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Dark pictures, thrones, the educacion para la paz pdf stones that pilgrims kiss. Common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness. It keeps eternal whisperings around. With the beauty of the sun going down, they should leave the reader lucky enough to be in half-darkness.

The last kiss you gave me was the nicest of all the kisses you gave ebookdroid pdf djvu reader 1 6 6 me. In which case, you need a dictionary. This review was to criticize the Casts for their almost delinquent perspective of teenagers these days. As a teen myself, I do not feel Zoey and her cardboard friends are relatable at all. My patience has admittedly worn thin by these books that seem to persistently insult the intelligence of every teenager with a decent awareness of literature.

To be honest, the constant "poop"s, "pop"s and "I heart you"s have made me think the authors are slightly obnoxious— "Obnoxy- whaaaat? Smarty Pants. This sudden burst of "knowledge" from Damien's part has happened in the books before. The Casts indeed take the opposite of "show don't tell," to a whole new level.

Hanging plot points, missing favourite cuddly toys of a sort that seemed to have disappeared from book one, characters indecisive of their death-statuses and idiotic language used has led me to perceive the huge fans of this series this way in my review, simply because it it clearly how the authors perceive them.

If you're nothing like this hypothetical idiot I have constructed above, I would like to congratulate you on your achievement so far. Anyway, despite the attempt at humour, I do genuinely wish to extend my apology to those who feel offended.

And if they still feel like I am insulting their intelligence, I ask that they simply look no further than this series and realise who is really offensive here. With my sincerest apologies, I hope this gif brightens your day, because it did to mine. Seriously, everytime I look at it I burst out laughing.

Hey there guys… Umm… 82 likes huh? A lot. A ton. So it occurred to me that a hell lot of people seem to connect with my thoughts on the House Of Night series. So I sighed, made sure I got a copy of the book without having to spend a penny, set aside all expectations of joy or mirth and started to read the goddamned book.

It was dull, but I will say that it wasn't as bad as a few of the previous books.

There was an attempt to not appear like another cash grab. Other than that however, the book was still absolutely dull. As I read the book, my one thought throughout the experience besides: What if the world spontaneously combusted and killed the whole bloody lot of them, putting me out of my misery?

There are few spoilers, but still, if you really don't want to 'spoil the experience', don't read beyond this point. So it seems that the Casts are using their age-old trick of trying to tell their fans, you're not alone, not only do my characters not have three-dimensional personalities, but their vocabulary is atrocious as well! A whole new level of Telling and not Showing! Depth, or inconsistency? Let me give you a hint; it's the latter. What did they think she was speaking, Klingon?

Nothing cool, like a gynecologist? This man, folks, was a teacher. A teacher. Not knowing what 'misogynist' means is one thing, and thinking a gynecologist has a 'cool' job is another. What is this man, 11 years old? Sometimes I wonder why the Casts persist in turning him into a child. Damien tapped quickly on his iPad and lifted it so we could all see.

Hey Damien. I'll tell you where you can shove your iPad: Some people say fuck yoga. I say fuck figurative language. So, you meant it And this, ladies and gentlemen, was the source of ten whole minutes of laughing my buttocks off. Preach, sista! Preach it! So in this latest installment of the House of Night series, the Casts put in an effort to impart wisdom to the younglings.

The entire book is convoluted with thinly veiled, precisely-spelled-out-for-you advice. You have to give the Casts credit for trying. What you have the admit thought, is that it's difficult to take these authors seriously when these are the very same people who seemed to be perfectly okay when Aphrodite forced a blowjob on Erik. Raping a man, apparently, is okay, but free will? What puzzled me greatly, however, was that her own sister watched Erin descend into an abrupt, out-of-character descent into the darkness, without doing any bloody thing about it.

I noticed it a couple of days ago. Surprise, surprise, the goddess Nyx isn't the only one who can show people the way. To my knowledge, friends are there to help each other in dark times. Fat lot of help you guys offered. Soul-sucking, death-inciting, mind-bogglingly retarded dialogue. The whole snot cry thing you do is seriously unattractive.

Penny Jordan

Amazing, right? Ohmygod, I don't want to burn this book! Amahzing rightt gaiz? Thanatos smiled. Who the hell says "I am in agreement with you? Other times, they are so unrelatable, they might as well be aliens.

It makes sense that she understands ghosts or whatever. Watch yourself. Damn is an entry word. Hey guys. Holier-than-thou Zoey Redbird, spouting condescending bullshit everywhere.

Shaylin thought about that for a while, and I sipped my brown pop. I was actually liking talking to her. We hearted us some Chera. Not only was she vampyre-level beautiful, but she was an actual person, versus the usual plastic talking heads news anchor types. And Nicole, as in the Nicole who was a super mean red fledgling and Darius' skanky, hateful girlfriend, was collapsed on a bench with a couple of human EMTs hovering around her like she was some gold-winged baby Jesus.

