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Feb 5, Dating Coach Ryan Patrick reviews Rori Raye Have The Relationship You Want ebook highlighting the top reasons women will love these. Have the Relationship You Want [Rori Gwynne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A step-by-step woman's guide for transforming your love. Feb 15, Coach Rori Raye Dating Advice for Women - Have the Relationship You Want! The Have The Relationship You Want Ebook Rori's ebook,, is a.

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Relationship Advice: Success secrets for love relationships and solving relationship problems. That's why I created my book, Have The Relationship You Want. To give you a roadmap you can Both eBook & Audio (Best value! - $). My eBook & Audiobook. Now Fully Revised And Expanded! The second edition of the best-selling Have The Relationship You Want book will give you the. Have The Relationship You Want book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A step-by-step guide for women to tranforming your l.

The second edition of the best-selling Have The Relationship You Want book will give you the foundation and Tools you need to create a deep, enduring connection with a man, and inspire him to fall more in love with you every day. A siren is a creature so alluring that sailors would crash into rocks just to be near them. Turn your troubled relationship around no matter how bad things seem right now — and inspire him to be your perfect partner. This in-depth program helps you feel more connected, share more intimacy, and remember why you fell in love in the first place. What you say and how you say it has a huge impact on the happiness and respect of your relationship. Learn word-for-word scripts to handle common relationship problems so they bring you closer and more connected, and allow you to connect deeply to his heart. One of the most important things you need to have a loving, happy relationship is a positive self-esteem and a healthy, confident vibe.

What if you could experience more love, more affection, and deeper intimacy — with much less pain and effort?

You can! You CAN be cherished, loved and adored.

Have The Relationship You Want

All it takes is a new understanding of what REALLY inspires a man to fall in love, and simple changes you can make that will leave you feeling more heard, more loved, and completely cared for. It may not seem possible, but it is. Even if you are about to get a divorce, or give up on dating, or settle for an unsatisfying love life. All our efforts accidentally push love away. Because a man will only fall in love if you are brave enough to show him who you really are and how you really feel.

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He wants to feel turned on-sexually, emotionally and romantically-but he also wants to feel completely safe to be himself. It can be absolutely effortless. All it takes are some very simple shifts in your words and body language. Remember, this isn't about manipulation, games or coercion. You've never seen anything like this and I can't wait to hear all about your success!

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Relationships are about communication. You've heard that a million times before. Yet each day women innocently "speak their mind" to a man and make mistakes that create distance.

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They unknowingly push the man farther away with their words. You can be the One Woman that no other woman can compare to, and No Woman can dare take your place. You will have his heart all tied up, with no worries.

Have The Relationship You Want

You can learn to attract love instead of forcing it. You can save your relationship from cheating and lies. You can strengthen the bond between you two by opening your heart to his.

You can return to the beginning when things felt fresh and new, when love flowed easily and effortlessly. Because back then, in the beginning, you weren't really thinking.

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You were just in the flow and following your feelings. You were mostly into your life and you could find your feelings easily.

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Then hormones, time, fear, and over-thinking sneaked in and instead of honoring your feelings, you began to think your way through. The first step to rebuilding your relationship and is reading and studying the tools and techniques I have prepared for you in this eBook.

This is true even if you are dating and still in love with a man from your past. This is what creates a deep and lasting bond with a man. Not looks, long hair, a fit body It is your heart's TRUE feelings that he desires!


I teach you easy-to-understand tools so you can script and speak to a man and connect his heart with yours. I also supplement you with Scripts so no matter the situation, there is a script that can help you. PDF format makes it easy to keep on your Smart Phone too! Not just any words, but the words that connect you to his heart deeply, and irrevocably. Get the long-lasting love you crave and desire with ' Ways to Talk to a Man' - it begins and ends with how you feel and the words you say.