separated, such rental income is not taxable under house property. Such income will be either taxable under income from business or under income from other sources. Q: If I receive rent from putting up hoardings on top of my building, can this be treated as income under house property?

How to Remove Password from PDF files using Browser?

Ans: No, income from putting up hoardings on top of the building shall be treated as income from other sources and not income from House property. No, you can not claim deduction for payment of maintenance charges e. Q: If a property remains vacant for the whole year, what is the annual value of such property and how it is charged to tax?

Ans: The annual value of a property which remains vacant for the whole year is NIL. Deduction of municipal taxes should not be taken for the purpose of calculating Net Annual Value.

For a property self occupied during vacant period, self occupancy is to be ignored and Gross Annual Value shall be calculated treating it as a fully let out property.

The annual value shall be higher of the actual rent, which is proportionate rent for the rented period and the expected rent. Expected rent is higher of the Municipal valuation Fair rental value, subject to not exceeding the standard rent.

Unrealized rent for the current year is deducted from the Annual rental value. Yes, deduction of interest on loan is allowed on accrual basis even if the books of accounts are maintained on cash basis. It is immaterial whether the interest has been actually paid or not during the year.

No, you can not claim interest on late payment of interest as a deduction. Q: Can I claim the deduction for the interest paid on new loan taken for the purpose of repayment of the initial loan?

What is the password to open ITR-V?

Ans: You can claim the deduction for interest on second loan only if it can be proved to the satisfaction of the assessing officer that the second loan has merely been taken to repay the initial loan. No, brokerage or commission paid for the arrangement of loan can not be claimed as deduction.

The interest accumulated from the date of borrowing till the end of the year preceding the year in which the construction is completed or actual possession of the property, the interest so accumulated shall be the interest for the preconstruction period. The amount of interest accumulated from the date of borrowing till March 31 of the year preceding the year of completion or possession shall be allowed as deduction in five equal installments, starting from the year in which the possession is received or the construction is completed.

Annual value of a self occupied property is nil.

Q: If my property is vacant due to myself being employed outside, will it be considered vacant property or self occupied property?