Lastly, the ever self-absorbed Zoey. I wanted to go with my friends and help them get the stabled cleaned up. I wanted to find Stark and have him hold my hand and tease me about over-worrying and the Internet health symptom googling. Mostly I wanted to forget about the stupid Seer Stone around my neck and focus on something that made more sense-like hateful red fledglings and homework. But I knew Thanatos had been right. We would need all out gifts to have a chance at even keeping Darkness at bay.

Now, I know where the Casts were heading for. All that whining of "I'm too young to save the world! That instead of doing what she wanted and what was normal to her, she chose the difficult path. What bugs me, however, is the need to show whiny Zoey at all. Do the Casts not think, hey, if Zoey were to immediately react with maturity, responsibility and intelligence, our readers would realise for themselves that Zoey is growing up?

Importance of professional development for teachers pdf

What continues to bug me is the need to spell everything out. It's patronizing and painful to read. This book was just another wash, rinse and repeat of the same treatment from the Casts, and I don't think anyone was surprised or will be surprised by it at all. I'm done! I hope the review helped anyone out there curious about Hidden.

This was one long-ass review, and it feels terrific to get it off my shoulders. In my opinion, don't waste your money on this when you have books like Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Unearthly. For now, I'm just going to find other means to forget the torturous experience of reading another HON novel. View all 15 comments. Apr 27, Allison rated it liked it. Sometimes I wonder why I keep reading this book I feel so frustrated by the writing sometimes, it just I mean, why doesn't Stark just use his magical ability of not being able to miss a shot to shoot Neferet in the head, and she'd be dead!

I mean come on, Stark, if you wanted Zoey to be happy you'd kill Neferet and take her out of her misery. Make her happy! Unless he wants her to be miserable so he can comfort her Oh Stark y Sometimes I wonder why I keep reading this book Oh Stark you sneaky little Anyways kill her And all their troubles would go away. They could've even used a gun or like killed her in her sleep, like who cares she's the High Priestess!?

Do you want the whole world to end up in her hands? I just want to know what's going to happen in the end!!! View all 16 comments. Nov 05, Joyzi marked it as to-read Recommends it for: Peeps who don't mind cussing and slutty characters, fans of HoN.

Jun 09, Gigi S. Except this one. Seriously, they were running out of ideas in book 5. And now we're on book 10?

View all 8 comments. Aug 27, Mitch rated it it was ok. Another one? Oh, and reams of excrement smeared pages. Hidden is really no different, this thing has been stretched over so many books after pages and pages of turds it was bound to hit something. Like firing a machine gun wildly in a three hundred sixty arc.

Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Seriously, for anyone who appreciates tight plotting, cohesive storylines, non-repetitive character development, series planned out from start to finish in advance, ugh. But geez, stop interrupting the actual plot with nonstories that was actually addressed rather terribly three books ago!

No, this entire series has overstayed its welcome. How many different people can one evil vampire trick? How many more characters can experience change of hearts and defect from one side to the other?

What was the whole deal with Erebus appearing out of nowhere and then not contributing anything to the story? At least Zoey learned not to keep secrets from the group at large this time, but something is telling me we haven't seen the end of even that plot. Oh, and Aurox lol. Jul 01, Harley Quinn rated it liked it. I heard there were going to be 15 books in total in this series. I really don't understand it.

They could have easily taken the plot, started with it from the beginning and finished with it five books ago, minusing the abbreviations BFF. The last few books have been complete drags with nothing happening that is beneficial for the ending as I see it. The writing is so obnoxiously written. Teenagers do NOT act like that. Aphrodite is the most exaggerated "bitch" I have ever read about.

Zoey's life is obviously perfect, though she tries to believe it otherwise by constantly repeating how awful she is at geometry and parallel parking. At least a good proportion of the male characters take a love interest with Zoey, the new, different fledgling with great powers, so like the stupid heroine she is, she decides to date every guy and is utterly heartbroken when her hot BF dumps her!

Someone just give these authors a manual on real teenagers and situations, please. The dialogue is poorly written. Zoey's friends are sometimes more perfect than herself and are completely useless cardboard cut outs which, by the way, there is an excessive amount of characters to keep track of anymore.

However, every single damn character is written out of perfection in this book. Except Erik, they wanted to get rid of him quickly to make room for Zoey's new love interest, Stark, so they randomly decided to make him a possessive, psycho boyfriend. At least the cover is nice.

Hidden house of 2shared night pdf

Why do I keep coming back to these books? View all 9 comments. Mar 12, Val rated it it was amazing. NOW with the possitives View all 5 comments. Oct 17, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: This is for those of you who have made mistakes, and who are brave enough to correct them, and wise enough to learn from them.

Believe it or not, that was the dedication at the front of the book. I think the Casts could probably turn their dedication back around on themselves, seeing as how they've taken the fan complaints to heart and reigned in some of the most blatant issues with House of Night. Yes, I know. I'm still reading this trainwreck of a series. Hard to believe, isn't it This is for those of you who have made mistakes, and who are brave enough to correct them, and wise enough to learn from them.

Hard to believe, isn't it? Sadly, this is one of my few guilty pleasures that I can't seem to quit. Plus, it's almost over now. I have to see how it ends!

I could write a review for this book but my thoughts would mirror exactly what I said here about book 9. Other than the always ridiculous stereotyping of Kramisha and overuse of offensive words - such as how to use retard in various forms from asstard to fucktard really?

I get that young people insult each other for fun but there couldn't have been something else to use for the sake of realism other than retard? I have to just take these books for what they are: I may roll my eyes at times, but at least I'm not bored. Aphrodite had a few of my favorite lines: Or Zoey.

Or me for that matter. Get over it. They're both more interesting, now that they're not fused together. One is becoming the wise sage, while the other is becoming the dark wild child: Shaunee to Kalona: I like wearing nothing but water. Now all she had on were her Christian Louboutin boots. She ran her hands all over her body with the water.

It took me a while to get to this point of acceptance, but if we're going to get this contradiction of writing styles, then I'm gonna milk my money's worth in the bizarre-pendulum-of-behavior department. View all 28 comments. Sep 05, hayden rated it really liked it Shelves: The House of Night series is my number-one guilty pleasure; I turn to it whenever I am down in the dumps, and it never fails to make me laugh. The series has been going on for quite some time now, and while it is quite overbearing, there is a lot to appreciate.

The latest installment, Hidden, is one of my favorite installments in the series.

Read Hidden read free novels online by P. C. Cast read free novels online

The beginning lagged a tiny bit, as is the usual later in the series. And then, suddenly, it was like a miracle happened: I hit a certain point, and I just The House of Night series is my number-one guilty pleasure; I turn to it whenever I am down in the dumps, and it never fails to make me laugh.

I hit a certain point, and I just could not put the book down. A lot of people moan and groan about the characters. For me, none of this is annoying; it just helps me to build a better picture of the characters in my head. I actually love the series characters; I love the diversity in the cast. Fortunately, for those of you who feel this way, this book takes a major step toward maturity for the young cast members. My favorite character in the series, and this still stands strong, is Grandma Redbird.

From the beginning, she has been carefree, spiritual and just overall peaceful. She makes me want to change my life and is such an inspiration. The Casts do a great job making her dance across the page. The beginning of the series and the near-end of the series are quite like day and night no pun intended. One thing that shines in this installment is the writing. It flows across the page. One thing that totally threw me off about Hidden is the fact that the entire book, pages, takes place over only two or three days.

This completely surprised me! It always slips my mind how many perspectives there are and how simultaneous they are. I find it cool how the Cast duo can write a book set over two days that is as interesting and gripping as this. The climactic scenes of Hidden had me flipping pages fast enough to start a fire.

I cannot recommend the House of Night series enough for readers who want an original, hilarious and ultimately engaging set of books.

The House of Night books will always be dear to my heart. Feb 23, Edrillan vampire junkie rated it did not like it. I don't love this series but I don't actually hate this its just in the middle for me and I wanted to know how it will end so I continue on reading this series and right know I'm just waiting for this book HIDDEN and I do hope it will end in here cause honestly I'm getting bored at it the only reason I'm still reading this is because of STARK!!!

And as for ZOEY i hate her!!!! I hated how every freaking Guy in the series is drooling over her. I hated the fact that she keeps I don't love this series but I don't actually hate this its just in the middle for me and I wanted to know how it will end so I continue on reading this series and right know I'm just waiting for this book HIDDEN and I do hope it will end in here cause honestly I'm getting bored at it the only reason I'm still reading this is because of STARK!!!

I hated the fact that she keeps insisting on being irritated at HEATH in the beggining but also claiming that for her he is her soulmate or whatever. Why can't she just be true to herself? If she's a slut then fine be a slut! I hate everything about him!! He just makes my blood boil whenever I think of his name I hate him cause he have this But no the author is trying to kill me cause he brought him back!!

Doesn't matter if he's. View all 11 comments. Mar 15, Lindsay rated it liked it. Just to let everyone know so far there are going to be 12 books in this series.

Both P. Cast and her daughter stated this back in on the Rachel Ray show when they were there to promote Hunted interview can be seen on youtube. I personal like the series and can't wait for this one to come out. The only thing that I would have wanted them to do differently is to stop dragging out the fight with Nef. But still I can't wait to see how the books go and how they are going to take down Nef. View all 3 comments.

Feb 09, Katie marked it as to-read.

Hidden house 2shared pdf night of

View all 4 comments. Oct 09, Mike Mason rated it it was amazing. Destined was amazing! That's the best depiction of Zoey I've seen ever! I hope the book is as good as the cover! Now, I've been doing predictions for all my new series. Each time, I come up with fifteen "prophecies" that I think must happen in the new novel.

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but I'm becoming known for them, so I think I'll do predictions for Hidden. Here we go! Also, this fanfic about Hidden is amazing! Some of the events within are inspiration for these predictions. The link is here: Zoey knows that Aurox is Heath, so there's going to be some romantic development between them.

There might come a point where Zoey chooses, or maybe PC will save that for a later book. I just know there's going to be a triangle. Z's final triangle, let's hope.

Of hidden 2shared pdf night house

Even I was starting to think she was a slut. We've got to see why Erin's "ice" as Shaunee described it, what happened to her to make her so cold inside. And I think Damien's point of view would be good as we haven't had any of his point of view yet. Since they haven't been mentioned since Tempted, this is a highly unlikely possibility, but maybe they'll come back, at least Sister Mary Angela.

Hidden house pdf night 2shared of

That would be a good plot twist. I mean, we see Kalona thinking about Nyx all the time, so it's obvious he still loves her, but does she return that love? And how is a vampyre Priestess going to compete with a Goddess? That triangle would be pretty interesting. Hey, maybe it'll be a love square, if you throw Erebus in the mix. That would sure be an interesting plot twist. He's had a small role in previous books, but if PC gave him a bigger role I'd love it, if he was a good character.

This would be an amazing twist. It's been hinted at in Destined, and Lenobia's Vow made me see some connections between the characters. Lenobia and Travis will get together. PC all but told us in a blog post. This isn't really a prediction, as it was part of the first released blurb, but I think the troubles will be fledglings not trusting him, and him having to open up to them to get them to like him.

Maybe he'll even bring the Raven Mockers to our side and have Nyx turn all of them human. That would be an interesting storyline. Maybe Zoey has to return to Skye for Sgiach's help with the rest of the gang; it was hinted at in Destined when the High Council pales at the idea of Sgiach opening up to outsiders.

Then she'll pull some epic villainous stuff that will have us reeling for the next one, and going back to reread the climax. That would be amazing! If Stevie Rae likes Kalona, that's a solvent for their recent arguments. The question mark because I don't know if that's possible remember when Becca tried to drink from Aurox, and she screamed that he didn't taste right? Maybe his blood isn't for consumption. Or maybe it's just because he's so Dark and once he chooses Light, he'll have normal blood.

Or maybe because his blood is completely new, something no vampyre has ever before tasted. But I'm hoping it does happen. I think we all want to see an amazing Twin heart-to-heart where they both cry out their secrets. I've seen a lot of rumors of this online, and I think that it's true. True Sight is supposed to be important in the next book, so obviously Shaylin is going to be important.

I wonder why? That's it for my predictions, guys! Can't wait till October! See you then with the review! I'll post the excerpts, too, as PC and Kristin put them online. I know there'll be excerpts. Hey, have you guys heard anything new about the House of Night movie?

Comment below if you have! From the moment I picked it up it captured me. Some of my predictions were right, some wrong. I didn't expect the ending with Neferet or Erin and Dallas, but I probably should've seen it coming. Zoey finally realizing she's too young for this was a nice touch. Stark was kinda wooden in this one though. He was epic! I loved how he wanted to be on the side of Light so bad. It was so sad when Zoey kept rejecting him.

When everyone realizes he's Heath, the story changes a little.

I think Zoey couldn't handle it. Grandma Redbird was pretty epic in this one, too. The way she accepted Aurox when no one else would had me crying. Stevie Rae and Rephaim lagged a little but they were still pretty cute. I'm surprised Stark still doesn't know about his connection to Kalona. Shaylin was another amazing character, as well as Shaunee and Erik. Lenobia and Travis were so cute together.

View all 6 comments. Zoey and the gang are back at the House of Night trying to pick up the pieces from everything that happened at the end of the last book. And surprise, deal with all the new This book, this series , makes me feel like this: Everything is frustrating! The plot, the characters, the writing And some of the things that were better are worse again.

But the very bottom line is that this series has it's hooks in m Zoey and the gang are back at the House of Night trying to pick up the pieces from everything that happened at the end of the last book.

But the very bottom line is that this series has it's hooks in me and I just have to keep reading.